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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 96)

kamiya Goldie

Joined: 21 March 2008
Posts: 2042

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
hey dear 
Just caught up with your ff!
The concept is so awesome and unique 
Please add me to your pm list! 
continue soon

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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 April 2009
Posts: 9129

Posted: 22 March 2012 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Thanxx fo pm

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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 July 2011
Posts: 30862

Posted: 22 March 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged
just awsome
me speechless
jugnu mama ewww  hate him
i hope maan will take geet with him 

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97531 Goldie

Joined: 05 May 2011
Posts: 1560

Posted: 22 March 2012 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Jugnu mama helped Vicky to do all this, can't belive...
poor... Geet lost trust in relations.

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 March 2010
Posts: 11906

Posted: 22 March 2012 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
even i had a doubt on jugnu mama
poor geet she has lost trust on relations only now
waiting for the next part

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TinkerBella IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 December 2010
Posts: 7112

Posted: 23 March 2012 at 2:19am | IP Logged
awsome update Smile

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ksasi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 December 2007
Posts: 6151

Posted: 23 March 2012 at 11:07am | IP Logged
nice part.

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

Joined: 15 June 2011
Posts: 270

Posted: 26 March 2012 at 2:48am | IP Logged


After three days….

Maan didn't see geet at least once in these three days …always she is locking her self in her room…maan staying in guest house like before. He couldn't stay here permanently. He reached his goal now he should move to Delhi..maan get ready with all his luggage…romeio is waiting outside for him.

Maan finally he want to speak to geet but somewhere he scare to speak her..after jugunu mama death she is not even bother to speak anyone…she stop to speak even with her favorite pet animals…some one knocking door. he open the door…geet standing at door…at first look itself  he  found that she is not in normal..without his permission she enter his room and closed the door.

"maan saab . I need one help from you…all are thinking our marriage is real marriage but they don't know real truth between our relation. now our villagers might force you to take me with you .so pls don't disappoint them.. If you refused their request they might be  angry..and even I don't want to hurt them…so pls…take me with you front of villagers and my family . you  drop me in Bangalore…no one mistake you and everyone they  think I am with you at Delhi…I know this marriage is nothing for you but still I am requesting you take till Bangalore. I don't want to see them in pain…this might be my last request …"maan no words to speak to her…

He observed from three days…all are treating him like a son in law to hosaipur  and they are loving geet like before…that's call time..there was the day every one opposite to geet today after knowing truth they are accepting geet and maan…that's called innocence of villagers…

"theeke…"geet went outside…there was the hard feeling in his heart there is a pain…why don't know the attachment with geet just made him weak for a while…no this is maan singh khurana…maan singh khurana never lives with emotions..there is no values for emotions…all those emotions dead in my heart very long back…sameera buried everything before living me….how can those feelings  alive again….no I am not having any feelings on geet..i have not cheated her…I told everything before itself…in fact I helped her..she came out from the blind belief which she hide herself from all these days. now she can move  peacefully in her life. I am not suitable to her..anybody can marry her and she can live happily…now she requested me to be with her until Bangalore. After reaching Bangalore our ways are separated…might be she had the plan for her future…she can move in her own way….

he saw dev mortal still in his wardrobe. He taken it in his hand. He started to walk towards river cavery…he immersed it  in water…very slowly dev mortal mingled mother cavery…she is the goddess of south India….…she is given life for many living things …just she gulped everything in her without protesting humans…she gulped their negatives and positives…that's the she addressed  mother cavery…

maan  while returning just he turned once again his eyes wet remembering dev….there was a un natural storm started…maan saw here and there don't know what is actual….did dev is still not happy…maan returned to home. "bro….what you doing…still I am happy…"he felt like dev whispered in his ear…once again he turn to river….no one are there…suddenly there is  a pin drop silent. Might be it is my imagination.

geet ready with fake smile…she is dressed her self by costly yellow silk sarrie and she wearied from top to bottom jewelries. Maan stunned looking her beauty…her gold maanti, her jumkas   just caressing her red cheeks. her diamond nose ring compitating with her eyes,  her plat covered fully by gold brooches. She is wearing hand full bangles. Jewelries giving new spark to her beauty. This is gift from her myka. Her jewelries showing her status and richness of handa family.

while sending her there is a gift from each house..from each house all the women filled her pallu and applied haldi to her cheeks and kept kumkum in  her middle of eyebrows. Now she is looking like goddess who placed in temple. ( this is rituals in south India when first time sending girl to her husband house there will be a this ritual from each house of villages. They fill bride pallu by fruits and dry fruits, dry coconut and rice. Mainly they apply haldi and kumkum. Nowadays we are missing all these rituals.)

brij and pammi had tears in their eyes. some where pammi feeling guilty that she behaved rood with geet…before getting in car brij handover all her property papers and her mother jewelers to geet. geet stood some time like a froze..then she returned everything to brij…"brij bhai, I  don't want to take anything from this property..this is a gift to you and pummy bhabhi. Use these jewelers to open a college in  this village in the name of darji …I suffered so much due to villagers are still believing in blind belief. I want educate them…it may help them to understand better this society. "she removed the jewelers even what she wearing. She is handover everything to brij. Maan  become dumb looking her sacrifice…

"geet kya tum haum ko kabhi maf kar nahi sakthi…"brij almost sobbing.

"nahi brij bhai…bath mafi ki nahi…I want just no one has to go same pain what till today I go through..this is a favor I am asking you…"maan stunned looking at her…her face just like stone statue..there is no any expressions nothing she is like a living dead body…what happened to her…why she is soo cold..she didn't speak to me till today morning…actually what is running in her mind.

Geet turn to him…"hum challe…."maan moved in confusion…geet followed him…on the way maan sitting next to her…but she didn't speak a word or at least she didn't turn once at him..her gaze just stuck On moving things. Maan still not sure what is running in her mind….

They reached Bangalore by evening 6:00pm. "maan saab…stop the car…I get down here…"this is  the first sentence she spoken with him in these four and half an hour journey…

"where are you going geet…"maan asked her in concern.

"my friend meera house…she is staying in Bangalore. I call her ….she will pick me…don't worry about  me…"she said without looking his face. "you can go…"

"are you sure…"still maan is not believing with her…he found new geet in front of him…yes she go through many pains  from two years but still she is bubbly and friendly with maan when they are alone. He know her very well….but now what happened …any way why I should bother about almost her problems were solved..

"ok geet…this new start give you lot of stamina to go forward in your life…I want you to be independent in your life and I want to see my geet well educate and also achieve something in this society. Don't know weather we meet next time but if  faith made us to meet again I want see a different geet…all the best.." he extended his hand…geet still thinking some thing…what it means my geet…..there is no meaning to that word…"geet…"maan again called her…geet extended her hand..something touched her hand its nothing maan entangled her  fingers with his…she is too cold…why..he turned back…the feel some thing he left there it self  which is belongs to him..don't know what…..just he moved forward…..

"ek minute…"he turned back…her eyes were to deep like a sea…"apka kyal rakhna…"he nodded…he is about to move again she uttered "best of luck maan saab…"

"same to you geet…"he struggled to move from there..his legs glued to ground…but he is maan singh khurana…..he can do any thing…he can archive any thing…every impossible is possible to the great maan singh khurana….

geet saw him until his car disappeared from the road…her voice went crack…something coming out from her heart…her breath stuck…its nothing…the pain just its turning to tears…she want to avoid it…no I won't cry….i should live…she walked to telephone booth….dialed meera's no .."hello…meera…how are you…"

Meera" hello geet I am fine how are you..after three years you are calling me and now I am married. now  I am in  Mumbai…."she is a chatter box. She won't leave any body to speak in mid..geet mouth went dry…now what to do…where I should go…without giving small information I came to meet her but she is in mumbai…now where I can go…I can't go back to hosaipur…in this big city where I should go…why mathaji is testing me again and again…the dark black cloudes started gather in sky…it may about  rain..geet shivered her self…she saw here and there…its too crowd …people are rushing in their way all are hurry to reach their home…its going to be rain heavily…same time its started thundering…rain started …she ran to under bus stop where she can protect her self by rain…her luggage , her innocent face…her confusion look proved that she is new to this city… one are bothering about her all are running to save them self from rain . geet sat on bus stop…peoples are coming and going….no one are remaining. Only geet sitting alone just watching every one.

Now its almost about nine…she sat here more then three hours….she don't know where to go…she is just sitting in bus stop engulfing her knees alone….now there are only countable people…now everyone staring at her…something change in their look….one guy started to tease her..its not easy to sit alone in the mid of this city…there are many horror news related to young girls in this city. Geet started shiver…unwanted thought started to torched her…

Maan just fresh up In his hotel room. Flight at night 11.00pm….romieo booked his room before itself in hotel ashoka…he stood in front of mirror…"maan sir…"geet appeared next to him..he turned no she is not there just its my imagination…room service people served snacks…he is about take a bite…"maan saab ek minute…"geet tasted one peace of bread toast. Maan stunned…once again he looked here and there no she is not there…dam it what it  is happening to me…why I am thinking about her…why I am bothering so much….why this girl disturbing me so much….no this is maan singh khurana..he can not be so weak…

He left his snacks..he leaned back on couch again her face is appearing in front of his eyes…Dimmit …why this girl irritating me…there is a knock on door…"yes…"

"sir vehicle is ready can we move…"romeio is standing in front of him…

"so soon still there is a time…"

"but sir you don't know about Bangalore traffic…we should move before half hour…and also out side its raining heavily."

"theeke…"maan said in cool voice.

When they left hotel it is around 9:00pm…to reach airport they should journey another one hour…maan leaned back ..he is too tired…his goal completed may be he won't come to Bangalore in his life time…the thought it self given him small pain in his heart…he started to search beside the roads….what he is searching he don't know him self…but after some time he realized he his eyes were thirst to see geet…his heart wants meet her at last time…might be she is already with her friend..what is her name…meera….yes…suddenly his eyebrows knotted…as per he know she finished her studies in hosaipur and she finished PUC  next to her village…how come meera is her friend staying in Bangalore…he taken his mobile..shit…that stupid girl not even having mobile…is it she safe..nowadays top most cities are not safe for girls. He himself convinced why I am worrying so much for that girl…

Geet still sitting in bus stop…once police came and warned …she picked the luggage and started to walk…still its raining heavily…there is a huge thunder sound and lightning .Bangalore roads are filled with  drainage and rainy water .

Geet once again she engulfed her luggage bag to her chest….where to go…her tears mingled with rainy water.





How are you all…I hope you all are fine..same time need some more comments and likes…expecting much from your part…thank you for everything what you people given to me. without editing I am posting this part. Pls forgive me if there is any mistakes.

Thank you,


















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