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Beeji's Perfect Solution [VirMaan] Part 2 - Page 6 (Page 6)

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
Thanks everbody for your likes/comments. I am very touched.
Now, this part may not be what you expect. Just keep in mind, Maanvi and Virat don't really feel anything for each other yet. I am just going on what I think are their current feelings in the show.
Also, my hindi is terrible, so if you can't understand what I've written... sorry!

Well, without further ado...

Beeji's Perfect Solution

Part 2 of 2

Virat's eyebrow shot up as soon as Beeji spoke of him marrying Maanvi.

Jeevika bhabhi's eyes immediately glazed over, a big smile coming to her face. It was like she had found the solution to all her life's problems.

In her perspective, she probably had.

Beeji was staring at a spot on the table, one hand tightly gripping the upholstery of the sofa in nervousness.

Everyone else remained silent.

He knew it would be imprudent for him to say something right now.

"Samdhanji," Dadaji spoke up, "would it be right to get Maanvi married just so she can be closer to Jeevika again? It might do more harm than good to her psyche."

Beeji looked scandalized. "Nahi nahi Samdhiji. I did not suggest this so Maanvi can be close to Jeevika. I did this because I think Virat would make a good life partner for Maanvi. Vadhera sahab, Maanvi is a very different girl. She is very homely. She doesn't have friends her own age. Instead she has made children no older than 12 her best friends. She doesn't intermingle with people as easily as she did with this family." She glanced over at him once, as to gage his reaction. "Virat is someone I think she feels comfortable around, and it's a big step for her. That is why I suggested Virat."

Beeji looked around at everyone, especially making eye contact with him as she spoke. "There is no pressure from anyone. And Virat beta, you are under no obligation at all. I don't want you to say yes just because of Maanvi's condition."

Maanvi's condition. The words sounded so foreign. Virat couldn't imagine his Sherni in such a weakened state as Beeji had described.

Finally, it seemed his mother took pity on Beeji, seeing her state of nervous fiddling. "Samdhanji, I love Maanvi like my own daughter. I think she is a very sweet girl. I will gladly accept her as my bahu." She then turned and looked at his Dadaji.

Dadaji looked at his mother for a moment, then nodded and smiled. "Vanshika is right. I like Maanvi. She can be childish, but mature when the situation calls for it. She will be good for Virat."

Everyone turned and looked expectantly at Swamini bua. She seemed to be waiting until everyone turned to seek her opinion before speaking. Typicial bua. When she spoke, she wanted everyone to listen. "It's no secret that I don't like Maanvi. I think she is immature and insolent." He could see Beeji's shoulders visibly slump, expecting rejection, but Bua continued to speak. "I have also come to realize that I might have misjudged her a little. If Maanvi is willing to adapt to this family and mold herself according to our family's customs and traditions, I also have no problem."

Dadaji, smiling, turned to him. "What do you say Virat beta?"

He was taken aback slightly. He didn't expect that anyone, especially Dadaji, would ask his opinion.

What did he think?

Did he want to be married to Maanvi?

Did he want to be married at all?

It had once been his only desire, to be married to his dream girl and live an ideal life. Free from the rules of the world and away from the expectations of the family. He had so many dreams of his perfect life, only to have them shatter.

Virat shut his eyes as those painful memories flashed in front of him again. The hurt of humiliation. The sting of betrayal.

Maybe Viren bhai was right. Maybe if he moved forward, he would stop looking back.

Maanvi. Maanvi was the girl that brought music back into his life. She brought laughter and fun into the family. And she brought a genuine smile to his face after such a long time.

His sherni needed him. Turns out that she was just a wounded little cub on the inside. He would do this for her.

Virat looked into Beeji's anxious eyes and nodded.


Maanvi skipped into her room, only to see that Beeji was stuffing a few of her clothes into a bag.

What's all this now?

"Beeji, if you wanted my room, you should have asked." She jumped onto the bed beside Beeji. "Did you really have to throw me out like this?"

Beeji swatted her arm. "Chup kar. We're going to Chandigarh for a few days."

Maanvi felt a surge of excitement. She immediately sat up on her knees. "We're going to see Jeevika di?"

Beeji smiled at her enthusiasm. "Yes, we have been invited to visit Chandigarh by the Vadheras. Swamini ji called and said that Jeevika is also missing us a lot, especially you, and it will be nice if we would visit."

Maanvi choked back a cough. "Swamini bua called? And she invited ME?" She pulled back the curtain at the window. "Did the sun rise from the west today Beeji?"

Beeji grimaced and swatted her arm again. "She's not that bad Maanvi. She's just strict."

Maanvi sighed and put her arms around her grandmother. "I know Beeji. And this time I promise to be on my best behaviour." Then she clapped excitedly. "We'll get to see Di again. I have to get her a present!"

She jumped up and called out to her bodyguard brother to go shopping with her.


Virat was on his bed, flipping through the pictures of hi bhai and bhabhi's wedding ceremonies on his laptop.

He was stopped at a picture of him, Maanvi, and his mother at Jeevika bhabhi's chura ceremony. He remembered he had to forcibly pull Maanvi down the stairs to join in the festivities, all because of Swamini bua and her attitude.

He didn't hold Beeji responsible for the misunderstanding. Bua had a habit of speaking in ominous riddles.  

Who said Maanvi was childish? She was sensible. Attempting to miss her own sister's wedding proved that.

She has seen so much tragedy and pain in life. If she chose to see the humour in every situation, who could blame her?

He stared down at the picture. Maanvi had her eyes downcast. His mother was just lifting her hand to make Maanvi look at her. And he was looking at Maanvi's bent head.

If the whole Swamini bua incident hadn't happened, Maanvi would have been sitting in Dabbu's place, and Jeevika bhabhi's kaleera would have fallen on her, indicating that she would be married next. Funny how that would have work out.

Someone knocked on his door and he called out to invite them in.

It was the last person he would ever expect in his room; Dadaji.

Virat immediately sat up and shut the lid of his laptop. "Dadaji aap? Kuch kaam tha?"

Dadaji came and sat beside him on the bed. He put his hand on Virat's shoulder, surprising him further. "Beta, I know I have been very hard on you this past year and half, but I want you to know that I am proud of your decision. You have proved that I was wrong about you."

Well, what was there to say to that?

"Thank you Dadaji." He mustered as much modesty as possible, not wanting to sound snarky. He was sure his Dadaji wasn't done yet. He would never just come in and accept defeat.

"Virat, now that you are about to be married, it's time to get your life back on track. You tried to chase silly dreams and you saw the result. Now it's time to pick a path and just go with it. The time to be free and fanciful is gone. You need to support your wife. I hope you think on this and act soon."

With that he got up and left.

Only his grandfather could compliment and insult him, all in one sentence.

He was right, however. Virat had never imagined that he would be marrying like this. But now that he was, he couldn't continue to live off pocket money from his mother.

It was time to get his life together.


"DI!" Maanvi immediately rushed to her sister and was engulfed in a warm hug. She could stay like this forever, in her sisters arms. This is where she found comfort.

She pulled back and admired her sister. The chura, the sindoor, the mangalsutra, the sari, the glow on her face. She looked like a newlywed. "Di, you look so beautiful. Even I'm fida on you, I can't even imagine Jiju's haal."

Viren jiju came and rested his arm on her shoulder, "Saali sahiba, mera haal mat pucho. Tumhari Di ka deewana hoon mein." He winked at Jeevika di.

Her sister blushed crimson and looked around self-consciously. "Yeh aap kya keh rahe hai Viren ji?"

Maanvi grinned. They were so cute.

Her loneliness was worth it if her Di was happy here with her amazing Jiju and his amazing family.


Virat knew the moment was coming. And when finally, while sitting around the dining table, his mother expressed the idea of his marriage with Maanvi, she ungraciously spat her water out in a fit of coughing.

Jeevika bhabhi soothingly patted her on her back until she was breathing normally.

"What? Auntyji? Me... and... and Virat? How can we...?" Virat grinned. It wasn't very often, but ded footiya had officially been rendered speechless.

"Yes Maanvi beta." His mother ran her hand over her head affectionately. "You and Virat. Will you be my bahu?"

"But... but..." she seemed to be struggling to come up with something. "Swamini bua..." She turned to her.

Swamini bua just smiled patiently. "Maanvi, I am sure you will have no problem in gelling yourself to our traditions, and you will always keep the maan and mariyada of this house in mind."

Maanvi was at a total loss for words. He saw her inconspicuously lift her hand and pinch the inside of her arm. She must have pinched hard because he saw her visibly flinch. He couldn't help but chuckle, making his sherni glare at him.

She turned back to his mother. "Auntyji, I will make a terrible bahu. I'm lazy, and rude, and I speak my mind, and I don't know how to cook, and I sleep in late, and you know I cause problems wherever I go."

Anger spiked through Virat. Is this really what she thought of herself? That she caused problems?

He would need to work on changing her low opinion of herself.

"Maanvi Beta, that's not true. You've started to cook so well these days." Beeji then smiled and turned to Swamini bua. "You know Swamini ji, she gets up early every morning so she can make tea for everyone. She's become so responsible." She put her hand on top of Maanvi's. "What do you think beta?"

Maanvi looked around once. "Can I have some time to think about it?"


Virat had been in his room when Shlok had come in to tell him that Maanvi wanted to meet him on the terrace.

He made his way there and saw Maanvi near the railing, staring into the sky.

He leant his hip against the railing beside her. "Bolo ji Choudhrian. Humari yaad kaise aaye?"

"Chep, didn't you hear? They're trying to get us married in there. We have to do something to convince them it's a bad idea."

"Why ded footiya? There are so many perks being married to this 6.2 pixels." Virat grinned at her irritated expression.

"This is not funny Virat. I'm sure Beeji will make me say yes. But you can still say no and get us out of this."

Virat crossed his arms. "And why would I want to say no?"

Maanvi started pacing. "Don't kid Chep. You don't want to be married to me. What should we do?"

"Maanvi, I've already said yes."

Maanvi stopped pacing and stared at him. "Chep ho kya? Duniya ki saari ladkiyan margaye, jo mujhse shaadi karoge? Ek mein hi mili thi tumhe?" Virat just looked at her, amused. It irritated Maanvi further. "Do you know what we'll look like together? Bandar ke gale mein motiyon ka haar."

"Arey bandariya, tum mujhe itna pasand karti ho ke mein tumhare liya motiyon ka haar hoon? Waise, tum itni burri bhi nahi ho." Virat said this in his most mocking voice.

Maanvi made a face at him and stormed off, muttering to herself.

Something was brewing. He could feel it. He would have to be extremely cautious and stay alert all the time. He was sure Maanvi would cook up some scheme or the other to stop this marriage, and he could not let that happen. He would have  to watch her constantly.

Virat leant his elbows on the railing and watched Maanvi stomp off. It won't be so bad to be married to this bandariya, he thought affectionately. She would definitely make his life interesting.

~The End~

Well, that's that!
Like I said. Their reactions were probably not what you expected, but I dont believe that Maanvi and Virat are even close to falling in love. Right now, they are just good friends.
I think Virat understands Maanvi well, he had seen many sides of her, but Maanvi doesnt understand Virat very well.
So that is what I tried to portray

Love it? Hate it? Please do let me know


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GOSHHH this is awesome!! why does manvi not want to get married to virat? :(( Is there gonna be an other part pls say yes!!! pls pls pls.. Continue and i'll wait for yr PM :) haha thanks once again :)

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Originally posted by inlvwithehmmbh

GOSHHH this is awesome!! why does manvi not want to get married to virat? :(( Is there gonna be an other part pls say yes!!! pls pls pls.. Continue and i'll wait for yr PM :) haha thanks once again :)

Sorry love, but I won't be continuing. That was the end


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Originally posted by queenyuks

Originally posted by inlvwithehmmbh

GOSHHH this is awesome!! why does manvi not want to get married to virat? :(( Is there gonna be an other part pls say yes!!! pls pls pls.. Continue and i'll wait for yr PM :) haha thanks once again :)

Sorry love, but I won't be continuing. That was the end


I think you should!  Maybe not now, but later.  I'm sure you can come back and add more if/when you feel like it!  I loved the story and how you stuck to what you felt was right.  Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! Smile

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luvd it! luvd it! luvd it!...they r so cute...hehe...do continue sooon ,waiting for more of it...
pls pm me wen nxt update is done...

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Originally posted by queenyuks

Originally posted by inlvwithehmmbh

GOSHHH this is awesome!! why does manvi not want to get married to virat? :(( Is there gonna be an other part pls say yes!!! pls pls pls.. Continue and i'll wait for yr PM :) haha thanks once again :)

<font color="#9900FF" size="3" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Sorry love, but I won't be continuing. That was the end


Awwh why? It's okay no forcing but when ever u write the next OS or SS pls remember to tag PM me thanks :)

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i loved how u kept virman char intact...n i agree it'll be too soon if they fall in love now...wish there was a 3rd part...*sigh*
thanx for d pm...

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That Was A Awesome Story...

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