Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

SS VirMan:Jeevika Bday Surprise:Almost Kiss,pt2pg5 (Page 5)

Pinam3 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 6:43am | IP Logged
hellu, thanks for the PM.. and it's a gr8 OS.. luved the way virat is just going lalala over manvi... haha cant's wait until i see the real episode where he is imagining manvi everywhere :P 

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Nikhi. Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
So cute! It got me really happy to see Maanvi and Jeevika's birthday. And it was great to see Virat beind 'wowed' by how beautiful Maanvi looked. I also loved how you managed to show Maanvi and Viren's equation in this part - they really are a cute Jeeju-Saali duo!
Thanks for the PM; I can't wait for the next part and some more VirMan scenes! Smile

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SugarCubes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Awesum!! Even I want it to happen!! Luvd it!!
Cntinu soon nd thnks fr d pm.. :)

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virmanforever Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
I love the saree to the first Link and aww I wanna see virat's face PM me when you update!

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--Preeti-- Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Amazing SS Clap Thanks for the pm and plz update ASAP! Big smile

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mizzna Groupbie

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
omg awsome and please add me tp your PM list :)

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TrueMuskaan Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 5:45am | IP Logged
*holds ears* I'm very very sorry Embarrassed I've become so lazy it's unbelievable! Sleeping all day, awake all night, I seriously need to sort out my sleeping patterns before I start uni again *sigh*
Ok, so I was planning on updating this last weekend, as in Christmas Eve, because I thought the Maha Epi was going to air on Chrismas Day, so when I came onto the forum and saw everyones posts regarding the ME, I literally slapped myself! I wanted to update this before the Birthday ME aired, and then after I totally forgot about it.
My mother's banished me to my bedroom because 1. I came down in my nightclothes, shorts and a T-shirt, 2. I took my time eating breakfast, and 3. after I ate I was laying down on the sofa when I had my share of chores to do...I know me being banished to my bedroom is definately not going to last long since we have a dinner here and mother needs my help Tongue. Mothers these days, they call you useless yet they cant survive without you.
So I wrote this last night, Dad took the internet of because he thinks its because of the internet our sleeping patterns are messed, (where'd he get tha idea from? Tongue) so I had nothing to do and remembered that I had promised you guys an update on the weekend.
I'm in the middle of writing an VirMan OS called Maya Ka Sach, so keep an eye out for that one, I dont know whether I'll have time to send out PMs for that OS since I'll be busy with the dinner (unless I'm still upstairs in my bedroom due to my banishment, which I doubt Wink)
Just a quick note regarding PMs, please Buddy me if you'd like a PM regarding this or anything else I write, makes life a whole lot easier SmileTongue
Oooh, mother's called me down, so no more blabbering, here's part 2
Part 2: The Almost Kiss

Maanvi released herself from the warm hug and walked over to her Jeju, 'Jeju, seriously na, you're the best! And thank you so much for bringing me here and getting me the sari.' She said excitedly.

"Arre, thank you kis liye? You're my only saali, yeh toh mera farz hai Maanvi." He replied sweetly, giving her a side hug.

Maanvi scanned the big Vadhera hall for those small eyes, but as far as she could see, he wasn't there. Usse choro, mein toh mere Di ke liye yaha aaye hoon, Maanvi thought sadly. She was hoping to catch a glimpse of him, possibly get out an argument out of him over something. She knew she was the best at arguing with people, but he was the first to challenge her. And she liked a challenge.

"Looking for me Choundarian-ji?" She stood still, the spotlight was on Di and Jeju, but she knew it was him. Pagli, obviously I know its him, who else calls me Choundarian-ji. She mentally slapped herself. Feeling his breathe on the nape of her neck, she knew he was standing behind her and he was close. Not finding it safe to turn round in case her face would end up being too close to his, she decided it was best to stay rooted where she was. Controlling her breathing, she felt her eyes automatically closing. "Pagal hoon kya? That I'm trying to find you? Psht." Rolling her eyes, she made it look like as if she was annoyed with his presence.

Virat chuckled to himself, "waise ek baat hai, bare style se jhoot bolti ho," he whispered huskily, leaning more closer to her. God she smells good. He felt himself taking a long breathe in, he didn't know whether it was her shampoo, her perfume, or probably just her natural body scent, but being this close to her was creating chaos to his hormones.

Maanvi could feel him leaning in closer to her till his chest was against her bare back, his body heat radiating through his shirt. She felt her breathing become heavier, intertwining her fingers together in nervousness, she started looking side to side, making sure no-one was looking their way. She wanted to tell him to back off, go and stand next to your brother and away from her. But she felt as if her voice was lost, no words were coming out of her mouth. Maanvi let out a small gasp as she felt his lips hovering over her bare shoulder, "Vi...Virat, tum kya kare ho?" She managed to say after taking in few deep breathes. Her heart was pounding against her chest as Virat's hot breathes caressed her shoulder. She took another gulp and repeated her sentence, but this time sounding more alive, but he didn't take notice. They were at a party, her sister's birthday party, members of Di's new family were here, what if they see him...me, I mean, us, like this. She thought worriedly. Dadaji and Swamini Bua already marked her as the 'shitan' of the Choudary family, and she knew deep down that Virat wasn't in Dadaji's good books either. If they were caught like this, then his reaction would not be good to say the least.

Virat almost fell backwards when he heard Maanvi shout 'Chep,' he didn't realize that his eyes were closed when he almost kissed Maanvi's shoulder. Maanvi's scent, perfume or whatever it had been, had put him in a trance, and seeing the bare back and shoulders exposed in front of his eyes, he couldn't help himself. He felt as if something had pulled him towards her. Well, better at her back than her face...he thought. He saw Maanvi swivel round and faced him, she tried to look angry, her eyebrows were knitted together, her eyes squinted and her hands on her hips. "Do that once more, toh mein tume choro gi naye, samjhe?" She gritted through her teeth.

Maanvi for the first time in the evening, was facing Virat, and noticed what he was wearing. I gotta admit, he looks hot in it, he wore a beige coloured short sleeved shirt, with the top two buttons undone, and a light grey waistcoat on top, and again, the top button was undone. She noticed his muscles bulging when he ran his hand through his hair, causing Maanvi's already fast heart beat to beat erratically. His biceps looked suffocated, considering the amount of muscle that was bulging. His shirt was tucked into his black trousers, emphasising on his physique. The buttoned up waistcoat made his broad chest stand out, and the tucked in shirt emphasised on his narrow waist.

Virat found Maanvi staring at him and felt a devilish grin forming on the corner of his lips, he folded his arms across his broad chest and said, "acha, toh bolo Ms Salim-Javed, kya kar loh gi?"  Arching his right eyebrow, his tone challenging her.

On any other normal day, she would've carried on arguing with him, but not today, today was her Di's birthday. She didn't even think that she'd be here today if it wasn't for Jeju, so she decided against it. Shaking her head and biting her tongue to stop herself from releasing the clever insult she thought of and turned back round.

Virat knew why she hadn't say anything, so he walked back to stand next to Viren. He knew today was not only a special day for Bhabi, but also for Bandariya. She's standing next to her sister after so long, and so decided to leave them alone to enjoy their evening.

For the remainder of the party, Virat stuck to his little corner far away from everyone. With the party being too formal, he couldn't enjoy the evening. The music, food and the lack of guests wasn't just Virat's taste. Even though he spent quite a lot of his time in the chamber he called his bedroom, he missed partying; the low lighting, drinks, food, friends, loud music. And the girls, the girls that swooned over him every time he entered the party, trying to dance their way into his heart; Maya. He brushed of the thought of Maya and focused on the one girl that acted like he was her punching bag. She was stuck like super glue to her sister, having not left her side since she arrived. He noticed how her mouth was opened, talking away, her hands flying imitating gestures, and her face expressions that completed the rare piece. Chuckling to himself, he recalled how every meeting of theirs always started and ended with an argument. All but one meeting, where he had run into her outside his bedroom, crying. Upon seeing her, he said teasingly sherni akhon mein ahsoo, but inside he was probably hurt more than she was. He had expected the cause of her tears to be related about her, but no, she was crying over her sister. He smiled slightly, realizing that he had never met someone like her, someone who loved their sister more than their own life and never crying over something about herself. He knew she was seriously ill, but she never complained about it. Emotional little Sherni...


One by one, all the elders were slowly leaving the party, leaving only Viren, Jeevika, Virat, Maanvi, Dabbu, and Chachi, who considered herself to be one of the youngsters even though her son was already tucked and asleep in bed. All were sat in the big lounge where the party had just taken place, Viren and Jeevika were seated on the sofa with Maanvi on the floor, legs tucked in, her head lying in Jeevika's lap, eyes closed. Opposite the coffee table, Chachi was sat crossed legged on the sofa, chatting away to the newlywed couple, with Virat and Dabbu seated on the floor. Virat's right leg was tucked in whilst his left was stretched out under the table, almost touching Maanvi. God, couldn't I be jus' a few inches taller? Virat was showing Dabbu some of the games he had in his iPhone 4.

Virat glanced at Maanvi, involuntarily sighing and feeling a small smile creeping on his face. She looked so innocent, angelic, and damn right beautiful. Sat on the floor, the pallu of her sari was scattered on the floor next to her, her hands were locked together across her tucked-in legs and her head was on Bhabi's lap. Her hair was all over Bhabi's lap, with a few curls across her face, he wanted to get up there and then to remove the curls so he could see her beauty better. He noticed how her plump and luscious her lips were slightly apart, as if teasing him, calling out to him to come and smack his lips down on hers. Shaking his head, he brushed of the thoughts and went back to Dabbu and the game.

"Bhaiya, have you seen the new iPhone? Boht hi kamal ki cheez hai!" Dabbu exclaimed, focussing on the Shrek racing game.

"Haan, actually I've got it upstairs, jus' bought it yesterday," Virat said.

"Aap ke pahs do do iPhones hai?" Dabbu shouted excitedly, his eyes opening in shock.

"Haan, what's so shocking about it?"

"Aap do do iPhones ke saath kya karenge Bhaiya, mere pahs toh ek bhi phone nay hai," an upset Dabbu said, lowering his head.

"Acha Dabba...I mean, Dabbu, you can take this one, I was planning on putting it away in my drawer anyway, at least it'll be use to you," Virat replied kindly, chuckling to himself and messing Dabbu's hair.

Maanvi's eyes shot open in shock, looking at the two idiots sat across her. "Tum isko kyun deh rahe ho? Dabbu being the Dabba he is, he'll break it!" Maanvi explained, lifting her head from her sister's lap and leaning across the coffee table.

Dabbu was about to retaliate when Virat pushed him back and leaned across the table. "Kyun? Tumari kya problem hai? Agar mujhe isko phone dehna hai toh iss mein tumari peht mein kyun dard ho raha hai?" Virat said sweetly, thanking God that at least she was talking to him, even if it was in a form of arguing. She hadn't said a word to him since he almost kissed her shoulder. "Aur waise bhi, I don't wanna give the phone to a Dabbi like yourself, so get over it." He continued, his tone challenging Maanvi to carry on. Remembering their second meeting when Dabbu had explained how Maanvi 'lovingly' called him Dabba, hum use Dabbi bana de ge, and the nickname list had started from there. Dabbi, Sherni, Bandariya, Deh Futiya, Ms Salim-Javed and the latest new addition, Choundarian-ji. How he missed their arguments, today was the first time he had seen her since the wedding, and they hadn't had an argument yet.

Maanvi gasped at the 'Dabbi' comment, "tum...tumne mujhe Dabbi bohla?" Maanvi asked, feeling her temper rising. She was already pissed with him at the incident at the beginning of the party, but she knew she was also to blame, she should've stopped him earlier, even if I did like it...I should've stopped him.

"Haan-ji, Dabbi. Maanvi Dabbi. And anyways, I've given the phone to Dabbu, so shove the green monster back in yourself, jealously isn't a very attractive trait Deh Futiya," Damn, I am on a role today! He saw Maanvi open her mouth, but before she could say anything, he grabbed the iPhone from Dabbu and started twirling it in his hands, "tume pata hai, the camera on this iPhone is amazing! Much, much better than your 2 mega pixel camera Bandariya," he said proudly. From the corner of his eyes, he could clearly see the anger on Maanvi's face, imagining black smoke coming out of her ears.

"Virat, ab bahs bhi karo. Stop teasing my saali." Viren said, placing his hand on Maanvi's shoulder, showing that he was and will always be on his saali's side.

"Haynee! Yeh toh bilkul Shahrukh aur Kajol ki tara hain! Jus' like Kuch Kuch Hota Hain!" Chachi exclaimed, clapping her hands together as if she had discovered something extraordinary.

How dare he! Maanvi looked round the lounge, itna bara ghar hai, and nothing solid to hit him with! Looking down, she realized the only real and useful thing here were her heels, standing up and taking her left sandal of, she said 'ab mein tumara band baaja doon gi,"  with both heels in her left hand and her right hand holding her sari up so she could run, she ran round the coffee table. But Virat was already on the move, his long legs giving him a big advantage. "Abe rukh! Where in the hell do you think you're going Chep?!" Maanvi shouted, throwing her heel at him.

Virat hadn't thought that the argument would escalate so much that Maanvi would end up hitting him! The flying heel had just missed his left hip, turning round whilst still running for his life, he shouted, "kar kya rahi hai tu? Asli mard joote se nay, haath se maar te hain." Virat laughed, running upstairs with Maanvi trailing behind him.

"Agar tum asli mard hote then you would stop and fight me like a man!" Maanvi shouted back in fury, running after him. Virat had just entered his bedroom, hoping he'd get inside and lock the door before she could come. He had reached his door and looked back, Maanvi was still at the end of the corridor. The door was closing when he noticed Maanvi's hell wedged in between the door frame and the door. Maanvi had chucked the heel in between the door, causing the door to halt before he could lock it. He quickly bent down to remove the heel when he felt himself being pushed backwards. Maanvi had pushed the door open, entering his bedroom.


So many of you may have noticed that some dialogues have already been said in the past episodes, but I thought on Monday, we're going to have VirMan filled episode so I thought I'll include some of my fav dialogues.
Mother's cursing. Meaning I have to go. PMs sent later.
Lots of love,

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Superb update,, romantic and funny... loved it..
do continue soon Smile

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