Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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hi guys!!!!!!!! iam back with my fourth os on arhi...
its about tomorrow's episode (oops my computer shows that it's already mondayLOL) ...i wanted to post it yesterday but caugth up with some workCry...
i knew this will never happen in our show...but this is just an os so enjoy it as it isWink... start will be shakyConfused...but do give it a try...u may like itBig smile 

"no, chotey. It is too late. I wont allow you to do this. You are getting engaged today. That's it." Anjali said in a trembling as well as confident voice. Arnav taking hold of her sister's hand "di, listen to me. its not going to happen. Lavanya has already left. And i.." even before he could finish it, Anjali interrupted him asking "what? Lavanya left? Without telling us?"

Arnav nodded before adding "she has left for London and.." this Arnav time stopped as his di was not paying attention to him. Anjali grabbed mobile from shyam's hand and began to dial lavanya's number. "di, please stop it. I don't want to get engaged. I don't have any feelings for her.."he continued to convince his sister.

"hello., lavanyaji." Arnav closed his eyes in order to control his anger. When Anjali continued to talk he left the room, as he know, if he stays there for some more time, he will surely tell something for which he will repent afterwards. 'it is his life. Why can't his family leave it to him?' he thought as he walked past the door.

There he saw her; Standing near the door like a broken doll. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She looked up at him "Arnav ji." Arnav, completely ignored her and walked past her, as he know that he cannot handle her now. He stormed to the living room only to curse himself, as all confused guest were looking at him curiously. He wanted to be alone; in peace.

She saw him standing near the pool looking at the stars. She quietly walked to him only to hear "don't come, kushi. I want to be alone." Kushi stood there silently, mustering all her courage she needed to handle him. She couldn't digest the fact that Lavanya and Arnav broke up and she very well knew that only she can do something. She wiped her tears.

"Arnav ji. Please Listen to me." Arnav turned towards her "I told you to leave me alone." Kushi replied "you cannot do this to her..." she stopped as he got hold of her shoulders " what I cannot do? Tell me, kushi kumari gupta. What I cannot do?" kushi looked at him as tears flowed down her cheeks and she got hold of his both wrists as she tried to remove it from her shoulders.

His eyes became wide open as if he noticed something. She followed his vision path which ended at her ring less finger. She immediately removed her arms and said "it hurts..." He let her free as he fixed his eyes on the ground. His mind started to calculate what could have happened. Then he remembered her broke down. His thoughts were interrupted by her shaky voice.

"it hurts when your dreams get broken. Lavanyaji had only one dream. What did she do? She loved you! Is it a big mistake? Why are you doing this to her? You cannot do this to her for the second time." Arnav sighed before he spoke in a calm and steady voice "listen kushi, first time I left her because I didn't understand her well."

He looked at kushi as he continued "but this time understood her and that's why we broke up. She deserves better. I can never give her what she expects from me. I don't have any feelings for her. its over now, kushi." She replied "did you said that to her?" Arnav looked confused. "did you said that to her you have no feelings for her?" she closed his mouth with her palm and sobbed.

"kushi" he placed his hand on her shoulder but she immediately removed it before yelling "how can you do this to her? do you know how it feels, when someone you love, says that they don't have any feelings for you? And you mean nothing to them? Do you know how it hurts?" she began to sob again. He answered her "so this is what your fiance did."

She looked at him in disbelief and said "its none of your business." He barked "so this is. This is none of your business." He turned towards other side. She bit her lower lip as she know he wont budge till she tell him the truth. "he didn't do like that. he can never do that. I mean I never loved him and how can.." Arnav immediately turned to her giving her a confused look.

She cursed herself for giving extra information. She then just said "I broke my engagement as I found him not trustworthy. Its over and it doesn't matter now. All that matters is you and lavanyaji. She really loves you." She joined her hands and tears were flowing like waterfalls, she gulped as she said "please accept her."

"damn it." Arnav gritted his teeth and clenched his fist as he said "damn it, kushi. don't do this to me once again. I brought Lavanya back because of you. If you were not there, I would have never ended up hurting her so much. I am not going to repeat my mistake." She asked "because of me.." there was shock in her voice. He said "yes. And I corrected my mistake on high time. It's over now."

She looking at him unconvincingly spoke "it is so easy for you know, arnav ji. To break others heart?" he replied "it is not like that. I never meant to hurt her. Believe.." she cut him off by yelling "stop it Arnav ji. First you did that to me and now to Lavanya ji. And you are asking me to trust you?" Arnav gave her his 'what the h' look.

"what did you say?" she barked "nothing. You are right. she deserves better." She closed her eyes and nodded. Her memories flew back to diwali night when he said she meant nothing to him. her eyes involuntarily looked at the French window as she bit her lower lip and cried. He followed her gaze and turned towards the French window and then it him like thunder.

Their missed kiss encounter and the way he said that she meant nothing to him. he closed his eyes as her voice echoed in his mind 'Do you know how it feels, when someone you love, says that they don't have any feelings for you? And you mean nothing to them?' he turned to see kushi walking away from him. he felt breathless as his di's words came to his mind. He said "kushi."


Arnav sighed as he entered the living room. All guests were left. His eyes were wet. Suddenly he exclaimed "what the" as he noticed Lavanya standing there with all raizada's and gupta's. la said "sorry. Di told me nani has fallen ill."  She gave him a pleading look. Anjali got hold of wrist "you both are getting engaged now." "di" he spoke with a voice with which he has never spoken to her.

 "iam not going to get engaged to Lavanya. I already hurt her and I will not hurt her more by doing this." Anjali said "if you don't get engaged today, then I fear this will be our last meeting, chotey." Arnav knew shouting will never work with her. He said "di you told me love just happens. You cannot see her sad or you cannot stay away from her. Nothing happened. And for first time in my life I listened to my heart and took this decision."

"so what if you don't love her? She loves you. Marry her. Believe me, you will fall for her." Anjali argued. He gritted his teeth before saying "it will never happen di. iam in love with someone else." He didn't want to confess now as he thought both he and kushi needed sometime. But his di didn't left him any choice. He knows that she will not get convinced until he told her the truth. He mind flew back to what had happened few minutes back.

He got hold of kushi's wrist but she didn't turn. He took a deep breath and said "I never meant those words. Sorry. i..iam really sorry. Just give me a chance." She turned towards him and shook her head 'no.' she said "I can never...I can never do this to Lavanya ji and to your family. They trusted me. I can never hurt them."

 He said "I didn't ask you this as I know that you will never do this. That's why I kept quiet, even though I knew it will hurt us. But what I didn't realize is that it will hurt Lavanya so much. when I realized it, I broke up." She looked at him for second and then completely through herself in his arms as she sobbed heavily. He didn't expect her to react like this but he made a promise to himself that he will make everything right as he hugged her back.  

"with whom?" his sisters voice bougth him back to present. He slowly turned his head left as kushi made her way to stand next to him. tears were running down her cheeks and she had no courage to look at any of them.

'shock' was only reaction which was given as response to them. even buaji and mamiji forgot to tell their signature lines. Anjali looked shocked as she couldn't figure out when her brother, whom she thought she knows very well, fell for kushi. She admitted that he is still mystery. "omg! U and asr" Lavanya was first one to speak. "I mean I knew asr that had feelings for you. But I never knew that you too loved him." kushi guiltily looked at la.  

Arnav caught hold her hand assuring her that every thing will be fine. She looked at him and nodded slightly. Payal was the next one to speak " I cant believe this kushi. You told that not even ghost can live with him. and" Arnav looked at payal as she gulped and then at kushi, who was giggling now, seeing his reaction. He became angry and got hold of her shoulders "did you said that?"

She looked at him annoyingly "yes I said that. and you can take your hands off me, as everybody here would have understood that iam right. Thanks for making them understand by behaving live this." He let free and clenched his fist and raised his hand to hit at the table, at the back of kushi. Kushi moved her hand to stop him but it got crushed between table and his fist. "cling."



Arnav took her palm in his hand asked "don't you know that you will get hurt?" she answered him as she withdrew her hands from him and rubbed it to ease the pain "and please don't tell me you don't know that. I didn't wontedly got hurt like you tried to do. I tried to stop you, but as usual got hurt by your anger. Its your mistake, mr. Arnav singh Raizada."

Arnav turned to otherside as he ran his fingers through his hair. He thought ' I cant believe this. Did I just took the decision to spend my whole life with her, when I cant even tolerate her for two minutes.' he once again clenched his fist and tried to hit the wall opposite him. kushi saw this and lifted her hand to catch his.

But to her surprise he stopped it in the midway. 'what if she got hurts once again.' This thought stopped him. he know that this girl is driving him crazy and he cannot deny it. To his surprise, actually, he loved it. He turned to look at her eyes. She smiled as  she understood why did he stopped in midway. He gave his famous half smile.

It was followed by smile on everybody's face whose watched this cute fight between them. There was so much understanding, so much love and so much care. They knew that they both compensate each other. They all gave their approval.

But Arnav didn't notice that. he was busily ENGAGED in some other work. Admiring her. His kuhsi. His soon-to-be-wife. His life.    

thanks for was it...hope i didnt bore youLOL...

even after reading this, u want pm's for my future work, please buddy me and more importantly tell it to in your comments as my buddy list is very big as i am writing in other forums also... 
what r u still looking for?LOL strike the like button and plsss leave ur comments...

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wow superb 
nice os

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awww  sooo cute...wish dis happens in show

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loved it!!!!
it ws jst awesome!!!!
too good!!!!
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nice OS keep it up Smile
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Bumping this up. 
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very nice!!

But would've loved to see them 2 actually putting rings on eachothers fingers
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wHat a beautiful itClap

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