Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

SS VirMan:Jeevika Bday Surprise:Almost Kiss,pt2pg5

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
*running round like a maniac in circles, screaming with joy!"
Ok, so I'm a SUPER excited for Jeevika's birthday partyParty, because Viren is going to call Maanvi, which means VirMan scenes at last! DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing
I had sooo many ideas in my head, I thought ok, let's imagine Viren tells Virat to go and pick up Maanvi and I can write on that, but then I wanted Virat to be as surprised as Jeevika when he sees her at the party. And then I wanted to write a VriKa OS, but unfortunately, I only have 2 hands and 1 laptop, so 1 story at a time LOLLOL tomorrow I'm going to start on the Virat picks up Maanvi and drives her to Vadhera mansion, and then probably tonight? Not too sure, but I'll start on the VriKa OS
I didnt know whether this was going to be an OS or SS, an OS is meant to be 1 part, but I think I'll have 3 at the least. So I'm thinking of making this an SSConfused I'll see when I have to update next LOL
Ok, so this is Part 1? Let me know whether I should continue it, I kinda rushed it in all my excitement LOL
Part 1: ConfusedLOL Below
Part 2: Page 5

VirMan SS: Jeevika's Birthday Surprise

"Virat! Have you brought the cake yet?" Bhai shouted from the kitchen.

It was Bhabi's birthday, and Chachi had taken her shopping to keep her away from the surprise party Bhai has organized for her. And apparently, he said he has another surprise for her? But he refused to give further details on it so Virat stopped asking because he had given him a list of supplies to buy for the party; balloons, banners, party poppers, candles, decorations and most importantly, picking up the huge cake Bhai had ordered. Swamini Bua had tried to take over and wanted to invite hundreds more people to the party, but Bhai had refused, saying Jeevika is simple, so the party will be simple with only us here, no-one else.

Virat came inside with the huge cake, praying that it wouldn't fall out of his hands. The cake was a simple chocolate cake, 3 layers with fudge in between with chocolate and white chocolate shavings on the tops. 'Happy Birthday Jeevika,' written in white cream on the top.

"Ramlal! Kar kya rahe ho yaar? Tie the balloons to the banisters! Hang some streamers from the upstairs landing so it'll float down! Itna bhi creativity nay hai tum mein?" No, it can't be...can it? She can't be here, she's supposed to be at home...Virat stopped at the front door and quickly put the cake down on the table, scanning the lounge for the person who the voice belonged to. He couldn't see her; the only person there was Ramlal rummaging through a box of decorations. Maybe I was imagining it...Shaking his head at his stupidity and desperation, Virat picked up the cake and walked into the kitchen.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maanvi had forgotten that she still hadn't changed! Everything was happening so fast that she didn't have time to think or pack anything. Jeju had come early in the morning asking Beeji to take Maanvi and Dabbu to Jeevika's surprise party, and he hadn't let them pack because they were running out of time.

She ran upstairs and opened the guest room door and realized that she had no clothes. Am I supposed to go to my sister's birthday party in these? She thought. Noticing a package on her bed, she wondered if someone had mistakenly put Di's birthday present here. Walking up to it, she saw a small note; 'Maanvi...I know I know, you're probably thinking that you don't have clothes for the party and it's my fault. I apologize Saali-Saiba. So I took the liberty in buying you a suit, it's something you probably won't wear but that's the only thing I could buy at last minute. Again, I apologize for my disgusting choice, and thank you for being here tonight. It means a lot to me and I know for sure it'll mean the world to your sister. Lots of love, your Jeju.

Maanvi was gleaming with happiness. She knew her Jeju was amazing but going out and buying her clothes for the party meant a lot to her. Especially since she was the cause on several occasions for almost breaking Jeju's and Di's marriage.  She decided that her Jeju was the best Jeju had could have ever asked for and her Di couldn't be happier with anyone else but him. She felt a huge smile spreading on her face and made a mental note to thank her Jeju when she saw him.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chachi had phoned explaining that Jeevika had enough of shopping and wanted to come home, "haynee Virat, ab kya karenge?" Chachi asked, in her usual high pitched, dramatic voice.

"Arre Chachi, why are you worrying for? Bring Bhabi home, we have everything ready." Virat replied proudly, in just a few hours him and Bhai had organized the best party suited for the newly Vadhera bahu. It wasn't exactly in Vadhera style, but it was Bhabi's style and today was her day, so that's all that mattered.

"Tabi toh mein kehti hoon! Tussi toh top ho, iss ghar di hope ho! Acha, ab mein rakh ti hoon." Virat chuckled at his Chachi's random praising. Smiling to himself, he put his phone away and went to make final checks on everything and tell Bhai that his wife is on her way.

Everything was ready. Lights were of, confetti was ready for when Bhabi steps into the house, the cake was placed in the middle of the huge lounge and everyone was waiting for the Vadhera Bahu to come home. Chachi had texted saying that they were 2 minutes away so be ready. Everything seemed perfect, but there was something missing, something that would complete the party and make Bhabi overwhelmed with happiness. Bandariya. Virat gave a small smile, shaking his head. If only she was here, the atmosphere would be heightened, Bhai and Bhabi would so ecstatic and the party would be in full swing. If only Bhai had invited Bandariya over...

Bhabi had stepped into the house and everyone screamed 'happy birthday!' Bhabi had just stood here, taking everything in. She looked shocked to say the least, whilst Chachi had skipped over to her husband and son; Bhabi hadn't moved an inch from the entrance. Virat saw Bhai walking over to Bhabi and taking his hand out, "Happy Birthday Mrs Vadhera, would you please come inside?" Bhabi's eyes were glistening, probably tears of happiness because she just nodded in response and held Bhai's hand and walked over to the cake.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maanvi was pacing in her bedroom, waiting for Jeju to give her a miss call so she could make her grand entry. She was worried about her sari; she had never worn a sari before in her life and had just about managed to get one on. She couldn't run because the skirt restricted the length of her strides, and she felt exposed. She had worn something similar to this at the mehndi and baraat day, but that was a lengha, her legs were free underneath. But today, the legs were wrapped round with material, and the pallu was very heavy so she had placed a million and one pins to keep it in place. She felt her phone vibrate and 'Jeju' had flashed on the screen. Time to go...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Ok everyone...so, today is my beautiful wife's birthday. And my wife's birthday would not be complete without my surprise present. So...without further ado..." Viren pointed his finger at the top of the staircase, "come down Saali-saiba!" He shouted. Virat's eyes had popped wide open, had he heard him right? Saali-saiba? Meaning... "Bandariya..." he whispered excitedly. It's like Bhai had read his mind! He just hoped that he hadn't read too much to figure out why he wanted her here.

He turned round, and saw Maanvi...at the top of the stairs. She looked absolutely beautiful, her loose curls defined her face, and her curves were showing. He noticed that she hadn't worn much jewellery apart from dangling earrings and 2 golden bangles on one wrist. But she didn't need anything else to adorn her already exquisite body. She looked nervous, Bhai had arranged for a spotlight to focus on her when she walked down. She started walking down gracefully, and all eyes were on her. Her sari was amazing, and it complimented on her petite body. The pallu was dark purple with a floral border, her blouse was a dark pink and her skirt was dark purple and pink. He realized that these 2 colours really suited her, he recalled her mehndi lengha, it was pink and it looked stunning on her. Then on the baraat day, she wore pink and purple. And today again, pink and purple. Usually he would've gotten fed up by the repetitions of colours, but on Maanvi, it was ravishing. He knew that she looked as amazing in all the other colours, but there was a history behind the pink and purple, a history between the two of them.

She reached Bhabi and they both hugged, and everyone was shocked to see Maanvi. No-one had expected her to come, but then again, it wasn't shocking at all. After all it was her sister's birthday party.


Okaaay...so I hoped you liked it! I had such trouble finding a graceful sari! But I couldnt find one anywhere! So I got fed up and just chose this one LOL 

EDITED: One of my readers, thesh, PMed me giving me a link to a lovely sari, so here's the link to this one: http://www.paklinks.com/gsmedia/files/66549/PinkSareeL.jpg 

You can picture whichever sari you want Maanvi in LOL
Well...nothing else to say. Apart from I am bloody excited for the brithday sequence! Even though it hasnt been shot yet LOL
lots of love,

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Awesome OS ClapClap. Plz do PM me when you updateSmile... Oufff I can't wait for the birthday scene. We'll get to see a lot of virmaan scenes..Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Hey that was great loved it and plz do pm Me when you update

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Its amazing i loved it!!! PLS PLS PLS PM me when u post yr virat picks up manvi scene will really appreciate it!! pls pls pls Day Dreaming abt them already:))  thanks!!

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Awesome dear... PM me when you update... please continue...

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Another OS/SS??LOLLOLthats soo awesum!!! Big smile

and that too The most awaited birthday wala !!! Fabulous!!!Clap
nw cuming to the SS... arre kya bolun main!! i toh luvd it through nd throughWink
p.s. The saari was saxxyy!!Winknd mannu wud serio luk hawwtt in it!! btw Viru kya pehna ??Tongue just kidding haan!!Wink

do update soon!!! waiting for u to update ur other SS's also!!Big smile
gr8 job!!

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Awesome postClapClap
waiting for the next one!!!!!!

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Originally posted by cdeevianee

Awesome OS ClapClap. Plz do PM me when you updateSmile... Oufff I can't wait for the birthday scene. We'll get to see a lot of virmaan scenes..Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Me either! I'm sooo excited to finally see VirMan together at a party! Hope Maanvi wears something sexy!

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