Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-19thDec2011-Koki is Displeasd Wid Ahem Behavior

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 8:23am | IP Logged

Hai guys...enjoy

The epi starts with gopi asking Ahem, will he play ludo with her. Ahem is shocked(why, dont u know how to play?)

and tells gopi that she should not stress herself and to take rest and asks her to try to sleep and switches off the light(arrey kitna..sleep karegi?)

Rashi is ready for bed and comes and sees jigar shifted to sofa to sleep(arrey wah ...its jigggis time now..glad he dint throw rashi out..decent fellow)

Rashi comes their and tells jigar that she wil sleep on sofa nd asks him to sleep on bed. Jigar gives silent treatment and lies down in sofa. Rashi starts her usual blabber

saying how many times she have said sorrry to him,how many times asked him to forgive him and tells jigar that he cant treat her like this(why does she always thinks herself as princess diana)

and jigar tells her to switch off the light and sleep(wah...princess became pauper..he he)

Rashi goes and sits on the bed and sees jigar and switches off the light.

Here in gohem room, gopi tells ahem that he dint kept his phone in charging(stupid cell phone...gopi got so much gk reading magzines...good..i want to know whats the magzine is..)

Ahem asks why dint she sleep and gopi tells him that she is trying but not getting any sleep(wah..she replied back...without stammering..with slight accusation...good going gopi darling...pls tell me the scecret of magzine..)

Ahem tells k, they wil play ludo and gopi gets delighted.(kadoos agreed..)

He keeps his phone in charge and takes the ludo game.(god..pls make ahems phone go booom by over charging..)

gopi is trying to get up and this time for the first time without staring dumbly he goes and helps her to sit immediately and the la la music start.

Ahem places the ludo game betweeen them and sits on the other side of the bed and arragnes the board(oye..u need to place for two players only...not for the whole family)

They start and ahem throws the dice and gives a smile(i faint) moves his coin(cheating cheating...cheater ahem modi)

Gopi tells him that he have to move the dice only when he gets a six for the first time and ahem gives a oh..she caught that i dont know who to play even ludo also expression and takes his coin back and gives dice to gopi( i got it why he was shocked when gopi asked me to play..he he he he)

Gopi throws the dice and the game begins and both enjoy playing and ahem gives a slight smiles while playing(it seems he is enjoying more than gopi..cute...)

And slowly slowly ahem rests on the bed with his elbow to support his head and slowly goes to sleep( how wil gopi sleep...wake up sleepy fellow)

Gopi raises her head and is shocked to see ahem sleeping and silently lays down too and closes her eyes.(
wah wah...ahem in..jiggi out...modi wil get a heart attack in the morning...cute scene...really...ahem was good in smiling and enjoying...must watch)


its 8 and ahem wakes up(definetly a heart attack)

and sees gopi and immediately gets a millon watt shock and gets up and thinks how did he sleep here(again modi forgot that gopi is his wife...what should i do with this guy...ghazini kahika)

He looks at his watch and gets a millon zhata again and thinks that he is late and rushes to get ready and lay his blanket over gopi and leaves(how sweet, and by the way when did ahem covered himself with blanket...)

Here chirag and hetal are talking about baa and hetal tells chirag that they are preparing all fav of baa today and jigar is going to pick her up. Chirag is pleased and asks about gopi and hetal tells him that gopi is getting healthy fastly(Nahhhin)

Chirag tells Hetal that gopi did a lot for the family and to take care of her very carefully and not to let gopi remember her parents.(for the first time...i like chirags dialouge today)

and koki comes and tell him that gopi will never remember her parents when she is here for her(good sasuma...and does she always have to counter chirag everytime)

chirag agrees and tells koki that gopi consider her as her mother (what about hetal.she called gopi her daughter whose daughter is gopi now..confused)

The phone rings (not again) and koki picks the call and its from office and the person tells that they are waiting for ahem, as they have to go for site..(ahem doomed today and is ahem the ceo or the employee, who wil phone his boss home and asks for him)

Koki is suprised and tells that she wil see, and keeps the phone down and goes to chirag nd tells them the matter and tells them that ahem have said her that he wil go to office today early yesterday(does he tell everything)

and she thought that he have already left for the office after jogging (then what about that health maniac's breakfast..)

and tells them that she wil go and see.

Here ahem is busy..getting ready and his noise wakes gopi up(clumsy fellow)

She tells him sorry as he was late because of her and ahem says k(achha what happend yesterday when u are playing so happily...unfaithfull fellow)

Koki comes their and gets a shock to see ahem and tells him that his office called and why is he still in the home today...(he is leaving yaar..dont fuss)

Ahem says he is running late and koki is suprised and asks him how is he late, as he never gets late and ahem tells her, that they played ludo late at night so he is late(traitor..)

Koki is suprised(koki wil go mad very soon, seeing her sons behaviour)

and looks at gopi(poor thing..leave her alone)

and ahem says that its his fault as gopi was not getting any sleep and feeling restless so they played ludo(now i wil get mental very soon...he actually supported gopi...definetly i am telling u guys..a slad fell over modi too)

koki says k and ahem says that he is going to office now and koki asks about breakfast and ahem says he wil eat in office and leaves.

Koki looks at gopi and asks does she need anything nd gopi says no and koki tells her that she wil bring her breakfast and leaves(what about brushing...?)


Hetal comes to koki and gives her ahems handkerchief..and koki worries for ahem saying he was never so negligent in his work, and yesterday he got home early and today he got late, this is not his regular behaviour(koki..this is called human behaviour..what he did early was called machine be glad now)

Hetal smiles and tells koki that its good that ahem is changing as now he gets to spend more time with gopi and she too wants the same too(i like u darling)

But koki is worried and tells Hetal that though she likes it, but ahem have to give priority to his work first, as she thinks that work is imp for anyone in his life and should be kept first(No comments here..because i cant analyze whether its postivie or neg)

and they come to kitchen and koki asks does she need her help and hetal says no

Rashi is cutting water melon and koki asks what is she doing. Rashi tells she is taking it to gopi and hetal and koki shocked(not again...even for this also..kyaa yaar)

Koki starts saying that to think that water melon is cold and in gopis condition she may catch cold eating such cold things(what is this cold logic)

Rashi tries to explain but Hetal too tells rashi that gopi is very delicate now and like a glass of glass and they have to take care of her very carefully as she have undergone a major operation.(my blue girl)

jiggi looks up at rashi and asks hetal for chutney and rashi says she wil bring(no u cant)

nd koki tells rashi to let hetal go. Rashi felt bad and Jiggi gives her looks..(u analyze what his looks mean.. i am in a hurry now)

Gopi is day dreaming for ahem and koki comes thier and gopi akss about baa nd koki asks how did she know. Gopi gives eyes language at ahems photo and koki gets it and feeds her breakfast and tells her that she wil send meethi to help her to get ready.(what about brushing...bad manners)

The door bell rings and koki opens the door to see her new ever green enemy part2 ie urmi standing at the door.

Urmi tells koki that she is here to meet gopi(liar)

and koki tells her to come in(what else can u do)

Urshi hugs each other and rashi asks wil she bring tea nd urmi says a little one(
now i got it...urmi dint have tea leaves in her house... i know..i know..i am need to praise)
Rashi says k but koki tells her that meethi wil bring it. Rashi hurt and urmi suprised.(oh no)

Meethi asks what wil she do with water melon which rashi cut and koki tells meethi to eat it as she dont want to waste food(ooh that was harsh...bad koki)

urmi shocked and rashi tells urmi to go to gopi room and she wil join after dusting. Koki praises that its right as work should come first than anything else(k..we got it...ahemji..u are going to suffer very soon..get ready..)

Urshi leaves and epi ends on kokis serious face.


Koki is singing and Hetal doing prayer and the two sisters at the back. Baa comes and gets pleased to hear the bajan and all happy(they said that baa wil come in afternoon, are they doing prayer in is a mental mansion...not modi changed)

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Thanks for the update shainaSmile

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Thanks for the update !

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thanks for the update ...i enjoyed it...

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thanks for the update shaina

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thanks for updates

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thanks for the update!!!enjoyed reading your comments!!well written!!

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happy to read ur update shaina as today i have missed episode. thank u so much dear lovely comments m the big fan of ur comments.

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