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Okay ! I am back and this time I mean it, I mean...In real, I am BACK ! If you don't believe me then read the full story and then you will say, I am BACK ! I wanted to write this, just to feel ME ! Coz, this is just so me, Original Me, Maddy ! Wink

Note : This one is not for senti, weak people ! Only for person like me, Strong and Stone hearted ! Ouch I warned, Don't curse me later ! LOL

Empty Shadows
It was dark and scary place, darker than coal. She was afraid, she moved ahead with horrific fear in her heart, with each moving step fear within her chest was rising and burning her but she carried on as she was following him. She followed him blindly; he was the most beautiful man on the earth she ever saw. He was looking like an angel, an angel whose eyes were dark brown, almost like honey colored, his hairs were dark brown, his physique was like a Greek God, and his eyes were speaking volumes, his fair face was enchanting. She was amazed by his beauty. Before a few minutes, she was sitting on the bench, silently, listening to the sound of emptiness and lost in the utter beauty of the nature; she was staring at the mountain in front of her, and matching rhythmic sound of the river passing by. It was a place like heaven, pure, untouched heaven created by god for humans, but not ordinary human, for those who were special, who were gifted like her. She was busy staring at the mountain, thinking nothing, just sitting and it was the moment when she saw him from nowhere. Her angel came and smiled at her, with that as dead body become enliven, she cheered up from her expressionless state, and she smiled. She was amazed by his beauty so much that after a while he was going away, she could do nothing but follow him. She started following him and that was how she ended up in the dark, scary place. When she started it, she had no idea it would be scary to death but her fear of death would run away from her heart like a free bird from the cage as she looked up to him. His divine smile made her forget everything, just everything and that included her sole existence. She followed him, and the point came when he went away across the mountain and she could no longer follow him, she felt impossible to take breaths then, she was suffocated even in open air, and then, the darkness covered her completely and fear took over her sanity and she screamed, so loud that echo of her sound repeated in the place, until it was lost in the undefined emptiness of the place, it was like heaven on the earth has its own hell in it. It was no longer heaven for her, it was purely, hell. Without him, it was hell and with ear jerking scream, she collapsed and fainted on the wet grass, purely exposed to the nature and the danger lying within the same beauty of nature.


Before One Month

She was sitting by the bench; it was wonderful, lovely evening. She was completely absorbed in the beauty of the nature. It was so beautiful place; she would love to die here, in the lap of Mother Nature. As she stared at the mountain in front of her, standing so still, even a storm could not move it, a beautiful man came to her and looked up to at her, she was amazed by his beauty but she had to control herself.  She glanced at him but later, she avoided her, she kept started at the mountain.

'Isn't it the beautiful view?' he sang through his husky voice.

'Sorry!' she asked as if she never heard but she did.

'The view...It's amazing. I love it.'

'Yeah...Mother Nature has its own charm'

'But I was not talking about it...I was talking about you. There's nothing beautiful except the scene I am watching, the most beautiful lady enhancing nature's beauty. And people praise this place...' with that he smiled.

And she skipped a beat, his smile was gorgeous, she would lose anything to make him smile.

'Are you trying to flirt with me?'

'Yes. And I know you like me a lot. It's in your eyes.'

And she was shut. She had nothing more to say, she just smiled little as if saying yes. And then, for hours they sat on the same bench with physical distance, but they were as close as earth and its plants, sun and its rays, rain and its drops. Within a moment, after she saw him, she knew he was the one. They talked less but their eyes spoke volumes.

It was routine then, she met him every day at the same place, they would talk about everything. The place was blessed with love, whoever came there fell in love with the place, but for her and him, it was little different. They started loving beauty, but not of the nature, beauty of their souls. She was enchanted by his inner beauty, she was no longer the same person, she forgot everything what her sister said to her, about not talking to strangers there, not involving with anyone. She was scared for her sister so she hid it from her; never had she let her know about her secret meetings with the stranger. It used to happen every day then, she would act completely normal in front of her sister but within the moment she would left home, he would come and they would talk, they would enjoy together and they would take walk. She was in love with him. It was just another beautiful evening in that sacred, beautiful hill area, and they were together. She was playing with his fingers and he asked huskily,

'Are you alone? Or you have someone?'

She was silent for someone, and when he asked again, she whispered slowly,

'I am alone. I have no one except you.'

And she rested her head on his shoulder and none of them spoke for hours.


Anju, her elder sister came early that night, and saw her sister sitting on the bench outside the home and saying something but she thought she might be singing so she prepared food for them. When they were having dinner, she broke the silence.

'Geet, are you set here? Do you love here?'

'Of course, Di...There is no other place as beautiful as this, I am fine. I love it here. I will stay here.'

And they smiled.
From morning, she was excited to meet him, from last one month, she felt like she was in heaven, everything was beautiful, and she was in love with him. It never occurred to her what if one day, everything would disappear or her sister would find out. She was just a woman in love. She reached the same place, little earlier as she wanted to see him, it was an addiction for her, and she needed him as breaths to survive. He came late but she did not complain she was happy as he was there. But she did not know what was coming next. As he sat, she rested her head on his shoulder as regular habit. After a while, he removed her head, and caressed her face,

'I have to go.' He said but it was musical, sad but his voice sung like a sad violin.

'Few more minutes...' she replied.

'I am not talking about today. I have to leave you now...It's too much, I am not allowed to stay here around people, and it's been month. This is not my world, I have to leave this place now...' his eyes were sad, but still he had a magical smile on his M shaped lips.

'Where? What? Who will not allow...and Why?' there were million questions in her eyes but she asked just few of them.

And he kissed her forehead and got up.

'I love you...Take care...Goodbye.' He sang for the last time and started disappearing.

'No...wait. Stay...please don't leave me...I love you. Please...Come back...Come here' she said it again but he did not turn back, he continued to walk, and when she could not see him properly, his image was disappearing, and she got up and followed him. It was evening, soon it was going to be dark, but she was not scared, she just followed him. She did not want to lose it. She kept walking until she saw him crossing the huge mountain, and she could not. She was helpless and she fainted.


'Come back...Come back, please just come back' she screamed as she woke up with a start.

And all she could see was that light blue curtains, a room where there was just one table, one small closet, her cloths which were the same as she wore every day, light blue gown, another small table by her bed on which there were thousand medicines, and she felt a warm touch on her hand, and she looked at her elder sister, Anju.

'Where the hell have you been? And how did you reached there? Do you know how hard it was to find you? Now...say something. Explain.'

She stared at her as if nothing happened, she was still in past. She was remembering her each and every moment with him.

'GEET!' at last her sister yelled at her, and shook her shoulders to wake her up from her dreams.

'Oh...Anju! Hi...Good morning. How are you?'

'Geet...where were you last night? How did you reached there in woods? Nobody goes there; you know that, do you? It's not safe place, I have particularly told you to stay here near our center. Why didn't you listen to me?' she asked with a worried voice.

'I don't know...Anju. I was waiting for him...And he just left.' And tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered him.


'He. My angel...he lives here. We meet every day.'

'What? Geet...look at me, whom do you meet every day? Who is he? What is his name?' Anju was scared then, for her little sister.

'He...I...I never asked the name...his name...Oh my god...I don't know his name...' Geet was dense then, suddenly, blank and lost.


'Anju...I love him. We met before month...'

But before she could finish everything, her sister got up and checked her closet, she opened her little box of meds, and what she saw was shocking. It was box full of meds, not even single tablet was used. She dropped the box in panic, and covered her mouth with her hands. She quickly went to bed, and again shook her little sister strongly,

'How does he look like...?'

'An angel from heaven...His eyes are expressive, he looks like Greek God and when he smiles...' she said dreamily and then, Anju got up to find something in her closet. She threw all her cloths, her precious gifts and just everything, just to find one image, one photograph. She took it with trembling hands, it was just a guess but she wanted to take this risk, she slowly came to her bed, sat on the verge, and ever so slowly, she whispered,

'Look here...Does that man looks like him? Is he the same man?'

With that Geet slowly moved ahead to take the picture, she looked at it smilingly, and slowly one by one tear drop came from her beautiful eyes and made their marks on her pink cheeks.


And Anju sighed deep, she was sad. It came back again, she was sorry for her little sister. But she decided to wake her up from dreams.

'Geet, listen to me...carefully.'

And she looked at her eagerly as if she would know something about him.

'Geet, he is Maan. Maan Singh Khurana and your full name is, Geet Maan Singh Khurana'

And she closed her eyes to gather enough strength to answer her sister's question.

'What...? Anju...What is this? And...'

'...Listen to me now.'

And she continued,

'Maan was your husband. You both knew each other for five years. And then you got married. You both were married for three years. You guys were once a happy family, very happy and very much in love. But before three years, one cursed night, you two met with an accident. He was dead on the spot, and you were seriously injured. You have undergone three brain surgeries, but nothing changed. After his death and accident, you were diagnosed with Schizophrenia. You imagined him everywhere, and it was painful for you and me, we did treatment but last surgery was not a big success and as a result you forgot most of your memory, it's a side effect of meds and surgery, both. Geet...Maan is not real, he is dead from last three years. You are having hallucinations...You are hallucinating him.'

She was frozen, but it looked like she was trying to remember something, she ran fingers on that photograph, it was their marriage's photo. They were smiling, she was in his strong arms, smiling heavenly, so happy and comfortable.

'Geet...Do you remember anything?' Anju asked slowly.

For a moment, she did not say anything but she got up and stood by the window, looked at the moon. Anju again asked her as she was scared for her sister. With that Geet turned around, and screamed out loud, as loud as she could,


And she fell onto her knees and cried bitterly. Anju got her answer; it was the moment when Geet remembered each and every moment of her past, her lost and dead husband, her memories with him, their happy moments, their cherished moments of life, their marriage, their love, their fights, their first kiss and their last kiss, their last talk, their last hug, their last touch, and their accident. The last moment she heard him saying was, 'Love you...' and he was dead right in front of her, she could not do anything, she carried his lifeless body, completely soaked in blood to the road from the woods where their car was crashed. She talked to him even after she knew there was no pulse. She took his head in her lap, and sat there for hours for medical help to come, but when they reached, it was late. He was gone and when she realized it, it was late. She ran for help, and threw herself in the deep valley nearby woods, and she did not know what happened after that. All she knew was that Maan was no more, he was dead. She never mentioned it to anyone, but only she knew why she ran and jumped, it was intentional, she did not want to be there in the same world where Maan did not exist. She chose not to tell anyone, why she gave up, why she tried to kill herself. Life had no meaning for her if Maan was not in it and when she realized that Maan was dead, she had no other option but to kill herself, but after fifteen days in hospital when she opened her eyes, she knew she was failed. She lived. She was not with him anymore and she passed away again. For Anju and whole world, Geet never came back; she was dead with Maan that night. It was just some other person living as Geet, her little sister was dead with Maan.
She cried for hours, and Anju took her in her arms and rubbed her back. She was helpless, she could do nothing, she wanted to free her sister but again, she was helpless. They both cried there on cold floor, and later Anju made her sleep well, and she went to her room though she did not want to leave her but she had to as she had another work.


She felt warm touch on her forehead but she did not open her eyes, she winced little and opened her eyes. It was him. Her angel was back, smiling at her. She did not smile for the first time when she saw him. He was still smiling divinely at her.

'You came?'

'I never left.'

'You did'

And she got up. He got up and they came out from their home, he held her protectively in his arms. It was cold, and midnight. It was just dim moonlight, and they were shining under divine moonlight. They sat on their bench, and stared the mountain in moonlight, the same mountain looked like golden in sunrays, and in moonlight, and it was calm, cool and shining divinely. After a while when it was calm and she was relaxed in his arms, he broke the silence.

'Are you scared?'


'I have to go. You need to go back.'

And she got up, quickly left him, and pushed him back.

'Go. Go but before going anywhere listen to me...You leave me but you need to know. I am suffering each and every minute. If you love me so much then you cannot see me in such pain...I am dyeing without you each second...If you love me...Take me with you. I am not happy, I am sick...I am suffering. I need to go.'

'I can't...Geet. I just can't do this to you, I have no right...' he moaned.

And he started walking.

'You are making me suffering. I am dyeing anyways...Take me Maan...Take me with you. Maan...Please complete me. not leave me again. Please let's be together. I know you are suffering, too. You are still here in the world in which you are not allowed, you know why. So you are suffering too. Please...Help me, help yourself...Help us. Please...I beg.'

She cried but he did not return. She screamed for help, it was just not scream, it was cry of helplessness, she wanted to be free and he was the only one who could do that. He could free her but he did not. She screamed but yet he did not turn, he walked. Finally when she was defeated, crushed and lost, she fell onto her knees and looked him from back, for the last ever time. And she became silent, she was hopeless then, once again, she had to surrender to her fate which was cruel and mean. She was blank, lost and when she heard the sweetest voice ever; it sang to her ears and rang like bells,


And she looked up to him; there he was by the edge of the cliff at the end of the meadow, smiling at her with his arms wide open. He was standing like an eager husband waiting for his wife to run into his arms, waiting for his family, for his love, for his life. She could not believe herself, so she did not move for first few minutes, and he sang again to her ears,

'Come...Love, Come to me.'

She really did not know whether it was her intense pleadings or he was moved by her condition or he was just suffering as much as she was but he turned his back and called her. For Geet it was more important, she thought nothing then, only about him and her. He was suffering too with her, they both wanted each other to free them and it was time. And she ran. She ran like she was running for her life, she ran like some scary animal was chasing her and all she wanted to do was, run. To run into his arms and go away with him forever, as she looked up to him again, she smiled through running, looking at his loving eyes, he was giving her strength with his eyes. Finally, she crushed herself into his arms, happily. She was completed, she was free and she was happy. For real world, it was an accident, out of damaged mental condition a patient committed suicide by falling from the cliff, but for her sister and Geet, it was not an accident, it was miracle, a strange cursed miracle. Geet was freed, and Anju knew it, she cried for her little sister but at the same time she knew that her little one was at peace, she was with the man she loved crazily, and they were together.


Okay, So I was in this weird, sad, dark mood and this is the result ! I hope you all like it, at least and...just...Accept ! Ohh...And the song, just listen it and you will LOVE it ! Embarrassed

Sorry for any mistakes ! I did it in very short time, sadly and weirdly ! Confused



: Here are my other works :

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Maddy im going to kill u ...another sad one from u...arrgh i hate u can u kill ur Maan...any how as u have warned me giving a huge hug to u..loved it very much

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ur writings make me believe i am not strong and cold hearted yet ...
but they are toghether and thats all matters

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this is just awesome...i really really love of the best OS i have was painful, sad and different yet amazing...thnxxx for writing this and for the pm... :)))

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I was warned, I have no complaints. I dont know what compels you to write such sad stories. Hope there is no particular reason. Ofcourse, life doesnt have happy endings. But life is not full of grief either.

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awesome OS
i cried reading it Cry
must say u r the queen of painful stories but still love to read ur stories

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awsome one... very well written...happy to see you back ... 

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged

Why do u always make me cryCryCryCry

Loved it
The pain n love was jus fab

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