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Enigmatic AbhIya#89:Jaise Chanda Mein Hai Chandni (Page 2)

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                                   Abhay is ready for his new life


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 ~PIYA'S MEMORIES ~aka top 14 pre-leap Abhiya moments By Petrova Fire.

Note: I copied, and  pasted it from her post. The post really 
            touched me, so decided to put here. So, plz do thank for taking
            the time to make it.!This post has touched my soul, and heart. And,                    I salute her for this post.

Stuck in Elevator


Can we just talk about sparks all over the place?! Here are Abhiya trying to stay apart but as soon as Piya needs Abhay again, there just is no stopping him. He will ALWAYS be there for her, no matter what. Hug, hand-holding and consolation - perfect abhiya moment Day Dreaming

Abhay saves Piya


Out of the 48408390398484 and still counting times that Abhay has saved Piya LOL, this was just so...sexy!! Warming her with his body heat Embarrassed I didn't really understand why vampires can create warmth if they're cold-blooded like Abhay remembers but I wont question the logic out of pure love for this scene LOLEmbarrassed AND HE KISSED HER (i'm not imagining things, am i?) but i hope Piya was awake enough at the time to know and I wish we actually got to SEE the kiss Wink

Valentines Day Questions


Ok so this may not make everyone's top moment list but there's something very special about how much these two know and understand each other. This one scene shows that their relationship isn't just physical and it isn't always just about abhay saving piya even though it seems like that a lot. It's natural that Abhay would know everything about Piya but I ABSOLUTELY WITH ALL MY HEART ADORE Abhay's reaction when Piya knows him just as well. The first question for his favourite colour, well anyone who has seen Abhay Raichand can take a wild guess but when it gets down to his favourite book, Abhay has that smirk on his face that there is no way that Piya can know him that well and when she surprises him, GAHHH. And I also love when Abhay answers the questions, he looks into Piya's eyes for so long before answering Day Dreaming (my fav emoticon for this whole post btw)

Piya spends the night at Abhay's place


For me, this scene marks the transition point in their relationship. Abhay starts to show concern for Piya's safety and Piya starts to realize her feelings through being jealous of Maithli. The fireplace, the falling on Abhay and then waking up in his arms...yuppp, another perfect Abhiya moment that Piya needs to remember already!!

First Dance

Sparks flying all over the place. Love Abhay's style of apologizing ...If I was Piya, I would blame him more often so he would have to apologize more often. Wait a second, she does do that but it never ends this way, now i see why she does it though LOL 

Abhay comes to meet Piya
What i love about this scene is how Abhay comes EXACTLY when Piya is wishing he was there. What makes it even more special is that he didn't use any of his vampire instincts to tell him that Piya needs him because she isn't in danger but she still needs him and his heart tells him that Embarrassed And its perfect how he already spent the previous night with her at the hospital and here he is again Day Dreaming

Abhay sacrifices himself


ULTIMATE MOMENT THAT PIYA REALLY NEEDS TO REMEMBER RIGHT NOW. Can this man ever dream of killing her? He was willing to give his own "life" for her and he basically did. And then all he does in the few moments that he opens his eyes is tell Piya that he loves her and the last thing he wants to see is Piya before he dies Cry BE MORE PERFECT ABHAY RAICHAND I DARE YOU!!! And then Piya is there to nurse him back to health (could have used more of this Wink)

The Break-up


I don't even know if I have words to explain my feelings for this scene Cry Why he left her and how much he didn't want to. AND HOW HE COULDN'T WALK AWAY Cry And Piya's face...

Abhay carries Piya


This is the most stunningly beautiful Abhiya moment. Abhay can't see her pain which is why he carries her anyway even though for some reason Piya refused at first Confused And then he fixes her ankle Embarrassed And and and...seriously, wat am i supposed to say?!

Piya cries and Abhay promises to be there for her FOREVER


Its nice to see Abhay pestering Piya as much as she did to find out he is a vampire. But his motivation behind it - he cant stand not knowing what is bothering Piya. He needs to know so he can fix it. I love how he stutters her name when Piya breaks down. And how Piya runs into his arms when he says he'll be there for her forever. And here comes the line that holds so true in their case - only a vampire can love you forever Embarrassed

Love Confession

I can imagine how much everyone must have waited for this scene while watching the show whereas for me after one scene for another, i was already getting impatient LOL But Abhay FINALLY confesses his feelings outloud. I guess this needed to be done more for himself than for Piya as he really needed to get over his denial. Again, hand-holding and hug and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY A COUPLE.

Abhay kisses Piya's wounds away

What a way to make up for his mistakes Embarrassed SO SO SO HOT. Really curious how she got those wounds though? I know the hand one is when she cut her hand on the glass but the ones on her arm and forehead...from when Abhay kidnapped her or when he just left her in that creepy place? Either way, they were his fault and he makes it all better Embarrassed And his apology when Piya was basically expecting another outlash was adorable

Abhay heals Piya's sunburn


So its expected all the healing scenes are hot, right? I don't think I need to comment on this one Embarrassed LOVE IS ALL OVER THE PLACE. All i want to say apart from the obvious sexiness is that i love how at the same moment, there is so much worry inside Abhay for what's happening to her but on the outside, he hides it all and tries to take away the already existing pain for Piya instead of adding to it by letting her know what is actually going on.


Abhay stays with Piya


Day Dreaming
He came back. He saved her. He stayed with her. He realized his feelings. 
Even though choosing THE top moment was next to impossible, this really just stood out so much to me. The way he lies down next to her and holds her hand in the hopes she will recover. Embarrassed

And this is Piya's memory treasures that Abhay took away. PLEASE REMEMBER ALL THIS PIYA - i made it easier for you, just Loogle it and end up at this post and voila!!! LOL

This is also my sneaky way of freaking out over all these scenes that i didnt watch when they aired cause i recently started watching the show - it needed to be done, okay!! LOL there's a dozen more that i wanted to include so feel free to bring those up. And dont take my numbering too seriously, i kept switching the order around cause each Abhiya moment is so priceless Day Dreaming

Note: The above was written by Petrova Fire.This one is written by Austenrox. When I came across this post, I was instantly mesmerized, and starstruck by it. It's so beautiful, and well put together. Austen has done a fabulous describing all these AP moments. Words are not enough to describe how beautiful this writing is.!Day DreamingThank u sweets. You rock.!!!! Btw, Top Abhiya moments post leap will be written by her too. Every moments of Abhlya are priceless, but i feel they are some moments that just touch your soul. She will be writing about it soon, and I will post it here soon!So thank u Austi!Hug

Here is the link! Plz do praise her here.!http://india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2090101

Well , I  am creating a post on all the precious moments of Abhiya which have gotten into our bloodstreams and have been inhaled deeply within us...and since Abhiya's journey is  reaching the procession of  ending  as we know it...my dedication for almost every abhiya moment in this season till now  will be extremely long...Total-Romantic aka Hema wanted me to make a seperate post on them which i wrote on her post...so this post is sincierely dedicated to you , total - romantic Embarrassed... 

P.S: All the credit goes to Petrova, and AustieEmbarrassed

can anybody ever begin to depict this whirlpool of carved ravenous black emotions that unhinges two different bodys and makes every part of these two obstacles one in the forbidden line of what we call love...abhiya change the meaning of love...they show that love is not an emotion that surfaces inside you when you feel shivers down your spine..NO.It shows how love takes you towards the peak of insanity..where you forget who you are...ruin everything that you stand for for that one person who you can even shatter everything around and everything about you..leaning on that shattered epitome of death...only wanting that one person insanely more than yourself..running from the whole world and dissolving into that one soul even if it damns you for the whole universe...that is what abhiya depicts.Abhay makes piya insane ...he controls her life through his means thinking what is right..and never lets piya take an individual stand about their enigmatic love..makes her forget everything that defines her...he made her have a continuous fight with her surrounding conscious life against her sub conscious mind and plunged in  the unknown reason for her heart always having this unknown desire for something...or rather someone whom she searched hopelessly around jungles without even knowing why..he made her emotionally torn between what she is and what she stands for..she was even  labelled crazy and insane to the outside world by people like misha and jay...  for keep on hallucinating the subconscious living of abhay's heart wrenching eyes inside her ..that is the power and depth of abhay which runs through her...he became a part of her every  vein connecting to her heart...when someone that essential to us starts becoming a part of us ..starts defining who we are and suddenly one day decides to diminish and vanish by fading away themselves from us ..how can we not expect to lose ourselves after getting imprinted by someone this deeply?!? whether both of them like it or not...they define each other...abhay became a part of piya and vice versa for the reason when abhay vanished...piya vanished too ... because someone who ran deeper than blood running through her veins decided to leave after so much happening...both are carved into each other despite of living in two different hemispheres of existence : life and death.but such is the miracle of platonic love that it even hinges life and death together...and that is what makes abhiya the most forbiddenly beautiful love story ever Embarrassed...


they just tell you by that one intense and unfolding eye lock which says so many things which only they comprehend that why abhiya is abhiya and why were we literally begging and yearning for their scenes Heart yes , i am talking about the scene of abhay saving piya from the branch falling... piya's vulnerable innocence was immediately spot on back when she by vehement desperation innocently asked him basically that now what are you going to justify for your actions? hide through your tough and cold exterior mask again? but you forget..no matter how many lies im fed..no matter how many memory losses or presonality disorders i have..i am you and you are me...and there is nothing we can do about it..abhay whether he hates it...had imprinted himself on every fiber of her being..and piya whether she had nothing or anything under her control ..became something thicker than that vampiric cold  blood running through abhays veins...so how can he resist someone who has become him, huh? her just two naive and innocent dialogues in abhays arms said all these things in unsaid palls of  silence as the eye lock continued ...and abhay's exterior devil mask immediately went out of the   window.. abhay and piya's love is beyond human comprehension...it's a forbidden composition..but ironically is not that the reason why we love them to death? because its far beyond the consequences of reality? its just one soul united regardless of how many turbulent troubles between them. inside them and around them..always and always against the whole world and even themselves...but does that change the destiny of being two souls entwined? nothing does...and nothing ever can. Heart


then the scene when abhay arrives in mount college...uff...how can i ever forget that scene??!? how can any die heart abhiya fan ever can?  the way she ran for abhay... it was as if she is running for her life to save herself so that she stops dying every day without knowing why she felt so incomplete... when she was talking to abhay...the way the tone of her voice was indicating that she is going to cry any moment..that natural lump in throat shaking voice...her emotional breakdown destroying everything about and around her was done beautifully Clapher breaking down at the sight of abhay as if she has not only seen him but seen herself in him , and found her heart clutching onto abhay's dead being..it was as if she was running to get her heart from his body... as she couldn't live like this anymore , who can live without their soul for long , anyhow ? Ouch... it was just beyond words...that scene just depicts why did piya finally see herself in abhay and felt as if she not only found those eyes which make a new life begin for her everyday ...but found herself within him Heartabhay took her with him and left a confused personality, disordered , lost and vulnerable piya who hid her lack of identification and  lack of self actualization behind her branded clothes and supermodel image...and abhay had finally come back...so as he came back to piya... he did not only bring back himself to piya..but brought back piya to piya...because they define each other regardless of their eternal compulsion and repulsion saga . end of story. Day Dreaming Heart

 and then remember the "TE AMO"  dream sequence?  that sequence i guess tells us where abhiya wanted to be all along...in a sugary cloud of fairyland where there are no ambiguities..no obstacles...its just one soul ignited and united against the laws of nature and against the whole universe..that dream is where they want to be forever Day Dreaming..and yet both know that it is nothing but an imaginary destined memory shared between both of them. , cause there destiny is damned... their story traces moments which they will never have and yet can feel...ahh the irony of being in platonic love and yet not being united with your other part of your soul...Cry...i know the audience and abhiya both wish they were trapped in that beautiful dream sequence forever ...Broken Heart... and the scene where abhay and misha pretended to be a couple in front of piya...*sigh*...what an irony that stage was ...abhay himself didn't realize that he flows deeper than blood through her and always will..regardless of several memory losses or personality disorders..the minute she will see him even after  her 10000 th memory loss..she will fall inhumanly..ground breakingly,  obsessively in love with him all over again Heart...


and then the scene where piya does not believe abhay that he loves misha and proves it to be by going close to him and us having a beautiful abhiya moment...remember?  that scene screamed out the fact that abhiya manipulate our emotions cause we are besotted by their unnatural , ground breaking passionate love .Be it making our heart beats faster when they are lost in each other , or be it breaking our hearts to shattered bits whenever they are in the phase of repulsion..and nothing has changed even now Smile...piya jaiswal still has piya dobriyaal inside her and in a way it will work for her of course because restraining and coping with abhay's compulsion repulsion with piya...she has to be obstinate and it was shown when she moved close to him...and we got yet another beyond beautiful abhiya moment and as expected..our hearts raced..our knees gave out...our stomachs started churning..and very conveniently the next second they suceed in making their audiences discover a haunted  tear emerging from its origin..as abhay abuses his beyond words expressed platonic love..it stabs your heart..as if he is abusing something that is a part of you..not just his love..right , abhiya fans ? Cry...that line shook every bone in my body - "we have nothing except pysical attraction..we only were physical with each other..there not a single flicker of emotion between us...but its not like that with your sister..". it was brutal...he abused what both abhay and piya stood for..you could literally feel piyas tears to an extent that  you see tears coming out of your own eyes...Cry Cry Cry...but atleast for a few moments ...just like piya ground breakingly ruined herself..lost herself...damned herself for everyone in this world openly except for abhay..for the first time we see abhay doing the same..crumbling down in front of the whole world OPENLY on the onslaught of piyas intensely loving eyes...oh lord save me...it was also disgusting how people always made piya a lifeless robot feeding her and manipulating her according to their own opinions and perceptions..there was no room for piya's individual opinions or perceptions anymore..it was like her life is being lived without her permission..without any of her contributions in it...and you just shake your head to all these people who are the caused root of it..even if it was because they cared...those few minutes of the episode when both almost kiss in front of piya's house because piya proved abhay that he still loves her...that spark of moment  will without a doubt be framed within us abhiyans forever... as we finally see that for centuries ..the same dead heart which drove abhay through maithli's nostalgic memories, had a sub conscious ,  hidden  hope , awaiting,   and desire inside which was actually leading it...cause in those 200 years of walking a dark road of death, he asked  destiny for a fairy light once...and that was destined to be piya..whether abhay himself realised  it  at that point of time or not...

then remember when panchi told piya that abhay is with her just to save herself from neel?! Dead...it was peculiar to see  how people think piya's life is their personal right to manipulate with just because of what they think is right and wrong for her..do they seriously fail to realize that piya's life will not be lived upon what others think is wrong or right in her life..but what SHE feels is wrong and right in her own perspective towards her own dealt and embedded situations?!?!? this was gruesome..for they were not "protecting" her..they were playing with her heart constantly..playing squash with it literally banging it on the wall with their raquet of  innumerable lies EVERYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was like as if piya became some programmed doll with the remote control laid in misha , panchi , and abhay's hands...hmph! 

*sigh*.."the games people play"...as poco once rightly said Embarrassed

then that scene when abhay said a very memorable dialogue : "jab is seeney mein dil hi nahi hain...toh itna dard mere jism mein bhara kyun hain?!?" beautiful... notice the amount of ground breaking vehemence and emotional vulnerability in his voice... it was shaking..and when his tone was shaking it felt like the whole universe has knelt down  on its knees and is crying ...the dark humor element in that moment was a single voice over gave you a brief nostalgic summary of every peice of pain sticking to his morbidly dead heart...especially when he becomes heart wrenching ..reminding you his ultimate break down, when the cold and cruel maithli made her new negative  relevation to  abhay after 2oo years of black nostalgia...only to do what? encapture him inside ice for an eternity?!?..that also for a man who could only find solace for 200 years by just laying his head on her grave to feel her essence and dying  the most sermonizing death every day , even though he has died long, long ago Cry Cry?!?!?!...a disgusting play by fate would be an understatement .the animosity of unmeasured love is understood when a small stream of tear emerged from his murderous , glinting eyes..a monster who is alive by destructing god's made creatures inhibited the  most abnormal occurrence ...beyond the comprehension of nature... he was crying...and then you can immediately  realize the unimaginable power of love he had  for maithli..which even made his dead heart and dormant emotions come vehemently and sickeningly alive...which makes viewers helplessly bawl...who wouldn't by comprehending the gravity of that moment??!?!that single and solitary shed of tear did more than enough to make anyone realize the invisible animosity of love he had for her.and we still wonder how he manages to evoke our maternal sides?!? *sigh*...all that suffering comes as a momentary grey flint of  flashback...  and then when the scene comes to piya's tears...it hurt me even more because of the insanic and volcanic trumoil of piyas mind through its 3 main stages :conscious..pre conscious and sub conscious..her one stream of tear showed the dilemma of all these three stages of her mind working against each other Broken Heart

then comes one of the most epic scenes ever shot in indian tv...i am so not exaggerating...the scene where piya's conscience asks her why did not she accept jay's proposal on the friendship's day party in mount college...it slapped those people across the face who thought piya is nothing but a damsel in distress...so many people criticized what she has become..but i have a serious question for them..do they have the unbelievable will of the heart to make someone live in them after they do not have a single scope of memory of  what defined them in the first place ? i don't think so.abhay raichand runs thicker than the ripe human blood in her veins  even if her sanity does not agree with it Heartabhay is a dream to her which she has lived through and stayed with it ever after...he is a living dream that has gone through her like wine through water which has altered the colour of piyas mind to an extent that she is standing against her own self..why? piya's heart bellowing "no! abhay is staying inside  me no matter what"... even when every nerve , brain cell , every figment of flesh and blood stood against her heart..why?!? simply because abhay had become more of piya than piya was of  her own self Heart...whatever their souls are made of..abhays and piyas are submerged intricately.piyas great thought of living is abhay solitarily..because if everything perished but abhay remained..piya would still continue to live by him living...and if he perished and everything else remained..the whole universe would be a grave stranger to piya..for the reason she is not listening to her conscience..because she is now personified and even identified by the  vivid linen of a carved, morbid trance of unfathomable  emotions that unhinges two different bodies and makes every part of these two obstacles one in the forbidden line named as "abhiya"-she is made by the continuously destructive and raving compulsion-repulsion of the two different hemispheres of existence-life and death..result? piya screaming and breaking down at her own being...maybe... piya had become both of them..or rather piya had completely become abhay. . ...and nothing can be done to change that.nothing.  

then i am coming to the episode where abhay had made a toast in the honor of a new couple : jay and piya Wacko...that time piya was only cheating and playing games with herself..nobody else...and abhay..he never lets anybody show his velvet heart broken soft interior filled with a tangled turmoil of emotions...his hard exterior acts as a protective shield ..as a defense that also para normally reacts ..when he burns,  he ignites everyone with his flame immediately..especially people who get to him the most..in other words piya...LOL.the cold hard exterior spoke that day heartlessly..rubbing it on piyas face that he is apparently happy piya is with jay...abhay does not only have a compulsion-repulsion with piya..but also remains to have a compulsion-repulsion with himself between what he shows to be to the outside world..and what he really is ..and yes..this man will never stop to make us smile on his swift defense mechanisms...Wink 

then that breathtaking scene where abhay kisses piya in the cheek and time,   fate and destiny seize without their permission...obviously nobody can make someone as strongly alive being a fictional character to the extent of having a  twisted imbalanced turmoil of every sort and type of pain and turmoil of emotion twisted and connected ironically against each other... but that is  aptly  and exactly abhay raichand ...how can i even ever begin about the enigmatic phantom who preys upon our maternal instincts???? yes..abhay raichand.
he never made a mistake enough to repent upon it to such an extent where even death did not want to release him...why we feel for him so much is because he has been burning through the walls of solitude for 2 centuries and not a single form of complaint has ever been sensed from him...he had been probably only exisiting for the sub conscious belief of the promise of light...that light being maithli...maithli's memories were the only reason why he bared to even subsist between the shielded walls of darkness for 200 years...but that hope took a slight turn when piya entered his exsistence...because by piya's arrival loneliness wasn't the only sort of emotion he  lived through and could trust himself upon...another unwanted but a dormant  emotion errupted which stayed within maithli's memories...love...the very  emotion which made and destroyed him ironically too...he did get swayed by piya's power of proximity in her love...but the promise and goal of giving piya a happy life..that streak of selflessness never faded away despite of the numerous reasons of him becoming anything but selfless...he knew he was giving the most cherished moments of his death life and piya's life by living in that sweet & sugary fairyland for some time Cry...our inhuman hidden angel broods..suffers...burns...hides a lost lovelorn lad who died with his love 200 years ago by an external nocturnal , intimidating shade of horror clinging to the walls of darkness as a persona..a  mask..he'll keep burning ..keep on  going without any complaint..no matter how many turmoil of emotions will attack him...endlessly sermonize him  ...he'll never complain and yet never break..and that is what makes us wish that someone runs to him and heals him Broken Heart...when he was in a fake relationship with piya to protect her from sidd...ironic part is the relationship was fake but the emotions were real..as real as emotions can ever be...what abhay gave piya in that so called "fake" relationship was more like a destined memory before his departure...moments which they'll never have and yet it's painted on their hearts for what could've possibly happened but can't happen...such is the impossibly possible beauty of their love story ...abhay and piya are a beautiful punishment...which personifies the meaning of the new and discovered dimension of love.

then how can we forget that episode where piya has an accident by riding misha's bike and ends up saying abhay's name in her sub conscious state in front of jay...abhiya just proved why their story is beyond sanity or even beyond the creation of nature and destiny..it is like both of these distinctive identities submerge beyond the comprehension of god [who is the ironic creator of every figment of substances existing]  within each other  intricately when it comes to these two..we did not have an abhiya scene and yet we did..how? it was not just the faint unconscious pang of piya's danger always hammering through abhay's dead , hollow heart... was it? no...it was more highlighted through abhay's subconscious living and the flints of  his morbid soul enraging and erupting  through the form of nostalgic memories flowing through the subconsciously physical state of piya...personifying raving upon her to the extent of making her under its trance even  when she gained consciousness..no wonder jay was stunned..i think even the creator of the universe would be stunned to see how can two different hemispheres of its own creation be this entwined in a  complicated twinge of fascinating morbidity and intricately to an extent of pure insanity..i think even the creator of the universe's elements  would find it unbelievable... woh episode itna  khubsooratly unnatural tha...staying true to its storyline's tone and essence ..ke is episode se  creatives ne dikha diya..ke abhiya saath naa hokar bhi humesha saath hain ...that day  was indirectly an abhiyalicious episode..through their pure naturally unnatural,  instinctive, platonic and cosmic connection...Day Dreaming..abhay , piya ki woh hi dard hain jo uska  sukoon bhi hain Cry...

 a song written by me which describes abhay's state of mind regarding piya at this point of the early episodes which i expressed in the previous paragraph :
i had to block out thoughts of you so i don't lose my insane mind ,
my black fate crawled in like cockroaches leaving babies in my bed,
dropping reels of tape to make me never forget that i'm alone,
playing movies in my head to make a sad promo feel like i'm home,
theres a burning in my pride and arrogance with the bleeding in my brain...an ounce of peace is all i  want by making you never love me again...hate me , baby..hate me tomorrow..hate me so you can finally see what is good for you...Broken Heart

then a song influenced heavily from paramore lyrics depicting piya's state of mind regaring abhay at the same time : 
she lives in a fairytale..somewhere too far for us to find...
forgotten the taste and smell of the world  shes left behind..
its all about the exposure of the paranormal love , i told her...
but this time the angels were all wrong now..
shes ripping off the wings of butterflies through her insane heart...
keeping her feet on the ground while her head's in the dark clouds...
well lets go get a shovel..and dig a deep hole to bury your fairytale castle..to bury your fairytale castle...if you want to be back redefined Smile..fade off fantasy...its gonna kill you in morbid extacsy...bury your castle..just bury your castle , if you wanna be redefined Heart


 then that episode where piya hunts for the very place she put herself in fire to discover abhay's past...lookat the sardonic irony of fate...one dream of her dark and monstrous soul mate saving her from fire..drove her up to the very spot where her other half fought with the whole world including himself to prevent piya ending up in question and doubt about their implausible story...but abhay is just a pawn of destiny...it will never listen to him no matter how many times he begs it to , right? ...fate always shakes her head when abhay seeks for solace because of fate's very own sadistic actions..yet when abhay wants to sacrifice whatever has remained of him in these 200 years of living en captured between black walls of morbid  and sickening nostalgia..enrapturing him in an intimidating dark grey  shade of horror...fate turns its back for the trillionth time..this time finally for the sake of  his own solace which abhay is ironically  not ready to accept..sadistic irony is like flavoured all over their story ...yet fate slapped abhays effortive motives like always by making piya stand in the very place which creates a silent..unseen and forbidden landmark of their enigmatic appalling paranormal love story..takdeer ne phir se apni chaal chaali...*sigh*..yeh dono mujhe pagal kar denge...and the way abhay crumbled down his repulsive ,cold and throat slicing mask to the onslaught of piya's insane turmoil of overflowing vulnerable emotions..don't both define the meaning of poetry itself--- the spontaneous overflow of emotions? 
aur phir woh car scene jaaha piya asks abhay that did she ever get caught in a fire and he saved her from it...for the first time..abhay was replused by piyas innocent and vehement question with a slice of pure belief of what she sensed and felt...piya literally ripped abhay's sore spot apart leading him to become not only emotionally vulnerable but literally tongue tied...and as expected , she got back to piya jaiswal detective giri mode and searched about maithli and abhayendra...and the whirlpool of carved ravenous black emotions hinging life and death..unhinging two interconnected yet separate hemispheres of existence becoming one in a morbid line of constant repulsion-compulsion between each other..named or fondly called abhiya finally began to  properly function and elcetrocute the whole universe..including time , nature and fate all over again..history was about to repeat itself very very soon..i loved the way for the first time...piya actually made abhay speechless...atleast the strength of piya jaiswal reflected  with piya jaiswal's signature innocence and vulnerable naivete...just can't get enough of abhiya..can we? Day Dreaming

then that episode where piya visits haseena in jail and abhay cleverly captured deepu in a frame and the police arrests her...that episode yet again highlighted that abhay is  the most unpredictable character i have come across...he makes angad khanna take a hike when it comes to emotional vulnerability and being an intriguing  but scary dark shade of intimidating horror..*sigh*... the fire was at its fiery best...all of his flames knew where ,when and what to burn to grayish black ashes...today our fire was more like molten lava--destroying literally everything in its path ... today he was not a heart breaking emotionally tangled, turmoil ed , earth shaking lovelorn grey monster with an ironically dead heart beating beyond the comprehension of nature and the cretor of every figment of existence ...NO... he was exactly what destiny and fate secretly discussed and conspired him to be - - a nocturnal diabolical beast with a black heart laying dead for centuries forgotten its function through the faint skyline of time today...he was a monster of survival ..of a promise and of an anticipating decision..today abhay was not of pathos at all...he was true to himself -- a representative of bloodshed and violent turmoil ..burning more than just holes to everyone he wants to evade mercilessly..this just shows..that this shattered Byronic enigma will become weather beaten till fate itself fades away..but it'll never be able to take abhay raichand away from  abhay raichand even if it thinks of doing so, physically...this mystery of an immortal will always remain an immovable.. indestructible implausible   bound of  morbid and sickeningly fascinating heath.. and by abhay dismissing piya from caring about haseena that episode  ...it once again proved that  piya is an emblematic  example of how a person can break bit by bit in the name of something more insane than love itself...

and then the confession...after a wait of almost 290 episodes!!!!! .it touched my heart when tears of blood emerged from abhay's murderous , glinting grey irises which have eternally lived and breathed through piya ...some people found it comic ...i found it really deep and beautiful...as it was a representation of a fragment of the heart breaking  , lovelorn grey monster whose dead , blackish red heart still feels and beats beyond the comprehension of nature and beyond the understanding of the creator of every figment of existence...those tears of blood ripped my heart apart.Blood makes humans mostly feel like vomiting  , and it obviously chills their nerves especially when it is something very natural to come out of a nocturnal creature's eyes...just like water is equally haunting , disgusting , and uncanny for monsters when they see it being a natural liquid emerging from our origins...right?  but piya's unfathomably astounding passion  was such...that i would not be surprised if she wiped them off and say :-
"tears of blood or tears of venom...they are a part of me ...they are a symbol of you rotting and feeling devastated ..and whatever they may be i'll eternally fade it away cause that is a symbol of you breaking .. & it'll automatically break me. how could it not? you are me. much more than i am of myself."...

if she would say that..i would die right then and there...
then that episode where piya pleaded abhay to save danish for the sake of panchi...that  abhiya moment was just beyond words expressed---"ek dahdakta dil hum dono ke liye kaafi hain " Heart...when two fragments of  a soul finally learn to make  each other complete...it makes the whole world , including nature most importantly SWOON. Day DreamingThe night flows and swims , as the golden crest has met its departure long ago , but through the invincible glow of one soul uniting , the sun's last rays invite this very  glow invisibly ,  with fragments  of colors  shadowing over the glow of abhiya . Besides the invisible delight of the unseen  sun at night ;  the stars , the crescent shaped beauty fondly said to be a moon  and a dark blanket  of evanescence called sky , do their own  trace of dance by witnessing one soul finally embrace each other Heart ...

i hope and i wish they live in their pink , sugary cloud of fairy dreams eternally...and die by consuming every breath and fragment  of their beautiful  living dream ...and whenever thorns will come in the path..i hope abhay permits piya to fight and banish every problem in their destiny TOGETHER ,like soul mates do... i want abhay to understand that by keeping piya in an illusion in the name of protection , things will only get worse...example ? the sidd case , of course . hopefully abhay will see their damned destiny in another dimension , and let piya carve every decision , action , and step with him from now  on...

confession pix ~~~~ <3 

and the journey of undying love never ends Embarrassed :


OVERALL.. if their love is supposed to be suffocating by nature ...then i hope abhiya keep suffocating each other by their love till their last breath taken together ..cause that would be their most desirable form of death imagined dying together...for each other and because of each other...




.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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Congrtz to the new AT everyone Hug
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miss my AP so muchCryCongrats guysHug
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congrats everyoneClap
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Congrats on the new AT Party
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i just want PKYEK season 2 with ViSu. i know it might not happen but from the bottom of my heart i want this to happen!Embarrassed

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