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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 89)

_Maaneet_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
waiting for the update
update soon...

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-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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marde Goldie

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marde Goldie

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Posted: 19 March 2012 at 1:59am | IP Logged

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drashtiMyAnGeL Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 9:32am | IP Logged
nowadays.i pass my leisure time by reading MAANEET ff.
nd VARSHA ,u r the one of my favourite maaneeteen writer.plsss continue it forever atleast for maaneeteeniens.its give me so much energy.GURTI / MAANEET never can end or die.they live in our heart alwz .i hope they will come back soon...

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 10:11pm | IP Logged


Maan turned to her…he knew how much pain she go troughed  all these days…he know how much she trusted him. he pulled her close to his heart.

"I knew you mixed only mathaji's Prasad in my drink…."her eyes shined…finally her trust is  not broken…maan still trusting her….she tightened her grip on him.

He continued…"that saved my life geet….when I saw you are mixing ash in my milk  I had doubt and i send it to laboratory I got the result its mixed some quantity of ash and poison…."at same time geet screamed loudly looking his back….its already late…vicky waved his hands …his long nails nailed on maan shoulder…at same time maan moved with geet another side . blood oozed from his back…again vicky jumped in front of maan to attack…but this time maan had a control ..he pushed geet another side banged on his face hardly…within few seconds  blood flowed on his nose and mouth…might be two three teeth broken at one shot…again and again he started to hit on vicky…geet's pain ,dev death and murder attempts on him every thing made him mad…at same time romieo reached the place with police…

Police hold vicky and other side maan…maan just roaring like a wounded lion…right now he want to kill vicky….just he is escaping from police grip…deputy commissioner of police ajay hold him tightly…"Mr.Khurana have patience…already he is sinking."

Geet ran to him…"maan saab pls…."her tearful eyes stopped him from his further action…all are moved…vehicle is not brought spot bcoz the surrounding covered by only prickle plants and sharp edged stones…just they are walking slowly in middle of the forest…suddenly vicky pulled geet at one pull to him and started to run in middle of the forest…police inspector can not shoot him bcoz geet with him…maan gritted his teeth…he try to followed him…but vicky well known and well trained how to run in  forest staying in forest from two years…maan and others really failed to reach him on time.

Finally he taken geet edge of the mountain…"maan go away  or else we both jump from here…."maan stopped there it self.  there is no other way to move….he smiled cruelly…"geet how much nice I am to you…what all I have done to take you back to me but you are refused me…I lost everything in my life bcoz of you…any how already I am dead before two years in societies view…now ill take you …with out you  I can't live any more…these people not let us to live together…come on lets jump from here at least we will be together at  death…"he dragged till the end of the peak…maan chocked…vicky went mad…he is not in the situation to listen any thing….even police went silent…any move can be dangerous to geet life….geet trembling…she saw at maan…her eyes filled with tears…as if she is seeing him at last time in her life…there is a lot of pain in her eyes…finally he wined..he is taking geet with him …vicky stepped back one by one maan fist tightened…

Still he is laughing loudly…panically ….he is going back by step by step dragging geet…" geet if you are not become mine I am not let  any one  to touch  you …you are always mine…."once he reached tip of the edge and  he jumped  from the top holding geet hand…

Maan stood few seconds like a dumb folded his whole body frozen…in front of his eyes he taken his geet…finally when he realized about the reality he screamed  loudly. "geet…" his voice ecoed all over te forest…birds flied …animals waked from their sleeps…He ran to edge of the mountain..he peeped down…his eyes widened …geet stuck few feet deep down and  she is holding one tree branch in her hands…vicky holding her legs  and pulling her down…any time that branch can be broke…maan try to pull geet on top but he failed bcoz she is little far…now maan  started to move slowly into deep…even police and romieo helped him by tying ropes  to get in finally he reached her… geet hold his hand but vicky is not leaving her leg…he just pulling her down…the gravitation power is most helpful to him…maan tried his best to pull her..but he failed…"geet kick him from your legs…"geet gathering all her strength once she kicked on his face hardly he left her feet and dropped down with  horror scream.

Maan and geet  came top with the help of police force. Geet scared to look down she buried her face in maan hard chest. "geet…take it easy…" her mouth went dry…she started to doze in his arms…her eyes closed automatically…within few seconds she lost her conscious…she drown down like a lifeless body.

Maan hugged her tightly protecting her from falling down. "geet..geet "he pattered her cheeks. Romieo open his bag and given some water. maan made her to drink water. after some time she seems little bit better. Again every one moved towards the village.

At hosaipur,

Surpachji, brij ,jugunu mama and other villagers are waiting for them. Maan saw at jugunu mama..he dipped his head down. Every one moved to big banyan tree were all gather usally panchayth. Still there are many mistrys behind geet..still everything is not open..geet still in shock..she don't know another shock is waiting for her. maan  requested police to be with him.

Geet and maan stood other side…jugunu mama stood next to her…maan thrown disgusting look on jugnumama…he didn't like jugnu mama standing  next to  geet. maan  stood in between geet and jugunu mama.. "now tell everybody what you have done all these days…"maan almost rored…

Jugunu mama not having voice…but maan not leaving him so easily.

"yes…I helped vicky to do all this…I loved geet like my daughter but one weak movement vicky trapped me when I am killing surpanchji son bcoz he spoiled my daughter life. from that day vicky started to blackmail me. I am the killer of grooms . I made accidents to  grooms, I mixed poison in drinks…according to vicky instructions some how I gain their trust and then I am killing them and Also these paranormal activities done by me…I had  huge size fans which is hide behind the trees and forest. We used it for create artificial stormy at nights.  vicky is too intelligent..he can produce electricity him self…he scared everybody by using his intelligent. He is using film projectors to create creatures and  shadows .Everyone agreed everything is happening by ghost. He scared everyone by micro phones  and unnatural storms…but finally he paid for everything. Once geet married maan I requested him to leave her but vicky become a monster..many times I convinced him that maan married geet only to caught real culprit. Even vicky agreed…but once he saw geet and maan together again he turn to monster..that day you people don't know how mentally he disturbed…I know very well he will kill maan..many times I given the hints but maan stick to his decision. Finally  an accident day I  failed his car break. again in hospital I mixed poison in his drink…actually i didn't do anything wontedly…but vicky made me to do all those things..sorry geet beta…very sorry…bcoz of me you go troughed so much pain…that day I didn't realized that I am in evening of life….your life is just now started…I should have told all these before…I am sorry…"he is crying…all went dumbfounded…it means jugunumama also a culprit…brij rush to hit him maan hold him…

geet just staring at him….what is in eyes ..only hesitate..don't know whom to believe…"geet beta have your lunch…"

"until you are having your food I won't take my food…"

"geet beta, tomorrow is your marriage…get ready for marriage…I am eagerly waiting for your marriage…"

"geet tum theek hana…koi parishan nahi hana…"

"geet beta…don't cry everything will be ok…"

"god is with you…this time no one stop your marriage"

How much he convinced me all those days…why he didn't tell me at least once about vicky…

"I had a doubt on jugunu mama when I met him midnight at temple…he is too worrying about me…then I found micro phone in our room..and many times I observed jugunumama going forest at midnights. Peoples are scare to go at days times to forest how come he go in midnights without any fear. On my accident day I saw him under my car but still I trusted him…but in hospital I saw him when he him self giving drink to geet…when I send for examination I sure about you…now you agreed all your victims…"maan turn to villagers"…,now you peoples tell me what punishment you give to jugunu mama…"villagers are went mad…they picked the stones…before hitting jugunu mama….jugunu mama moved in lightening speed…he taken the small packet which he  is hided in his packet..he put hole packed in his mouth and chewed…within few second he fell down…"geet beta …I am sorry…"geet become frizzed everything is happening so fast…

How much pain she go through all these days…how many people dead bcoz of him…without any mercy how can he killed so many people….everything…sab kuch jhoot…sab jhoot…she lost trust on relations…she lost trust on peoples.she is loving him like her father…how badly  he cheated her… just addressing her geet beta…there is any value for those words…..

"geet kya hua…."maan kept his hand on her shoulder…

"kuch nahi…"she left the place like a walking dead body…

Maan stood there it self….he know how much she trusted him…finally he is the cheater..she last many people including her darji bcoz of him…is the death is punishment for him no not at all…jugunu mama escaped very easily…he killed my dev…many grooms killed by him…once he saw jugunumama dead body then he followed geet.





Precap: maan moving to Delhi….with geet or without geet…

Imp note: friends you know this summer can cross 45 degree in Bangalore it self. I hope in all over India it may more. Many birds can die due to less water. pls don't forget to keep a bowl of water in your terrace . so we can save at least some quantity of birds. We are using this forum to discussion , forwarding jokes and etc…why can't we pass this message to others…pls friends pass this message to your own peoples.




How are you all…I hope you all are fine..same time need some more comments and likes…expecting much from your part…thank you for everything what you people given to me.

Thank you,























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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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So emotinal dear
yes she lost the trust
and that can be happen dear
i think he had to make join in some college so tht she can continue her studied
Update the nect prt soon dear

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happydays30 IF-Dazzler

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awesome dear
Geet lost trust in relations
jugnu mama did all tbese
helped Vicky, unbelievable

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