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dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF thread 17 (Page 12)

CrazzyBusy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Water.

Originally posted by Mariam94

Originally posted by Water.

Originally posted by Mariam94

Originally posted by Water.

Originally posted by Mariam94

Originally posted by Water.

Mariam dear I am r u doing?LOL


Well m tired...

i am fine
why are u tired
over work kiya hai kya

Haan yaar i was working long IF pe relax karne aayi huin.

awww kyun itna stress leti ho tu
i mean less hrs kaam nahi kar sakti kya tum

Stress nahin hai...
Just making some money pay off my laptop :)
N den skool will start will not be able to earn as much

oh ok
but still don't take lots of stress
aur batao kya ho raha hai

Me going to make some tea now

yaar tea ka zikar bhi mat kar
pata hai maine kitne dino se nahi pi hai
uff miss teat so much

CrazzyBusy IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by _HaNo_

Originally posted by Mariam94

Originally posted by _HaNo_

Originally posted by Mariam94

Originally posted by _HaNo_

Originally posted by Mariam94

Originally posted by _HaNo_

Originally posted by Mariam94

Originally posted by _HaNo_

Muski di ab Update kar bhi do naa
aur kitna intzzar kawaoogi

Di deakho Hano kitna sad ho rahi hai
aur main tu

Update Muski di

Maan- Hano plz don't cry, i am sure Muski will give an update soon, (see muski ur Muski for me not Muski DI) now back to Hano, Hano dear deakho hum bhi tu intezar kar rahe hai Muski ke update ka, hum ek kam karte hai hum muski se request karte hai ke wo hamein jaldi se update de de
Mariam- Maan Mistimia kaha hai, aaj wo aap ke saath nahi aai kya
Maan- No mariam, aaj sirf main hi aya hoon kyun ki main Hano se kah ne aya tha ko roye nahi, nahi tu Mariam ko acha nahi lagta
Mariam- Thank u Maan, sachi Hano mujhe teri aankhon main aanson bilkul nahi ache lagte

awo shweeet ager maaan keh rahi hai tho maan jathi hoon Big smile
luv yaa maan LOL
aur marroom yr tussi gr8 ho ji Wink

Tussi bhi thodi na kam ho
Hale pe Dhal ho na

Mariam- Thanks Maan see i told u if u come with me hano will surly stop crying
Maan- Mariam ur most welcome I am happy that Hano listen to me and is not crying anymore, Hano Keep smiling and be Happy

haan naa maan ki kamal hai yeh maroom ok ok don't be upset tere bhi hai LOL

wo tu mujhe pata hai
chal aab jaldi se happy happy ho ja Di update jaldi kare gi unhone kaha hai

LOLLOLhaan per yeh jaldi kab aiye gi exactly itz already 7:07am now here Ouch

can u believe mujhe do logo ka wait karna par raha hai
ek tu Di ke udpate ka
aur ek mere Jiju ke skype pe ane ka
and he is also taking forever to come
uff ye intezar ki ghari kab khatam hogi

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ok me off now
i guess update vll da take time
so c yaaa all l8r

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me waiting...Day Dreaming

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Dhundlae aks

PART 123

The instant burned him.. he clinched his fist & looked away.. then looked at her again, she was pushing her hair behind.. & then hugging her bag close to her.  Oh man..!!!!  why she does this to me all the time.. he sunk in the floor.. reliving the every moment of their closeness.
Prachi called armaan. Geet closed her eyes realizing she was supposed to be going to her house.
Prachi ' hi armaan
armaan ' hi
Geet waved her hand.. not to tell she was here.
Armaan looked at her bit confused
prachi was getting worried ' teri Geet se baat huwen, she was supposed to be coming to my place for pyjama party.
Armaan looked at Geet
prachi ' abhi phone bhi nahi utta rahi hain, ghar ka bhi number nahi lag raha hain
armaan ' ek min.. ussen baat kar
prachi was taken a bit back, Geet is with armaan why won't she pick the call
Geet frowned at armaan & reluctantly said hi
her voice was filled with fear, that prachi could easily read
prachi ' kya huen tujhe phone kyun nahi answer kar rahi hain
Geet ' wo silent main tha
prachi ' we were supposed to have a party
Geet ' sorry yaar, phir kabhi
prachi pouted ' tujhe pata hain..aisen mauka kanha milta hain
geet felt really thing between her maan .. & this plan.. she really felt she was cheating her friend

Armaan dropped Geet home.
Armaan ' wo kaun tha Geet.. he asked hoping to get some answer
Geet ' kaun armaan
armaan looked at her for some time & sighed ' good night
Geet said good night & just laid flat on the bed. She didn't even have energy to change.
Next day Geet reached office. She looked totally worn out. The question why he tried getting so close when they r not in a relation ate her up. If he feels differently then why doesn't say anything or is it just a physical attraction.. she banged her head on the table. How could she even think abt him like that. He is not all that, warna in 2yrs prachi & Maan could have...
how cheap her thoughts started wandering she thought.
Prachi ne kabhi kaha nahi, they ever got close like that, not that I would say.. she paused at that.. she could clearly feel herself burning within. Did they !!!??
then consoled herself.. aisen koi baat hoti thi.. prachi ussen zaror kahti
she shouted herself.. stupid u should be worrying abt wat he did u.. not they did..GRRR
still the question remained unanswered.. is it like a physical attraction types..if so..then she is doing every thing to encourage it.
Oh babaji sab teehk kardo na.. she looked up cutely
just then she got a message... aabhi bhi naraz ho??(sms from Maan)
thats all he managed to type after thinking the whole night. .. & part of the day.
trying to reason wat took over him.. the worse part..he was not guilty..he was a different zeal took over. how shameless has he gone.. he is trying to message her..when she slapped him.. very is his ego gone!!!..

like he cared anymore..!! he was more desperate know if she was still angry with him.


She warned herself.. mat kholke deken.. tu pigal gayegi. Wat he did is not right. This wat ever is over...
she gave herself one big lecture & finally couldn't control.. read the message
she frowned.. gussa nahi.. bahut gussa hoon.. she thought in mind .. but didn't reply
pata hain bahut gussa ho??.. sorry kaha na (sms from Maan)

she made a O .. sorry kab kaha she snapped & kept the phone away
aacha abhi kah deta hoon.. sorry !!!(sms from Maan)

she had a cute smile.. on her lips.. but she continued to work twisting her lips.. she still didn't reply.
Waisen tum bahut buri ho... main ne mana kiya phir bhi tum uski jeep main gayen mera car main kante lagen then? ??(sms from Maan)

Yeh lo.. abhi taak tho sorry kah rahen the..abhi phi se gussa.. yeh samjh then kya hain aapne aapko

it was evening & Geet had not replied to any of his messages.
Tum kuch bolti kyun nahi??(sms from Maan)

she looked at the message & kept the phone aside..
abhi bhi nahi bologi.. he stood crossing his hand near the door.
She looked at every one the office. Oh god why is coming to office like this. Abhi tho yash sir bhi idhar hi hain she thought.
Then immediately looked back in the file.. may be she is hallucinating. Just then yash came in & put his hand around maan's shoulder. Geet got up seeing yash & then looked at Maan
Yash - Tumne wo file Dev ko dedi
Maan ' ji dad
yash took the file from her table & left.
Geet tried to sneak behind.. Maan stretched his hand & stopped her.
She pushed his hand away... he crossed his hand & came infront of her.
Meri baat tho sun lo
nahi ..mujhe aapki baten samjhe nahi aati
I know ..I got carried away..
she just closed her eyes..
lekin main kya karo..he closed the door blocking her way..
Maan sir plz..let me go
he doesn't seem to listen.. just kept walking towards her..
lekin main kya karo, I myself don't know why did something like that.
Almost squeezing her to the wall & his body
I know ..its not right..
he hit the door.. hard but not loud, she gulped her saliva & nervously looked here & there
but tumharen saat mujhe pata nahi kya hojata hain
he rested his head on her forehead
sab tumhari galti hain, tum na khud samjthi ho.. na mujhe kuch samjha thi ho
she fluttered her lashes looking down, melting her inner self. She warned herself.. sab teri galti hain. Just don't let anything happen.. iska kya hain.. he will coolly say..sab meri galti hain.
Lekin main kya karoon.. yeh aisen pas..pas.. aaten rahten hain..mujhe kuch kuch hota hain.

Geet ur being unreasonable ..he said slipping his hand around her waist, towering over her intimidatingly. She knew that ..dammit yeh tho kanhi bhi suro ho jathen hain, standing so close..she just started at him having no space to back even a inch. Same electricity curved between them, he felt his lungs filling with her scent, feeling her warmth & feeling her softness against him... he was sure he was going to end up getting another slap.
Next she knew was his breath was restless..she gave him a penetrating look. He started back giving the same lost look.. sealing the distance between them. She turned her face ..he closed his eyes..hitting the plane glass.
college party
-PREV  PART 122   NEXT  PART 124-
thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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after a long wait ...u gave us short one ...not fair
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reserved. Will comment later

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