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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 33)

tanvi04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
superb continue soon

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change12 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 December 2010
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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 10:58am | IP Logged
wating  pls update soon.

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
awesome update love it why did maan marry geet is he their for revenge  what will happen when the return to dehli please pm 

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

Joined: 15 June 2011
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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 8:51pm | IP Logged



        No one are not expected from maan. even geet standing like a dumbfounded. Few second all felt everything is stopped. It's a pin drop silence. They are trying to believe their own eyes. suddenly sky thundered in huge sound…in  few minutes rain started to flow like there is no end to rain. All are drenched including maan and geet.  geet sindur is mingling in water its spreading all over her face...


"maan why did you do this…."brij voice almost cracked. Already mentally he suffered too much.

Maan gazed on brij. He didn't speak word. He made his way to car holding geet wrist. Now sarpanch blocked his way. Maan lifted his eyes furiously …"no….maan beta it is not right..why you are doing this…this is not fare for you…you know the devil already killed many people who are tried to marry you married her..don't know next what will happen……"

"exactly you right..sarpanch ji…even I want to know what will happened to me when I married geet…all are dying who all are engaging with geet. today I want to know what will happen with me  when I married her. do you people think that who killed my dev I leave them so easily. No its impossible …who ever they should pay for it…this is my open challenge…now let me show the power of so called devil. I am experimenting my self what will happened to me…."geet open her eyes with pain…there are untold emotion runes in her mind. it means he married me to  find out the reason for dev death. Finally this geet become a katputhali  for every body.

"maan pls go from here ..we don't want to see your death in front of our eyes. pls go back to  delhi…"brij requested him.

"why you are fearing brij…why are you worrying…why you want to send me back…did you involve in this…."maan questioned scanning his face…

"maan….oh …no…"brij almost screamed.

"oh pls…brij and others…I am ready to face what ever comes to me…now geet is my wife…yes she is my wife Mrs. Geet maan singh khurana. Let me see what will happened to me." he moved holding her in another hand.



At  geet room,

Geet sitting on her bed…maan standing near window gazing sky. Geet didn't speak one word with him. she followed him like dumb animal. Maan standing near window more then one hour even he didn't try to speak with her….he just thinking about dadima…

After funeral dadima never speak with maan. she made him to responsible for dev death. Maan taken dev marshals to make anthim vidhi….but after all the procedure when he is about to leave his marshals suddenly maan stopped him self. he knew how much dev craved for geet…he knew how much he loved her….without giving proper justice to him he don't want to leave the marshals in river ganga. He brought back. He knew dev will never happy in heaven. Yes he need proper justice for his death. Who are the cause for his death they should pay for it.

He packed dev marshals , ash neatly in pot and placed  in his secret locker. He couldn't concentrate in his business . he want to know mystery of dev death. In postmortem report its stated dev and darji died due to Sevier heart attack.

How it will happen …agreed darji already crossed seventy but what about dev..he is just twenty five years…how its possible…still he remember when they both workout in gymnastic…he is more then active  compare to maan. he is too healthy man. as per maan dev is stronger then maan. according to doctors  heart attack can be possible to anybody at any age. But maan is not agreeing.

All these days he spend like sitting on prickles. Finally he left a message to dadima he is going to UK and left delhi. He knew very well about dadima. Still she  is angry but still she loves him. if she aware about maan is going to hosaipur definitely she stop him.

He planned everything he him self. he send romio to hosaipur and  collected  the information  about geet and  situation in hosaipur. When he got the information about geet they are sending geet to forest immediately he rushed to hosaipur. Actually  He planed to engaged with her to knew the mystery of dev death. Unfortunately he reached one day late .the whole plan changed … to stop her ,to prevent her by villagers …. He married her…but what next…

He turned back. Geet sitting engulfing her knees from her hands. Her chin is in mid of her knees. She is thinking deeply. His eyes burned with anger…but he felt bad also…one part bcoz of her dev died…another part he knew she is an innocent but still the wound is not healing.

He didn't married for give real  respect to marriage values. He married just he want to knew the reason who is the back of dev death and to prevent her from going to forest. He is very much sure once if she left the village it will be more tuff to know the mystery.

"geet…"he called softly.

No response from her. its seems she is not in this world. He kept his hand on her shoulder…suddenly geet  woke from her thoughts. Her eyes were widen looking maan so near….she moved to another end fearing to see him.  his words were echoed in her ears. He married me just to take revenge. Her face turn to pale. Maan understood ….he sat on bed in another end.  Some how he need her help...with out her co-operation he can't do anything.

"geet suno….don't worry I won't harm you…before that I clarify one thing to you…I married you to know the real reason for dev death. Don't expect much from this marriage.  Think this is a drama which we are playing in front of society . this marriage is no meaning to me. I a sure that I won't take any advantage of this marriage. So you need not to worry. Our relation remain with us like before…"

Geet didn't speak word…how easily he washed his hands saying this marriage is no meaning to him. I can't take so easily….her hand holed her mangalsuthra tightly. Any way even I want to know why its happening and this maan why so stubborn….why he is not listening anybody….if anything happened…she didn't dare to think more.

Maan left her alone and went out. brij standing near his room. His eyes were red…maan went to his room without gazing him. he knew he hurt him . still he don't want to trust any one. Jugunu mama where is he…he just came out..he saw jugunu mama coming with dinner arranging everything in plate. he placed  in front of maan.

He sat near his feet. He hold his feet and cried bitterly…maan amused why he is crying…."maan sab…aap mere beti  ko bachaliya..mey apko bahuth shukurguzar hu…."he said in between his cry. "…geet is very good girl. why her faith is playing with her really don't know. Geet is innocent…she grown up on my laps."

Maan didn't speak a word…he went to washroom. when he return he saw jugunu mama removing ceiling fan from roof. Maan knotted his brow…"what are you doing…"

"wo…wo…."he stopped in mid.

Maan gazed at him. chill air passed in his spine. "wo…one guy  death caused by fan. when he is sleeping  fan fell  on him. He is about engage with geet beti…."just he blubbered…

"stop …it…"what a stupid thought from him but he controlled…this shows how innocent he is…may be he can help me.



At mid night….suddenly geet open her eyes. she is feeling too cold….its too unnatural…she turned other side…there is a shadow near window….who is that…she moved to window…suddenly its disappeared…geet amused…windows were opening and closing….windows were hitting in loud noise. May be out side its too stormy… window cartoons are flying in air. She try to lock the window…no its really difficult….  Unknown fear gathered in her heart. She can here gouri ,ganga, lakshmi were roaring unnaturally. Out side some where dogs were crying loudly. Geet remembered her darji  words. Dog crying in mid nights is not a good sign. She hold her mangalsuthra tightly. What will happen….maan saab alone in his room. Her lashes were  stared to shiver. She started to sweat in this cold whether. Again she felt some one calling her…"geet…geethanjali….geet…geethanjali…..come with me….geet come on…come with me…."very slowly ,very smoothly, very sweetly some one calling her…she started to shiver….she sat in the corner of room hugging her knees…suddenly all the lights went off. her eyes went wide…continuously he is calling her….geet about to  faint due to this paranormal activities. In out side also she can here some strange sounds. ….out side the heavy  wind  is roaring in huge sound. She closed her ears. She never felt this experience in her life. she is becoming wet….

"geet….geethanjali….come with me….come with me…."out side the voice is begging her….her whole room was disturbed…nothing in place due to heavy wind. Weight less things started to fly in air…It was a dark and heavy stormy night. Suddenly a white image appeared in front of her…how it came in…there is no space ..i have locked the door…..geet shivering very badly like dry leaf. Its looking too strange. Its started to move towards her….geet screamed loudly…at same time…

Brij try to go out…pummy stopped him….she knew its  something horror is happening out side. Its already she spent more then fifteen minutes in same condition….situation becoming too violent…suddenly she heard the door knock from her back side….

Somebody calling her "geet open the door…geet…" someone knocking continuously…now she recognized it is maan…his voice bring lot of strength in her body. slowly she tried to move to door. the white image followed her…geet tri escape from the unknown structure. Some how she succeed to open the door.. maan standing on door step. she recognized maan in very little  light .She hugged him tightly in fear.


Pre cap: maan met a accident.



How are you all…really happy looking your likes and comments. This time expected more then last time….again only honest comments.

Wish you a Happy Republic day buddies…pls share our happiness.


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ambili123 Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Hiii me first
superb update hope maan will be safe

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pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
Maan wants to know reason of Dev's death..I hope Maan will fine..Who's Atma calling Geet?

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
awesome update  some one is doing this they want her to kill her self pre cap sound scary hope maan is ok loved the update thanks for the pm

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
i feel is fate is playing dear
or the really someone behind this
waiting for the answers dear
pls update soon

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