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Abhiya SS: Destiny's Desire Update 14 page 60 (Page 34)

bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 October 2011
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Posted: 18 February 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged
nice update
looking forward 4 annie plans yar ehts tht hope somethg gud
waiting 4 abhiya lovely scenes
cont soon

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ethereal.. Senior Member

Joined: 11 February 2012
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Posted: 19 February 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
Wow! Nice story...luved that adventure part..cont soon

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anukrati19 Senior Member

Joined: 09 November 2011
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Posted: 19 February 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged

really sorry for late reply
amazing update
riya misha annie work for abhiya good
simran call pia  not to do detective giri lovely
love the last part gem,secret door really intresting really exciting
and i am really excited for next part
update soon thanks 4 pm 
Don_theEvil IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 February 2012 at 5:21am | IP Logged
wow nice part , update soon

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Abhiya_Visu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Thanks Everyone

 Note:  sorry i am able to update  for couple of reasons i had exams and lots of catching up to do with homework.

 so far i have wrote what comes in my mind. nothing is planned and i don't know what is annie's plan  gonna be either. so if you have any suggestion for the plan please do tell me so i can maybe try to update this weekend i will try.

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Abhiya_Visu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
I Will update soon.  

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Trouble. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
k waiting
Abhiya_Visu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2012 at 2:11pm | IP Logged

Let the ending of the previous update stay mystery ( Sorry I need to figure it still out LOL)

I hope you like it.  it's a long update.   I will still be adding  to this update.


Annie's plan

@ Mount College in the morning of course LOL

Annie came along with Riya to college as she had an off at work.

When Annie saw Piya was walking by the hall wall where Annie, Abhay and Riya were standing.

Annie goes and hugs Abhay.

Abhay :  not knowing exactly what Annie is trying to do  when he sees Piya he hugs Annie back thinking if Piya see's  he is with Annie like this she will stay away from him even more than she already does.

Piya:  when she sees Abhay and Annie hugging she feels hurt and walks away

Abhay: smirks well now she will not even think about me and then he lets Annie go as soon as Piya leaves and he also walks away.

Annie:   perfect plan, Abhay thinking this will keep Piya away from him and he will help me with my plan but he does not know exactly what my plan is actually going to do. Smiles

After class is over Riya and Misha come over to Annie and say what you are going to do next.

Annie says wait in watch

When Annie sees Abhay walking in the corridor she goes to him and says what up buddy. 

Abhay:  I do not know what you are exactly are trying to do but I do know it is giving not desired results.  You know what you all want is not possible.  Never.

Annie: in her mind that is what I want you to think Abhay actually my plan are starting to work.   My plan is to make Piya realize what she is feels for you.  What can be better than making Piya feel jealous which will make her realize she really loves you and it's not an infatuation for you Abhay?

When Annie sees Piya walking towards them she immediately puts her head on Abhay shoulder and Abhay senses Piya walking past them too so he pats Annie head. 

Piya: not able to see Abhay and Annie close runs out of college to the entrance   where the benches are and she sits down.  She thinks why is she feeling really hurt, why she feels her heart just got pierced numerous times.  Why does   Abhay proximity with the girl hurt her?  Maybe that girl is Abhay's girlfriend.   Oh god Abhay Raichand get out of my head.  Why do I think so much about him.

(Note: Piya does not know Annie yet as she never met Annie before and she kind of knows she loves Abhay till now she really has not acknowledged that seriously.)

Misha: comes over there and ask Piya what's wrong.

Piya:  says nothing

Misha: come on yaar we are besties you can tell me.

Piya:   misha you really want to know, I don't know why Abhay proximity with that girl bothers me so much. I do not understand

Misha:  well Piya all I can say is ask yourself only you can give yourself the answer.

Piya: Misha are you trying to say what I am thinking

Misha; yea

Piya: what rubbish I hardly know him how can I fall in love with him so easily

Misha:  alright then why are you so hurt why were you crying. Leave it.

Piya:   yea let's talk about something else please

  Riya Comes over there and ask what are you girls talking about.

Piya: says nothing

Riya: do you girls have any plan for  today afternoon

Piya: no

Misha: I do not either

Riya: great lets meet today and go shopping together.

Piya: in her head great this is perfect distraction from my thoughts.

@ The mall

Abhay and Annie are walking hand and hand front of Piya and acting like a couple in loves.

Annie and Abhay narrate a fake love story to Riya and misha and Piya.

Piya: could not take it anymore   and was going to burst out crying so runs off into the jungle

Abhay: sees Piya was going to burst out and cry any moment so he runs after her.

After Abhay and piya are gone.

Annie: to Riya and Misha mission Abhay Piya accomplished.

How was my plan?

Misha: are you sure they will confess  soon or realize they  really love each other  because Piya knows she loves Abhay but she still believes that she does not really love Abhay.

Riya: relax misha 

Misha: says alright I am leaving I gotta go.

Annie and Riya leave too.

In the jungle:

Piya:  burst out crying out loud

Abhay: says please Piya stop crying, I cannot see you cry

Piya: why can you not see me cry and please go back your girlfriend must be waiting for you

Abhay:  please Piya don't push me away I cannot see you cry. And he tells Piya Annie is not his girlfriend she is like a sister to him to make Piya feel better.

Piya:  says what and tells Abhay.  I knew it somewhere in my heart that she was not your girlfriend.

Abhay: and you were still crying and hurt?

Piya: I don't know Abhay but I cannot see any girl close to you like that I am sorry but I just cannot stop myself from crying.

Abhay: pagli kahi ki

Piya: so why can you not see me cry, and why were you acting as a couple

Abhay:  I don't   think I have to answer your questions

Piya:  wait I will not let you go until you answer my questions

Abhay: you ask too my questions  you are  truly a jaiswal

Piya: answer me I am waiting

Abhay: says by and runs  off like a gust of wind shocking piya

After a little while he comes back you did not leave did you

Piya:  no I did not and I will not leave till you answer my questions and I have one more question how did you disappear like that and run in lightning speed

Abhay: you started again

Piya: answer me Abhay I will stop asking you questions

Abhay:  you are so stubborn

Piya: so are you

 Abhay: alright but let's go from here as its getting dark

Piya:  okay but you still have to answer my questions Abhay

Abhay driving to Piya's house:

Piya: I am waiting for answers

Abhay:   can I drive first let me concentrate on driving. So I can drive you home safely 

Abhay Drives Piya to Jaiswals house in less than 15 minutes when it takes 30 minutes to come from the mall.

Abhay: alright your house is here you may get out

Piya: first I want answers then I will go

Abhay: it's time for me to go home  otherwise my dad will  get mad as he has set a curfew  on us and if    I don't reach home on time I will not get dinner.

Piya:   no first answer  me and  you can eat at my place so don't worry  you will not have to sleep  empty stomach and  if you need a place to stay overnight  we have a guest room and my family won't mind.

Before Abhay could say something Simran and Dhruv came and called Piya inside

Piya: alright Abhay well I gotta go now but you will have to answer me remember that I want my answers.

Abhay sighs as Piya leaves and smiles after saying she is truly a perfect detective.

After dinner is over

Piya goes to her room and thinks about everything that happened today.  She says is Misha right am I really in love. But how do I know if its love for real.   I know Abhay cares for me today I saw genuine concern with love in his eyes for me how he was trying to make me feel better by answering in the beginning but he did not answer everything and pouts.  Well I will ask him tomorrow.  Abhay has some power :  he  can disappear, he can run in lightning speed and his eyes changes color.  What other special powers does Abhay have?   I will ask him tomorrow.   But will he answer me.  And she goes to sleep smiling.

Abhay @ Raichands

Abhay looking out the window and thinking about everything that happened today.    Abhay   feels so guilty because of him  Piya was hurt and crying because of the fake act.  I was trying to push her  more further away from me but I pulled her more closer and now she is getting  suspicious about my  powers.  I should have not done that.  Angry at himself.  Know I got to protect piya  even more  not only from the witch but also from my secrets and I have to keep her safe from vampire clan.  As Vampire clan laws rule is if a human gets suspicious of a vampire then turn them into one or just kill them.  And I do not want anyone to hurt Piya or I do not want to turn her into a vampire.

Riya: comes over there and ask Abhay what wrongs and he brushes it off saying nothing.

Riya says  no bhai you look  really worried  please tell me maybe I can help and it is related to Piya.

Annie: comes don't worry  your secret will stay safe with us.

Abhay: Piya has come suspicious of  what I am  because I  displayed some of my powers front of her.

Annie : so whats wrong in that, in fact I say you go yourself and tell her the truth of what you are and  I am sure she will keep our secret  safe.

Riya: I agree Bhai   you should and I trust her and believe me she has the  courage to still love you even after she knows your truth

Annie:  Abhay  we all know she is your soulmate so whats the problem  and you know she will find out the truth someday.

Abhay: alright I will tell her when I think I can.

Annie promises I will help you protect Piya from the clan if you need.

Riya: worried  but first we gotta tell mom and dad.  And I know mom will sooner accept Piya but Dad I don't know he is will not like  that we reveal our secret to a human.

Annie:  relax Riya. Chand is a practical man who obeys all the rules but he does have a very soft corner for Abhay and  he also wants to see his son happy and he loves his family even though he really does not show it.  Haseena's motherly instinct will win over once she really sees what Piya is and she does not want  anyone to play with her son's feelings or hurt her son but she will  one day accept Piya.

Riya: yeah you are right.

Abhay: alright Annie   but don't forget you need to  find out Damini's true intention still as we only know till now  about the gemstone.  As far as I know it is the gemstone belongs to Raghav and if i have heard it right then only the gemstone could be freed by Raghav's descendents.  Could it be the  Jaiswals are descendent of Raghav?    I am sure there is some connection between them?

Annie:  I think you are right Abhay  because  Damini treats Dhruv   more than a Employee like he is her boss at times.  Whatever Dhruv suggest she accepts them it immediately without contemplating through.

Riya: we should ask dad maybe he can shed some light on this mysterious puzzle we are trying to solve

Abhay: if not  dad then maybe the superiors can help

They all three go to the  Chandeena's room

 Abhay  knocks the door and  Haseena says come in

Abhay : dad  I need your help can you help us

Chand: ofcourse

Abhay: tells   do you remember how Annie called and told us  how Damini is after the powerful gemstone  which belongs to Raghav and   I remember you told me once  that only Raghav descendents  can free the gemstone. And you know who  Damini is treating the Jaiswals  very nice and witches don't do anything without a purpose and for a witch like Damini it has to be big.  So could it be Jaiswals be descendent of Raghav and Poonam.

Chand: it is quite possible because  Raghav's daughter  got married to a human and  she was  Banished by her  witch clan as she broke the rule by marrying a human

Haseena: it is quite possible, because Simran did not know much about her maternal grandmother.    

Chand:  we must   inform the superiors  and ask they what they know.

Too be continued I am not done yet but will do it soon.



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