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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 63)

shinedosss Groupbie

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 6:02am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear... 
hmmm their first kissWinkWink
Its amazing tat u maintain the thrill of the story from start till the endClap
I love all ur FFs on MaaneetSmile
Pls Continue soon

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 9:14pm | IP Logged


Part- 10

Suddenly maan back hit hardly by ganga…before realizing both fell on ground holding each other…ganga just hitting hard on ground from her foot and once its shook  head furiously…..she trying to signing some thing but they didn't understood her dumb langvage.

"ganga…"geet screamed loudly….suiii…………..suiii …there is a very small sound…next movement one by one..back to back  two arrows hit the tree…where maan and geet standing ..maan immediately he stood and pull the arrow from tree…arrows are just three inches but the edges are too sharp..some one applied green leaves paste on arrows..he taken the arrows near his  nose and tried to inhale it…its smelling hard..just inhaling it maan head started to spin. He had goose bumps on his body…it means some one applied deadly poison to these arrows…someone targeted me and shoot the arrows. May be these arrows taken my life..he saw ganga kind fully and he kissed on its forehead. Today ganga saved me….ganga  shook her head once again and once she licked his cheek showing its love.

Geet try to pull the another arrow. Maan immediately stopped geet "don't touch…some one applied poison may harm to  your life."

At back he found some strange sound…maan started to  run following the strange sound….geet didn't understood any thing just she knew that maan got some clue. She try to stop him..but already maan disappear in dark forest. Geet face drained without a single drop of blood. She knew how dangerous inside the forest. Many are fear to enter this forest in day times. Maan don't know anything about forest. She try to follow him calling his name continuously…where he went…gathering all her courage she run inside the forest.

Geet almost moved more then one K.M inside the forest. But she couldn't found  maan. now her fear raised..she started to call his name loudly…"maan..maan.." no response…she felt like she lost her life..she is becoming panic…her throat dried by calling him again and again. She felt like her throat almost torn….tears are rolling on her cheeks. She started to roam here and there like a mad.

At last she dropped her self on ground…."maan where are you…"she closed  her face with her palms. Even tears drained….

"geet..geet…"the voice brought her life back. She felt like she gained her soul back. She started to run tracking his voice…but she stood there it self. her eyes went wide with fear.

Maan stuck in between dangerous quick sand….already he dipped till his shoulder. He is trying to come out from the quick sand but its impossible. The sand dragging inside inch by inch…geet shivered..her face sweated  in fear…how he caught here…she knew very well in this forest there are many dangerous quick sand grounds are there..they are too dangerous. many of them lost there life's here..these quick sand grounds are too dangerous where they can take huge animals life like elephants ,lions ,tigers…. …how maan caught here…now what I should do…

Maan relieved looking at geet.. "geet …help me…" geet saw here and there…there is no time to think much…finally she removed her sarrie….she thrown one edge sarrie to maan…he  catch it .now inside the quick sand gravity power is going strong. Its dragging him inside in double speed. Maan dipped till his neck…geet tried to pull him…but this process are not so easy. Its require some more strength bcoz already the sand pulling him in quick speed….geet run to near tree. She tied another edge to tree…and she started to pull him using all  her strength. But maan is  not even  moving a inch…geet praying her mathaji  again she started pull him using all her strength…but still it is maan tried to come up holding her sarrie..he succeed little bit…geet holding her sarri and pulling him towards to her..maan now moving inch by inch…finally when he reached destination geet hands were drenched with blood due to her heavy worked sarrie. Once he reached the destination he felled on dry soil with tired. geet hugged him tightly crying bitterly…maan felt  her weight on his chest. His hand unknowingly moved to hold her …yes she controlled all these days but today she couldn't control it…she is only in skirt and blouse…her blossoms are almost visible….but geet not bothering anything...she is crying hugging him tightly….even maan hugged her tightly…very near…. very near…he went to met death..just he kissed the death and again he returned…but he escaped only by  geet …still he is in shook…

Actually when he following those strange sound finally he reached here…but he didn't expected there will be a quicksand ground which is looking almost normal for first look. Once  it started to drag in  then he realized where he trapped. Just his death is very few inches away from him..but geet saved him like a angel.

After few minutes both realized their situation. Geet closed her twins by her hands and turned other side. Both of them were very dirty with wet sand. Its   sticking there cloths and bodies. geet covered her beauty from sarrie. She is totally embarrassed.

"geet first we should clean our self. let me find some water…" he dragged her hand.

"ouch…" geet screamed…maan removed her palm…there are many stretch marks in her palms. Some are deep cut some are still bleeding slightly. both went together searching water holding each others hands. Now both are not leaving there hands due to fear.

they found water pond…first maan rush to take bath…maan removed his treasures and shirt at one jerk and he washed in water…geet taken his cloths to dry. Maan swimming in water with  joy. Running water vanished all his worries. geet turned away not dare to look him barely.

Maan signed her to join him..but geet scared she turned her face..maan didn't leave her…any how even her cloths also dirty…he picked her in his arms and dipped in water. both were remember their childhood…maan couldn't play all this when he in Delhi. He is having such a status in society..he is big business tycoon in his field…even geet hided  her self like pearl in sea shell where she completely forget about her enjoyment in her life from lost two three years. Even she played in water pouring water on maan…maan smiled at her…he is really scared about her psychology bcoz he knew very well right now what they came out from the dangerous accident. He don't want to see her again in pain.  to sooth her pain he wontedly pulled her with him…some where he felt relief in his mind looking her smile.

Its midnight ..geet sleeping on couch. "maan saab…" geet started to scream  loudly. Maan sleeping on couch…he ran to near bed…

"geet kya huwa…anke kolo…"maan hold her tightly may be she feared by nightmares. Geet still trembling …her whole body is shivering…her eyes were closed due to fear…" your eyes..i am here …are you ok…"geet opened her eyes…she couldn't recognize where she is…she couldn't believe her eyes…again and again she recalled her self…her hands moved on maan face from top to bottom…

Maan amused what she is doing…her fingers were tracing his each part from top to bottom .making sure whether he is really safe…what a nightmare again a chill air passed in her spine…it's a bad dream…where maan drenched with blood and his each part suppurated from his body…"geet what happened…"again maan shook her body forcefully. 

"maan saab aap theek hai.." still she didn't come out from her nightmare.

"geet may billkull theek hu..bolo kya huwa.." not geet trusted her eyes…this is only dream..she saw at him once again…she moved away from him…

"maan saab…can you do  favor to  me.. "she ask him with pleading voice.

"tell me geet…what you want do…"what she is asking…

"pls first you promise me.."

"ok ..tell me geet..i tri my best to full fill your wish."

"pls go away from this village…."

Before completing her words maan roared "geet…you know what you are asking me…"

"ha I knew very well maan saab…but I don't want to see your death…"

Now maan understood…she is fearing from her nightmares and also morning situation is  forcing her to take this decision…his face went serially…

"no geet..what ever..i am not ready to go away from this village. No one can stop me knowing truth behind dev death…"geet hold his hands.

"maan saab, think practically…now we can't do anything about dev death…we can not bring dev back to this world…that ghost will never leave you…I am not ready see another death…pls for god sake go from here…I can spend my rest of my life like before. Pls go from here. " her  eyes were pouring endless tears.

Maan stood angrily.. "geet first of all I am clearing that  I am here bcoz to know the truth of my dev death….not for anything..i am not having any mercy on you are not giving any value to this marriage…no one can stop me …until I know the truth I am not ready to leave this village for any coast..did you understand…"

Next movement geet on ground holding his feet…"I know very well this marriage is nothing mean to you..i am not expecting much also…I beg you pls go from here…"

"sorry geet…."he went out side…geet laid there it self with pain…she don't know how to save him. again and again afternoon situation is rushing in front of her  eyes. finally she decided  some thing. she came out from havely and started to move towards river cavery. But she don't know some one are following her….

Pre cap: maan suspecting  geet…?

Hi buddies,

I am very sorry to say that after this update I can't give next update for some more days bcoz as you all know I am suffering from back pain…now it is too much where I couldn't control it..may be very early ill be hospitalized. Pls forgive me for the inconvenience. Pls don't mistake me that I am high jacking you peoples for like buttons…are comments. I given my updates when I receive 60 to 70likes also.

You know one thing even I am eagerly trying to give updates to you all . as a writer I can't sit quietly without giving updates and without knowing your response. when I type next part hundred percent I will update you.

Imp thing thanks to all    your supports, like buttons and also valuable comments.


Byee see you all,







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jssood IF-Dazzler

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me first yepeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
love the update and creativity u potrait each and every situation in awesome way
Thankyou ScrapsThankyou Scraps

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jssood IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 9:51pm | IP Logged

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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thanks for the updat dear

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-Mishu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
awesome update di

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
to say u are giving a horror pic in the name of maaneet dear
really loved it
in what way maan suspects her
waiting for the next part
update soon dear

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harshithaaaaaaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
nice part...loved it... eager to know who is behind this...what geet going to do now...why maan is suspecting geet...

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