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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 105)

aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 8:30am | IP Logged
waiting for the update

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chinkidrashti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 9:10am | IP Logged
When will you come back and update dear? this one and pavitra vivah was such a fantastic story..missing updates so much..come back soon

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abina03 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 12:43am | IP Logged
sorry for the late comment
well written part...
hope Maan will see her on his way to airport..
sad part but loved it.
hope you will update soon

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varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:24pm | IP Logged


Geet holding her bags and walking on the roads..its already ten still bangalore roads are busy…now she reached highway…all call center vehicles and heavy vehicles were rushing on roads in zoom…her shoulders are paining holding such a heavy weight…her eyes were flowing tears and those tears were mingling with rain water…her hands are not free to wipe are eyes…and she is too tired and she didn't have her food from morning….she is grabbing her legs…she don't know where to go…suddenly car headlights hit her eyes….her eyes went blank…at the end before she reach the floor a big spark appeared in front of her eyes….at last she screamed "maaa…." And everything went blank


"what happened romeio…."maan woke from sudden break…he should reach airport another one hour.

" one minute sir" he get down from the car after few minutes he returned back…

" sir I think major accident…traffic  jam…may be its take another half on hour to clear traffic…shall we move in short cut…"

"yes…."maan leaned back closing his eyes….don't know why…some unknowing feeling gathering inside…actually he don't know  what is happening to him…it's a pain  no… not sure…he leaned back closing his eyes…same feel he felt when dev left him….

Car moved  to another road while crossing just three feet away geet body laying on road its drenched with blood….half of her face covered with blood. Romieo couldn't recognize her  due to his sight problem .maan throat cracked..suddenly he felt like crying..he don't know what was the pain inside…but he want to throw the pain out…after moving from the spot he put his head out and try  to see…but already car moved  to far …finally car moved to airport.

At airport, still maan heart is not convincing to return Delhi without geet. Finally he recognized the feel what is gathering inside of him. "romeio cancel the flight….i want to search for geet…don't know where she went…"he turned back. His mobile started to ring. He saw the caller id its adi" why he is calling… only he knows about me. Maan picked the phone" tell me adi .."

"sir bad news…some how dadima knows about you …in sudden shock she got a stroke and she is in hospital…pls come soon sir…"

"what…"what is happening here…where its  wrong oh god "now how is she…"

"sir she is in ICU pls come soon "adi is about cry in phone.

Maan cut the call…here he decided to search geet other side dadima…everything is happening bcoz of me..finally he choose dadima. He return in same flight to Delhi.

After two years…there are many changes in KM…dadima become bed reader….she paralised..her right side body  totally paralised…after several treatment she can speak  that to not fluently. no one are taking responsible about KM. KM  become dark without dadima.

Maan busy in his business schedules. Always he is in foreign tours. In this two years KC grown in international level. He is having no of projects in his hands. KC compitating all other Indian construction companies. Now there is no time to think also…still in nights when he become alone….before going to sleep some one disturb him very badly. She come and stand in front of his eyes…after two years also he couldn't  forget her….he couldn't forget her even in his busy schedules. who is disturbing him so much..non other then geet…now she is become his sole…she is running in his blood and veins. His each heart beat , beat only for geet…how can he forget her….how its possible..after meeting dadima…once again he return to bangalore and searched lot for her but no news about her…once he went to hosaipur…brij already left hosaipur without completing geet wishes. Maan had a plan to built school and college in the name of geet at hosaipur.

Actually he understood the value of marriage after she left him…he understood that how much he addicted to her…to forget her what all he is doing all these days..but nothing is succeeded…he made busy him self  he working more then fifteen hours per day..still at nights she come front of him….what a fool I am at least I didn't taken her contact no  but she knows my no ,till  today she didn't call me at least once…here I am thinking about her what about her did she forget me…no way…his heart automatically refused his thought…no she will never forget me…then why she didn't call me at least once….his mobile started to ring…."hello…hello…" but line disconnected…don't know nowadays what happened to peoples they call us and not even to bother to answer…he is really fed up of this fake calls…don't know who is disturbing him additionally…already he is suffering from geet… least weekly once he get fake call from un known no…don't know who is it…

Again his mobile started to ring shit…its midnight 1.00am …who is the bloody hell….he pick the call…"hello…hello…"he can hear some one is breathing heavily on other side. "you don't  want to speak why you people calling and disturbing in this midnight…."he is about to cut the call…

"maan…this is sameera…"maan frozen for a  movement…he couldn't believe his ears…after a long back she is calling him……she is his first love…she shown the taste of love…she teached him how to love…he leaned back…he felt like seven seas roaring in his hearts suddenly his blood started to  run in double speed…

"sameera how are you…"as possible making his voice cool…

"not fine maan …I cheated you….now god punished me .john left me in mid…he taken all my money…I am trying my best to lead this life but now I am I need help from you…pls help me…I want to come india…pls help me maan.."she is crying bitterly…."I try to call you many time but I failed ….sorry maan…pls help me…"she is again and begging. Maan heart squeezed with pain. It means sameera calling me from un known no….this faith from where to where its taking…

"sameera pls don't cry I help you…."he cut the call….he remember the day when sameera left him…in same situation maan requested her to not to leave him..but sameera went back of color full life…now she is realizing her mistake…this is called faith…same way I ll get my geet back…I am waiting for you geet….she smiled in his dream.

after one week sameera return to india…she is become thin and pale…her natural smile some where vanished…looking at her face maan realized she go troughed with many pain….now she started to stay with dadima. Always she is pleasing  dadima. Very easily she gained her trust and love. Maan don't have time to spend  with  her and dadima. Slowly dadima forget about her past. Now she started to force maan to marry her. There is no reasons to escape from the tangle. Maan waiting for right time. Some where geet still alive in his heart.  He couldn't forget those innocent eyes….still he lick his lips when he remember their close movements. Still he feel hundred volts current passing in his body when he remember her kiss….his  thirst is increasing day by day. When sameera try to close their distance between them just he remember geet and he try to go away. When she neared just he feel like his breath caught in his throat. He is trying to escape from her grip and slip to geet 's sweet memories. To escape from sameera now he started to reach home too late…to avoid her  he try to be always in business tours.

Even sameera understand him but still she is back of him bcoz she knew very well  this is the last chance to gain something in her life. Already she lost everything in her life. she is trying to gain his trust once again in her life.

Maan busy with his laptop…he got video chat request in his laptop. He accepted after a long time he is chatting with yash. Geet rushed in his mind  bcoz Yash staying in Bangalore. He is a Owner of Asian paints and also he is a vendor of KC who supplies  painting  materials to KC for construction purpose.

"hi maan how are you.."

"fine what about you…"maan really felt happy looking his close friend after a long time.

"maan there is a business proposal to you can you accept it…"

Maan knotted his eyebrows "tell me…"

"maan know very well  only I am staying here and my family is in New even I want to move to newyork. I couden't maintain india paints along with new York  business. But I had a strong sentiment with this company. Could you please take over my company bcoz I want to handle it to right person. There are many employees depending my company." yash almost requesting him.

"oh sorry yash…even I couldn't give proper justice if I buy your company. You know very well how I am busy with my own business…sorry…"

Yash  made puppy face.." pls maan try to do something.  There are many to buy my company but I  given proposal to you. I don't want to handover my company to others…."

Maan understood his feelings "ok ill try it..but not sure…"any way he is not ready to buy it…to convince yash he  lying with him.

"ok always the first preference to you…and how about to come my engagement…"


"yes maan…next Friday my engagement in hotel ashoka  at same time we can finish our deal also…"

"oh sorry yash…I couldn't attend the function…"

Suddenly yash exit the video chat. Maan understood may he is very angry. He try to contact again but yash was too angry. Some where h is remembering dev. Maan send the message that he is attending his function. Next movement again yash appeared in video chat and he started to chat with maan. He started to explain about his fiance .  Maan just observing his excitement about his life partner.  His non stop talk reminded dev. His eyes wet for a while again he controlled him self and take part with his happiness.



Friends how are you all…there is no much to say about me. I already explained about my situation in pavithra vivah note. I don't want bore you again.

Pls press like button and leave comment  if you really like it. But pls pray for me…



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---nishu--- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
how r you dear
be strong in tough time

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pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
How are U doing?
I hope Maan find Geet..its not Geet whom Yash engage..

waiting for next part..

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tanvi04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
superb but i really don't want geet to engage with yash pls dear don't do this n don maaneet reunion as soon as possible n kaha thi tum itne dino se i hope u r well tc of urself

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paponecon IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 12:19am | IP Logged
where is geet?dont say that geet is yash's i guess geet is working in IP...

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