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Banegi mere Dulhan mg new FF- Part-17at pg- 138 (Page 10)

divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
please pm me for your updates

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soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
luvd da beginin relii intrestin
plzz cont soon x 

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PaintedSky IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 3:39am | IP Logged
Dev n Geet again ??? NO NO NO !!!

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Cutee999 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 4:15am | IP Logged
nice start...

continue soon...

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sumaiyariya Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 2:47am | IP Logged
kash maaan hota dev ki place may.hope maan is baar geeet ke sath good behave kare.plss dont invole dev in maanet love story plsss.waosi nice start love it
varsha-sharma Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 8:50pm | IP Logged



"tell me dev what happened…have you finished your work…"maan placed his file on table.

"bro…pls don't remind me about work….i  want to  tell you something about my dream girl."

"dream girl…." he straightened him self…he knew very well about dev…he is bubbly…always he take life so easily…there is no serious in his life…but today he is speaking about a girl…

"are you joking …"

"no bro…pls you will never believe me…she is soo beautiful and gregarious girl…I have not seen ever before….bro you won't believe it. she is looking like an  angel …it seems  she is from heaven……"he is so exited about geet beauty…

"hold on dev….i have send you to complete our project process what are you doing in hosaipur…really disgusting…."maan told in angry tone. He blamed him self that he might be go to Bangalore so he finish the work…but dev is wasting time with some other unnecessary work.

"pls pls…bro I am your loving brother haina…pls leave that project issue…pls share my feelings about that girl…"dev almost begging maan. maan knows very well .  if he didn't tell about her he won't sleep whole night. He had the habit that everything  to share with maan…whether it is good or bad…..

Maan: "ok tell me what is her name…."

Dev: "geet…"

Maan: 'where  will she stay .."

Dev: "don't know…."

Maan: "who is she…"

Dev:" Don't know.." now maan really got angry he barked on him…

"you don't any thing about her…how can you  be so much crazy with her…koi kam theekse nahi kar sakthi tum….nahi project work aur nahi ladaki ki kam…."he imagined dev's face expression…he controlled his  anger in phone.

"wo bro…" dev told everything to him….

Maan smiled to his innocence….finally when he cut the call  it is already 10.00pm…more then one hour he spoke about geet…..

Who is this geet…what magic she done on him…..maan leaned back….

After sameera left him he stop to think about girls…he stop to trust to girls….sameera is  a beautiful girl .his blood boiled  when he think about her… badly she cheated  him and flied to US with her fiance…once she got the chance to participate in Miss. Universe contest just she kicked  his love and settled in USA. After she left him strongly he decided that he will never let anyone to enter in  his life. dadima  many time forced him to marry but he ignored all the proposal. Still dadima had a pain that he didn't married. All these days even dev forcing him to marry but today he is in under magic of another girl…good sign at least if he marry that girl dadima will be happy. If he is really happy to marry that girl I should help him….

 Dev slept hole night dreaming about geet…..

At morning in hosaipur……

Dev wake at early morning at 5.00am…..his gaze moved to geet room….after few minutes …yes  she came out carrying one copper pot in her hand…looking here and there…...where she is going in this early morning….he followed her…..

He followed maintaining some distance with her….today she is wearing parrot green lehanga  and green blouse with halfsarri… her long wet hairs still dipping water may be she taken bath early morning….she went to near river cavery and filled water in her pot….she kept the pot on her hip and walked towards  to mathaji temple….first she removed the garbage from the temple compound again she poured water. she carried more then ten  pots water from river. she  washed whole compound….she drew beautiful rangoli in front of temple . at same time a priest enter the temple. He thrown one disgusting look on her and  open the door….she didn't enter the temple inside…just she joined her hands,  prayed from out side and return to handa havely. Dev surprised …so much she is done but she didn't go inside…..why….that to this early morning before birds creeping, its too cold…. she  done everything and she didn't wait for pooja ….

When dev followed her he noticed that she didn't enter havely from main door…she covered her face with pallu and she entered  from back…again at morning in dining table everybody are present in dining table but geet is missing. Finally he found jugunu mama taking food for her…..some thing mystery….no one are speaking about geet….

When jugunu mama returning he caught his hand and asked  him …about geet ….he try to get answers to his question….but he didn't bother to answer him….he don't know whom to ask….

At morning brij helped him to take the measurements of sites for project he finished all his work in  one day but his heart is heavy due to geet..he want to see her again..but he didn't find her at least once….but he couldn't hold any more….

He decide to speak directly with brij…."brij if you don't mistake … can I ask you something…."

Brij busy in taking measurements once again…"tell me dev…maan helped me lot when I am in Delhi…any other help…."

"not prophsenal….but personally…."dev decided to speak but something is stopping him in mid….

"wo ….who is geet…."

Immediately brij turned back…his face expression is changed…"which geet…"

Now dev surprised …did he really don't know that geet is staying in his house…

"brij…yesterday she saved me when I fell in wet mud….you your self addressed her geet and again I saw her yesterday night in your house…who is she…"dev eagerly waiting for his answer.

But brij turned his face another side.. "dev I think all your work is finished…why can't you move to Delhi today itself….right now I am calling your driver to pick you…"he started to dial to his driver. Dev hold his hand tightly….

"brij first tell me about geet…"

"no need…."brij try to move…but dev is more then stubborn compare to brij…

"brij …you don't know what magic she done on me…actually I am love with her…don't know what you think about me…but to be frank I want to marry her…"dev didn't hide anything in front of brij.

Brij dipped his head down…the fear again gathered in his heart…."dev pls move to Delhi today itself….and don't be dare to repeat those words again…..pls…try to understand us…pls go…from here…"

"no ….first tell me who is that girl…I want to know about her…."it seems he won't leave brij  so easily….…until he get full information from him.

"ok , ill tell you she is my  own sister…..geet handa…"

"what ..being your sister she is living in that dark room which is near to cow shed…how its possible…brij…did you people harassing her……"he didn't complete his sentence brij stopped him in mid…

"dev before speaking think once again…I know I am the victim in this issue but what to do her faith is not with her….….ill tell you everything about geet…but don't plan to marry her...for god sake drop your idea…..

When geet born I am just eight years old….after her birth my father gained too much of money and lands in this village..she is the most luckiest baby to our family. she is like a prince in our havelly…she is the only one loving sister to me also…but when she is fifteen we  lost our parents in car accident. From that day I and darji  have taken care on her…she is the soul of my life... bcoz of her I married early …pammi is also loved like her mother . everything is fine till she cross eighteen years…she finished her PUC…she is  innocent and good hearted girl to everybody…she didn't harm even a single ant also….but we don't know what happened after her eighteen years…we fixed her marriage with her childhood friend..and close relative to our mom family…but one day when he is with geet he met a accident and he dead….after that incident our geet become little bit shocked. We didn't let her to remain same…day by day she came out from the shock .we tried  to bring marriage proposal to her…but unfortunately who all engaged with geet …all those grooms died before reaching shadhi mantap. One is in car accident, one groom bite by snake…another hanged him self….nearly ten to eleven grooms dead till today…..finally our village people decided there is athma (ghost) on her body. that's the reason all the grooms were dying after her engagement…today no one  are ready to marry her…no one are ready speak to her….even I tried my best but finally the situations made me to agree the fact….."he stopped in mid….

"…all the village peoples and elders decided to send  her to forest…but I couldn't bare it…I try to send her out from our village…she try to do job in city but unfortunately even he dead…day by day villagers went wild…some how they want to send her out from the village….no one are ready to speak with her…in fact in this village a small child also scare when it heard geet name…once they try  to kill her by throwing stones …..finally I convinced village peoples that she will never mingle with them and she will never take part in any activities in village. We assured that we will lock  her in room and even we stop to speak with her…now she is become alone but safe and alive….she will never show her face to anybody..she stop speaking with everybody…I know the fact  still darji and jugunu mama speak to her back of me. I couldn't stop them bcoz I know how much they love her…even my mind crave to speak to her but my wife is not letting to speak with her due same reason…..once her brother saw geet in my house even he proposed but next day even he met accident and he dead….." he left a deep breath….his eyes were teary……

Dev busted his laugh catching his stomach….brij was looking him angrily…."brij really I don't know what to tell you…you are telling that she devil or are you mean ghost what ever it is …arrey yaar even she is having two legs and two hands like me and you….being educated how can you believe in this blind belief…may be the grooms met some accidents…but she is not responsible for all that….what you said…ghost is in her….oh god…we are in twenty first century…even you are believing this….."he couldn't control his laugh…

"dev stop it…"brij face turn to red…he is burning with anger…."…I am warning you again and again don't try to marry her…pls I think your work is finished you can move to Delhi…."

Dev try to tell him some thing but brij indicated to his fore finger…dev never seen this type blind belief in his surroundings. He completed his studies in UK…and even in delhi he had contacts only with high level people…today he saw how blindly this village people trusting about unknown power which is not visible to eyes. just once he look at him with mercy…but he decided strongly that he will marry at any cost. Only one way …maan bhai….yes he is the right person who can convince these people and solve my problem. Again geet face came in front of his eyes…did really she is dangerous…..


Pre cap: first meeting….MANEETS…….

Hi buddies,

Thank you very much for all your support and likes….i am not happy bcoz of many FF writers also withdrawn by their FF'S…I am missing MUSCAN'S FF's very badly…..any how star one ended geet…but why our FF writer also quieting…pls…pls…don't quit it …..

Any way don't forget to press like buttons and leave your honest comments.



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pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting for Maaneet meeting..

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harshithaaaaaaa IF-Dazzler

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nice part...people became blind...some one is doing all this

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