Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

|| The Best Jodi ever: Avinash and Rubina || :):)

NiHa24 IF-Rockerz

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How is everybody doing!!Big smile

today is one of the happy moment for everbody of us!!!Dancing

The moment we have always waited for!

Lets start the fun!!Big smile

"Couples are made in heaven and met by fate in Earth"

Everyone must have heard this line'..and many of us would vouch for the same because we have felt it happening in our life. Two strangers at different poles of the world are brought together by the pure play of Destiny and a connection happens. We meet several people in the day but when we meet this "Special" person, the incident somehow lingers in our memory always. An invisible rope, as if was attached to both of them, keeps bringing them closer, whether they want to or not. They don't even realize the forces behind all this''but events keep happening and finally they realize that'..

They were meant to be together always!

I am sure we all must have seen and felt something on the above lines in our personal life at some point or the other. However, today we come together for celebrating a love story between one of the most special "Couple" in our life. They may not be directly related to us, they may not even know us'.but they love us for sure''and we love, admire, care, and respect them in return for what they are.

The Special Jodi is'''.

Avinash and Rubina famously known as our ever lovely'''

"Dev and Radhika"


Choti Bahu.

So let's take you to a beautiful journey of these two couples. Two? Yes, you heard it right. Two couples. It's always been a wonder for me as to how similar the love story between Avinash, Rubina and Dev, Radhika was!

Two people come from different backgrounds, from opposite parts of the world (country) with nature as different as chalk and cheese''.bond together beautifully to complete each other in every way possible. I guess that's what people call "Destined to be together" isn't it?

So it all started 3 years back when the show by name "Choti Bahu" was launched''.

Avinash Sachdev, Mr. Baroda tag holder, got hold of his first lead role as "Dev Purohit" in the show. Whereas Rubina Dilaik, who hailed from the northern side of India and was a Miss. Shimla tag holder, got casted opposite him in the role of "Radhika Shastri". While Rubina was a sophisticated and urbane chick, Avinash was a boyish with "in your face" attitude. Different as chalk and cheese! Predictably, they didn't get along with each other at all!
But unknown to many, some magic was gonna happen amdist them furtively''.

Just as in their real life, their reel life characters too were poles apart. On one hand where Dev was an extrovert U.S returned guy, Radhika was a simple, reserved girl from the small town of Vrindavan. However, in the reel story'''.Dev couldn't help but fall in love at first sight when he chanced upon the beautiful damsel, Radhika, in Vrindavan. Neither could Radhika take the "Stranger" out of her mind. Unknowingly, their hearts had become one.

Dev and Radhika's Jodi was instantly lapped up by the audience. The simplicity in the characters' and the story attracted viewers from every nook and corner of the world and the show became a "Run-away Hit" within a month's time''.and"RADEV" ' the Jodi was born.

[Creation credit goes to the maker]

Dev and Radhika's poignant and simple love story captured our minds in an irreversible manner and left us craving for more every day. Their pain pained us. Their happiness made us smile. Their love made us blush in joy. The connection was so deep that we felt ourselves to be a part of their journey. Very rarely do we come across such a spiritual love story where the characters are connected on such a deeper level. It was not about being together, but remaining for each other always. It was not about romance only but about feeling for each other emotionally.  

While all this was happening On-Screen''.Chemistry was brewing between the Lead Actors behind the screen as well. Though both of them disliked each other from their first meet and were not on talking terms'''things took a turn when both of them were asked to travel to a location in a same car, much to their annoyance. During this long journey, they had no option but to start talking with each other. Wink

However, the magic started showing its effect on the day when a "Holi Special" Sequence was to be shot. On this day, as Avi waited patiently on the set for the shoot to start''his eyes chanced upon his "Leading Lady's" different avatar''as she stepped out of her dressing room in a beige and golden colored Lehenga-choli with hairs flowing open as the breeze rustled past them''..and he couldn't help but stare at her like a possessed man!Day Dreaming

Thereafter the Man-in-love didn't waste much time in befriending and then confessing to his Lady Love about his "Dil Ki Baat". Rubina too couldn't resist Avi's charms and realized that their newly formed friendship perhaps was much more than what she thought of!Embarrassed

Their On-Screen Chemistry rubbed off on their Off-Screen Lives''.and the vice-versa happened as well. The comfort level and newly found love between "AviNa" clearly was getting reflected in their on-screen character's as well.

People bonded by destiny meet each other in some way or the other. Distance may delay their meet but can never tire them. Time can never stop them. Nature can never hold them back from falling in love with each other.

Choti Bahu went on to break many records by becoming the "First Ever Show in the Indian History" to have garnered such huge ratings in a dead slot of 7.30 PM. Avinash and Rubina rose to heights as Dev and Radhika respectively.

However, sometimes dreams do come to an abrupt halt! Choti Bahu ' sindur bin suhagan ended after having a successful run for almost 2 years. And Fans' felt betrayed and avowed to not rest in peace until their Favorite "AviNa" aka "RaDev" came back to entertain them. 

Although a very difficult path was laid out in front''.AviNa's fans didn't waver and finally succeeded in their mission as Choti Bahu got slated to return back with their Favorite AviNa as Dev and Radhika!!

As our favorite Dev and Radhika were coming back on screen, people rushed to their screens to get a glimpse of them all over again. The show came back with a bang (predictably!)

This time around, Dev and Radhika were bonded together as kids by the Supreme Himself. Under Lord Krishna's Leela, Little Dev and Radhika got married unknowingly. Later on they meet as grown-ups and instantly feel an unknown connection between them. Passing through various hurdles they stand the test of time and destiny one after the another''.and their trials and tribulations keep continuing''but Lord himself is out there to protect his devotee and her love!

As the title song goes...

...Ab mile hain to bichadne na denge,
Har saans tere hi saath rahenge..."

Truly RaDev's Jodi is blessed to be together always. 

Ahem Still wondering why all this is being reiterated? Tongue

Because Today...

Our Favorite Jodi that enchanted the minds of thousands and lakhs'''.that had such a huge fan base who fought against every single hurdle to bring their Special Jodi Back''that had such an awesome chemistry that people couldn't help but fall in love with them everytime they saw them''..that had such humble mind and down to earth attitude despite being huge sky'''has finally got what they always deserved rightfully!!


Dev and Radhika win this year's'''

Kehte hai!!!
Agar poori shiddat se khoshis karo tho poori kayanath tumhe usse milane se koshish kar dethi hai!!


"Favorite Jodi"


Zee Rishtey Awards!!

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
And yes this is the precise reason we are here to celebrate!!!!! Party

Celebrate this wonderful moment when we feel proud seeing our Favorite "RaDev" holding the prestigious "Best Jodi Award" in their hand.

It was something they always deserved and would keep deserving always!!

credits goes to

CB music link: MP_Radha
write up:   Sia (Sia_lovely)

Clap  Clap  Clap

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Avinash and Rubina receiving the best couple award!

Avinash and Rubina's performance at ZRA!!

Avinash and Rubina's speech!!

 Thank you Zee for completing my life eternally in reel and in real life!!

Clap Clap Clap

Mein sirf ek hi shaksh ko dhanyawad kehna chahunga jiske peeche eska haath hai!! jiske bina yeh ho nahi saktha, woh hai Rubina! 

Rubina Dilaik Fan Page
Thank you for your wishes!! We dedicate this award to all our wonderful fans!! Without you all this would not have been possible. Thanks a million!!

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NiHa24 IF-Rockerz

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Warm Regards


Heartiest Congratulations to you both dearest Avina for winning the best jodi award which you both really deserve...Hope you get all the success in your life...May God bless you u both...


Rubina and Avinash, warm congratulations  for your work and  brilliant career and a pleasant  party celebration of your successful!


"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.." this poem is for AVINA the lovely jodi who brought to life RADEV for us

To the lovely Jodi RADEV/ AVINA on winning the ZRA beautiful Jodi award




I am really very happy for Avina. After a long wait of three years they got the most deserved award

Congartualtions AVINA


Dear Avinash and Rubina,
I'm so happy that you both won best jodi.  Congrats for winning both deserve it! You are mine first tv jodi I like!! Both share amazing chemistry in whatever role! Just amazing to watch! Love Dev and Radhika love for each other!Wink Thanks for entertaining us. Wish you both all the best. Love your show Choti Bahu!
Ashna Smile


"It is time for us(Avina  FANS)  all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever ' the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it , AVINA "

Its' time for both of  you to: 

             - Live it up Tongue
                - To smile  Big smile
                    - Take a bow Clap

And time for me to say' 

                                Day Dreaming Dancing  Embarrassed   Congrats  Avina!  Embarrassed  Dancing  Day Dreaming

This  award  is  a  gift  from GOD  and  from  ur  Fans, for  ur  excellent  performance , May  ur  heart  always  feel  
this  LOVE  Heart   

Cherish the memories of yesterday  Day Dreaming

Celebrate the happiness of today  Party

And together look forward to new hopes and joys for beautiful tomorrow Wink

Once  again  Congrats, Avinash  and  Rubina  for  winning  the  favourite  jodi  Award Big smile


may the stars always shine on you and make your lovely smiles as bright as ever...may ur love grow with every sweet gaze you share...may your hands always be connected with your lover hands...Now i join my hands too Clap Clap and say many congrats Avina,both of you deserve truly this award!!









all the best and keep rocking and hope that they receives more such awards through their lifetime...all the very best


To Avina - Jodi made in heaven
The uncertainties of the present always 
give way to the enchanted possibilities of the future.
You are destined for greatness. 
Enjoy your journey and remember to have fun. 

Congrats on wining the award.



congratulations to avinash and rubina


Dear Avinash and Rubina,  you truly deserve the Best Jodi award .  And with such efforts you are sure to earn more. Keep up the good work. Congratulations and wish you all the best for your future.

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harianjana IF-Rockerz

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When I look back
On the dreams I left behind;
Buried there in all my thoughts
It is you I always find.

I saw you then as I see you now
Through love's impassioned blindness,
A heart so fashioned there within
Filled with love and kindness.

How often has my heart declared
With anguish, for my words are few,
That the wind shall blow a little longer,
To keep me here with you.

Sweeter still are the pains of love.
The bonds of love grow stronger,
Even after the moonlight has gone to sleep,
I shall always love you longer.

No other can stir my heart so deep,
Or thrill me through and through,
And in my dreams there will never be
No other love but you.

When I look back to times gone by
There is one sure thing I know
It is you my love, who stole my heart
Long back ago

The poem present above can be best suited two very few people.
One of them were very well known to us because of whom we are there here today
They were none other than our


Three years 10 days back we first saw them.
I think may be one month before they both met each other.
That day none of the both would have ever imagined that, his / her life was connected with the others.

Kehta hain, Bhagwaan kuch destinies ke liye humein choose karte hain.
Ye donom bhi aisi hi special way mein apni destiny se dwaaara unexpected way mein choose kiya gaya tha.

They never expect to that but their destiny choosed them.
And all say
First impression is best impression.
May be in love that is wrong.

The both misunderstand each other to be rude or bad at first.
But one trip make their impressions wrong and both understood what the other was,
and the first step to their friendship was made.

But who knows thta destiny doesn't want them only to be friends but some thing more than it.
Even they too doesn't know at first but later they started to understand.
They realised their love for each other and
became Avina for us.

They were expected to get this award two years back only.
But again destiny is what do every thing.
May be if they got it then it wouldn't have been that sweet as it was now.
After completing their engagement 1st anniversary this was the award got to them.
The Most awaited award

'The Best Zodi Award'

The moments they got the award
They neither thanked God nor they thanked any other.
But they Thanked each other.
That what make them special and very special for us.

I always pray god to make this very special jodi more special for us and make them for ever.

Radev forever

Avina for ever.

Congrats Radev/Avina

Har raah tere sang dekhu,
 har baat tujhse khatm ho..
. Har baar tujhiko chaha,
Har chaah tujhse saraha...
   Hai yugo ka naata tujhse,
har janam tere hi sang rahu... 
 Ab mile hai toh bichadne na denge,
Har saans tere hi saath jeeyenge...

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chymanju7 Senior Member

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wow Niha very beautiful thread...once again congrats dearest Avina 4 winning the best jodi award...

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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beautiful thread Niha Sia for presentation and text and MP Radha for the music Hug

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Aruna_cindrella Senior Member

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wow awesome thread niha...
congrats to AVINA

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ushasri IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome thread niha congrats to avina

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