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NL Arhilicious Droolers #10: Luv break-up Zindagi

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #10:  Love Break-Up and Zindagi

Shine: Dhinka chikaDancing
Fairy: When u r happy u knw two words only dhinka chikaGeek  by d way  why r u happy
Shine: If u had stop analysing things and have realised that its 10 edition then u would have know itAngry
Fairy: The theory bubhasgha says that people Ermm
Shine: I need a break okaySleepy
Fairy:  Go and take break  and lazy people alws say that they need breakAngry
Shine: Yeah and nw I cant be workholic like uConfused
Fairy: I work cz its my duty and Gandhi has said that...
Shine: I guess I will write on paper and hng in my neck that no PhilosophyAngry
Fairy: And I will steal Minu's dhandha to make u workPinch

*Minu comes*
Minu: who is stealing my dhandhaShocked
Fairy: Why u alws come  on wronng timeShocked
Shine: I need to run before both of them run behind me taking dandaCool

Celebration Note: Though this time we though to celebrate 10th eition. But nevermind as this week show was in flow so we couldn't do much. But we promise to do some dhamaaka soonEmbarrassed

We would really like to thanks everyone onvolved with newsletter whether readers or makers of it to make it HIT big time. We are proud to say this that we have biggest and hittest newsletter on whole India Forum which is biggest achievement in itself. With this we promise u guys to keep u entertained with new  things and many more excited things that are in process.

Once again thankew sooo smuch guysHug. These 10 weeks experience of newsletter is awesome experience on IF.

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week: PurpleFairy
Song of the week: --sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya 
Funny scene of the week: the_rain
Costume of the WeekPurpleFairy/minuu
Picture of the WeekDaShIng_GiRl
Filler of the Weekcindrella255 
Rating of the Week: PrincessKhushi
Videomix of the week khushix
Joota Scene of the Weekrechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: PurpleFairy/minuu
Achari Scene of the Week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best Character of the Weekshobra
Most Irritating Character of the WeekShiningStar18
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: Suvi7884
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout: --sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy)Geek & Sanjana (--sunshine--)Silly
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--)Silly Neetz(PurpleFairy)Geek and Minu(minuu)Cool

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A week in which all the other characters were in focus but the impact was on ARHI...What did the week offer us ..2 broken engagement, a cementing of love and partial exposure !! 
Khushi has discovered the duplicity of Shyam , She is very shocked , her agitation is noted by Arnav  but he does not the reason... Khushi stumbles on to the  haal where a oblivious Anjali introduces Shyam to Khushi ..Khushi feels sad on seeing the love Anjali has for Shya,... Unable to face the dual faced Shyam any longer , Khushi makes her excuse and departs from Raizada Manor..She is followed by Shyam, who stops her in the middle of the street and begins to spin a web of lies afresh ...But Khushi does not buy it and warns him off...
Here Arnav is getting frantic  cos Khushi is not picking the phone calls ..His concern and worry for Khushi is noted by lavanya and Anjali..Anjali calls up Payal  , only to be told Khushi has not yet come.. Arnav gets seriously worried and begins to call on Khushi's phone frequently ..Khushi is at the Temple  seeking direction from Devi Mayya when Arnav calls..A furiously worried Arnav  scolds her for not answering  the phone earlier ..Khushi assures him that everything is alright with her  but Arnav is not satisfied ..Lavanya watches arnav's concern for Khushi in growing perturbation..
A confused Khushi reaches home in is stunned to see Shyam at her place..Shyam has already confessed to the truth..  The angry family members break  Khushi's engagement with Shyam .. Despite Garima's reservation..the family decide to tell the truth to Raizada's ..The next day , Khushi arrives at Raizada's to tell  the truth to Anjali... but before she can proceed ..Anjali's  Mangal Sutra breaks and Anjali is highly distraught and begins to panic thinking about her hubby ..Khushi realizes that Anjali would be devastated if Shyam's truth  comes out ..she hides the truth from Anjali and lets slip  that  Her engagement with Shyam has broken ..Anjali expresses her commiseration ..
Arnav finally realizes that he does not love Lavanya , admits the fact to a  reluctant Lavanya ..Both decide to call off the Engagement  but Lavanya requests Arnav not to disclose this issue  until PAYASH engagement .. Arnav is surprised by Lavanya's maturity and expresses his surprise and respect for her.
The Gupta's land at Raizada's house , They are welcomed in traditional way ..Shyam tries to Thank Khushi for hiding  the truth but is strictly warned by Khushi never to commit any mistakes again  else she will be forced to speak to Anjali .. Khushi gifts Arnav on his engagement day  and notes something amiss ... Khushi  congratulates  Lavanya but notices that Lavanya is not in her engagement dress and also that Lavanya is looking subdued but before she can probe, Anjali calls out to Khushi  .. The Gupta sisters leave for the venue while Lavanya recuses herself ..

Well, no point for guessing the Funny Scene of the Week this time, as there was hardly any mention worthy scene this week, from humorous angle. So, this week, it has to be the phone conversation between Payal-Aakash-Khushi & Arnav. 
A shy Payal receives the phone call from her equally shy to-be-fiance Aakash, just the day before their engagement. But before they could have a contest of shyness among themselves, Khushi intervenes the scene. She kept echoing Payal's words and teasing her which made Payal uncomfortable. Then Khushi snatched the phone away and in an uncanny imitation of Payal started to flirt with Aakash. A bewildered Aakash, unable to response or unable to hang up either hands the phone to a preoccupied Arnav and runs away from the place, just like Payal had done few seconds back!
Not noticing the change on the other side of the phone, Khushi does the ultimate sin of not recognizing her Laat Governor's voice and kept on her flirty speeches. She went on cooing things like, "Won't you come tomorrow to put ring in my finger, then how would our engagement happen". And later on, she even started her favourite job - bashing Laat Governor, not knowing that the man himself was listening.
An exasperated Arnav finally breaks the silence and says, "I can't believe you couldn't figure it out yet that it's me on the line." This led to a thing that we hadn't witnessed in many weeks now, Khushi's hiccup. The otherwise good scene ended quite abruptly as Arnav disconnected the call.  

Joota scene is the scene after watching it we all are about to break our TV screens.
This week was an eventful one with Shyamu exposure n ASR-La breakup.
So obviously the Joota scene will be a Shyamu scene. 
Here comes the Joota scene of the week.
" Khushi discovered the hidden face of Shyam and found out that he is Anjali's husband. She decided to tell everything to Anjali and walked back to her home, Shyam followed her and tried to convince her to shut her mouth to Anjali by telling her that he is unhappy about his marriage with Anjali. When she was not ready to hear him, he stood in the middle of the road." 
This was a very disgusting scene n our hopes of Shyam's exposure in front of everyone again remained a dream.

tought i was confused before : i finally decide which scene to choose : yep i was confused between the last scene between Arhi and the funny phone callBig smileLOL hehe the expressions khushi gave while talking to arnav were fabulous : no words to describe them , poor her didn't know that it was actually arnav who was behind the phone LOL coming to him , he was shocked and a lil bit amused by her talks i guessEmbarrassedLOL his expressions were must watch too , no doubtBig smile i was pleased to have a funny scene bewteen our lovely couple after such a long tym : the atmosphere of the show was sad and slowConfused but that scene gave us all a cute smile SmileBig smile
hmm ...iss sign ko kya naam de ? ROFL
kuch special nahi , but why not a previous jhalak of our cute couple after marriage ? i guess ke Mr.Arnav singh raizada ko apni will be biwi ke nakhre sehne ke liye practise shuru kar leni chahiyeLOL all the best ASR kyon ke hamari KKG bhi kuch kam nahiROFL
hope to have more funny and cute scene like this Big smile
its always a pleasure to watch Hug

The Rakshabandhan scene of the week this time goes to when shishter Khushi Kumari Gupta turns Jhansi ki Rani and threatens her bhratashree Shri Shyam Snake Jha that if he ever tries to mess with her again, she will expose his true face in front of the Raizadas.
The scene begins as a continuation to the previous one when the Rs are welcoming the Guptas. As everyone disperses after exchanging greetings, Shyam stops Khushi and thanks her for not letting the cat out of the bag. Khushi tells him that more than herself, Anjali deserves as thanks for trusting a man like he. She continues further that she did this for Anjali and she isn't scared of him. If he ever tries to do something fishy again, she will not hesitate to reveal his true colours.

This week was not a great one though few important events took place...the major one being ASR-La break up...
Coming  2  fillers, Monday and Friday had a quite lot of them!
Especially in Friday episode, Mamiji yapping 2 her friends, Buaji interrupting n giving her piece of mind and Mami assuring 2 her friends dat nothing can be done without her consent... which was already known (though Bua telling truth s gud)  and Naniji  introducing their damaad...the entire Gupta family let alone smiling was glaring at him...but she was busy in praising her Lucknowi damaad...
And Monday episode the nautanki baazi by Shyam was to establish the extent he can go with his lies..but it was draggy n looked like filler...
Looking forward to the next week!

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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From this whole borin episodes ,i was really confused on choosin d BC of the week! finally i have two options, thn i was again confused nd later frm dat i closed my eyes nd selected one ufh! main bhi na episodes ke tarah borin dialogues bhol kar aap logon ke tym waste karthe hain!  sry folks for my bhak bhak, so presentin d BC of d week is none other thn...
nd there is no need for further xplanation rite par mein apni farz niba rahi hoon! lavanya is a different character! at first she was very modern i mean so modern in watever she does! but later khushi changed her! lavanya is a bold person. she is ready to accept anythin wthout arguin abt dat! she already understood dat Arnav doesnt love her but was nt ready to accept! dats y she wasnt shocked when arnav himself told this to her! eventhough arnav was alwys behaved badly to her she didnt felt or was angry to him! she accepted d fact he was tellin. nd she didnt get talk back to him as a usual girl who juz barks when they hear d word break-up! lavanya cares alot abt arnav's family nd abt arnav too! it was clear when she said its better to disclose everythin only after payaash engagement! she later gets ready to packup as she understands there's no use of stayin in RM further! she doesnt feel dat arnav is wrong but feels hppy kyunki usne uski dil baat bola! she controls nd tries nt to tell anythin to others especially to khushi! kudos to sana! ur a perfect actress! well talkin abt khushi she too did a gud job but lavanya has created a greater impact thn her! am i rite? hope so! well dat's it for this week! see u nxt week!


The irritating character of the week is one whose hair we want to pull out. Literally. The person I found the most annoying was without doubt, Anjali. In Monday's episode, It was hard to digest the fact that she couldn't see the horrified look on Khushi's face but kept on gushing about her husband. Even Arnav(who is usually prone to such emotional identifications) could make out that there was something wrong with Khushi.On the other hand, it was shocking to see how extremely emotional she is as she decided to keep a fast just because her mangal sutra was about to fall? That seems a little ridiculous. Plus seeing Friday's precap for the next week, it seems possible that Anjali might try to prevent Arnav and La's engagement which is honestly not happening.  Thus, she tops the list this week.

Hiya everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. So nothing very funny happened this basically focused on the engagements, the break ups and the secrets lol...

So i have decided that the funniest character this week goes to our very on KKG..her phone conversation with Arnav was hilarious...and quite shocking for Arnav Shocked But over all it was hilarious...all i can say is KKG always stay the way u are cause its really cute and funny..
This is it for now...will see u guys next week with another winner...till then bye bye
Love Ammie

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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I think the Costume of the Week this time is undoubtedly deserved by Payal aka Deepali. She looked nothing less than divine in her green and red engagement saree.
Unfortunately, her caps haven't been posted in the Picture Gallery but I'm sure everyone will agree that this pretty lass was at her loveliestHeart

anyone else not able to get your eyes OFF it? .. look at his hand and her face.. just SaRunlicious! ...the week had nothing much to offer.. :/

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La:I know, ASR. Mujhe laga hee tha ki tum yahi kahoge. Shayad mujhe pehle hee mehsoos ho gaya tha. Main jaanti thi. Shayad accept nahi karna chahti thi. Khud se jhoot bolti rahi. Har waqt jhoot bolti rahi,Itna jhoot bolti rahi ki woh jhoot bhi mujhe sach lagne laga. I know, ASR ki tumhe yeh sab pasand nahi. But...but aaj akhri baar, ek baar, sirf ek baar, kya tum mujhe hug kar sakte ho?Ouch

" Pride, Glory And LA " 
Feeling Of Broken Heart, Pain Behind the Veils

LA's Infinite Grief

Sitting Alone In the Room, thinking Of You Always,
Trying to Convince Myself that this is just my hallucination
Lying to Myself to clear the things Out,
Pretending to be happen even after the Thunderstorm
It doesn't matter how hard i swallow this Truth
It always come up on the verge of Silent Emotions,
Trying to feel what's its Like, Your Smile, Your tender touch
There's a Chill in my Bones which makes me pale and thrashed,
Like I've been Locked up in the Winds Of Gale
You Loved me, but As a Friend,
You Considered me, but as a Caring Feather,
You clutched me, but as an Incomplete Alley
You made My heart Warm, but with Unspoken thoughts,
I've already Heard a Painful Goodbye from your Mouth 
And there's nothing seems more weary,
I wish i could be strong, but your Goodbye makes me delicate
I wish i could be Your Love, but it was just My fantasy
I wish I could forget, but its not possible for my Heart,
My tears speaks thousand of sentiments which You can't Hear
Your Gentle and Lukewarm Cuddle is my Only Stay for the Lifetime
Its your Last Signature On my Breath, as Love Hurts,
I'm moving On with a feigning Smile, for the sake of your Happiness,
I'm moving On with my heavy Heart, to make your Life seething
I'm Moving On.. I'm moving On, though its tough, its Excruciating,
Its not Easy for me Step forward and leave everything behind,
Forlorn thoughts, Unfulfilled Wishes, Betrayed heart, Drenched Heart
As the Eyes gets Open in the midway of Dreams.

Glory's Smile Behind Distress

I always Walk around with my heavy thoughts of Losing You
The truth is that I'm messed up inside, and nothing can make this pain go away,
I try to be happy and friendly so that people won't see this turmoil,
The way I'm slowly dying from the pain you've given me,
I feel so wretched and out of my mind that I don't think I'll last.
I struggle to hold on to the warmer memories, and so I wear this Veil
The smile on my Lips, the devastation In my Heart
You can see my Smile overwhelmingly, but not my inner Chaos
I have cried so much In days and nights
Never had someone came to ease my fright,
I've Quit playing Games with my heat as its all became a forlorn misery,
Don't you see behind my Smile there's Pain buries,
Have you ever tried to make it out the state of my Mind ? 
Does your heart feels the same as i feel the way for you ?
When the flaring sunsets settled upon the night,
Have you ever try to walk on the Dark Clouds to see my pain ?
Some where I've Lost myself Into Your Spirit,
Some where I've covered myself Into the Frame of Shadows
Where none can take a Glance of My ruined place Of heart
I had Let you go with some one Else, I set free your hand 
I sealed my Lips for your contentment, though its intoxicates me Inside
You may Lead to another path, though whenever you'll turned Out
I'll be there for you, standing on the same Lanes where you Left me Solitude.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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now this one is won by two great friends agaain :D loolz , i'm loving that LOL someone who is new in making avis but can't deny that she's really awesome & someone who's my awesome friend & a gorgeous PS userHug + there' s one more winner ; yep they are three LOLBig smile its my lovely Mummy Jeee : love you

Saku ( sakeenaluvEK-KM)

& anya 

Congraatz my loves <3 $Hug



giving the awaard to two person this tym ; tought i wanted to choose many more , i actually cannot and i've named them for the best avis so that's not a big deal :D so here i go with my two cutie pies : Big smile

 & deeps (arhilicious)

 congraatz Hug

Made by: 

Here is ur gift

Made by:

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

Here is ur giftStar

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Here is ur gift

Sindhu (DaShIng_GiRl)

Here is ur gift

ROTW ' 3/5 This week was a bit sad but still entertaining. First off, loved the soft-hearted Arnav. He did the right choice and even Lavanya is quite understanding. Khushi's bold attitude towards Shayam is credible. It was great to see how Arnav was worried about Khushi when she just left like that and was calling her. The week did involve lots of heart-breaks and emotional talks. But at the end, it's all for the betterment of everyone. No secrets left out. Only Anjali is kept in dark. Let's see if she will have to go through the heartbreak as well or not. 2 Minus points has to be because of Shyam and Shayam only.


Well done CVs, finally you brought Shyams truth in front of the Gupta's and Bua.. We just want you to bring his truth out in front of the Raizadas and expose him in style. The week has been a good week of episodes, we did have many fillers and boring scenes but most of the scenes of the week made up for those...

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Whats in a name? by egle

3 Years Later, by HeadOverHeels

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