Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

WU Dec 19, 2011--"wah wah" Dev

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 Part 1:

Scene starts with Kanha- Balram in gosala:

Balram saying that Barkha is now in trouble from all sides...and they both are laughing. Suddenly, Kanha close his eyes and his expressions change and he tells Balram, one other child has hurt his parent; and I don't understand how a child can be so rude to their parents and feel OK with that. When Balram does not understand, he asks Balram to listen...

 Scene changes to Mansaram family house...

Chenu is rudely telling Mansaram to stop telling him things; he is now has more clout in the society than him. Mansaram is hurt by what he is saying and is telling Shanti, to see Chenu's attitude..But of course, Shanti is taking Chenu side and saying that Chenu is not doing anything wrong; in fact, it was Mansaram who was a road block to Chenu's success for this long. Chenu, arrogantly continues and tells Shanti to stop and instead tells Mansaram that, "you are not happy with my success" which Mansaram replies that, "parents are the one who always wish for their child's success...but it is wrong to look down on others, just because you are successful"...Chenu is annoyed and rudely asks Mansaram to stop lecturing him about right and wrong. And Mansaram for this long was not able to provide anything more than the basic food and shelter, but now that Chenu has money, he can do what ever he wants with it." Chenu is upset and sitting down, Mansaram is sad and looks at Shanti, Chanda is sitting there looking at the scene...Shanti continues, going near to Chenu and trying to pacify him, "that Chenu is right, he has not done anything wrong and is reminding Mansaram than he never provided well for them, they yearned for things but he was not able to fulfill any of their wants and needs...what is your issue now than Chenu is making money; are you jealous of his success?"...Mansaram, looking very sad says, "you are right, Shanti. I was never able to provide much in your life. But until now, I felt that Chenu was good at heart> But now that is all lost"...Chenu is very rude and tells Mansaram to stop his lecture and is reminding him that now this household is run on his income. Mansaram tells him that he does need Chenu's earnings to provide for his wife and daughter. But Chenu continues, that without him the whole family will come to streets...

Part 2

Scene continues in Mansaram house with Chenu being rude to Mansaram
Mansaram is furious and raise his hand to slap Chenu; Chenu hold his hand in mid air, glaring back at Mansaram...

 Scene changes to PB 'main hall

(present Dev, Radhika, Barkha, Padma, Daima, GD, Rohan)

Urmila is telling the family that I am really sorry for my last night's behavior. Now I understand that the decision made my daughter in the past was the right one... I am a mother and I wanted something else, and I and I did not understand that my daughter's happiness lies in the decision she has made to see Dev and Radhika happy. Howeverm as a mother, if I stay here, I will be unhappy seeing my daughter this way, I am making the decision to return to my home. Barkha is looking happy. Radhika(k) looks at Barkha and says, "what is all this Barkha? And walking towards Barkha she continues that we all know how worried you are for my best friend, but it does not mean that you should hurt your mom's feelings. If you feel that you have a responsibilty towards your friend, you have a bigger responsibility towards your own mother." Barkha, in a pretend calm voice says, "don't worry about my mother, Radhika> My mom is happy with my decision"...But Radhika(k), interrupting her says, " but we are not happy with your decision. We all know how much you have sacrificed for us, whole family knows that, but we are not happy that because of us, your mother's wishes are not being fulfilled...You are making us feel guilty with these actions. You have done so much for us and now you are hurting our feelings"...Dev agrees with Radhika, telling Barkha that Radhika is right. We cannot let your mother leave this way. We want to make sure that your mother's wish is fulfilled."...Barkha is pleading that mom has now realized that whatever she said yesterday was wrong and Radhika turning and walking to Urmila asks her "how was it wrong?...I know you think of me as your daughter, but for Radhika's happiness, would you want your own daughter to make such a sacrifice...and spoil her life?" Urmila is trying to state that Barkha feels her decisin is right, and Radhika continues that children are ignorant, they always think they are right. But parent, have experienced the world and are more knowledagable about the matters, so in fact, the parents are more right than the children. Radhika, know that Barkha is stubborn but she will ceratinly listen to her mother"...Padma, daima who are standing around are also hapy with Radhika's words...Radhika continues telling Urmila that you can put some sense in your daughter with littel bit of sterness and if need me by spanking her gently...Barkha is worried and is mumbling to herself that Radhika should stop emotionally blackmailing her mother. Radhika in her Kanha look continues with Urmila, "yesterday you asked Dev and Radhika not to start their married life, and people were upset about that, but no one was upset with your feelings towards your daughter, your wishes for her future. ...everyone relaizes that if Barkha is not married soon, her future will be bleak ..." Radhika gives her kanha look to Barkha. Gopaldas continues where Radhika left off, telling Urmila, and in his poetic form says "that your words had a big impact on me and this morning I went to the pandit and brought pictures of the prospective grooms" and walking towards Urmila, shows her the pictures. Urmila is happy and says you are right, we should arrange for Barkha's wedding at the earliest possible...But Barkha tries to interrupt and Urmila tells her to shut up and says, I have decided that I will stay here until you are married"...

Part 3:

scene in PB--continues

Dev says that Barkha you have done a lot for this family and now it is Radhika and my responsibility to see that you are married...and Radhika goes smilingly towards Barkha and pulling on hr ear says, "now don't ever trouble your mother Ok. Until now you have always worried about us, but from now on, it is our responsibility to find solutions to your problems"...Radhika is smiling, Barkha is fuming mumbling that don't think Radhika that you have defeated me. Dev goes to Urmila and request her to return to her room and picking up her bag, walks her towards her room. Barkha is left mumbling to herself...

 Scene changes and Barkha sees Padma and coming near her says that I was looking for you to discuss some really important matter. You are the only one who will understand such a difficult situation. Padma is saying, but what is it, please tell me. And then there is conversation between Padma and Barkha...but the audience do not hear what is being said. Barkha seems to be pleading with Padma and Padma is looking worried and then seems to nod her head as if agreeing with Barkha and leaves. Barkha has a cunning smile on her face.

 Scene changes with Dev praying in the PB temple....and as he is about to leave after finishing, Padma comes there with Barkha and Padma tells Dev we need to talk to you, and Barkha continues that we were talking and we know that Radhika is concerned about my future and wants to get me mwrried but then what will happen to Rptain position, what we will tell the society, what will people think about the Rpship, we did all this to save the RP position...but I am married then all this will be lost." Padma is siding with Barkha and telling Dev that she is right...Radhika and Barkha had made this decision to save Rpship and now if this whole situation comes out, then RP position will be so tarnished, that everything will be lost for ever.'...While Dev is starting to look worried, Radhika comes and says "Nothing will happen to Rpship...we should not waiver from our decision about Barkha's future"...But Barkha continues, "you don't understand Radhika. RP is more important than your or my happiness"...Radhika keeps looking at Barkha with her kanha look...and Dev says, " even I agree that, our family has served people and society for many generations and will continue to do so for many years to come"...Barkha is starting to smile and Radhika is continuing to give her kanha look and Dev continues," and I also think that it is important that society knows who the real Rptain is ...and that is Radhika and not Barkha." and looking at Padma he says, "that is the main reason, I have started involving Rohan in the muth work. In case, the society does not accept Radhika as the Rptain, then I will leave this position and hand it over to Rohan...

Part 4

scene continues in the PB temple

Dev continues "and if the society accepts Radhika as a Rptain, then as Radhika husband I will continue to fulfill my responsibilities as a RP also. Until I establish Radhika as my wife in front of society, I would not have fulfilled my responsibility towards Radhika. And for Radhika to get that position in the society is not only my responsibility, but also my dharma..." Barkha starting to make excuses...and Radhika interrupts her saying, It is time Barkha for you to fulfill your responsibility as a daughter and listen to your mother's wishes"...Padma is happy and Radhika asks Choti ma, if she is still worried about the Rpti?...Rpti was established to protect "dharma"...and it is said that "there is nothing bigger than to follow the path of what was the need to choose the wrong path to save RPti? One day, the truth is going to be revealed and if that is the case why shouldn't the truth come out now...How long can we leave with the fear that what if the truth comes out?...Once and for all if you accept the truth, then the lies do not have the power to disturb you. "...Padma and all look happy with what Radhika is saying and Barkha realizing she is losing the battle, says "You are saying all this now Radhika? It was you only who had made this decision"...and Radhika says, that was then...and now we need to also look at the wishes of a mother and what she wants. Not listening to your parents is the biggest "adharm"..and in the RP house how can we allow such adharm to occur?...and she turns to choit ma and asks, isn't that right?"...Choti ma smiles and agrees...Dev who is feeling relieved says, "I completely agree with Radhika. Even I am tired of constantly having to lie in front of the society. We did all this for the society and now when I remeber dadaji's words, he had also said satya is the most important aspect of dharma. And a person who follows the path of truth, will never lose in life"...Radhika(K) is looking at Dev with admiration...Padma and Daima are happy, Barkha has nothing to say...Dev looks at Daima, asking if he what he is saying is OK...and Daima smiling agrees with Dev and says, "if senior RP was alive, he would have also agreed with your decision"...Barkha is looking resteless and Radhika tells Barkha, "we can no longer see you making sacrifices in this artificial situation"...Dev smilingly tells Barkha, you don't know how happy I am with talk of your marriage, and you want us to be happy now stop worrying about RPti and look forward to your have done enough for this family and now it is our turn to repay you for your deeds..."...Barkha and Radhika are looking at each other and the scene ends with camera on Radhika's kanha look...


Face off between Radhika and Barkha: Barkha threatening Radhika that when samaj tells you about the time when Dev filled Barkha's maang with sindoor what will you do and Radhika replies "the sindoor incident which you had manipulated by you, and if that whole truth comes out ...have you thought what will happen?"

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thanks for the quick update radhika5

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thank you radhika5

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Thanks for the update!!

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thanks alot radhika for the update!!

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Thank you radhika!

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Radhika thanks for the quick and detail update.

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Thanks Radhika loved today episodeWink

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