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Welcome Images, Scraps and Comments for your profiles
Welcome to the land of crazies..
we are crazy
we are nuts
we are insane
and we are proud of it.
we are the fans of the Man called Mishal Raheja..
(Credit : SONEE)
so lets hear it for the Man..
Mishal Raheja
(Credit : Indu(m.indira)) 
With his extraordinary acting, this young Indian has not only won the admiration of his viewer, but has also managed to sweep his female fans off their feet. Mishal is an extremely bubbly and happening person who seems to enjoy life to the fullest. Based on the comments on most forums, Mishal is equally popular for his tremendous acting skills and to-die-for features. In summary, he is truly a gifted man.The very charming and talented actor Mishal Raheja started his career with MTV and was also spotted acting in the first television venture of the noted filmmaker Anurag Basu titled 'Love Story' on Sab TV . For Mishal, however 'Love Story' is his second venture. The first one, which saw him, displays his acting skills was the MTV show 'Pyaar Vyaar and All That'. He potrayed unurguably the strongest male character in the history of Tv land, the iconic Dutta Shriram Patil in Color's Show Laagi Tujhse Lagan.

Basic Information

Mishal Raheja is a resident of the tinsel town and has completed his graduation in Business Management from the U.S. Besides such popular soaps he has also been a part of many ad campaigns and has done a commercial for Air India, which will be shown only at the airports. He has also campaigned for the Hero's AIDS project and is featured in the Pizza Hut advertisement. Acting has been his passion since childhood and he loves playing cricket as well. He is can play guitar, can paint and can wipup a mean goan prawn curry. On the personal front Mishal Raheja is not at all like the character he plays on screen. He is in fact a happy-go-lucky person who can go on talking for the whole day. He feels lucky to have worked with such great co-stars who are very talented artistes themselves. He also has dreams of joining the Bollywood bandwagon soon just like any other actor but is now on indefinete vacation.

Quick Facts

Birthday: 17th August

Star Sign: Leo


Mishal Raheja was born on 18th August in Mumbai, India. He did his graduation from HR College, and then went to the United States for further studies. Once in the US, he did Bachelors in Business Management, and continued to work there for four months, but felt unsatisfied with his work, as a result of which he quit, and returned back to India to pursue his acting dreams.

Personality & Personal Life

Many interviews claim that Mishal Raheja is a bubbly and outgoing actor, and is very humble. Even though he is a young actor, he clearly understands the responsibilities of the work field. This is shown when he claims that "I have to [cope up with the hectic schedules]. This is the way the industry works." Mishal lives his life the way he wants to, which may or may not show his independence. This can be said because first of all, he left his job in New York for a job in India, even though he was not 100% sure that he would get into the film industry. He is not afraid to turn his dreams int reality. Mishal is a food-lover, and claims that "my mum's a great chef (so am i)." Mishall calls himself a "food-freak." He also claims that during shoots, he needs to be fed every 4 hours.

When questioned about his love life, Mishal stated that he had no time for love. He ended this question by saying that "for now... girls will have to wait". he plays soccer and is trained in Martial arts for 14 years. Mishal also likes to play the guitar, and his hobbies also incude playing cricket, basketball, and tennis.

links to the previous apprecaiton threads    - MR appreciation thread # 6

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Appreciation Thread Member's List

10. stranger in us
17.nidz n
28.rema begum
60. victory_2010
61. Keva
62. Artemis678
63. Keva
64. bhagu_k
65. Naina_Mishal
66. kaly07
67. skavitha08
68. cool.sindhya
69. anirka
70. nik_ita
71. cherry21
73. victory_2010
74. spandana11
75. Ashleydevlin
77. zeekaytg
78. jess_dutta
79. brvr
81. jaihind_hind26
82. loveumishal
83. MBee
84. LaTuLa
85. taherav
86. divy609
87. kyras
88. khushix
89. SAraW
90. triasha
91. Bushy_92
92. ushankitvc
93. KripAngad4ever
94. -Priyalicious-
95. mayadika11
97. mary78613
98. Subii
99. chitrakshgeet
100. m.indira
101. mozart66
102. Sophia21
104. agbg98
105. san121,
106. captkirk,
107. Hamlet53
108. AzMishy,
109. Lekz
110. prncz,
111. LadyMacbeth,
112. Elysia,
113. ajuma
114.  rama_2010
115. suhana19
116. kapa147
117. sss8080
118. mussy.jamshed
119. ChurailMukhi
120. kiran255,
122. sasha_1
123. priya6gang
124. shahhetp
125. Warda.
126. mIsHeZ.x
127. AbhiAni,
128. --SONEE--
129. ani_98
130. nimmi_rra
140. LEGENDS66
141. shyla74
142. Shreeya1
143. Beees
144. prncz
145. sana141994
146. MishalsFAN
147. ltl1deewani
148. sona89
149. dusk
150. eternity_of_luv
151. mishika13
152. daya0628
153. nakusha
154. athithi86
155. Navisna98 
157. urmimala
158. Rishi87
159. sonia82
160. rainurubal 
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schedule updated


1 ek line meh patao !!!!!!   dec 17
2 pechan kon !!!!!                dec 18
 3 dil se re!!!!!                           dec 19
4 kuch na kaho!!!!!                    dec 20
5 akhiyo se goli mare!!!!!!        dec 21
7 fancy dress !!!!!!                      dec 22
8 mera gift toh dekho !!!!!! (gifts for mishal ) dec 23
9 topha topha laya laya!!!! (gifts for MUFFINS) dec 23

10 prize distribution !!!!!!!!  (for above games winner)  dec 24
11 award ceremony !!!!!!!  (basis on all whole performance in ONLY MR 1 to 6 THREAD ) dec 25

ps rule will  updt on every day  games...u can post entry within valid for 24 hours ...

Smileregards sanaSmile

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so Christmas fest begins
 gals its time game Numbers one

rules are very simple..
u just have to make a pick up line ...for mishal as in ...
keep it witty n funny in any language and u wish ...
but some restriction
1 no copy form other lines...
2 u can send many entry as u wish
3 u can vote for ur fav among participate...but for two only..
4 time line  of this games is two day for convince of some members
5 no song or shayri

so enjoy ur  game !!!!!!!!!


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swasti- "Can u give me a scissor?
I want you to cut through my chest and take the heart out...and see it's crying for u all the time"

baljit-"do you have a first aid box ...because i hurt myself when i fell for you.."

aish- "hey ! you must be broom , coz you swept me off my feet..."

nimmi - "i dont want you to buy me a drink, looking at you is intoxicating enough"..

priya - "hey mishal can you give me the direction of ur heart?Smile i have seemed to lost  myself in your eyesTongue...mera dil test tube jitna chota h ... but still i'll keep u in it...or tumhe thand bhi nahi lagegiLOL...phir dono milke gutar-gunn karengeLOL"

nimmi - "have you ever been arrested for i thought it is criminal to look that good"

nimmi - "i never believed in love at first sight,till i set my sight on you.."

nimmi - "God sure has funny sense of humour..he made only one of you and so many of us to fall for you.."

aish - " Do you have raisins? NO? Then what about a date? "

nimmi- "please dont told me to control my heart beats.."

nimmi - "My coffee cup is lonely.. just me for company..join us and cheer her up.."

aish - "Mr. Raheja, you are 9.9999, you'd be perfect 10 if you were with me"

indu- "Hi Mishal..I know you are not mine forever, but i am yours forever.."

indu - "Mishh..Plz don't look at me dear'I don't have another heart to lose."

baljit - "My heart is given to you... Give yours one to me... I will lock them together n  throw away the key..."

aish -
Oh! I Love your dog. Can I pet him? "

aish - "
If a fat man puts you in a bag at night dn't worry it's Santa, coz I asked you as my Christmas gift "

baljit - "Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too."

baljit - "You are the only person... that can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time... and you r the only person who gave me this heart disease..."

baljit - "Can you give me directions to your heart? I've seemed to have lost myself in your smile."

swasti - ""Do you by any chance wear a hidden electric jacket??...coz why i keep getting Jhatka whenever i see u??"

indu -"Every part of me wants you, maybe because I was made just for you! "

swasti - "I think your cheeks are not for real,,, Can i pull those to test?? 

after 5 seconds ...OOPsss those r real..."

indu - "Did you not love me plz shoot me, but please not on the heart coz that's were you are! "

swasti -"Don't threaten me with your irresistible charm, Baby. Let's just go walking in the rain"

swasti - "I think you have a great u mind holding me against it??"

swasti - "I am extremely sorry for your continuous hiccup that were caused due to me. kya karein, i can't help myself,,,"

indu - In these days true love is hard to find, but u will be lucky if u get me.

swasti -"With my body and soul, I want you more than you'll ever know. So just let it go. Don't be afraid to lose control"

swasti -"I wish I could just make you turn around and see me cry"

priya- when god open a window of love, he'll see me and ask ... Whats ur wish today? My only wish will be "god take care of the one who is standing infront of mishal"

priya -basss...enough is enough,.. I want JMM 3 ...just u and me without any haddi

priya- *blushing* mishal waise to its better to keep our love in our heart instead of proposing bcoy love is a pleasure when left unsaid...! But kya karu mere pet m koi baat pachti he nahi

priya- yesterday have u slept all i saw u in my dream talking wid me whole night...gajab kitna bolte ho

priya - my heart is the greatest cheater, it makes thousand of different excuses to stay in touch with u

priya -when i die , i wish to donate my blood to you...for the fact atleast my blood would enter ur heart where i could not enter...isliye bol rahi hu seedhe seedhe patt jao...warna indirect way choose karna padega

aish - Be unique and different..say yes ...There's nothing else like you on earth...tell me are you an alien?...Hey I lost my phone number...can I've yours
what's your name or shall I just call you mine

raj - *If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together

raj -
life without you is like a broken pencil..pointless

raj -
Hi  , i am a thief here and i have cme to  steal ur heart

raj- Can I borrow ur cell ph  ? , What for ? ,  I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the man of my dreams

raj - If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together

raj - u are like a dictionary ,,you add meanign to ma life

daya - "I would buy you a drink but I'd be jealous of the glass"

daya -'Coffee? Tea? me?'

daya -'Did it hurt?...when you fell from heaven'

daya -'ok here I am, now what do you want for you're next wish"

daya -'say, didn't we go to different schools together?'

daya -' I saw you and got an asthma attack cuz you took my breath away'

- you've been a bad boy...go to MY room HAAAHAA
raj - There must be rainbow today ,,i found the treasure i have been searchign for

entries are closed
Big smileregards sanaBig smile

SmileDIL SE RE !!!!!!ENTRIESSmile


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