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FF: Mysterious Murder at Manampur; Updt-Pg 44;5/2 (Page 33)

Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:16am | IP Logged
nice part 
continue soon

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khusi_* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 12:55am | IP Logged
hmmm..damn interesting!
2 parts more naa!
Now a total 'besaram' question of mine...
Can we get the rest 2 parts at a time? :D

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thank u All!!! Smile

@ Meena - I read ur post but forgot to Comment Embarrassed it was too good and i love that recipe. Tongue 

@Polly - that photo i think u will get to know mostly in next update. 

@Kushi! hahah! though the updates are ready, i want to u wait and guess LOL next one is also a lengthy one as it involves too many dialogues Embarrassed 

@ All! the clarification for the doubts u have regarding 

the paper n photo - will be known in the next 2 updates 

Mr. Abjit Behera's too in the update 2

Charu's msg will be revealed in the epilogue

Will come up with Epilogue with all the details in a row and how they occured and why? Smile
swethasyam08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Next update will be on 25th as all are busy with ur banner preparations Embarrassed

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colorful :P

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swethasyam08 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 10 Part 1: On The Track


It was 8.30 in the morning when Manish ji reached Home.


S: Welcome back. How was ur trip?

M: It was good but very tired.

S: (Serving him tea) Have u made any progress?

M: I don't know. Must put all the pieces together and see. Few more questions to be solved.

S: Good to know that.


In the after noon he called Adi and invited him to the dinner so that they can discuss about the case.

In the evening, Adi reached by 6 PM….

A: Welcome back sir! How's ur trip? Did u come up with any thing?

M: Not sure but yes.

A: U must be very tired after the journey.

M: Don't worry I'm fine and took some rest in the afternoon.

A: How was it there?

M: I met the person's daughter and I went through all the questions I had intended to ask. It didn't result in much though. By the way how were things at ur end?

A: Hmm, According to the plan, they had visited their homes in a friendly gesture in the name of invitation, but they weren't alone they went in a group with others too involved.

M: Hahaha intelligent girls haaa…..

A: They have mentioned the entire list, what ever they can and few things were real interesting. Here is the list. 

M: (After going through the list) this one is quiet interesting (pointing towards one of them). I think I read about this thing somewhere or heard of this.

A: Even I felt strange sir. My friend said, that they rarely uses it, these days and it's dangerous at times. I think we can ask him to explain in detail about it so that we can get a clear idea. He stays in the near by area.

M: That's a good idea. If possible we can meet him right away if he's free.

A: Sure sir. We just met and he is free now anyways. I will ask him to come here.

M: No problem.


After 10mins Adi's friend arrives. They all went into the study.

A: He is Hemanth!

H: Good evening sir! It's pleasure to meet u. We often discuss about u and ur works.

M: Please make ur self comfortable. So Adi said u were aware of this thing.

H: Yes sir! When Adi asked me about it, I felt a bit strange. Nobody uses much unless it's really necessary. It's called Ultrasonic repellant. It's used to cause some sort of weird / unpleasant sounds.

M: Weird sounds? What does that mean?

H: Well weird sounds for example; saw screeching on wood, fingernails on a glass window etc.

M: Those are certainly unpleasant. Can u explain us in detail?

H: Well, they travel as sound waves. When these sound waves are sent in cycles at certain frequencies they can be very unpleasant to human beings. They are of two types: low sounds and high sounds.

Low sounds - low frequency sound of less than 20 cycles for several minutes; in this case it will be called vibrations; which we can feel but cannot hear. U would feel uncomfortable after experiencing the vibration for a while and ur head would start aching and ur body might start shaking. It's a strange phenomenon.

M: Does one really react that way?

H: Yes sir, most definitely. The same can be said about high sounds. General range for humans is 20 - 20,000 Hz.

High Sounds - they are above 20,000 cycles. When they are exposed between 20,000 to 30,000 cycles for few minutes, on hearing them, one starts to feel strange. Please look at this diagram. It plots the average range of auditory senses of people in terms of frequency and volume.

M: Between 20k to 30k cycles, sound can make u sick?

H: Yes.

M: Very very sick?

H: It would depend on individual susceptibility, of course. Those who are especially vulnerable could even die - if the cycle of sound waves went on and on.

M: I see. Can u say whether this can be related to that? If so please explain this based on that? (He gave the paper that was found near the Karan's body.)

H: (After seeing the paper for few minutes) Oh god. This is certainly related to this method sir and who ever have done it, had used above 20K cycles.

M: (A bit surprised) what? Are u sure? How can u say that? And what does these numbers mean and also those empty lines?

H: Hmm, this man is very clever. They are not really numbers they are timings. (both Adi n Manish ji were surprised to hear that) 1935 is not the year but the time i.e 7.35 PM. I may be wrong but seeing this I feel it should be that, as we saw many such cases in my department. And the empty lines are a kind of pause time in between or some sort of pleasant sound.

M: Pleasant sound? Can it be music too?

H: Yes it can be music too. And for this, a person need not be a musician or something, any one can use it and play a recorder too. I think u got what I meant? (In a question mark face he saw both of them)


Manish ji asked few more questions which he had in mind and they dispersed.



Next day morning he saw an article in news about the cabinet reshuffle and Mr. Grover had been given Agriculture and forestry minister. Looking at the article he remembered something and rushed to office.

He enquired about Mr. Grover's native place and confirmed it. Then he called the Theater owner in Nasik, whether he is acquainted with Mr. Sethuraman. The owner said 'no'.


The he asked about Mr. Grover. He said: Mr. Grover is from the same native place as his. He donated to the Theater and also attended the inauguration function of the theater too. The photograph was there in the office till January but later he shifted it to his residence.


Manish Rajan enquired about the photograph. After getting the details, he asked him to send a copy of it to the headquarters address. The owner understood and accepted to send it immediately.



Evening - in Grover's Mansion:


There was a big party. The victory group boys attended the party. Rohith was already there. He was surprised to see his friends. They wished Mr. Grover. The news reporters were interviewing Mr. Grover on his success. Kushi was looking gorgeous in Sea green dress. Both the couple were center of attraction other than Mr. Grover's success. They both thanked their friends for joining the function. It was like the wedding party rather than Mr. Grover's success party.



Next day Manish ji got a courier from the Theater owner in Nasik. He was eagerly waiting for it to arrive. As soon as he received it, he opened it and saw the photograph. As it wasn't that clear, he used a magnifying glass. He recognized the person in it and surprised. The persons in the photograph were, Mr. Grover, Kushi and the 4 victory group boys. So this is it.

He called Adi immediately and asked him to meet at the same caf.


After 30min they reached the caf and sat at the corner of the room.


M: We got the man we wanted. We were thinking of the wrong man till now. Here is the photograph which I received today.

A: (After gazing at it for a while) I can't believe it. It's him?

M: I think Mr. Sethuraman must have identified him and he visited the theater again to confirm the kid he had taken care in his childhood. So he wanted to meet him and thus changed his plan to visit Lucknow. I think he got his phone no. from telephone directory. They met. In my opinion he had informed about his father too who is alive. The murderer wanted to hide his identity so he had to kill Mr. Sethuraman. Polly helped him in disposing the clothes. As karan is interested in Polly, she might have asked his help in going to Sahu hills as a stranger. He might have done it for her. Karan must have known about Polly's affair with murderer. So this is it. (He shouted in excitement)

Now we have to find where Polly resided before she moved to the apartments. I assign that work to u.

A: Sure sir! I think it must be in 3 - 5 miles radius, as he cannot walk with that blood stained clothes much. Though it was dark he cannot have taken a taxi too. I don't think he used his own car. So we can make a search upto 10 miles radius and see first.

M: That's good. Meanwhile I will visit the theater and find out her previous address.



That evening, Manish ji visited the Avanthi Theater. The receptionist recognized him and greeted him.


M: Sorry to trouble u guys again. Can u give me the previous address of Polly?

R: (A bit confused and surprised) Sorry to say but we don't have it sir. She never gave her previous address. May be Jayati mam or any of the other staff must have known about it. Right now they are in the rehearsals. Could u wait for some time?

M: Sure. Where is the rehearsal going on?

R: In the hall. U can watch it from the room over there.

M: Oh that's great. Sure I would like to see.

She guided him to the room. Manish ji was watching the play for some time and suddenly he thought something. He came to the reception where the other staff were chit chatting of why did he want Polly's address now.

R: How was it?

M: It was interesting. They're all putting a lot of spirit into their performances.

R: Glad that u liked it sir.

M: I would like to ask something. I noticed that u need many costumes.

R: Yes, we do. Just making those costumes takes quite a bit of money.

M: Do u save those costumes after u finish with a performance?

R: Yes, we usually save them.  And the wardrobe mistress will take care of those.

M: Wardrobe mistress? Can I meet her now?

R: Yes, sir. This way please.

She introduced her as Mrs. Shalini Bhattacharya and left.

M: Sorry to trouble mam! But I would like to ask u few questions.

S: It's ok. What is it u'd like to ask me?

M: There must be an incredible number of costumes. Do u ever lose any?

S: No. That hardly ever happens.

M: Hardly ever? Then that means that sometimes they do disappear?

S: Yes, it almost never happens but there are times when one or two pieces might be missing. But that's only once every several years.

M: I see. That must be because u're careful about overseeing the costumes. But there must be forces beyond ur control. No matter how careful u r, with so many times, there must be times when the no's aren't complete.

S: Yes, then it's my responsibility.

M: I see. Did a man's costume disappear last December?


Shalini looked surprised at Manish ji's specific question.

S: Yes, one did. After the show, a man's raincoat disappeared and we couldn't find it. I replaced it with new one as there was a show that day too.

M: A Raincoat? And when was that?

S: Let me check the date sir. I usually write it down in my diary if such things happen. (After checking her diary) it was on December 3rd that I noticed that the raincoat is missing.

M: December 3rd. That's it. What's the time when the previous day show ended and where?

A: Well it's near to the Manampur railway road some 5kms, and the show ended at 9.30 or 10 P.M.

M: Do u always store them in the wardrobe?

S: Yes. Generally we store all the costumes in the store room wardrobe, but sometimes we just leave it in the dressing rooms if it is outside the Theater.

M: Whose coat was it?

S: It was Karan's sir.

M: What was it Karan's? (He raised his voice in involuntarily and Shalini was surprised at his loud voice) Thank u mam for ur cooperation.

He asked few more questions to her and the receptionist and left.

Chapter 10 part 1 completed.

Next - The final Step

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@swetha very gud job!! ClapClapClapi want 2 press the like button 4 both parts i.e one on page 32 & oder on page 34 but cudn't as this button is not working properly on my net page!!

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swetha m busy with mah studies so wait 4 ma rply till i complete reading...

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