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Aur pyaar ho gayya! (Virman) FF (Page 6)

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Part three(b)

Aur pyaar Ho gayya

The next morning,  Maanvi woke up with a smile. She smiled as the memory of last night returned in her head. Virat looked, well, so cute, banging his head, scratching his neck, almost like a frustrated teenager back then.

She walked over to the dining table. It was almost nine am, the Vadheras joined the chowdharis for breakfast.
"Aaj tum kahin nahin jaaoge!" the elderly old man addressed Viren who smiled.

"Par..aaj mujhe Mr.Saxena se.."

"Viren beta, aaj toh tum ghar mein hi rahoge! Aakhir ye tumhari shaadi hai!"
Viren gave up, smiling at his badi maa. He glanced up at Jeevika who smiled back.

"Oooh, toh jiju, hum kahin ghumne jaa sakhthe hai.. I mean di ko saath lekar and-" Maanvi was abruptly cut off by Virat who glared at her.

"Bhai mere saath rahenge! Bhai, I really need your help, please-" Virat gave a puppy dog look to his brother.
"Okay.. Aaj main sab ke saath vakhth ghuzaarna chaahoonga, " he smiled at Jeevika, who turned slightly pink.

"Hum kahaan jaaye -oh well, mandir ya shopping-" Beeji gave a stern look and Maanvi stopped in mid-sentence.

The Vadhera brothers finished breakfast soon and Virat dragged his brother to an isolated corner.

"Kya hai..?" Viren was perplexed.

"Bhai.. I need your help. Socho, jab aapki shaadi hogi aur aapko pyari si ladki hogayi.."

Viren raised a brow.

"Kya.. par abhi shaadi hi.."

"Socho bhai, please!"


"Toh aap apne man se poochoge.. ladki ke naam kya rakhna hoga.. toh kya naam doge aap apni beti ko?"

Virat looked hopeful. Maanvi who overheard their conversation stood rooted to her spot.

Viren looked unsure, "well, main badi maa se poochkar tay karoonga..hum sab milke.."

"Oh bhai.. apkp man se poochna hoga!"

"Tu kehna kya chahtha hai.. saaf saaf bataan!"

Virat looked sheepish, "Ek ladki ne mujhe apna naam baathane se inkaar kiya!"

"Ladkii? I knew, kaun wohi na jisse tum phone pe.. ek minute! Tu uska naam nahi jaantha?"

Virat took a deep breath, "nahi.. pehle jab usne phone kiya toh laga ki shayad woh mazak kar rahi hai.. lekin usne aaj joh baat ki, mere apnon ki tarah, I felt like talking to her!"

"Oh toh woh kya baat karthi hai tumse.. bataao chup kyon ho?"

"Oh bhai! This is embarassing!"

"Oh, toh woh mere chote ki secret admirer hai? hmm!"

Maanvi distanced herself, remaining with in her ear shot.

"I dunno," Virat hung his head.

"Hayee.. mera chota sharmaa raha hai!"

Virat turned faintly pink and glared at him.

"Okay.. serious now!" Viren chuckled.

Just then, chachi and Shlok walked in eyeing them both with perplexed looks.

"Subah subah, kya ho raha hai yahaan? Dono bhai ek saath, kya baat hai?" chachi asked smiling at them.

"Woh, well, acha hua aap aagayi chachi! Humare chote ko na madad ki zaroorath hai!" Virat grinned as he narrated the story.

"Ohhh! Hayee rabba! Toh ab patha lagaana hoga ki .. aakhir humare Salman ki Kareena kaun hai?" Chachi squealed, "woh film nahin dekhin, Bodyguard?"

Virat rolled his eyes, "stop it, Main uss ladki ko pasand nahin kartha.. I'm just curious, that's all!"

"Hayee! Pehle toh sab log aise hi kehthe hai.. phir ek din-"

"Ladki ke pyaar mein ppagal ho jaathe hai!" Viren finished it for chachi who beamed at him.

"Ladki ka naam, kya bhaiya.. aap yeh bhi atha nahi laga sakthe.." Shlok huffed, "mere class mein bahut saari ladkiya hai, jinka naam 'M' se shuru hotha hai.."

Virat shook his head as Shlok went on, "Maansi, Madhu, Manaswi, Muskaan, Mridula, Maalthi..."

Viren laughed, "bas bas chote miyan, aapke help ke liye thanks!"
Virat beamed, "Maansi and Manaswi, sounds good!

Mean while, Maanvi couldn't supress the giggle that were errupting from her mouth. She had to confess, Virat looked a way too adorable, trying to figure out her name, "its Maanvi, buddhu! Maanvi!"
She mumbled softly, continuing to observe them.

"Oh ha! Here's the list chote! Aap ne complete kardiyan chachi?"  Viren smiled.
'They're preparing a list of the names!?' Maanvi couldn't help but smile.


Later on for a few days they kept talking over phone. Maanvi couldn't believe that this was the same Virat she knew. He talked about his family, how he loved his brother and how he enjoyed playing soccer while he was in the US and how much he liked to torment a girl called Maanvi.

"Maanvi na shararthi zaroor hai! Par dil ki acchi hai!"

Maanvi smiled at his remark. He was being so honest, it brought tears into her eyes. She well, she was cheating him, playing around him for over a week now. Her di's mehendi ceremony was coming close and she couldn't concentrate on her surroundings. His words were almost soothing her in a way she couldn't quite understand. She loved talking to him and it became almost a habit. They ould talk whenever time permitted and he'd make her smile, cracking jokes, making funny remarks.

It was sunday, she had made up her mind. Although how much  it saddened her, she decided that she'd never talk to him again.

Her di's mehendi ceremony was on monday and she'd not dwell any further into the matter. Beeji had caught her talking to Virat that morning (although Beeji didn't know it was him), and she wouldn't want to risk anything until her di's marriage commenced.

She was selfish, she felt bad watching him trying to call her. The Virat she knew was completely changed. It was her fault.

"Oye chep!" she attempted a conversation, snatching his mobile, "kyon har vakhth try karthe rehthe ho.. subah se dekh rahin hoon, kisse phone kar rahe ho?"

"Ek khaas dost ko, " Virat replied sweetly, "no give it back!"

He was once agin trying to call his mystery girl. She wanted to tell him so badly, that it was her! She was his phone friend. But no, that would make things even worse! Sure they got to know each other over the past few days, they were hardly friends, but still it hurt her to see him that way.

Even Dadaji, Viren jiju and all began to notice his strange behavior.
He skipped dinner last night. He didn't join them for breakfast.Why? Why did he wanted to talk to her so badly? It was only a single day, a period of 24 hours that she refused to accept his calls. Why was he feeling so bad? And why was it hurting her? Was this not what she aimed her? She wanted him not to piss her and she won!


That afternoon, Maanvi was so much upset and decided to call Virat.

"Oh, hello!" Virat sounded excited as he answered her call.

"Kya baath hai, bade khush lag rahe hai! Mujhse baat karne keliye  ithne betaab hai aap?  Aur.. Aapne patha kiya.. mera naam kya hai?" she laughed.

Somehow, her laughter made him smile.

"Tumne kyon phone nahin kiya.. and oh! patha nahin! Tum madhuri ho ya Maansi ho, ya phir..!"

Maanvi chuckled, "bas, mujhe patha lagaa aap ne kithni mehnat ki.. kyon ? Kyon jaanna chahthe ho aap mera naam?"

This was a genuine question, Maanvi wanted to ask him so badly. She only tried to annoy him, right? Then why was he so happy to talk to her?

"Well, ajeeb hai! Hai na, I just- dunno, socha ki hum dost bansakthe hai.. and truly speaking.. I missed you!"

Maanvi smiled at this. She missed him too!

"Aur.. tum ithni achi ho! Mujhe smajhthi ho, I dunno, may be mujhe tum jaisi dost ki zaroorat hai!"

She was amazed at his sincerity.

"Agar tumhe manzoor ho, toh?" he added nervously.

Maanvi's eyes widened. A few days back he was ready to rip her throat and now.. he wanted to be friends?

"Kyon hum aapke layak bhi hai ya nahin, hume nahin patha..aap sach bolrahe hai toh" she closed her eyes, "hume bhi sach bolna chahiye.. pehle toh hum sirf aapko tang karna chahthe the sachchi! Par ab..."
He looked hopeful, "ab?"

"Ab? I think aap bahut achche insaan ho!"

Virat smiled, he felt all light, after so many days! Wait, it was only a day? But he had missed her so much, why was that so?

"Toh aapko manzoor hai, kyon.. huh?"

"Haan, aur mera naam aap mujhe Mannu keh sakthe hai.. kyoun ki mera naam 'man' se shuru hotha hai.. aur meri dost ka bhi.. pehle aap meri dost se baath keejiye.. woh aapko bathayegi.. aur kya patha hum kisi acchi jagah pe mil sakthe hai?"

"Wow! Tum.. tum mujhse milna chahthi ho.. Sach?" Virat ran his fingers through his hair.

"Haan.. kyon nahin! Abhi main aapse phone pe roz baat nahin kar paaoongi!" she looked around.

There was no way she could hide this from her di and Beeji, true.

"Oh, kyoun?" Virat was crest fallen.

"Aap meri dost se baat kijiye.. use toh aap jaanthe honge! Maanvi.."

"Maanvi? Bhabhi ki behna?"

"Haan!" Maanvi didn't know why she was saying that, perhaps to make up for what she had done.

"Woh aapko mujhse milaayegi! " she closed her eyes.

Virat smiled, "really?"

"Haan! Par abhi nahiin!" Maanvi smiled again, "sahin vakhth aane pe hum zaroor milenge!"

She had made up her mind now. She'd meet him after di's shaadi and would apologise. That's the better thing to do!

"Oh well!"  Virat cleared his throat awkwardly,
"kabhi possible ho toh call karna.."

"Okay!" she smiled, "bye.. aur haan! Humesha smile karthe rehnaa.. aapko zyaada smile karne ki zaroorat hai!"

"Oh well, yeah!"

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part three(c)

That night, Virat was merrily chatting during dinner, laughing and playing around.
"Oye, bandariya!"
Oops! She had been staring at him, oh crap!
"Kya dekh rahi ho? mujhe kabhi dekha nahin hai kya!?" he flashed a smile.
A faint blush lined up her cheeks. She grimaced. She was BLUSHING?? She would never BLUSH?! What was wrong with her? She shook her head and resumed eating. At least, Virat was smiling, she thought as she sneaked a glance at him.


Sorry I had to post this in 3 parts:( There's an error while posting :(

Edited by Priyamvada - 06 January 2012 at 8:51am

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Pplsz plsz continue and pm me i really enjoyed that thanx and pm me pretty plsz
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Nice updates, reminds me bodyguard very much lol... good going, continue soon..

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Awww this is soo sweet..continuee soon pleasee andd add me to ur pm list pleasee
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it was fabulous Clap
please continue it soon Embarrassed
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nicely done...do PM me
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plz update soon nd plz pm me...Big smile

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