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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 54)

etrika Senior Member

Joined: 22 October 2011
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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
awesome update.this is really scary a ghost .maan is gaining trust on geet n geet is caring n concerned for maan .i think vicky is not dead(aisa hi ho)n maan finds out the truth n accepts geet.waiting for the nxt part as the precap is interesting.oh god i m loving this ff.
thanx for the pm.

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kareena32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 7:36am | IP Logged
great part continue soon

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Jassi_preety Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 12:55am | IP Logged
Just finish another FF of yours...Pls remember to PM me becaz most of time i don't get PM

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sree.maneet Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 8:21am | IP Logged
update soon...

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preeti.1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Varsha plz update next part I m waiting eagerly

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
when will u update dear????

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 8:55pm | IP Logged

Part- 9

When geet enter her room maan  searching whole room…what he is searching. He is checking behind cot..table..her wardrobe…all the cloths and other things are misplaced. "maan saab what are you doing…" he turned back.

Geet embarrassed remembering wash room incident. Unknowingly her hands corrected her duppata. Maan observed geet…he can guess what she is thinking…even he embarrassed still the view is not moving from his mind…he turned other side "wo geet kuch nahi…"he is busy in searching.

"wo sorry geet…" maan said suddenly.

"kya…"geet confused…she didn't understood why he is asking sorry…

"without knocking I entered your wash room…actually I am searching you..finally I scared when I didn't find any where…even in washroom I didn't hear any sound..just I scared about you..that's the reason.." he dipped his head down"…any way today I repair the door lock…"

"its ok maan saab.."it means he feared for me…that feel made her happy..after a long back someone is feeling for her..scaring for her…they are caring for her….

Maan find something .his face glowed like hundred watts bulb. Again he arranged everything like before…at night maan slept in couch… geet on bed…before sleeping he didn't forget to repair  washroom door lock. maan suddenly woke at midnight. He found shadow near window…he saw geet..she is in deep sleep…slowly he removed his duvet and moved towards window…the shadow started to move…maan confirmed… immediately he open the door and went out…the shadow disappear near cow shed … he tried to track the shadow…while moving once his gaze moved inside the cowshed..ganga ,gowri , lakshmi and others are sleeping quietly it means..he smiled himself…animals are more then clever compare to human bees .they can just recognize anything by smell…but they are sleeping peacefully  it means…someone very well known person is roaming here…whose that who is against to geet….he moved towards the main gate…he couldn't find anyone…

He moved little away from the havely…its almost more then one he is near to temple…he decided to return to havely…he turned back….jugunu mama is standing next to him …"jugunu mama…aap.."

"what are you doing here…I saw you when  you are coming out from havely…but I couldn't follow immediately..pls return to havely..already your life is in danger….geet will scare…pls come soon…"jugunu mama blabbering. He is pulling his hand…trying to grab him…

"one minute…how you know my life is in danger.. "maan questioned him…jugunu mama face darkened. he can found his expression in little full moon light.

"wo…everybody knows that your life in danger…pls move from here beta…"he dragged towards…havely.

Already geet woke up and she is searching for him…once maan entered her room …she ran and hugged him…don't know why she scared so much….maan found something wet sensation on his chest…then he realized..geet crying..her tears are wetting his chest. he lifted her chin from his fingers…he surprised…her eyes were swollen and turned to pink color…she is sobbing her self trying to control her self…"geet what happened…why you are crying…"she didn't uttered single word…she raised her sobbing…"geet tell me…"he forced her again.. "mere tarah dekho…what happened…"

"why you left me alone……" she sobbed clenching his shirt…" know how much I scared…"she cried bitterly…maan amused…he never expected this response from her…actually he told her before itself …there is no any values for this marriage still why she is longing to me….he furiously separated her from him…

"geet…why you are crying so much as I am real husband to you…one thing I am clearing you…before itself I told you…. I am here to find real killer of dev…you are behaving like a typical wife…pls don't expect much from this marriage…"he left her their itself and went inside. Geet stood like statue…she know very well about his intension…still why I behaved so silly…oh god ..she hold her mangalsuhra in her hand..

"may be he couldn't give any values for this marriage..but for me he is everything to me….how can I forget our marriage..that to I am wearing devima mangalsuthra. This marriage done by my mathaji blessings…I knew she will  be with you…she will save you…"she stood there it self when he moved in….

When she entered inside maan sleeping on couch as usual. She left deep breath….don't know what is written in my  faith.

After few days…

 the days are moving smoothly. Nothing is new…maan trying to find the truth…but nothing is working. He is here almost from fifteen days. Surprisingly there is no harmful attempts on him  and at nights all the paranormal activities were stopped.

Maan laying on couch…just he is thinking how its possible….something thing is very strange. Something should happen according to his calculation…nothing is happening… But why…he is thinking…geet enter the room…she is little bit better comparing to before…now she came out from the hangover whish she is longing from long time. The guilt which is gathered in her mind all these days is vanishing slowly from her mind.

Maan still deep thinking….geet settled her self on bed…she is about sleep. maan saw her once…yes …why I didn't think in this way…"geet I want to speak to you…"

Geet turned back…she won't speak much  but day by day maan learnt to read her eyes… no need to hear her words. He can understand just looking at her face. now she is become to familiar too him.

He went and sat next to her.. "geet I think the someone is watching us very closely.  They knows about our real relation that's the reason there is no  attempts on me and also he remained silent. May be he knows our real goal…I think to caught him we should prove we are real husband and wife in front of everybody …"

Suddenly geet lifted her face…what it means..he is agreeing this marriage…"no geet ..geet don't mistake me….i need your help..we should act in front of everybody like a new marriage couples..pls can you co-operate with me…"geet face went dark. Very soon her wishes dried in her heart. He couldn't not love me..he can't accept me as his wife…only his aim is to caught real killer of dev..but why I am longing to him after knowing the truth…she just nodded him. some where he felt really pity for her…he knew how much it is painful to her to be with him…but for him only his goal is important.

At morning…geet trying to change her mangalsuthra to gold chain. no one her there..actually as per tradition it has to be change by her maika that mean her mother…but who are there …no one are remain  to change it..her eyes filled with tears remembering her mom…if she is alive today…she sobbed once..same time maan came out from  wash room…he stood there it self…geet standing in front of mirror and trying to change her mangalsuthra from thread to gold chain….tears were flowing from her eyes. maan  stood next to her…actually he didn't seen this type of procedures in his house. But he understood something special in this process looking at geet. when her mangalsuthra about slip from her hand maan hold it before slipping to ground. Geet stood like statue. Maan changed her mangalsuthra to her long gold chain at end he tightened the hooks using  small nose player. There is a sudden glow in her face…maan standing too near…his breath is fanning on her face .geet just watching his face.. very seriously completed his process.

"dekho geet..abhi theek haina.."geet just shook her head…"geet today we  are going out…I think no use sitting between four walls.  nothing is gaining.  Today will go for roaming." Her face immediately turn to dark…she knew very well why he is asking her to take him out. just to prove his marriage relation  in front of society.  what ever this is my faith . I should agree it…

It is noon 1:00pm …maan and geet roaming in fields. Very soon maan saw a new geet in between beautiful nature. She showed him her child hood  school ,college  , play ground ,temple everything. She described each and everything. She shared some beautiful movements of  her childhood. maan amused at home she is silent like she forget to speak …she is behave like dumb but here..his eyes were widen looking at new geet…she taken to him handa  farm  and explained about trees ,plants…it seems geet very well known about her farm and she is too attached with nature. She found her friends in farm .She introduced him to her dumb friends like ganga ,gouri, lakshmi…some where maan heart squeezed with pain…he can understood how lonely she felled all these days…how badly she treated by others…

They met jugunu mama near coconut trees. Jugunu mama  chopped green coconut and given to both of them. Geet drunk at one go lifting coconut but maan failed..his cloths were wet by coconut water. geet smiled  looking at him…maan just lost in her baby smile.

Now maan and geet standing  next to bank of river cavery…it is flowing smoothly…the whole surrounding cover up with greeneries. Maan sat next to geet  …he hold her hand in his hand. He felt like her hands are shivering slightly.  "geet I am sorry today I am crossing my limits…"there is a small sound from the backside. Maan slowly he traced her chin from his finger…..its travelled from chin to her forehead and again its moved to her chin…geet shivered…many times he moved with sameera but today the feel is taking him to heaven….its totally different .his finger stopped on her lips…there is a strong desire urged inside him to taste her….he cupped her face in his hands…he lost in her innocent eyes…his gaze buried on her dark brown almond eyes…he touched his lips to her forehead….he felt some thing soft against his rough lips. he closed his eyes…he needed some more…his lips moved to her eyes….her eyelids twinkled once like a butterflies…he pressed his lips on her eyes…there is a strong desire cursing  through his body. he tried his best to control him self..but no…he open his eyes…her rose petal lips were invited him…those lips  broken all his limits…her half parted pink lips were just teased him…what made him to take next step ..don't know..he moved forward…her intoxicating fragrance is pulling him towards her…again he closed his eyes try to hold him…but he didn't realized that he is already  moved…something softly touched his lips…enough…all his desires explored at once…his lips slammed hers at one move. His tongue entered her mouth as its knows their ways. His tongue is searching her whole sweetness in her mouth. Something he felt sweet very sweet…there is unlimited…its roaming all around her mouth…he don't want to break it. He forget to breath…He felt if he stop his life will end at the movement. her arms crossed his neck..her fingers brushed his hairs…her little move made him more hunger….more thirst where it can not full fill just kissing her…he pulled more close with  her tiny waist..geet gasped what is happening with me…as he told it is only drama…no the feel is something more else..he didn't let her to think any more…his act made her to match him and response him in equal passion…the kiss turning more aggressive and passinative….slowly she forget her self..she is given him..without protesting his act…he knew very well he crossed his limits…some where he is trying to break the kiss..but his whole body glued to her…not letting to away from her….its taking him heaven…he surrendered to his desires..geet closed her eyes..with pressure..

Suddenly maan back hit hardly by ganga…before realizing both fell on ground holding each other…ganga just hitting hard on ground from her foot and once its shook  head furiously…..


Hi everybody,

Thanks word not enough to thank you all…you all are encouraging me, motivating me…no words to thank you all..really I am happy about like buttons and comments. Still I am missing some of my old buddies who are commenting in my first FF tum mere khon hu…pls this is your varsha requesting you all to give comments on my FF.


Imp note: some buddies may thinking why I am highlighting mangalsuthra change procedure. Actually in south India there will  be a lot of  procedure while changing mangalsuthra from yellow thread to gold chain. already I have received some PMS about this issue. In south India first the groom tie mangal suthra by yellow thread and then later they change to gold chain. There is a lot of sentiment about this procedure.




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TeamMcSwarek IF-Rockerz

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why's Ganga beating him ?

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