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dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF thread 17 (Page 76) IF-Dazzler

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so awesome
loved it

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karan ko lagi jatka wow

she crossed her hand defensively ' main karan ka wait kar rahi hoon
Maan pulled her ' kaun karan wo jo.. uske saat aa raha hain
she just looked up to see some girl lacing her fingers with karan. Geet just marched straight to him
yah sab kya hain karan
karan ' wait wait I can explain..

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Originally posted by maaneet23

Originally posted by 18mypride

Originally posted by maaneet23

Originally posted by -pushpa-

Originally posted by maaneet23

tell me one think...
kya guruti janate honge tht we r missing them a lot...

They know Dear,dint you here their conversation on Radio Mirchi yesterday

ohh realy...can u give me d link...

Thanks a lot dear...

but it seems dey r not work together...but yah i love them to watch together...
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Dhundlae aks

PART 126

he smiled treasuring his moments with mistimia looking at her in awe wondering he doesn't know her well.. kabhi gussa tho khabhi masti..but still every thing of her enchants him like a song sung far far away he couldn't hear the words but wat it means hunts his soul softly. Like he has always seen her  furtively but could read ur eyes something hazel dreamy your soul half else where a story yet to be read. All I know is I want to be u, the truth of u, untamed & whole driven by an emotion that is just out of my control with that pain that still feels sweet.

It wasn't too late but the party seemed to wind up with some bandh next day.
Geet cutely pouted mujhe aur bhi party karna hain
Maan had another drink mujhe bhi
they both came out Maan had never seen her like this ..thats wat he thought.. totally out of control. Maan fished his pocket for the keys.
Geet immediately stopped him ' yeh kya kar rahen ho?
Maan ' car keys
Geet slapped him cutely on his cheek.. no drinking & driving pechlen bar accident huwa tha yaad nahi
he smiled
Geet ' challo lets cab it
she whistled loud.. he almost shook his head like he knew this whistle from before.



They settled in the cab after Geet fighting a lot to sit near the window when Maan tried to explain there was 2 & its ok.. she could sit where ever she wanted, but well she had to fight.
Geet gave her address to the cab driver
Maan decided to drop her home first & then go to KM.
The cab dropped him at her flat.
Cab driver ' sahab 12 ke baad taxi bus sab band hain
Geet ' nahi its ok..
Maan looked at her suspiciously.
She tried to walk like every thing was fine. Maan couldn't stop looking at her, her cute little antics. He did feel little bit familiarity with the place but couldn't relate it.
When they got out of the lift .. he took a deep breath ok .. I will get going
she smiled opening the door pulling him inside.
He almost fell on her. She kicked the door behind as his fingers slipped softly into her curls. She smiled sweetly feeling tickled.. heat rushing through her.
He leaned closer ' iradha kya hain mam??
she very cutely looked into his eyes ' yash sir ko aacha nahi lage ga agar aap aisen ghar javogen tho..
she smiled again.. innocence.. just sinless heart. Nothing more than divine concern in her eyes. How could he not see them until now. He just cupped her face dearly wanting to drink every bit of her cuteness. It took a lot out of him to respectfully just softly press his lips on her forehead. .. fearing that touch may ruin the serenity in her.
Aap guest room use kar sakten ho, thats the kitchen if u want anything.
She opened the guest room door for him & switched on the light.
Good night she whispered as she walked into her room.
Good night he sighed closing the door behind.. resting his head back slipping his hand into his jeans. His fingers touched the soft stones..chain like.. he pulled it out & looked at it curiously. He smiled looking at the bracelet & kissing it.
Geet went into her room & changed causally into her usual night dress.. his tracks & a lose shirt. She lifted his pillow & kissed it dearly.. whispering softly tumhe pata hain puchki is here.. she jumped up hearing a knock. She got up immediately hiding the pillow behind her.
wo.. he stopped looking at her hiding something behind her.
Aap ko kuch chayiyen tha
he said walking towards her. She got little nervous & began to back up. He had that typical naughty smirk knowing it was something he probably knew wat it was.. she queasily jerked hitting the wall behind. She squeezed the pillow harder swallowing nervously, acknowledging the tremor that coursed through her body having him inches away in that state of mind. His hands went around her.. she looked down forgetting to breath..
thats mine he said
before he reached her fingers she dropped it down
umm grinned at her in a way he hoped made her even more nervous than she already was.
Thats mine she squealed
really..he lifted his brows
she swallowed audibly & shifted from foot to foot
she breathed in sharply as his fingers met her skin just below the waist line... Under his thumb he could feel the tucking in of her belly.. even this is mine he said leaning closer to her ears.
He lifted a hand to her face & caressed her neck under her ear. She stopped & swallowed again & stared at something on the floor queasily.



Maan leaned into her, kissing her thick curly locks softly as she nestled her arms into her sides, silent tremors down her spine. The two had barely for few minutes letting the scent fill their yearning senses. Their body rubbed closer..his cheek against nuzzling closer to her lips, softly ran his tongue over her bottom lip, testing her respond. She didn't protest nor did she give in.. her fingers held the sides of the tracks tightly. He gently tugged at her shirt. She gulped.. he reached the buttons softly.. she bit her lower lip, he instantly took them in her lips passionately popping the button.. she pouted cutely against his lips.. thats my fav shirt.
Oh he could just eat her up live for her cuteness. I .. he kissed her passionately.. promise.. kissed her breathlessly.. get u the same shirt.. his he popped another button..& another..oops.. sorry I will definitely get u new one promise he kissed her furiously.. as his hand carefully slipped under the fabric of her opened shirt moving upwards against her skin.

She shuddered a bit but remained still as maans lips claimed her & he gently cupped her bare breast in his hand. He ran his thumb along the smooth skin grazing the center as his kisses became more intense. She shifted a bit closer to him. She seemed bit tensed her hands anxious moving along his side. He slowly slipped her shirt away still  passionately kissing her bare shoulders drawing patterns with his wet lips marking her as his.
am I the only one getting naked  Geet asked nervously & jokingly
Maan didn't speak couldn't speak at first. Those were the last words he expected to hear from her.
Phir se kaho?? he tried to command.. but came out as a plea
All of the sudden she grabbed his shirt at the collar & ripped it open the buttons popped around some corners of the room. She finally looked at him, really looked at him. First at his eyes & then his lips, heat instantly rushed to his cheeks..turning him beet red. From his lips her eyes roamed down his neck & across his shoulders & toned chest, up each arm & down his stomach before grazing up his body again to look once more into his eyes ever so lusciously.
The next thing he knew he was in her arms, their hearts against each others. He shuddered in reaction of her madly caressing & kissing his bare chest wildly with her hands & teeth, kissing him bitting him madly all over as a flood of longing swept over her as effortlessly & timelessly as the blows. Even as she knew they were going too far her drunken state but still she couldn't think anything..more than being his..& the knowledge that somewhere deep down she was already his..just his.

Maan went crazy as he gently maneuvered his hand to tracks..his tracks she wore & slipped it under. 
He hungrily pushed her on the bed.. .. she gasped,,still kissing him madly.. Maan.. Maan..
only driving him insane
stop.. she tried to pull out of the entangled situation they were in.. glued..bare inch to inch.
She took a deep breath & kissed him.. Maan .. stop.. I think we should stop..
he continued to kiss her crazily not registering a word of wat she was saying, his touch was insaely heavenly.. she moaned
Maan plz stop..  we already gone too far..
she realized he was no where listening she helplessly cupped his face.. Maan we r not even in a relation
he ravenously took her lips into his.. does it even matter any more. He knew he couldn't have even thought about anyone else in his life.. he didn't even want to think how it was on her side..all he got was dhundlae aks..of hers..
Maan she moaned.. we should stop..
he laced his hands with hers.. his mind laughing at his own..plight.. yeh ladki pagal hain kya.. I can't control myself when she is slapping me.. how on earth I will I stop myself after all this. All he wanted was this was special just them.. he wanted to her not to remember anything else but his claim.. his passion, his desire.. just him..exactly how he is overwhelmed by her passion, her will.
He cradled her to the bed kissing her. He tried to endure every bit of hers bareness licking them, kissing them..tracing patterns nibbling around the curves.. making her moan his name.. when he couldn't take it any more  of his desire, he placed rough kisses.. driving her crazy.. he couldn't have control himself..seeing the dampness in her panties. She bit her lips feeling embarrassed. He rolled them down...  ..she moaned..puchki.. plz..
Maan felt his rousing lay flush against his jeans & it was beginning to get very painful for him, he grunted a bit as he went trying to get ride of them quickly unbuttoning & taking out the bracelet from the pocket...& slowly lay next to her..
he softly laced her fingers into his, kissing the length of it..he slipped the bracelet in her hand & tenderly kissed the wrist... mistimia..
she looked at him in awe.. it was the first time he addressed her after knowing her
I want u mistimia.. I want u..
how could she deny that !! she couldn't before nor could she now
but u hate me.. she cried..
he got ride of his boxers... lying as naked as she was.
Geets hands nervously laced his
as if u don't hate me.. he said gently, kissing their enlaced hands.
But I don't she cried in her heart.
Maan engulfed hard & sighed placing himself between her legs. He gently pushed her leg apart.  She  instantly held the pillow on either side her inside coiled in terror.  He was no less nervous.. he smiled weakly & leaned down to kiss her lips. He was not sure if that was right.. he was losing his virginity to her..not sure wat rules her mind & soul.
He kissed her hard.. fighting within to explain..himself.. giving all reasons to stop... all the instances.. negative abt her...
but that moment nothing seemed to matter as their bodies touched differently. His mere touch & she looked terrified under him..closing her eyes tightly.. biting her teeth. He dipped down & kissed her lips.. as he thrust himself right into her. Geet left out a cry.. but u hate me.. feeling him all the way deep inside her, tearing her.
Even with a slightest moment from him, she tensed
he kissed her passionately.. calming her down.
U ok.. he asked dearly.. she looked at him with teary eyes. He knew she wanted him as much he wanted her, just that she was too terrified.. he moved ever so softly.
Geet probably knew.. she was bleeding only feared her more.
She tried to look at the desire in his worried eyes don't stop she whispered gently biting her lips in pain but blown away with having him for her.
I so want u mistimia ...mia..
he murmured in her lips between heavy pants. She loved to hear him call her like that. His hands slowly left her laced hands & reached her bare breast, kneading it softly.. trying to make her feel less painful of their togetherness.
Suddenly she felt him going harder & rougher with her as she began to tense making him pleasured.

His arms began to weaken he was trying to please her.. make her happy.. pleasured like she could treasure it for ever. Maan devoured & sucked at her neck. He buried his head in the crook of her neck, giving everything he had to her to make her come, as she bit his neck violently. Just flowing with her. being one in a way they could never explain. All they could hear was ' heavy breathing.. echoing of .. misitimia.. ..mia... it didn't take them long to..before..they fell a sleep ..just in that warmth. 
ok.. still if anyone is not clear..they did make love.Embarrassed
another face off
thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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Originally posted by maaneet23

Originally posted by maaneet23

Originally posted by 18mypride

Originally posted by maaneet23

Originally posted by -pushpa-

Originally posted by maaneet23

tell me one think...
kya guruti janate honge tht we r missing them a lot...

They know Dear,dint you here their conversation on Radio Mirchi yesterday

ohh realy...can u give me d link...

Thanks a lot dear...

but it seems dey r not work together...but yah i love them to watch together...

they also wanted to work on office track n with d same cast...oppps 2 gud...

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yippieee me 1st to comment..Dancing
haaawww   whhhaaattt happpeenneeedd????ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
ok..getting a grip on myself...
ohh my..that was wild!!!!!
n guess more or less they have accepted their feeling for each other!!!
that was intense..passionate with tht
much needed longing n overflowing desires!!!!!!!
wonderfully portrayed their inner desires!!!!!

it of course it was blushy blushy tooBlushing
but me wondering wht will happen wen they wake up??Confused
i mean dey r drunk ryt.. kinda worried!!!!!OuchOuch
no no...super worried!!!!!!OuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuch

continue soon pleeejjj

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