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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 41)

TanuDDian IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 12:30pm | IP Logged

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"Geet….come with me….i am waiting for you long time come with me…geethanjali…geethanjali…"geet tightened her grip on maan neck. she buried her face completely in his hard chest. She is sinking …she is hiding her self in maan…now its singing melodiously …"geet …geet…." again its calling panically looking geet in maan arms…"geethanjali tum meri hu…sirf mere hu….maan  chodo…maan how can you  marry her…she is mine …I won't leave you…I kill you…."continuously blubbering .maan turned every where no one are there..but from were  this voice echoing ….he is trying  to search it but he couldn't move one inch also..geet glued to him. she is not letting him to move from there…she felt secure in his arms.  Again she screamed loudly….her non stop scream made him to turn back …"my god…" maan uttered …what is this…he never felt so much horror in his life…some one standing out side of the window…he is wearing top to bottom white long dress…his hairs are standing straight..his eyes were turned to pure red…its eyes were glowing like zero candle red bulb. his face is not visible.  There is a bad smell inhaling to his nose.  extended his hands in between window bars and he is calling geet in cracking voice. his sharp long nails are clearly visible. maan had goose bumps in his skin..its too horror…he never experienced in his life. he hugged geet tightly  with unknowing fear. He closed his eyes in fear…now he felt geet grip loosened on his neck. "geet…geet…" he called her no response…he taken her in his hand..she is already fainted. Again he hugged her to his chest. With the support of his body he dragged her to one corner. Both sat on floor. Maan leaned back to wall hugging geet safely in his arms. He saw at window. Still  its waving his arms inside the window bars. Chill air passed in his spine…he closed his eyes with fear not dare to see anymore towards window. Suddenly everything went silent…its too silent….pin drop silent.

Don't know when he slept holding geet in his arm…when he open his eyes still geet cuddling in his arms.  His gaze scanned whole room once…all the things were disturbed. Nothing in proper place. window is still open…geet gain her sense..she embarrassed looking her self in maan hug…suddenly she remembered horror night..her eyes went widen…she pushed maan at one jerk and run to washroom.

When she back maan still sitting on her bed…she thought may be he is already  return to his room…she decided…"maan saab , muje aapse kuch kehana hai…"she turned other side. Yesterday night no one tried to save her from horror storm…only maan who came to find the truth in the back of dev death he saved me…he is with me when I am in horror situation. Her heart filled with kindness.

"ha geet…"

"pls  go from here….pls return to delhi." geet said  in pain.  her fingers were tightened on windows. She didn't dare to turn to see him.

"kya kaha…"maan surprised…yesterday she agreed to co-operate with me…now what happened…

"ha..pls go from here…I don't need any help from your part…pls go…"

maaan last his patience…he walked towards her furiously and pulled her arms "what you said…why I should leave this village.. I am here only to find the victim who is cause for dev death…you better understand one thing geet..already I told you…I married you only to know the truth of dev death. I am here to found real  criminal. I am here not for you…I am not having any mercy or love with you. Don't dare to repeat those words again. Then I should suspect even you also…."

"ha maan sab…I have killed your dev and not only dev I killed all the grooms who are tried to marry me bcoz I am not ready to marry anybody..enough I agreed in front of you .now I am ready to your punishment…now you knew the  fact…now pls go from here…."even she said in same furiously. Maan gritted his teeth. He pulled her close..his warmth breath fanning on her face…his eyes suck on geet eyes…they are scanning her…trying to find the truth….finally a small smile slipped on his lips.

" it is not so easy to  escape from maan singh khurana…no …you are lying  with me and you have not done anything…I knew you are innocent…tell me the truth what  are you trying to hide with me…pls co-operate with me…" his voice went soft.

"why you are not understanding maan saab…I told you I am the killer of all these grooms…and now I am ready to bare any punishment. As per this village rules I am going to forest. Pls you return…"maan closed her mouth with his hand tightly. Again his anger raised….

"geet …don't try to play stupid game with me tell me the truth what you knew it…"geet struggled in his grip . she try to move..but maan is not letting..some truth she knew it but she is not exploring why…he saw her face….her big honey dew almond eyes were more widen….his palm sensing her soft lips with her fast warmth breath…now he noticed he closed her mouth  along with her nose. She is struggling to breath…immediately he removed his hand..again she jumped to escape…before she move…he pulled her hand and turned her back…"tell me geet….what is running in your mind…" she hissed in pain…he is hurting her..he is using his physical power on her….her eyes filled with tears…

"maan sab ..leave my hand…"she said in pain.

"first tell me what is happening….."he tightened his grip on her hands.

"if you stay here that devil will kill you…till today even I  am not believed but yesterday I came to know the reason…pls maan sab…pls go from here...other wise it will kill you also..pls trust me …it is a ghost…I am the proof what happened yesterday…pls go maan saab…"she said him almost begging.

Maan left her hand. It means she want me to go back bcoz to save my life…her intension is not can I suspect her…

"geet…ok tell me how you know it is a ghost, how you knew it will kill me…"now he is become soft looking her concern towards him… I am right, as I  guessed she is innocent but she knew some truths. Once if she explore it can be help to me…

Now she is sobbing…maan convince her to tell the truth…" I knew him…he is vicky…"

"vicky who is this…" now maan more interested.

"yes, he is vicky…who dead before two years…"just remembering him she shivered.

"what… "maan amused…

"ha yetho vicky hain…first promise me after knowing truth you should return to delhi…"again her innocent looking his assurance. Maan just shook his head. he couldn't promise her…but he want to know the truth…

"vicky is my schoolmate and he is related to my mom. We both engaged when we are in childhood. He is always back of me….after when I  crossed our seventh standard he totally changed. He is just four years elder then me…he started to walk always in forest…later we come to know he is trying to learn ayurvedic medicine from some saint. After some days our village people find that he is spoiling village girls  and killing them. No one raise the voice against him bcoz he is very powerful person in hosaipur and  there is no evidence against to him. He started to drink ,smoke, using some unknown medicines he started to trap other girls. Once he kidnapped sarpanch daughter. i saw him immediately  and  informed to villagers. Villagers got angry about all these mysteries when they come to knew the truth they hit him by stones and try to handover police. But he escape from villagers  and run to  forest. After some days…..villagers still they are searching for him.  later they found his dead body where it can not be recognize any more…only its recognized by birthmarks and structure …till today even I am not aware about grooms deaths,  even I am amused why all the grooms  dying after engaging with me…but yesterday I saw him…my real name is geethanjali…only he call me in full name…and yesterday I saw him directly…maan you confirmed na ..pls go from here…pls…pls…."she said with fear…"if you stay here it will kill you also…as you promised me pls go away from this village…"she begged him….holding his shirt collar..she dropped down in pain breaking all his buttons…"maan saab now you married me…I am sure it will kill you also…he is always forcing me to marry me.  " maan stood in frozen…it means in the back of all these deaths there is  a shadow of her ex lover…it is a real ghost….unbelievable….it seems  even my death also welcoming for me…chill air run down in his spine….

There is big crowd in front of handa havely…there is too much of noise in front of havely…

 many villagers  gathered in front of handa havely….all are calling brij and geet  to come out…brij went out side…sarpanch standing out side with villagers. Every one are in fear..still the children's are not waked from yesterdays incident. Some children's were suffering from fever. All the villagers are shattered about yesterdays paranormal activity which is taken place in village.

maan and geet stood on top of the terrace but they can hear the conversation what is going down…..

Today all are become too wild it seems at any movement anything can happen….."brij till today we are quite bcoz we had  respect in your darji but from today its not possible…yesterday night no one sleep peacefully in this village…many of ghost's  walking  all over our village..many of them seen  ghosts at same time in different places.  not one or two they are many….. till today its killing only who is trying to marry geet. yesterday its become too wild bcoz maan married accidently her…now its went more wild..where we couldn't control it…"

Brij stood without opening his mouth what to say…how to convince them…all are right in their part. Even I experienced horror yesterday night.  He lifted his gaze…maan and geet standing together on top of the terrace.

Geet turned back….she stood at frozen…there is big black cobra waving its head next to maan …it is hissing again and again…"maan saab…." she screamed loudly..but its already late….at one shot it bite on maan hand…..and crawled from there…geet screamed till her throat tare…no one understood what happen in terse all rushed to terrace….



Pre cap: maan can escape from ghost……..


Hi buddies,

How are you all…again I am here to requesting your comments and likes….still I need some more support from your part…thank you for giving so much support to my FF.



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This is becuming interesting, intriguing . so, vicky is pschyolover who is behind all the deaths. continue soon ...

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jssood IF-Dazzler

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this part is wonderful
day by day this ff is going to more interesting
love it
continu soon

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i am sure it is not the gost but vicky himself. maan will b fine. loved the update.

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sorry like button is not working

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awesome will be an understatement for this FF

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