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FF: Mysterious Murder at Manampur; Updt-Pg 44;5/2 (Page 20)

swethasyam08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2012 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
thanks Meena! 

SS is a suspense for now. 

He/She will be revealed only at the end. LOL

chatterbox IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2012 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
oh u mean ss u mentioned above is not yet revealed  yet

o ok

then let me guess till now

ss is one of the characters secret identity
one of the characters  u have introduced till now


ok dont ans on that or reveal yet but  i can make a guess  hehe

i would go thru this recap again  later

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Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 2:48am | IP Logged
Thanks Now I Also Will Not Have To Get Confused In Between !ClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 7:10am | IP Logged
@ swetha :
              brilliant updateClap !! i cant help appreciating the way you have maintained the suspense all throughout the storyThumbs Up..ok, here you have revealed the identity of the victim, that's good. & also introduced his adopted son, who is a person with grey shades ( i think so ). i too was going to ask the same question ..what has sahu hills in H.P. got to do with NE accent ?? but then you said that you will disclose the suspense later..toh, thik hai, wait karte haiWink !! aakhir sabra ka phal meetha hota hai !! Big smile
              desperately looking forward to your next update !! keep pming !!Big smile

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swethasyam08 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 5 Part 2: The women of the paper blizzard


At Rajan's House

When Manish ji reached home it was still light. The days were longer, but he had also gotten home earlier than usual. Mr. and Mrs. Tharun n Hema Veeramani were chatting with Shilpa ji. Rushi n Ashrita were playing. After having tea they all decided to go to near by park with kids.

While Rushi and Ashritha were playing, elders were chatting. Manish ji was asking about Tharun veeramani's business progress. He inturn asked Manish ji abt the case. Shilpa ji was reminding them of Rushi's b'day party which was near and they were thinking of how to arrange and all.

Rushi who was listening to that suddenly came running and was asking the gifts he wanted. Ashirtha started teasing him saying Rushi is always at a "Rush" while he was calling her as "Ash". Both of them had fight regarding that.

The elders stopped them from fighting. Manish ji promised him for the gifts he asked while Shilpa ji was stopping him to promise as he had enough of what he asked.

All had a good laugh.



Location: Book Store

Mr. Syam, owner of a publication company, finished his work at office and entered a book store near the office. He passed a young woman walking on the side walk. The light from a display window shone in bands illuminating her profile. He thought he had seen her some where before.

He kept walking towards the bookstore and looked at the new releases. He wandered farther back into the shop, scanning the shelves aimlessly. His attention was caught by a book entitled "Have a Pleasant trip". The instant he saw the book he remembered.

He had seen her not long before, on a train on his way back from Bareily to Lucknow. The second class compartment was empty. The girl had gotten on at sitapur and taken a seat next to the window facing him but across the aisle. She had a pretty face. Although she wasn't wearing expensive clothes, she wore her clothes with flair.

He had gone to Bareily on a business so it must be in the mid of January. It was a night train, and though it was not hot in the compartment, she had opened her window half way as soon as they pulled out of Sitapur. But if that were all, he might not have remembered.

He was startled out of this recollection when he felt someone tapping him on his shoulder.

He turned around and saw Mr. Karthik, a friend and business partner of Syam.

K: What were you thinking about? You looked as if you were far, far away.

S: How about having a cup of coffee with me?

K: (Sipping coffee in the brightly lit coffee shop) What were you thinking about so seriously in the bookstore?

S: I wasn't really thinking. I was trying to remember something. I'd just passed a girl on the street that I had seen somewhere on a trip.

K: Sounds interesting. I'd like to hear about it even if it's not interesting. Go on, tell me about it.

S: I had been bored with the long train ride that evening. Perhaps it was because he was bored that his attention had been drawn to the young woman who had gotten on at Sitapur. Besides her hand bag she carried another small canvas bag, like the ones stewardesses use.

After leaving Sitapur, the train ran through a lonely mountainous area. At first the girl read a book. Then, when the train passes, she opened the window wide. I noticed this because it had let in a cold draft.

The girl stared out of the window. Because it was dark, she couldn't have been looking at the scenery. Other than the occasional lonely light from a distant house, there was nothing but a succession of black mountains. I thought that perhaps she hadn't ridden this train very often. Since she had gotten on at Sitapur, I guessed first that she was from Sitapur, traveling to Lucknow on a pleasure trip. But her clothing seemed too sophisticated. She had on an ordinary black suit, but she wore it stylishly. She had to be from Lucknow after all. From the side, her face was thin, and she had a slender figure.

I had turned back to the book I had been reading. But before I could finish one page, the girl once again attracted my attention. She put the canvas bag on her lap and opened it, and then took something white out of it and began throwing it out the train window. The wind whipped in as the train rushed forward. The girl stuck her hand out the window and continued tossing something out. She did this all the way from Khairabad to the next station.

Then she went back to reading her book. But after the train started and somewhere between, she put the book down and again started throwing away whatever it was she had in her bag. I was curious. Pretending I was going to the rest room, I walked to the end of the compartment. I looked out from the back of the compartment and saw small, white pieces of paper being tossed by the wind, making a kind of blizzard. I thought she was fighting boredom by this innocent mischief and smiled at her childishness.

I returned to my seat. I picked up my book and tried to continue reading, but the girl kept distracting me. As the train moved in the next station, she again put her had in the bag and started scattering another paper blizzard.

The train reached next station; some new passengers entered the compartment. Among them was a fat man about fifty yrs old who looked around the compartment and finally sat down in front of this girl.

Casually, I continued to watch the girl. She seemed a bit perplexed now that there was someone sitting in front of her. Yet she did not move to close the window. After the train had passed several stations, she again began scattering small pieces of white paper out into the darkness. The man across from her grimaced because of the cold wind blowing on him from the window, but he just looked at the girl and said nothing.

After a while, she closed the window. She was now engrossed in her book. Thinking that they were finally nearing Lucknow, I looked up and saw that the man was talking to the girl. His attitude seemed a shade to amiable. It seemed that he was the one forcing the conversation, while she offered monosyllabic responses.

The two couldn't have known each other. The man had boarded the train long after the young woman. He seemed to be chatting with her just to pass the time. But to me it did not appear to be a case of casual conversation. The man was very insistent. He took out a pack of cigarettes, but she shook her head. Next he pulled out some chewing gum, but she wouldn't take any gum. The man took this refusal as mere politeness and pressed her again to have some gum. She finally gave in and took a piece, but didn't unwrap it. The man became increasingly obnoxious. He causally stretched out his legs towards hers. Startled, she drew her legs in. Pretending not to notice, the man kept is legs stretched out and continued talking to her.

I heard about young girls being bothered on trains by middle-aged men. I decided to interfere if the man continued to annoy her. Although I tried to read my book, I was unable to concentrate on it. I kept watching the situation. She clearly looked irritated, but the man persisted.

Gradually the lights of Lucknow appeared. Some passengers started to take their bags down from the overhead racks. The obnoxious man was still talking. The girl didn't have to worry about her luggage because all she had was the small case. When the train reached the station, the girl greeted the man and stood up. He stood up as well and quickly whispered something to her. She blushed and rushed toward the door. The man hurried after her.

I closed my book and stood up. The train slid into the platform. I walked to the door. The man was standing close behind her, right up against her. He was still murmering in her ear. It was clear that he was trying to get her to go somewhere with him.


That's why I remembered her.

K: what an interesting story. I've heard that there's an increasing number of such rude men.

S: I was appalled. I'd heard about them, but this was the first time I had seen one in action.

K: but I'm more interested in the young girl and the paper blizzard she was creating. You said it seemed mischievous, but to me it seems poetic.

S: Perhaps it was. I was more upset by the man's behaviour.

K: it's interesting that you couldn't remember her when u saw her, but recalled this in the bookstore. As u told it was in mid of Jan almost 4 months passed. Why don't we publish this in our magazine? Let's make it to be a light essay so that it will be interesting for the people who read it. As u were present at the incident why don't we publish it on ur name?

S: On my name! No way. U know I won't like such things. U better do it as a general topic.

K: In that case I will publish it on my name as if I were there and I saw the blizzard thing and all. Don't worry I won't take ur name.

S: Fine. Readers will like it better that way. How about saying that u took a fancy to the girl urself?

K: That'd be terrible. Then I would sound like a dirty man. And was she beautiful?

S: I guess you'd say she was. She was on the slender side. And she had a charming face.

K: Yes, well. By the way, how is Swetha doing? Heard that she is very busy with her research these days?

S: She is fine. Yes she is very busy. Ok then will meet u in the office 2moro.



Near Park

Manish Ji and rest of them went to near by restaurant, had dinner and retuning home.

When they were on their way to home they saw the young women who moved in to the apartment building recently. She was just entering the building.

"She is the girl who moved into the apartment" Hema ji said to them.

T: Oh the young actress ri8.

H: Actually she is not actress. She works as a clerk in the Avanthi Theater. As she is has very pretty face people thought she is an actress.


When they looked at her she already disappeared into the apartment building.


M: What would be the pay scale for a clerk? Is anyone helping her in paying rent, as it's difficult for her to pay 6k every month?

S: Don't know much about her but the building manager says that she won't speak much.



Polly, a clerk at the Avanthi Theater, entered her apartment on the second floor. It was dark inside. She had just moved in, but already the air inside felt different. She was relieved to feel it surround her.

Her apartment was newly built and arranged for efficiency. Polly turned on the radio, keeping the volume down. The radio helped to keep her company. She had looked in her mailbox on the way up the stairs, but there was nothing, not even a postcard.

She prepared some dinner. The room that had seemed empty suddenly gained some warmth. On this small scale, the process of living had begun. She had some tea after the dinner and sat idly for a while. The radio was pouring out music. It was not the kind she liked, but she felt too lonely to turn it off.

Polly went to her desk and took out a notebook. She turned on the lamp but could not begin to write. She rested her chin on her hand, motionless. She could not shape her thoughts easily into sentences.

She heard footsteps in the hallway. They stopped in front of her door. She heard a knock.

It was the apartment manager's wife. She said: Polly, u have a phone call. 

Polly frowned because it was too late to be receiving phone calls. She said: I'm sorry. Thank you.

She followed the woman down the hallway. The telephone was in the manager's apartment on the first floor.

She apologized. When the door to their apartment opened, she could see the manager reading the news paper. Polly greeted him.

The telephone receiver had been left off the hook. Polly put the receiver to her ear. "Hello this is Polly speaking. Who's calling?" She asked. She did not seem pleased at the answer.

"What are u calling for?" she listened and then said, "No, u can't. Please don't."

With the apartment manager and his wife right there, she kept her voice low. The call was from a man. The manager and his wife were trying to circumspect, but since they were sitting next to her, they could overhear the conversation.

"That would present a problem for me." Polly sounded very perturbed. It was unclear what the man at the other end was asking for, but from her responses, it seemed clear that she was refusing. Over the telephone, the man seemed to persist. She responded, "I can't," of "That would be difficult for me."

After about three minutes, she hung up the telephone.

She thanked them and left the room. She returned to her room and stood listlessly, a sad expression on her face. Polly stared out the window, thinking. The lights of the street blurred against the night sky. There were few stars. Polly closed the curtain and returned to her desk. She opened her notebook, grasped her pen and sat lost in thought for a while, her chin on her hand. She started to writ, pausing often to think. She wrote a line, and then crossed it out.

"Must love be a lonely thing? Our love has lasted for five years. Yet nothing has been built from this love. It will probably continue on in vain. Forever, he says. The futility of this love tastes empty and feels like grains of sand slipping through my fingers. At night, despair haunts my dreams."

She heard some one whistle a tune, passing back and forth outside her window. She looked up from her notebook. Stood up and without looking outside, she turned off the light.

He kept this up for about 20 mins and finally gave up and walked back to the main street, looking back at the apartment building. He entered a near by hotel and ordered something. The waitress over there was murmuring something with other waiters'. Then smiling, she approached the man and asked: "Pardon me. Could u possibly be Karan chopra, the artist from Avanthi Theater?"

He reluctantly admitted, "Yes I'm."

The woman said: "I thought so. Excuse me, but would u please autograph this for me?"

She held out her well-worn notebook. He grudgingly took out a pen and signed his name.

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karan chopra.. have to look back if this name was in the character list

so now i think the girl in train and this girl in apartment she is same and is disturbed


lets see what happens next

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Woaah!!! super like!!!
awesome!! updt soon..

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jus one ques hw u manage?

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