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IPKKND SS: Holding On and Letting Go, Parts 1-5 :) (Page 13)

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13 pages of awesome messages from you guys and I decided I should probably give it a go and make this a short story. Thank you every one for all the lovely comments, here is the next part, I hope it doesn't disappoint and anyone wanting PM's to any of my work, please do BUDDY me.

Pleasant reading guys x Please do listen to the song as you read, coldplay is one of my all time favourites Smile




Part 2 - A Warning Sign


She could smell the settled dust as she breathed in sharply and she knew who was there before she had even opened her eyes.  When she did, the emotions still overcame her like she had not been expecting it.


Tears of both sadness and joy filled up in her eyes as she saw the beautiful woman standing before her. How long she had yearned to see her, feel that glow from her presence and look into those warm eyes that made her feel like she was in the safest place the world had to offer.

"Amma?" she called out into the silence, to receive a warm smile in return. Khushi's heart almost jumped out of her chest as tears began to flow down her face.


How long she had waited, how long she had cried herself to sleep in hopes of seeing her mother again. How she had waited for what seemed like a lifetime on the night she had found out that they were gone, hoping with all her heart and strength that they would walk through the door, back to their house, back to her, because she didn't believe that they would leave her behind.


"Amma" she cried again, taking a step towards the figure in front of her.


"Khushi" her mother whispered through the mist.


Khushi clung on to her chest from the overwhelming wave of emotions that hit her from having heard her voice after all these years. She started crying as she took a few steps forward.

"Amma" she said again, voice breaking not knowing what the right words were to say "I...I've missed you, Amma, please don't leave me again, please stay" she pleaded, as she saw her begin to fade away.


"Khushi, we miss you too and I love you, please remember that, and remember that you are strong."


"We? Babuji? What do you mean? Amma please Amma, I don't want to be strong without you" she asked the fading figure, starting to break down in sobs from her desperateness as she tried to close the gap between them.


"Take care of yourself, remember not to play out in the rain for too long, you'll get a cold" she said slowly through a weak but heart warming smile.


She started to disappear as Khushi began to shout out "NO! Amma! Amma NO! Dont, please please don't leave me" she begged, starting to feel a familiar faint buzz begin to appear in her head.


Before she knew it, her eyes had fluttered open to find herself in his arms as he carried her towards a large building.


25 minutes ago ...


"Khushi!" he shouted, watching as she hit the ground.

It scared him, more than he could put into words to see her fall and not be able to catch her. It put fear in his heart because he couldn't save her like he had done every time before. Why had he not been able to hold on to her before she collided with the cold floor beneath? He put aside his thoughts as he knelt down beside her and lightly shook her.

"Khushi?  Dammit Khushi are you allright?" he asked fearfully, watching as the line of blood dripping from her nose made its way along her cheek and towards her ear.

He swiftly secured one arm behind her back and another under her knees before pulling her up towards him as he stood up and made his way out the door.


He placed her in the seat next to his, cupping her face in his hand and lightly shaking her in a final attempt to regain her consciousness before starting up the car and driving as fast as the streets of Delhi would allow him towards the hospital. He was glad that it was so early in the morning and that there was no traffic.


Finally pulling up at the emergency doors he effortlessly picked her up again in his strong arms and watched as the dried blood against her skin clung to his sweater as she rested her head on him.


"A..Arnavji?" she whispered, looking up at him after having managed to open her eyes.


He looked down at her and felt his heart swell with joy at seeing her okay.


"Where is she?" she asked, confusing Arnav.


"Who Khushi?"


"Amma, where is Amma" Khushi asked, holding on to the pain through her temples again by clutching at his clothing. He hated seeing her like this, her pain was his pain. Wanting to rid her of it as soon as possible her burst through the hospital doors and called out for the doctors.

A young looking man wearing a white coat registered his presence and asked Arnav to wait for a while.


Arnav stepped up to him and let the arm under Khushi's knees drop so he was holding her tightly against him with one arm before reaching out to grab the man's collar and pushing him against the wall.

"You get me a doctor, and you do it right this second" he said, voice dangerously low as he choked the man in front of him "If anything happens to her, I swear to God I'll.."


"O..o..okay sir, jusss give a second" the man stammered, clutching at his restricted throat and running to get a doctor when Arnav had reluctantly let go of him.


He wrapped his second arm around her as she nuzzled her face against his chest.

"We're at the hospital, you're going to be okay" he whispered into her ear, as she lightly nodded against him to let him know she heard him.




He waited by the door to her room, looking out through the window at the sun that was now fully out in the morning sky. He shouldn't have said what he had to her in the morning. The buzz of his phone in his pocket brought him out of his thoughts and he picked up to find his sister on the line.


"Chote! You promised no work!" she complained before he even had the time to say hello.

"I'm not at work Di, Im at.." he looked through the window to her room where she was sitting on a white covered bed talking to the doctor that had checked up on her, she seemed fine, weak, but fine. Thinking that there was no need to worry his sister, he swallowed his words. "No, I meant I am at work, Di, look I'll be home soon okay" he said, before abruptly hanging up on her.


He wanted to go in to the room, but the doctor had told him to wait outside, so he did. Jaw clenched, staring in at her blank eyes until she nodded at the doctor and came outside.

He reached out for her when she came through the door.


"I'm fine" she said, refusing his help.


When she started walking away, he quickly caught up with her.


"You sure?" he asked concerned, looking at her as she consciously wiped away at any blood she thought might still be stuck to her skin.


He wasn't sure if she heard him because she didn't reply as she continued to rush down the corridors in the hospital.


"Khushi!" he panted, moving to stand in front of her and turn around so he was blocking her path.

"Where are you going? I'll drop you home" he offered, only to watch her shake her head.


"I can get home myself" she said, stepping around him.


He stood confused for a moment, not understanding what was going on.


"Look, I'm sorry about this morning" he called out behind him knowing that she had stopped "You were right, I was wrong" he took in a deep breath "I shouldn't have shouted at you like that"


She looked back at him for a moment as he turned around and decided that she couldn't do this anymore, not now. Clutching at the colourful bag draped around her shoulder she started to walk away again, down the last corridor and reception hall until she was out of the main doors leading in.

She contemplated as she dragged her brightly coloured shoes through the damp dust as the severity of the situation slowly began to dawn on her.

What was she going to do?


Before she knew it a white SUV had pulled up right in front of her and Arnav stepped out of the other side and opened the door to the passenger seat.


"Sit inside Khushi" he said, looking intently at her.


"I told you I'm fine, I'll get home" she said stubbornly, starting to step around him again only to have him lightly place his hand on her waist and hold her in place.


"Please?" he said softly. Khushi tried not to look at his eyes because she knew she would be a goner once she had, but his voice was enough to melt her heart. The way he had said please, she knew he felt guilty about the morning, but she did not want his pity.


Her mind was racing with a million thoughts, what had happened, how she had been feeling strange since the morning, and then how she had seen her mother. All amplified by the warm hand pressed against her waist, she almost felt her mind give up as her heart gave in to him.


"Fine" she said, still not looking him in the eye as she settled in the seat.


They drove in silence for the whole ride to her home, the cool morning breeze cooled her skin as she rested her head against the slightly lowered window. He looked over at her worried a few times, opening his mouth and finding that he didn't have the right words, to close it again.


When he finally pulled up at her house he looked over at her starting to unbuckle her seat belt.

"What did the doctor say?" he said, giving up to the itch in his mind that had made him want to ask that question from the moment she had stepped out of the hospital room .

She looked in his eyes as her mind raced. She felt the blood rise up in her cheeks as he looked at her. His ruggedly handsome face was etched with concern for her, but she knew how that concern could turn to anger in mere seconds, she had seen it happen before, yet everytime he spoke to her in a soft voice, she could feel him steal another part of her heart.

She wasn't going to let him have that kind of control over her, not anymore.


She stepped out of the car and turned around to face him, looking into the eyes that made her breath catch, she lied through her teeth.

"He said everything was fine"


Hi everyone! I realise that was kind of boring so Ive included a precap for the next chapter if you guys want me to write one, please do leave likes and comments and criticism as I would love to know what you guys think Embarrassed. Here is the link to my index for my other stories, if you want more reading, do check out my Fanfic Tearing Ourselves Apart. Thank you everyone !




"Were you supposed to go see Anjali ji this morning?" Payal called, causing Khushi to look up from the statue she was staring at.

"Huh? Anjali ji? Yes, yes I was meant to go see her but.." Khushi started.


"She called, she said there is no need for you to come over because she got everything arranged, she just wanted your help in picking some things out for the party she is throwing me and Aakash tomorrow!" Payal chimed, excitement evident in her voice "Can you believe this? I only just got engaged to him and another party, Khushi, help me pick out something to wear, Aakash is going to be there!" she jumped, pulling Khushi up out of the chair.


Arnav is going to be there - she thought.


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Gonna Comment Tomorrow :) Embarrassed

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Great!!! Continue writing! You have a great

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OMG...LOVE IT...waiting for more!!!

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she lied so something is wrong with her loved it continue soon and please pm 

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Omg! Now I'm really worried about Khushi! what exactly happened to her?! :( 

Loved the concern that Arnav had for her, I hope Khushi tells him what's wrong with her..the pre-cap looks intriguing! (: You should definitely continue Hayley! This is a wonderful short story, I always enjoy reading your work! (:


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Absolutely fabulous once again!!! How do you do it?! Keep the reader stuck on every single word!!! Superb!!! Definitely continue!!! :)

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