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FF: Mysterious Murder at Manampur; Updt-Pg 44;5/2 (Page 16)

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thank u all guys. 

lot many surprises yet to come. keep guessing and Wait for next update.

Jayathi! this wait will be fruitful. will be updating 2moro or on friday Tongue

Note: the reason for taking such lengthy updates and giving each n every dialogue type thing is: i just want to show the mentality or nature of the person/persons. 

what ever is seen is different from what they are. their nature differs from point to point. u will be seeing many variations of few characters. 

this story has so many twists that i was confused when i read and was surprised after reading the entire book.

forgive me if fail to present in correct way. 

i read this book 3 yrs back and now its not available and the movie is a japanese movie. though the movie is directed differently from what i read.

so just correlating with what i read n the scene im presenting it here. i deviated my story from the main story to present in my own way. the main concept is same. the rest is different. 

Hope u keep encouraging me in the same manner as u did till now. hope that im improving in presenting the characters and plot.

Thank u all

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@ swetha :
           it's perfectly ok dear, take your time's your story, so you are free to treat it the way you want itBig smile..& bdw, dont forget me ( you know what i meanLOL ) !!Wink
swethasyam08 IF-Rockerz

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polly u entry is near 2 - 3 more updates. mostly it will be update 3 from now Tongue

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@ swetha!!

ye achchi baat nahin hai... itna excitement kyon paida kar deti ho readers ke dilo mein... ESP ME!!! Not fare...Cry

BTW... are yaar... tension not!!! u r writing it really good... we all r enjoying it thoroughly... UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@swetha wonderful & marvellous job!!ClapClap i m really enjoying ur story. i'd always liked thriller/social/ comedy/ horror & oder knids as i m not much in2 romantic types until they've sum understanding couple's luv story!!
and i m eagerly waiting 4 nxt chapter & wants 2 read it in one go!!! so plz don't makeus wait 4 more days!!!Smile

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Character Sketch 3

25. Mohit Roy - Friend of Rohit and one among the Victory group. very friendly but maintains some difference with others

26. Karan Chopra - Actor in Avanthi theater. friend of Jayathi. Decent man and a bit reserved 

27. Arjun Sethuraman - Adopted son of Victim. Though he loves his father but cannot go against his wife and both behaved very badly with his father. a bit cunning nature.

28. Polly - Lover of Murderer (Details in the update Embarrassed)

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Chapter 4: Part 2 ' At the Hospital


Rohit's private room in the hospital was filled with flower bouquets and baskets of fruits. The accommodation was luxurious and included a television set.

He sat on the bed while a newspaper reporter was interviewing him. The cameramen took photos of Rohit from various angles.

Reporter looking around carefully: by the way, isn't Kushi mam here today?

R: She called a while ago. She should be here soon.

Rep: I should leave quickly then.

After they left, there was a knock at the door. A tall man entered. He raised a hand holding a bouquet. "Hi, how is it going?" He's the painter Mohit Roy. He wore his usual black shirt. He sat on the chair next to the bed and crossed his long legs.

M: You were involved in quite a disaster.

R: Thanks for coming.

M: (looking around the luxurious room) it doesn't look like a hospital room at all. It must be really expensive. I get it. U are not paying for it. I bet Kushi's father is paying for this.

R: (Frowned) I have some pride. I'm not letting him pay for everything.

M: Why not? Let the rich pay.

R: I'm not depending on them. You never know when something might happen to them. After all, the present day political system is rushing towards collapse. Do you thing young artists like us can survive if we rely on such system?

M: I agree with u. but I get discouraged at times. Critics say some nice things about my paintings.

R: BTW how is everyone doing?

M: All are very busy. Have u heard that Jayathi is going to France?

R: Really? She is? (Surprised)

M: It was decided a while ago but was just confirmed. Then she's planning to travel the Europe. She wants to create a new direction to the Indian theater. A team of members will be accompanying her. They may leave in a month or two.

R: U guys all think the same way. I think she's planning to open a theater of her own.

M: Yes she's trying hard for that. U too are exploring ur compositions nation wide and want to spread world wide. Don't u?

R: Don't get too excited. It's just in between us. If Sid knows about this idea, who knows how he would react. How is he doing these days?

M: He's doing quite well. He's written reviews for two big newspapers.

R: Yeah I read those. They were typical Sid.

M: It seems there is a Sid boom these days. He has several long pieces in magazines as well.

R: That's why some people put us down. We're contemptuous of the popular media, but nobody is exploiting it as much as Sid. He is always alluding to his contempt for publicity, yet he is the one who is making it the most of it. Then we are criticized for his behaviour.

M: You are right. He is beginning to act cocky. His recent political opinions sound presumptuous to me.

R: Right. That statement he gave a little while ago, remember? He acted like he was our representative and collected our signature to present somewhere. That's typical of the kind of gestures he make. You could see right through him. His real intention was to get his name in the papers. He acts like he is the leader of the Victory group.


They heard a knock on the door. It opened slowly and a young woman looked into the room.

"Oh, do u have a guest?" the bouquet she held wavered as the flowers brushed against her chin.

"It's all right, please come in." Rohit's eyes lit up as he spoke to his new guest.

The young women wore a pink suit. She has a round face and has dimples. She is Rohit's fiance, Kushi. Her teeth were beautiful and she is gorgeous.

Mohit hurriedly pushed his chair back and stood up greeting her.


K: Thank you very much for coming and visiting him.

M: I was relieved to discover that his injury is slight.

R: There's no need for you to thank him so formally, as this fellow took his time to see me.

K: These are for you.

R: These are very pretty. They smell wonderful. Thank you.

As Rohit tried to find a place near his pillow to put the bouquet, Kushi reached for it. He pushed aside a bouquet in order to place Kushi's flowers in the center of the room.

K: What lovely flowers. I wonder who sent those.

R: They're from Mrs. Radha Rao. She pushed her way in here a while ago and insisted on leaving them. She's been after me for a while, asking me to compose a song for her. So it probably has to do with that. She must be nave. She seems to think that I would write a piece for a singer like her.

M: (Laughing) it's not just Mrs. Radha Rao, all kinds of strange people are trying to use us. There are so many second-rate artists around who just don't know their limits. All they think about is how to use other people.

K: Is that so?

M: Yes, it is. They think about how they can use people in order to improve their own reputations. You'd better be careful, too.

K: I don't think anyone thinks that I'm worth using.

M: Quite the contrary. If you are not careful, you might find yourself in a terrible situation. Your father is a special person and your art is new'

K: You mean to say that because I come from a well-known family

M: No, that's not what I mean at all. Since I've known you, I've never been conscious of your background.

K: I used to be concerned about that. It was very painful for me because I felt that as an artist I was burdened by my family background. But now it's different.  Rohit is very disdainful of family pride, and I've learned from him. I feel that my eyes have been opened.

M: I can understand that and agree wholeheartedly. Rohit's correct. We must constantly reexamine established concepts. We can't continue to reinforce present-day systems.


There was a knock at the door. They were Aru and Shashank.

A & S: Please accept our sympathies for your recent accident.

R: Thank you.

A: How r u doing now? Are you feeling better now?

R: I'm feeling good now. Thank u.


Aru & Kushi were in their discussions while Shashank had come to take an interview with Rohit. Mohit was reading a book meanwhile as he was not much aware of Shasank though he heard the name and saw only once.


S: I've come about the matter we arranged before your injury. We would be happy with just some informal comments. Could I trouble you for 10 ' 20 min? I'm sorry to have come while you are still recovering, but our deadline is pressing.


The topic was on NEW ART. Shashank took down what Rohit said, nodding and making agreeable responses. Finally, he stood up and greeted them.


S: Thank you very much. We also include brief biographical sketches of our contributors. Could I ask you for yours as well? An abbreviated one is fine. It will appear in small type at the end of the piece.

R: Place of Origin: 1-123, chattribagh, Indore, M.P.; Present address: 5-346, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. DOB - 5th October 1983. Born to Ranjit n Rajni Kashyap; Graduated from Bhopal Universtiy. After coming to Lucknow, studied under professor Ramadasan of Lucknow University. Will that do?

S: Yes, that's fine. Could I ask why you went to Bhopal for ur education.

R: I was sick about the time I was to go to high school and was sent to some business friends of my father's in Bhopal to rest. I stayed on in Bhopal and continued my education there.

S: So that's the connection. I understand. Thank you very much. Now we must leave.

M: I will be going, too.

K: Can't you stay longer?

M: No, I have an appointment.

R: That's just the kind of guy you are. You were just killing time here until your date.

K: Is that so? (her voice brightened and she smiled coyly at the artist)

M: No, it's not like that. I'm meeting some artist friends.

K: You don't have to hide anything from us. We'd be happy for you.

M: Ok. You guys take care. See you.

At this moment the telephone on the table rang. Rohit received it.

"Yes this is Rohit. No, I can't really."

"I don't think I can make the initial deadline, but I'll make sure that I have it ready in time for the performance."

Rohit put down the receiver and turned around Kushi.

K: Something about work.

R: Yes, I've been asked to compose something for the Avanthi Theater. They're planning to use my music in a dramatic production. I agreed to it before the accident, so I can't refuse them now. They were asking about that. I took I on because Jayathi asked me to.

K: Do you have a concept yet?

R: Yes, I have something vague in mind. But it hasn't progressed beyond that. That's the problem.

K: Couldn't you refuse, since its Jayathi.

R: No, just the opposite. If a friend asks me to do something, it's harder for me to refuse.

K: I see. But if it's a composition for a theater piece, wouldn't you have to do a lot of compromising?

R: She told me to do something daring, but I probably can't go all out. And the theater group is poor, so my work will basically be donated.

K: That's really nice. I told Father about your plan of exploring your work world wide. He was delighted. And he said he's willing to fund.

Rohit's eyes shone. : Really? That would be a big help. Please tell your father that I'm counting on him. I hope all will be impressed with my work.


As Mohit, Aru n Shashank left the hospital for the parking lot, a taxi came through the hospital gates. It stopped beside them. They looked up in surprise to see Jayathi waving her hand out the window. Another man sat beside her. They greeted each other.

J: Are you on your way back from seeing Rohit.

M: Yeah, are you just going?

J: I thought I'd go see how he's doing.

M: You'd better not go just now.

J: Why not?

M: Kushi is there. She came when I was talking to Rohit, and meanwhile these guys too. so we pity on them and left. You'd better wait a while or you'll interrupt them.

J: Let me introduce him first. This is Karan Chopra, an actor affiliated with Avanthi Theater.

K: Pleased to meet you.

M: I'm Mohit. I paint. This is Aru and Shashank. I think you know them well.

K: Yes I do. I've heard your name too. Jayathi n Rohit have talked about you.

M: You know Rohit?

J: I introduced them. Kushi was with us, too. It's no use just standing here. Shall we have some coffee somewhere nearby?

A: U guys carry on actually we have some other work to do. I hope you don't mind.

J: Not at all. Please carry on. Bye.


In a Near by Caf


M: So how is ur working going. And is the date finalized for ur France trip? And what is the main purpose for ur visit?

J: Planning after 2 months but date is not yet decided as few members yet to confirm. Mean while I have some things to wind up which I have committed. Main purpose is to explore Indian drama and secondly they were very much impressed by the plays which I have presented. So they want me to present in their theater too. They are ready to fund for my new theater which I'm planning, if they like my plays.

M: So u will be benefited professionally and personally too. BTW Karan. R u accompanying her for France trip?

K: No. I'm working on some other play and have commitments.

While he was about to continue Jayathi receives a call. It was Aditya. In full anger leaves from there to attend the call


J: I don't want to talk to u. How did u call me now? Did anyone remind u to call me?

A: Listen dear. I'm sorry. I was busy with recent case and couldn't even get time to contact you. Where are you now?

J: Why? I'm not going to meet you. I'm busy right now.

A: Common need to talk to u something important.

J: I'm in Caf Moon Light. Where are you?

A: Not far. Then catch u in few minutes.


After 5 min he finds her with Mohit n Karan. He greeted them and had coffee and chat for sometime. Then they dispersed.

J: So finally got time to meet? No phone calls. Didn't come to receive me. No word of ur's. u don't answer to my phone calls.

A: Oh yaar. I'm sorry. I told u I was busy with that case. I wanted to call u but was not in a mood to call.


After full fledge fight for 10 mins she finally cools down.


A: Ok listen now! I have some work for u to do. And its very urgent and important.

J: What is it that makes u so sad. Are u all right? Is it related to the case? What happened? Any progress?

A: Yes its related to the case. The case is almost on halt. As there was no use even after visiting Sahu hills and we reached to the point where we started the case. We have sent the victim's photo to all the states and now it will be a nation wide search. Expecting a positive response atleast now.

J: Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't knew that and shouted at u. There wasn't any message from you so I was a bit worried and '..

A: It's ok. I can understand and there's my mistake too. I'd informed u abt this once. Leave it. Now this envelope I want u to hand over to SS or Swetha. It's very urgent and be careful and conscious while giving it.

J: But why me? U can hand it over directly.

A: Its Manish sir's order that we cannot meet directly for some reasons. As u meet those guys regularly in the club so can do this for me.

J: Ok will take care of it. Did u visit Rohit?

A: No. I came straight away to meet u. Lets go and see him. It's getting late now.


Chapter 4: Part 2 Completed

Next Chapter 5: A Visitor

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Nice update SwetaThumbs Up...Continue soon. Thanks for PM

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