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A bride without Jewels- SFF-NOTE Pg20 (Page 8)

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double post

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Originally posted by filmyprincess

Wow! Dear...Hugthis was amazing! Day Dreaming Dancing PartyLoved it!! Uff ManVeer r 2 cute...the pillow scene Heart it...! Thanks for the pm dear...can't wait to read more...I really wish something like this does happen...Big smile
finally updated it
sorry to make you wait though
but ahhh so glab you liked it
hehe i had to add the pillow scene to bring some romance ot it LOLEmbarrassed
thanks Hug

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Originally posted by reeha...k

LOVED IT!!! AmazingBig smile Please don't doubt yourself, you are a fabulous writer! Please do continue: You have me Hook, Line and Sinker,Just like Manveer Embarrassed

lolLOL m a very doubtfull person at times
thank you for reading and the encouraging words
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Awesome man seriously Clap... And ofcourse you'll continue it...

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Hey guys :) 
Merry Late Chrismas :) Hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family and the New Year brings nothing but happiness in your life's.

I'm not very happy with this update but i guess i'll have to do also guys this is the 2nd last part  :) Part 4 is going to be the final Update. 

Also i've just uploaded a Manyata-UdayVeer VM so do check it out 
Bin Tere - I hate love storys 

Please ignore the spelling and grammar errors i haven't had much time to check it. 

_Part 3_


Helkat, kutte ki tedhi dum , did you find no other place to sneeze but my face? Manyata shouted, standing in front of the bathroom door just having to come out of the shower.

I've been standing here for the past half an hour knocking the door for you to come out? Why do girls always take so much time in the bathroom? Do you have a secret door there or something? A puffy eyed, red nosed frustrated Udayveer said trying to get inside the bathroom.

You seem to know a lot about girls and they're bathroom. Let me guess, you probably were that secret door? I wish there was a secret door though that could lead me away from you. And why are you getting frustrated, I wasn't the one who told you turn this room into Antarctica and play polo bear, polo bear.

Manyaya , I don't have time for all this ,don't create trouble, move aside and let me enter. His voice was low not being able to raise it for his throat was in pain. He was annoyed at the irony of his plan had backfired.

Why are you getting grumpy, I didn't do anything, way is it that people always come marching up to me before and after an event takes place? It's something I always fail to understand. Huh, tell me why? It's like I'm always the reason for trouble.

Most of the times, take this for example...

Huh, she looked confused, wait what me. Did I tell you to turn the AC low? I wasn't the one holding the remote, you're the one who outta the blue decided to turn into a polo bear. How is it my fault?

I'll explain it some other day but right now let me pass I'm not feeling well or else-

Or, else what?  She was having fun annoying him, it was payback for irritating her the previous night and making her sleep on that cramped up sofa.

Uday had enough, he was in no mood for nonsense he clutched hold of her right hand which was blocking the bathroom door, twisted it behind her back and pulled her close.  Manyata's eyes grew wide open as Uday grazed into them. There was something about her eyes, he thought, many would find it funning but her eyes reminded him of the eyes of an owl. Yes eyes of a baby owl whenever they were wide open. They were black as the night, round and big, shinny as they grazed back. He always felt hypnotized by them and found them so fascinating. Her eyes would pierce his soul with so many questions; it was as if they could see right through him yet there was no sign of judgment. The moment of silence grew between them as he noticed her trying to push back a piece of her wet hair, it was troubling her right eye he moved his right hand towards gently and moved it. She looked at him head high with her eyes widening farther before anything  could be said that very same piece found its way back to her eye , this time he placed it behind her ear and moved his fingers down  her neck slowly traced it towards her  shoulder ,hand , than fingers,  locking both they're fingers together.  Manyata at last breaking out of her trance started to struggle out of his arms , it was amusing , although he was the one with a sore throat it was her not being able to make a sound. Uday leaned closer, his eyes set on her lips, his nose tickled abruptly making him push Manyata as he turned around and went;

"Aaccchhhiie, Aaachhhiie , acchiiee"  he turned to look at her but she wasn't there, he lowered his grazed slightly and found her laying on  the floor. Making his way he kneed down placing his hand on her shoulder

Manyata ape thika toh hai? He said with concern in his eyes.

 Chahat pe re, pushing him as she made her way up , Do you have some kind of mental problem? First you push and then come asking if everything's fine. And when you sneeze, it feels as if a tornado has hit blowing everything in sight outta sight.

It was an accident he defended himself with an innocent face.

Not willing to buy into his words, Hai hai its always an accident -

Dada, Dada, came Unnati's voice across the opposite end of the closed door , Dada open the door its already morning.

Uday glance at Manyata and then made his way to open the door in front of him, "so sorry to disturb you, but raat dhalne gayi  hai it's morning now. 8am and dad is waiting for both of you at the breakfast table.

Unnati, wait, I'll come with you, she made her way at the door ignoring any possible eye contact with Uday.

Okay dada, then we'll see you down stairs.


As he made is way down stairs, he noticed his wife was nowhere to be seen, he looked at his watch and it was 8.25 am. Pulling out the chair and greeting his father as he set down, his eyes searched for his princess to which Unnati took notice.

Dada, you just missed Manyata, I tried to her stop saying that you will drop her of at the Raj Mahal but she insisted on leaving. She said she would call you once there.

Tumhem pata hai, she listens to no one, looking rather pleased. She said she would call him once there. But he knew better than to believe her, he very well knew he would be the last person she would ever think of calling but there was always some hope.

Something must be done if not yeh ladki hum sab ko ek din la dubai gi, came a voice from the head of the table, after what she did yesterday do you know what impact it will have on us, news reporters are buzzing outside. If nothing is done soon, she will ruin this family and on our hard work.

Relax dad, you give her far too much credit. Now that we are married controlling her won't be so difficult. Her every move, thought and act will be monitored by me.

Monitored?  Unnati looked at her dada confused, is Manyata some kind of project or computer part that she needs to be monitored? Dada woh aap ki biwi hai koi projector nahi that you will scanner.

Unnati, it is best not to talk about matters you are unaware of also UdayVeer has said nothing wrong. We must protect our family.


A car pulled out in front of the Raj Mahal, as Manyata stepped out, dressed in a light baby blue dress. She ran into the Mahal hugging Komal and greeted all the servants who looked very much pleased as she as was to meet them. She stood there exclaiming how much she missed them all a while Komal, cherished her face. Jai stood afar at a distance witnessing this act of reunion in annoyance and anger, before Komal could call out for her she had left not wanting to be a part of anything that was related to Manyata. Brijral, stood from upstairs and watched his so called daughter, he was still angered by her action during the wedding but could not voice a word for he was forbidden to.

Walking into her classroom she saw Dadi Sa standing with her back towards her, it looked as if she had grown a few inches taller but was that possible in one night? 

 Your 15minutes late ' she said turning around pointing towards the clock.

Woh , Dadi Sa actually , the traffic and I was meeting everyone and -

Just because you are married now, does not make it an excuse for being late to class. UdayVeer and I had clearly talked about this before the marriage took place. These classes are still as important as they were 5months ago.  Now today's lesion will be based on two important factors the ball and press conference.  Everything must be perfectly laid out and careful thought of for this will be the first time you and Uday will be appearing publicly as a married couple. First you need to wear these, picking up a pair of high heels.

Ahhh, Dadi Sa but I know how to walk in high heels, Manyata placed them on and walked around the room to prove her point. See, easy, I don't need training in this, she said with much confidant


Manyata you are to walk as a fine lady not stomp like a horse now let me show you how a proper lady should walk.

Manyata looked amusingly at Dadi Sa than let out giggling

What's so funny?

Aap high heels main?

Toh  aap ko kya lagata hai, I can't walk in heels, I too used to wear heels at your age.  With that Dadi Sa walked around the room, Manyata , you need to walk with elegance, there should be a certain air in your mannerism. When you enter a room you must be able to capture the attention of your audience you must be graceful, to be able to achieve this is art itself.  She walked towards Manyata and lifted her sari up slightly making her golden heels visible. Taking Manyata's hand and walked around the room once more, never forget you are a princess; all eyes will be on you.  Not only will you have to walk in these heels, many will make their way for a dance.

Manyata learnt the basic lessons to ball room dancing, the manner she walked, bowing and greeting her guests.

Now for the final lesson, the press conference after the act you had put up yesterday, the media will leave no stone unturned to portray you and the royal family in negative light.  What were you thinking Manyata? Did you not think once about your family before putting up such an act?... Anyways let bygone be bygones, we can't turn back time but we can try to better our present action. Imagine I am one of the press reporters, Rajkumari Manyata, what was the reason for wearing a white sari on your wedding day? What message were you trying to convey are you not happy with this mirage?

Erm... Manyata stood there looking blank, to act was easy but to reason was difficult. She had not once thought what reason she would give to the media for such an act, she couldn't possibly come up front the media and say she was forced into marring Udayveer that she did not love him but ... She couldn't mention any of it  , there she was standing dumb struck finally reflecting on my action and the amount of damage she had done.

That is way I say Manyata , think before you act but you're so impulsive . To top it all you had no jewels on you -

Right between they're conversation, there was a phone ring, Manyata, knew her phone was to be switch off, it was a rule set out, but in the excitement of meeting everyone she had forgotten. She didn't dare move towards her phone knowing the affect it would have on Dadi Sa.

Pick it up, it must be Udayveer,5 minutes break, Dadi Sa, walked out the room, leaving them to converse alone.

She was right her phone flashed, "Polo bear calling,"


What's wrong? He could instantly sense something was wrong, her voice was shakily, low and slightly distressed.

Kuch nahi

Are you sure?

Yes, anyways how's your cold now?

Uday moved his phone from his ear to check if he had dailed the right number and spoke to himself, what's wrong with her? Placed his phone back to his ear, I'm fine, Unnati gave me some random medicine nothing to worry about. Now in a soft voice Manyata, what's wrong just let it out, trust me, his voice grew  tense and filled with concerned.

You were right, I'm always the reason for trouble, everyone is apprehensive because of me. Why can I never think before I act I don't do it on purpose it just happens.  Her eyes were teary; her voice was strained and faint.

Manyata , what are you saying, hum toh mazaka kar rahai thai, don't take my words seriously.

Nahi Uday it's entirely my fault no one will come up front and tell me but everyone is worried about the press conference. No one can think of any excuse for my behaviour...

With that she cut of the phone before Uday could say anything farther. He just stood there staring out the distance. He didn't know what was worst, having to see Manyata cry or not being able to be there to consulate her as she cried. He had never for once thought of the press conference and the impact it would have on Manyata. It wasn't her but him to blame... 

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OMG! amazing update! i wouldve never geusses that Uday gets sick over teh AC!  that was really funny. The MV scene was supercute! and i loved DS and Manyata's session! id love to see DS showing M how to walk in heels, lol! :)
great update :P

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OMG..What an update it was..I take a was fantastic :)
Please continue soon :)
Lots of love :)

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amazing fabulous awesome update
and i loved that polo bear thing

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