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Originally posted by Xarina

Hi Guys.

The update of Ahem helping gopi get dressed is at the bottom of the first post. Possibly you will need to read all of it together to get the full essence of it. I hope it is ok. xx

I was not going to post anything this weekend but then changed my mind and wrote this. I hope that this does not offend. Imagination is a wonderful thing. As aways, apologies for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, duplication etc.

A Gratuitous Gohem Moment

They travelled from the hospital in silence. Finally, after 5 weeks the plaster casts on her arm and leg had been removed. She had heaved a sigh of relief as she was freed from the casts. She would need some physiotherapy to regain the full use of her arm and leg but that was not an issue. He
pulled up outside the house and took care to bring the car to a smooth stop. Switching the engine off he turned to her. "Come, let's go in." She was lost in thought. "Gopi? What are you thinking about? Gopi smiled at him. "I, um. Well I was actually thinking."

"Go on. What were you thinking?" Gopi smiled shyly and lowered her eyes. "I was actually thinking of how nice it would be to have a proper wash. The casts have come off now and I am looking
forward to a proper bath rather than being washed down with a couple of flannels." He nodded. He knew that if he had been in the same situation he would have gone mad not to feel fresh running water cascading over him. He shook himself out of his reverie, got out and went round to the passenger side and helped her out then went to get the wheelchair from the boot.

"Ahemji?" he turned. "I would like to try and walk into the house." He nodded but took the chair out anyway.

"OK. But use the chair to lean on. If you do get tired then sit." Gopi nodded and held on to the chair as she made her way in. Ahemwalked along side her. He put his arm around her offering support.

"Ahem bhahi, Gopi bhabhi? Meethi answered the door, "Jayshree Krishna." Slowly Gopi stepped over the threshold.

"Meethi? Where is everyone?" Ahem asked looking beyond her.

"Baa,Mota bhabhi and Nani bhabi have just set out to go to Nani's house. They said that they will be home this afternoon and Rashi has gone to visit her mother." Ahem nodded. Meethi continued. "I have finished my chores for the day. Nani bhabhi did agree to me taking the rest of the day off. "A worried look crossed Ahem's face but he let it pass.

"Ok. You go." With a smile Meethi ran to get her belongings and left. Ahem shut the big wooden doors after her and turned to Gopi. "Come, I'll take you upstairs," and her bent to pick her up.


Oh what now!" he thought to himself. She was beginning to get this annoying habit of questioning him all the time. Did it matter that he was doing everything for her. He looked at her.

"You have carried me almost everywhere since I came home from the hospital. Please?
Can I go up by myself?" He stood up to his full height and looked down at her.

"And have you fall and injure yourself!" he almost shouted. "No. I'll carry you!"


"No buts. It is my duty." And with that he bent down and picked her up and carried her up the stairs to their room.

He placed her at the end of the bed and looked at her deep in thought. There were no other female members in the house. Gopi had had her heart set on being able to wash and it looked like she would have to wait. Unless? He was willing to help her. He would have to be ingenious. But would she refuse?

"Do you still want to bathe?" he asked and held his breath waiting for her answer.

"Kaki and Maaji have both gone out. If I take my time I shall be ok." He nodded.

"I'll get your things together." Gopi watched as he disappeared into the bathroom.

In the bathroom he moved the stool nearer to the shower and took the large bucket
and filled it with warm water. Once filled, he went back out into the room. He walked over to the bedroom door and locked it.

Ahem went to the wardrobe. Using the cupboard doors as a screen. He removed his clothes pulled out a pair of three quarter length cargo pants and put them on. Gopi looked on. Fear rising in her throat.

"What are you going to do? " she asked afraid of what he might say.

"I am going to help you bathe." She looked at him wide eyed. "Look he reasoned. There is no female member at home. As your husband it is my responsibility to do this."
"But nothing." Ahem said in mock anger. "Are you going to let me help you or not?" Gopi blushed and nodded. "Good." He pulled out an old white shirt, a pair of scissors and towels. "Come." he commanded. She stood up with his help and entered bathroom. He led her over to the
shower and tested the water in the bucket. It was nice and warm. He turned to her and took a deep breath and removed her sari, leaving her in her underskirt and blouse. Throwing the sari on the floor he picked up the shirt. "Lets put this on you."Gopi blushed a deep shade of red but was thankful that she still had her blouse. Slowly he helped her on with the shirt and buttoned up half
of it. He reached below it, undid the ties of her underskirt and Gopi watched in dismay as she saw it fall to the floor. The shirt reached her mid thigh using her left hand she tried pulling it down to cover her more. She was in front of him in nothing more than his shirt and her underwear. He made her sit on the stool
"Ahemji." she indicated that she would be fine from here on.
"I'll take care," he said. Gopi looked down. She was done for. He walked over to the vanity and picked up the scissors.
"What are you going to do with that?" she asked afraid again.
"Don't worry. he assured her. Standing behind her he loosened the shirt from the shoulders he reached in and cut her blouse from shoulder to sleeve and did the same to the other side. Moving her hair to one side he eased the shirt off her shoulders and cut the blouse from behind. Scared that he might come in front to remove the blouse Gopi reached in and pulled out the scrap of material and dropped it on the floor. Now she held the edges of the shirt close to her. Ahem saw the cut blouse. "I'll order more blouses for you. The one's you have are too tight on your arms."
Gopi nodded. Standing behind her he poured water over her head and proceeded to wash her hair. With such tenderness he lathered and rinsed her hair, washing all the shampoo out then moved in front of her.

"Oh dear God!!" he groaned inwardly, his eyes widened and his breathing quickened. The shirt had gone transparent in the water! He could make out every inch of her! Thankfully she did not seem to have noticed. He looked round the room and saw the other bucket and brought that over. Turning it
upside down he sat in front of her. He poured water over her legs. He lifted her left leg and placed it over his thigh and started as she almost lost her balance. He reached a hand out and steadied her. Giving her a reassuring look he lathered up the soap and applied it to her leg. Starting at her toes he massaged her foot, her calf, over the knee stopping at mid thigh and back down again. He did the same with the other leg and her arms. Gopi was unable to think. She tried to concentrate on other things but kept coming back to the same scene again. Ahem in front of her. Washing

"Gopi," it was almost a whisper. "We are going to have to remove the shirt,"he said hoarsely. Pulling the edges of the shirt together she shook her head.

"I can do it." she said and held out her left hand for the soap.

He should tell her he reasoned. "Gopi, the shirt you are wearing went transparent with the water! I have been able to see everything! More so I liked what I saw." He smiled devilishly as Gopi looked down and shrieked. She crossed her hands over her front He picked up the soap again.
"What is it going to be?" She felt terror, fear but most of all she felt shame. At first she had covered her face with her hands. He looked at her. She removed her hands and looked at him and blushed uncontrollably. He could see that she was wrestling with her emotions. Then finally she relaxed and
nodded. He replaced the soap. Slowly he undid the rest of the buttons and removed the shirt. Gopi's instincts to cover herself were overwhelming and she tried to preserve whatever modesty she had left. Ahem lathered his hands and reached out. He washed her neck, moving
onto her shoulders then down to her stomach, waist and reaching forward to wash her lower back and then back to the front and up again. He washed, mentally measured and caressed her. He enjoyed the changes he could feel beneath his fingers and listened to the changes in her breathing. He lost himself in his actions. Finally he rinsed off the soap.

"You have got wet as well," Gopi whispered. Ahem looked down at himself.

"It was inevitable." he stated "You don't exactly sit still do you" he said with a smile Picking up the jug, he filled it with water and poured it over himself. More to cool himself down than anything else. Gopi reached her hand out for the soap. He handed it over. "You finish off. I'll get the towels." Gopi nodded. He stood up and squelched over to the vanity. He went over to the vanity unit and pulled out a bath towel and wrapped it round his waist then removed the wet pants. "Are you done?" he asked without turning round.

"Yes." Came back the reply. He picked up the large bath sheet and went over to her. She had sat back down again and had placed the shirt across her lap. He bent down, wrapped the towel around her and helped her up. She was still blushing and he could almost feel the heat emitting from her bright red cheeks. Carefully he led her out of the bathroom and helped her sit on the bed.

He went to the wardrobe and pulled out a green sherwani for himself and for Gopi he pulled
out a dark green sari and placed it on the bed. Their eyes lingered on each other for a moment, contemplating getting dressed.

A sudden knocking on the door made them both start.

"Ahem, Ahem. You are back from the hospital?"
It was Kokila. She was back early! "What did the doctor say?" She tried the door. "Why have you locked the door?" Ahem gulped then recovered.

"No reason, mom." I was having a wash and did not want to be disturbed." He stood there, dressed in nothing but a towel and winked at Gopi. It wasn't a lie.

"What about Gopi vahu? Is she with you?"

"She is sleeping." Now that was a lie. "I will wake her up soon and we will come
down. I'll tell you about Gopi's physio."

"OK. Don't be too long. I'll make some snacks."

"Yes, Mom." He turned to Gopi. "We should get ready and go down. Let me get dressed first then I'll help you." Gopi nodded. He picked up his suit.

"Ahemji." He looked at her. "Thank you!" she smiled. He smiled back.

"The pleasure is all mine." He said and meant it.

Getting Gopi dressed is the next step. Whew!!!!!!



"The pleasure is all mine" Gopi smiled back shyly and blushed.  He picked up the sherwani, and again used the doors of the wardrobe as a screen and got dressed.


"Mmm?"  he  leaned back and looked at her.

"I needed a few things from the cupboard." She replied. 

"Tell what you need and I will pass them to you."  

"I need.  I mean I," she stuttered.  She looked at him and then at the sari he had put out, then back at him and then gulped.  At first he stared at her and then it hit him. 

"Oh."  He had forgotten.  If she needed to get dressed she would need the other garments.  He pulled open the underwear drawer.  Looking in he felt lost.  There was an array of pretty lace and practical cotton all in different colours.  He cleared his throat.  "Which ones do you need?"

"Can I have the nude pair please?"  Lace.!  As he pulled out a matching pair he managed to tip the whole drawer onto the floor.  He quickly handed Gopi the set and went back to pick up the fallen items.  While he was busy Gopi picked up her underwear and succeeded in putting it on and quickly sat back down.  Hoping against hope that Ahem had not seen.   Ahem placed the drawer back in its place and moved away from the wardrobe.  He saw that Gopi was struggling to put on her bra.  Totally lost in the task she had to do she had allowed the towel to fall and was sat on the bed.   She was trying to connect the hooks of her bra but was not having much luck as her hand was still not functioning properly.  He stood in front of her and looked down as she struggled.   She did not even register that he was standing in front of her until he squatted down and reached to connect the hooks. 

"Here.  Let me do that." Gopi jumped.  She was so startled that she did not think to cover herself.  A smile played on Ahem's lips as his hands brushed against her. Once, twice three times.  Once the hooks were connected he sat on the bed next to her turned the garment until it was correctly position and then helped with the straps placing each gently on the shoulders making sure that they sat correctly and were not twisted and then unconsciously caressed her bare shoulders.  Feeling heady she closed her eyes she leaned against him.  He reached over and stroked her cheek with the pad of his thumb.

"Ahem.  You have to show restraint.  Now is not the time." He thought to himself and sighed bringing himself back to reality.  "Gops? Come on.  Lets get you dressed."   She looked up at him.  And then it hit him. He had given her a nickname.   He never called anyone by a pseudonym.  He was puzzled as well.  He picked up the green underskirt, helped her to step into it and pulled the underskirt up slowly,  following its journey with his eyes.    He brought it to rest on her hips and stroked the bare skin there. Gopi went to do up the ties.  "Not with the way your hand is." He said.  "For now, let me help you."  He secured the ties and then forgetting he gave them a little tug.  Gopi lost her balance and fell forward putting her hands out to stop herself and closed her eyes, anticipating to hit solid ground.   Strong arms steadied her.  "It's ok.  I've got you."   Gopi saw that she had placed her hands on his chest.   He held her by the waist close to him to steady her and reached onto the bed and picked up the blouse.  Gently he placed her arms through the sleeves and slowly did it up caressing as he went along.  Understanding the unsaid language of her breathing to know if he was going too far.   He picked up the sari material and hesitated.  "How do I do this?" he asked silently.  She understood the question in his eyes.   She took the end and started to tuck it in.  Ahem took her lead and helped to tuck in the rest bringing the material bringing it round to the front.  He looked at her.  "We need to create the pleats." She tried to create the pleats but failed.  Ahem put out his hand.

"Show me." He said.   Gopi used his hand as another extension of her.  It was a tricky job.  His hand would not do as t was told.  Not knowing what was expected of him he felt clumsy.   Once the pleats were created he tucked them into the front of the underskirt.  "Will it stay in place?" he asked. 

"Not really.  It is best to secure it in place with safety pins."

"Where are they?" 

"On the dresser with my hair pins. We'll need two."  Ahem collected the pins and stood in front of her.  He dropped the first one.  Opening the second he attempted to secure the pleats.  First time he managed to stab Gopi with it.  He tried once more.

"Ouch!"  he had managed to stab himself in the thumb with it.  He shook his hand to ease the pain. 

"Can I see?'  She asked holding out her good hand.  He showed her his thumb, which had a small amount of blood.  Without a second thought she put his  thumb  in her mouth and sucked.  

He sighed long and hard.  "Why am I being tested?" he asked himself.  "Gopi." He finally managed to speak.  "Let go of my thumb.  It will be alright."  She released his thumb.   He tucked the sari once more around her and then stopped.   "For today, wear the sari like this." He draped the remaining material over her left shoulder and pinned it in place.  Smoothing it and ensuring that it sat right.  He stood back and admired his handiwork.  Gopi reached behind her trying to bring the pallu over her head.  "Gopi, after everything you are still going to do pallu in front of me!"  Gopi became flustered.

"Ahemji.  I.  I mean. I" she stammered. Her cheeks were beginning to burn and then quickly looked down.  His heart went out to her and smiled.  Slowly his resolve was fading.  He sat her down at the dresser and pulled up the stool and sat behind her.  He picked up her hairbrush and combed her hair making sure that the tangles were brushed out. 

"There is not enough time to dry your hair."  He smoothed it down.  Then stood up looked in the mirror and ran his fingers through his hair.    "Do you want to wear your jewellery?" 

"Just my necklace."  She whispered.  He picked up the simple chain from the box on the dresser.   Undid the clasp, bent down and placed it around her neck.  Moving her hair to one side he connected the clasp.  Unable to stop himself he placed the gentlest of kisses on her neck.  He heard her sigh as if contented.  He knew that if they stayed in the room then he would not be able to stop himself and reckoned that Gopi was feeling the same.  The atmosphere around them was highly charged but somehow he felt it would not be right.

"We should go down?  Mom is waiting for us and we can't keep her waiting.  She'll come and break down the door otherwise.  Come."  He held out his hand and she placed hers on top and stood up.  With him as her support she gingerly walked towards the door.  He unlocked it and was about to step out.  "Wait here." He said and went back to the dresser, picked something up and put it in his pocket and came back to her side.   Supporting her round her waist her walked with her out of the room

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Originally posted by tina_1234

waitin waitin

OK.  Will have something to post by the weekend. Thanks so much for liking it.  I won't say how I felt writing it.Embarrassed

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yeyy waitin for d weekend :)

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wow.. really, a wonderful update! cant wait for the next one Smile

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Hey Xarina, nice and sensous.  Can't wait for your next update.  Hope we have another hot scene awaiting.

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Working on the update this evening.  Hope to post soon.  X xx
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yeyyy...awesome news

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