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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 19)

kareena32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged
great ff dear update soon

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Aym7 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Plz update soon .. And plz add me to ur PM list.. Tnx 

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gangesegb IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 3:16am | IP Logged
nice part...

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 12:42am | IP Logged


Next day morning  dadima given shakun to geet. she loved her  gorgeous  beauty. Geet touched her feet…dadima turned to brij and darji" I want my daughter in law in our KM as soon as possible. Khurana mansion is waiting for geet. tell me geet  are you ready to come Delhi."

Geet  simply shock her head. dev very much happy as if he is not in this world. Already he flied to his dream land. Maan busy with adi arranging security for dev ,geet ,and in marriage arrangements. Dadima and maan planed give a huge party in Delhi after marriage taking place in hosaipur. Its really difficult to arrange everything in two days but some how adi and maan maintaining. Brij and darji also happy for geet looking some shine in her life. even they had hope this time nothing will happen but pummy fuming in anger. Actually she loves geet but her own brother also dead after  declaring marriage with geet. she had a strong hope even this time it will not succeed. She is eagerly expecting bad news from khurana family. When all the arrangements were going on in havely just she ignored everything. She try to convince dev one or two times but dev didn't bother her words.

Geet came to hall searching  darji and brij. They were sitting in hall. "veerji…I want to speak to you."

Brij turned to her..what ever it is  she born  with him sharing his blood…his eyes were slightly filled with tears. Some where he felt guilt  for  All these days how he treated her but tomorrow she is marrying  and leaving this havely…

"tell me geet…"he stood and closed distance between them. His hand lovingly caressed her fore head. geet surprised looking his love..some were even she felt very bad that she is leaving her village and this havely. Its true she experienced many bad things here but still this is her maika and she born in this village..any how this villagers ..this surroundings …this nature…her loving pets everything she is going to leave  after two days. Now suddenly she is going  to a  unknown place its little bit hurt her.

"kuch nahi veerji..maine mathaji se manath mangliya..usko pura karna padega…"waiting for his response.

"kya mannat mangliya…"

"wo may sham ko bathudungi…pls help me.."


geet went inside.

At evening all the villagers gathered in front of mathaji temple. Geet ready for pooja. Dadima went to Bangalore  for marriage shopping. Even dev and maan went to temple. They surprised looking villagers in front of temple. They stood little far and started to observe. Jugunu mama standing next to them and he is explaining about pooja…in front of temple they dig ground  little deep and first they put chopped wood inside the ground . They pour some kerosene on wood and ignited fire.  woods were started to burn high flame and within few minutes its  turned  to charcoal…some of ladies pour turmeric water on geet and brought near the burning charcoals. Still  the charcoals were not cooled. Geet hold one mud pot in her one hand which is filled by  burning charcoals in another hand she hold neem leaves branches and started to walk on burning charcoals. Now All the villagers were  panicked and started to scream loudly .they  are encouraging geet to walk on charcoals. Dev couldn't see any more. He try to stop it..maan hold him tightly. "no dev…this is their village…we can't go against to their customs …wait let me see further what will happen"…even jugunu mama convinced him….. but dev is really shattered looking this system. He never seen this type of incidents directly in his life. He heard about all these customs  but directly he is watching today. He scared about her feet…what will happen if she walk on fire…what will happen if she slipped their….oh god where are you…did you really want this type of devotees….

Geet walked carefully on burning charcoals more then 100mts….then she reached temple entrance and went inside for pooja after two years. She is prohibited to  enter  temple by villagers before two years. Today she   is happy looking her mathaji...she joined her hands and sat before her mathaji. Dev and maan came inside. Dev first checked her front of everybody…geet shied looking his concern. She confirmed him nothing is happen to her feet. But he can see some burning wounds on her feet. "dev ji, ..wo kuch nahi huwa….bahuth jaldi se theek hoga…." Her innocence voice disturbed him.

Dev some how he kept quite but he  is not ready to stay  away from  her…he is just waiting for next marry her. He himself taken oath that he will never give pain to her…"geet all your pains will end today itself. Don't worry from tomorrow you are mine…you are too precious to my life."

Next day groom and bride taken a turmeric bath…marriage arrangements were going well in hall.  Shadhi mantap is ready for them. Already priest is ready to make marriage.

All the guests were arrived to take part in geet marriage. Some how all are happy that geet marriage is taking place. now villagers are ready to bless her with full of heart. Brij ,darji, pummy ,jugunu mama all are busy with  guests.

At dev room maan once again he checked all his arrangements….yes everything is ok …once again he go through the CC cameras….everything is ok but something is fishy…..maan roaming continuously here and there. everything is ok. But still…..

He went to geet room….just he stunned for a minute…yes dev is correct..she is an angel…how can someone will be soo beautiful…she is wearing white sarrie with red border . her minimum makeup given different glow to her face. her mangti…her jumkukas…her neck chains..her bangles….her katibandhi…everything made her an angel. He totally lost in her divine beauty. May be god created her very carefully. that's the reason she is too perfect …her eyes , her nose, her lips…etc..etc…everything perfect. Really dev is lucky. may god bless you both . At the same time he remembered sameera….some where he hated him self reminding her today.

He came to his sense when geet  touched his feet . maan stepped little back "geet what are you doing…"he hold her upper arms and lifted her.

"nothing just asking your blessings  for my marriage bcoz of you today my marriage is taking place…"

"that is always with you…may god bless you…"his voice almost cracked. He don't know the reason. He went to shadhi mantap…everything is ok ..every five minutes he is watching CC cameras. Even private securities were roaming   around shadhi mantap and dev room.

Maan went to dev room. he is ready like south Indian groom. He is tying  white dhotie and wearing full arm white shirt. Maan hugged him once..some where he is happy that he done his job successfully.

Same time priest call  groom to  shadhi mantap. Maan joined with dev to move till shadhi mantap. Before going and sitting in shadhi mantap he taken dadima blessings. Dev stepped to shadhi mantap…and sat on wooden crate which is placed in middle of shadi mantap.

Now priest ask to call bride to shadhi mantap. Some ladies brought geet to shadhi mantap.  Before going to shadhi mantap geet taken darji and brij blessings. She is above to move….suddenly dev fell down…everybody shocked…maan standing next to him. he tried to wake him…its already too late….dev eyes went up and his lips twisted…he is struggling to breath…now he completely fell down on the floor holding his chest….at end his eyes ones  stared on geet…what is there in his eyes….there are untellable emotion..there is lot of pain finally …finally he couldn't keep up his promise what he done to geet….within few seconds….everything is over….all are stood dumbfounded…there is a pin drop silent in havely.

"dev…"maan roared like hole shadhi mantap echoed once….it seems like hole havely shivered once. dadima rushed to shadhi mantap….geet totally shattered again another life passed from this world bcoz of her….her eyes went wide….her hands clenched her sarri pallu tightly…brij called doctor immediately who came to take part in marriage. Maan looking doctor at last hope filling in his eyes…but doctor shook his head negatively and left shadhi mantap. Maan roared again and again repeating dev name….only one brother…younger brother met a death in front of his eyes. the great maan singh khurana couldn't do any thing …he lost…finally he lost….he is helpless… finally what happened what he don't want… his own brother met death in front of eyes. maan taken him to his lap…..don't know what is running in his mind…totally blank…its like everything is stopped…once he gazed on geet…she is already fainted on jugunumama arms…he knew she is innocent still the situation made him to hate her…he placed dev head slowly on his lap….his eyes were teary…..even dadima is crying bitterly…each and everybody eyes were teary including pummy….

Finally she broken the silence…"I told him before itself not to marry her but he refused my words…see what happen again an innocent person  met death…another death in this havely..oh god when you will end it…she is devil… devil…."she cried loudly. Very soon the most happiest situation turned to sorrow. All the villagers had tears in their eyes. all are feeling sorry for dev….dadima shocked hearing those words from pummy. Really she is not aware about geet past….she shattered….she fell holding her chest… one observe darji...he is sitting quietly on easy chair holding  his walking stick. Brij had a small doubt and try to wake him…..but no….its finished….even darji left his geet alone in this world …even he passed away….

Finished everything finished……this time the ghost killed two innocent peoples.


                 REAL MAAN…IN REAL STYLLE…….


Hi friends,

Thanks for supporting me so much…..same expected to this update also. Saritha buddy you are correct . I am  inspired one of my own language kannada film story and writing this FF. actually I love the story of that film from my child wood. I want to publish the social message that even today how blind believes are ruling our India. but I am sure I have taken only 35% of subject from film and again I can move the story according to our maneet style. Geet sweet your guess is right I am Banglorean.

I have seen many FF'S were imitated  Hindi film stories. Even I tried same thing first time in this FF to pass a message to our buddies. If I have mistaken pls forgive me. imp note I assure that I will change story after some twists.

And again I am requesting honest comments and likes….



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ns.1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 1:04am | IP Logged
oh! i am the first one today to commentTongue...awesome and shocking diedShocked...its getting very mysteriousEmbarrassed...want to see what maan will do nowEmbarrassed...continue soon!!Smile

Edited by ns.1 - 11 January 2012 at 1:05am

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 1:13am | IP Logged
oh no...what happened...

poor geet...no1 will leave her now...

her darji is not not there to protect her...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 1:14am | IP Logged
Oh god 
how come dev dead dear
how come some one do this
is she really a cursed woman
or someone did intenially
oh god now maan too hates her...cant see that dear
and real maan real style
what do u mean?
will he take revange on geet dear?
oh god cant see like that
geet in forest
what happens to her...
pls update next update soon dear

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rajanirchandran Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 1:18am | IP Logged
shocking update.  Thanks for the pm

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