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FF: Mysterious Murder at Manampur; Updt-Pg 44;5/2 (Page 29)

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Originally posted by vss08

Next update will be 2moro mostly
yipee !! Big smile

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arrey baap re ... ek aur death ( Murder ) Ouch

Msg kya tha???

plz giv us the next update asap

cant  wait ...

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Chapter 8 - Part 2: The Search Begins 


Manish ji noted the address of Karan and visited his apartment. The apartment owner greeted him and surprised to see the police man.


M: (To put the lady at ease) I have visited this place as I was a fan of Karan as an actor. I would like to ask about him few questions if u don't mind.

O: What is it? Did he do anything wrong?

M: No, it's not that, just few routine enquiries. Well, what kind of man was Karan?

O: He was a very kind and decent man.

M: (After asking normal question he slowly started asking what he wanted to know) Did he bring any friends to the apartment?

O: No never.

M: Did he ever visit Sahu hills?

O: Yes, he did. He said he got 4 days off from theater so he was going on some pleasure trip.

M: (His eyes brightened) When was this and r u sure it was Sahu hills?

O: Yes. I know it was Sahu hills as he got me some presents from there. He informed me when he returned that he went to that place.

M: Any relatives or family members visited him often?

O: No. He always visited his relatives but no one visited him. Not atleast once.


He thanked the lady and left. He immediately called Adi and asked him to meet at a Cafe near Head quarters.


A: (Seeing Manish ji's expression) U seem as if u have come up with a big clue.

M: Yes, I found out the stranger, who visited Sahu hills.

A: What? (Gave a exciting expression) Who was it? I would like to know all the details.

M: Yes, I will tell u all that. (Sipping the coffee) Few days ago an actor died of heart attack.

A: Yes, it was Karan, Jayati's friend. She had high hopes for him in future.

M: That's right. He was the one who acted as stranger.

A: What? Karan was the stranger in Sahu hills? But how did u find out?

M: U know very well how serious I was about this case. Well as a matter of fact, today morning I read an article about that group member we saw in Sahu hills.

A: Yeah, Victory group.

M: Yes, it was then I thought that Karan was used to disguises as he was an actor. I had a flash that he was the man who had gone there.

A: But how did u come to the conclusion?

M: I visited his apartment today and enquired about him. The apartment owner said he visited Sahu hills for 4 days and she remembered because he gave her some gifts when he returned. We cannot ask Karan directly as dead can't answer. But I'm sure, there's no mistake.

A: I'm impressed.

M: I remembered that complicated article by the critic guy of Victory group and I read it because I saw him in Sahu hills. Then suddenly I correlated the two and it fits perfectly, the stranger and the Sahu hills all in one frame.

A: So this time it's on right target.

M: That's fine but why did he go to Sahu hills? He wandered aimlessly in that disguise, when he knows in that small town, he will be noticed. He didn't do anything other than wandering. I can't imagine what brought him to Sahu hills in disguise.

A: Wait a minute. What if he was sent there on that purpose?

M: That's it. He made an impression of stranger and fell in the eyes of people. (Nodded as if he came to some conclusion)

A: But why did he do so?

M: The rumor about the strange man found its way to the local police. And we were searching and requested information about the Sahu and killing. We were taken in.


Then they both went to the place where Karan was found dead.


M: This is the place.

A: I see. The bus stop is right over there, isn't it? Karan was waiting for the bus can be a possibility.

M: That's true. Can u find the exact bus timings here around 8 P.M.

Adi ran for the bus and asked the conductor.


A: There's a bus at 7:30 P.M. Then for every 20mins interval there is a bus.

M: So they come quite often. Karan died at 8 o' clock. If we assume that he was waiting for the bus, then his heart attack must have occured in that 10 - 15 min gap. If that is the case, then he is unlucky.

Then Adi was walking over that place and just a few meters away he found a paper which was folded. When they opened it, it listed some data with the title "Total Amounts of Insurance Disbursed"

They thought it was some insurance paper torn apart.

A: I wonder if there's someone in this area interested in these figures.

M: May be.


The statistics were a little of interest to the two men. But the paper was dropped about few meters away from the dead body.


A: I wonder how long had this paper been here.

M: It's not very dirty. Was it dropped purposefully? I wonder why Karan would carry something like this.

A: Karan died 3 days ago. Could it be at that time?

M: Do u think someone other that Karan dropped this? It can also be a possibility that it was a piece of paper blown by wind.

A: Yes sir. I think we should take that possibility into account. But I also think that the person who accompanied Karan to this place might have written these statistics down, some one who was interested in this statistics.

M: May be.

A: Or Karan had been given that piece of paper and had it in his pocket. When he collapsed it might have fallen out and later wind blew it over there. 

M: (Laughing) It's probably unrelated. Karan wouldn't have given something like this. It would have been of no interest to him. But ur idea that there might be someone with Karan is interesting.

M: (Pointing at the figures) The chart starts at 1935. But there are no no's for the first 4.

A: May be they don't have any or might be of no interest, or unclear.

M: I understand that. But look at these two for 39 and 40 there are blanks again.


Both were not able to figure out anything from that.

A: What shall we do with this paper now?

M: Well for time being it will be with me. It might be of some use later. Sorry for dragging u all the way.

A: I'm glad I came along.


They left to the head quarters. Manish Rajan headed straight to the Chief - Suraj Sachdev's room.

M: Sir! I would like to know about the music concert that was recently performed.

S: First the northeastern dialect now music; what on earth brought u to this topic?

M: Well, there was something I was thinking about. (He kept his answer vague and left the room)

He had become curious about all the members of the Victory group. He could not imagine the connection between this group and Karan who was only friend to Jayati. He hardly knew or met the group.

That evening Adi called Manish ji who was still at work.

A: Sir! Remember we were wondering why Karan had gone to Sahu hills? I've got an idea.

M: Really? I'd like to hear it.

A: I thumbed through the newspapers from around the time of the murder. About 3 or 4 days after the murder, articles appeared saying that the police were pursuing a lead, that the murdered and victim had been talking in northeastern dialect and that the name Sahu hills had come up.

M: I see, and?

A: I think these newspaper articles led to Karan going to Sahu hills. As the investigation team was concentrating on these two, the murderer thought that Sahu hills would attract the attention of police. Couldn't it be that his main aim was to focus attention on that area?

M: Yes, that could it be. (Shouting out louder) u've really hit upon something.

Adi's excitement was heightened by Manish ji's praise.


A: To keep the attention of the police on Sahu hills, there had to be something strange happening there. I think that's what the killer calculated. He performed some trick. He is not from Northeastern region he is from else where.

M: Then what about Karan?

A: He was sent by the murderer of course. May be Karan had gone there without knowing the intensions of the murderer.

M: So Karan is acquainted with the murderer.

A: I think they were close each other as he asked Karan to go there.

M: Thank u. U have come up with good point. I'm very much impressed.

A: (A bit embarrassed) I was just thinking about it. I might be wrong.

 M: No, no. U've been very helpful.

A: I'm glad to hear that. Can we meet some where so that we can talk about it? (He hung up.)


M (thought over what Adi said): There is no doubt about what Adi suggested. He found out why Karan went to Sahu hills. This brought the murdered into clear focus. They both knew each other; He was not from northeastern region but from somewhere else.

Karan wanted to tell him something he knew. He might have wanted to talk something else which's important.

As he was thinking he was making a note on a paper, with hands on his forehead, he stared at his notes.

Karan's death had created a problem. If he had been murdered then there would be clues but it was heart attack. The murderer must have known that his heart is weak. The timing was also perfect. But doctor said it's natural regarding heart attack.

We found nothing from Sahore. May be Polly and the murderer must have a close relationship and Karan must have know about it.

Many theories were going in Manish ji's head.


2 days later there was a meeting in the head quarters. The people who attended the meeting were: the investigation team including Adi, and then Ashi, Swetha and Jayati from Victory group (A secret meeting for them).


The main purpose of the meeting is keeping an eye on the Victory group members and giving up to date info of their movements. If they feel any thing suspicious, must be reported to Manish ji or Adi. 

Secondly to get the background details of 4 members of whom they were suspecting. That task was given to the investigation team.

Manish Rajan started giving the details of the things to be covered and all. All the plans as to how and where to approach were discussed in that meeting.


M: I'm glad we are going according to the plan we have decided and I hope we will definitely chase the murderer. Till now what ever ways we have approached seemed to be closed but there will be one string which we need to find. (Pointing towards the Victory group) the killer I suspect is one among ur group. That's the possibility. So keep an eye on each and every person we have mentioned. And also be careful.


S: Ladies and Gentlemen! We have to chase this mystery at any cost. It's been 9 months from the incident and we have no clue. Now that our case has taken a direction, I hope it will turn to be a positive one. I wish u all a Good luck.


The team dispersed and the victory group girls were left with Adi n Manish ji.

Manish ji gave all the necessary instructions to them.


M: This time we are not going to lose any of ur team members. We will be taking care of that. I hope u understood the plan and take care that no one suspects u.


All the three took leave from him and went to near by caf. As it was lunch hour Radhi too joined them.


They started teasing Radhi. She shared all the funny things happened during those recent days with them. As her family members were now seeing matches for her, she was a bit disappointed. After talking for a while, Radhi left to the office. They were planning to the University club as they have some work to do. When they stepped outside, they were surprised for what they saw.


A: Was it really him?

S: Even I can't believe it. How can he do so? No repentance in his face at all.

J: Leave it guys! Now he is bothered about status and career. A selfish man repenting never… U can see that in his face.

A: Very true. Lets move from here guys before he see us.

S: Yes, we don't want to talk to him. Let's go now.


It was Sid with his new fiance, the daughter of big shot. They were in the car when these 3 saw him.


Chapter 8 Completed

Next - A State of Confusion

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swetha kya updt hai yaar...sach mein cant guess who's the culprit ri8 now some r coming in my mind but lets see who r those...
aur yeh kya sid apni nayi fiancee ke saath Angry Angry
oh its really very much intrsting ...
updt soon...

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@ swetha :
        huge update yar & as usual an awesome updateClap !! but i didnt understand the details given in the insurance paperConfused..sab dimaag ke upar se chala gayaLOL !! & what's this..sid with a new fiancee Shocked?? heights of infidelity could he do this Shocked?? ok, so three members of victory group are asked to keep an eye on their fellow members, right ?? update soon.Big smile this is one of the best FFs i have read on IF ClapClap( no offence meant to anyone ).

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Polly that paper thing for now its of no use! u will get to know what it is. and what's in it Embarrassed

Guys next update will be a bit late! as the weekend is near and i didn't yet start writing it, though i have the idea of what to write and the plot. 

will try to post it by sunday if not monday; of which i'm not sure; 

this weekend is a festival for us. so i might be busy with pooja and all. Embarrassed

So for chapter 9 u have to wait. sorry for that but will bring up with some interesting things in next update.

thank u all Big smile

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@ swetha : it's ok dear, take your time..koi jaldi nahi hai !! Smile

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awesome i was right partly right u can say
so  someone from victory group  is the culprit

this was great update

parts of it i also didnt understand but i think rest did work out well

and take ur time no hurry

and ya thanks for commenting on my blog post swetha

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