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The Week That Was (Page 6)

merrydock Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
i loved it diya, you explain  each episode and got the gist of it so well,  arnavs considration and respect for lavanya, the huge change in lavanya. it was like she had become another Khushi. she does everything we would expect khushi to do, la has difinitely learnt well form khushi. may be the week was not too dramatic, but it had the necessery knots to be untied feel. for the story to progess. i loved reading your view plz pm me next week to.
hope it will be fun

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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Hi Diya!! Loved reading your weekly posts as always!! Very well captured...
I have been out of IF since Thursday night too...Are you kidding me that people are calling for different leads? WHY ON EARTH would anyone want that?
I guess I did not miss much worth anything...

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Nithi-

Me Red all the way Tongue

Diya, excellent post yet again Clap I am one of those eagerly waiting for your bak bak LOL Yes, let us keep the positivity floating over the forum Tongue
Yeah, the story which did move slowly over these six months took a rocket pace and reached the moon. As you mentioned, now we are moving on to the complicated space. 

I so wished that truck to take Shyam away to Devi Mayya Sleepy Dirty fellow trying his best to have both blueberry and strawberry cup cakes Angry But strawberry is all red and ASR's LOL I loved how ASR was all tensed up like he was on the Raksha bandhan day Embarrassed But when will this doughnut Anjali realize and read her chottey ?Ouch

When will Anjali get phursat from all her puja path to wake up and smell the coffee? But it's good she doesn't, because she would spill the beans to her loving Sssnake, and he would hijack the Arshi love story! So let her remain blind for now!

Shyam is manipulating furiously, now finally we see some interesting shades coming in ... not the usual blackmailer "keep your mouth shut or else" ... he is laying low till the scaels tip in his favour again ... 

As for ASR ... a worried, tense distraught ASR was SUCH a treat to watch Day Dreaming

13th Dec ' Don't you ever, EVER do this to me again!

Wonderful episode of the week ! Arnav thinks Kushi to be all HIS., she is his oxygen, but when will he realize that Anjali's words have already plunged into action !

Yep, worried possessive ASR ... me still dreaming Day Dreaming But he will fight it every step of the way, and confuse the wits out of Khushi in the bargain ... poor girl!

The dimwit Gupta ladies made me cringe. Taking in all the nonsense of that creep and still waiting for Kushi's arrival Angry A total let down ! None of them were concerned about Kushi and all they worried was about Payal's heartbreak Ouch

And highlight of elders irresponsibility and insensitivity !

I felt that at the very least, Buaji should have accompanied Khushi ... this is no matter for an 18 year old to tackle! But oh well, she is the heroine, na! Buaji was at least slightly concerned about Khushi, maybe guilt pangs that she forced her into the rishta ... Garima was pathetic!

The last part was epic, Arnav's regret was simply awesomeStar and name change was innuendo to the bride change LOL

I felt really bad for La ... and Arnav's expression when he realised what he had said Cry

14th Dec ' One Clean Break, One Messy non-Break

Anjali and Shyam are soulmates for sure. Both are psychotic!

This was the best episode of the week and most awaited second climax of IPK ! Wonderful break up I have ever seen Clap What a mature way of dealing with emotions ! Arnav has started his journey of coming out, his journey towards Kushi !

The cv's showed that they can handle emotions in a mature and hatke way! This break up was really well done.

Anjali was a pure nonsense and a true competitor to her hubby's nautanki !  @ bold blue, so true that ROFL 

No one could have opened their mouth after Anjali's"hum jee nahi payange" but Kushi could have said she broke the engagement as her fiance was found guilty of cheating their family. These Cvs LOL

Yep, that was annoying - at least Khushi could have said that much ... but I guess that is leaving things open for the future track Confused

15th Dec ' One More Chance ' and a Phone call

The only scene I liked was the phone convo, rest was all bakwaas with the Gupta ladies ! Devi Mayya, please give them some brains ! Kushi was in the most difficult situation, either ways, damage to every one them (though I didn't like her decision). Shyam has literally destroyed their happiness ! So, she tried to put the past behind and move forward ! To spare all of them from pain ! Least she knows how low can the snake stoop !

Khushi's decision is wrong, but the person she chose to make that confession to was also wrong. Anjali was not the right person to tell ... she does need to take someone in the RM into confidence ... but then story kaise chalegi?! Unless she does that in the near future ... because otherwise this is going to come back to bite her very soon. But she's done it for Anjali's sake, and only for Anjali ... to save Anjlai's marriage ... keeping quiet actually jeopardises Payal's rishta more than telling the truth would have done.

16th Dec Saying Goodbyes

Indeed, Friday's episode bags away the mature episode of the week ! Kushi trying to put past whatever has happened so far and looking forward to a fresh life ! Arnav trying to accept the present and move forward with his single status Big smile

Both being single unknown to each other yet all mature to accept each other as the way they are Embarrassed This episode was not about the physical attraction rather the emotional bonding Star Playing rabba ve would be like partying on a coffin LOL

Again, beautifully done, the varying emotions between Khushi and Arnav, she saying a goodbye, he knowing differently, yet forced to stay quiet for the moment ... lovely scene

 Loved the way how Kushi was her self once again, no fear only feisty Big smile "Door rahiye humse" deserves an Clap

I loved Sanaya's voice in this scene, low toned, fierce, angry ... fiesty Khushi back, forget about Shyam trying to blackmail her, because she is not the type to sit quietly and play the victim. Hope this doesn't backfire on her, though i am pretty sure it will Confused

Arnav - La moment was awkward, emotional, unable to speak anything, guilt taken all over ! Kushi-La moment was indeed beautiful with genuine friendship and affection for each other. 

Yeah, love how the story is moving forward ! Truly a star crossed lovers they are LOLMoving parallely yet diametrically opposite ! Both lead characters showing signs of grey and flawed making a perfect pair ! 

Yep, the story has started moving beautifully!

Me too looking ahead ! Btw, special mention to Payal who was absolutely gorgeous Tongue

She looked very pretty especially after she changed her jewelry LOL The lighter set at the RM was nicer than the one at home ... blooper! LOL 

Thanks for commenting, Nithi, had fun replying!

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sbk2

Hi Diya,

Loved reading your weekly recap! Fantastic job!
My comments are in blue...


Exactly my thoughts Diya!
Moreover, this is a public forum, there will be posts made by people of all views and thoughts.
I simply ignore the posts that I do not agree with. 
Live and let live...

So do I ... ignore the ones I don't agree with, I mean! LOL

I totally agree Diya! We defend ASR's nature by saying that he went through a lot, so he has become like that. The same can be said about fact I've written this many times already, her personality has been defined not only by the bad things that happened to her brother and her, but also by her physical handicap.

She fears losing her loved ones again (which can be deduced from her hysterical reaction to her mangalsutra breaking and her fearing for her husband's safety) and also wants to live in the illusion of her perfect world...she's in denial of all the suspicious things about her hubby.

Yes, I think many of us are too harsh on Anjali ... me included ... the fact is that in many towns and cities, for a wife to even suspect her husband of infidelity is a huge issue ... and not only India ... it's a general saying that the wife is always the last to know when her husband strays ... and again, as ASR has reacted abnormally to the abnormal loss of his parents, so has Anjali, in a different way ... he has become an atheist and she has become extra God fearing and ritualistic ... both handling their loss in different ways.

I loved Anji for this - her own family did not exactly console her...while Anji reached out to her. She had done the same on her parents' shraadh puja day too.She's a very affectionate and loving person. I hope in the future if Arhi get married, the creatives continue showing her this loving towards Khushi...

yes, another facet of Anjali ... or the same facet, she has the SAME feelings for everyone, she doesn't like to see ANYONE around her  unhappy - for ASR it was confined to his sister, for Anjali, the feeling extends to all those she loves ... and she genuinely loves Khushi. Another bond has been shown very beautifully by the cv's ... not what will happen to this bond when the Shyam truth breaks is anyone's guess.

What a nice description of the scene Diya! Loved how you added so much depth to that scene! Clap

Thanks Shwets! It's all because of the actors ... when they act well, we can feel their emotions ... this was a beautiful scene, so much unsaid between the two ... one covering her feelings with words, the other covering his with silence ...

I liked how she blasted him, though I wish she would have told Anji that she broke off the engagement because her fiance was not a good person. She did not have to volunteer any further information other than that, because as Anji herself said, it was her private matter. I think the creatives purposely omitted that so that the list of contributors to the major understanding of Khushi gets bigger!

Me too! Wish she had said she broke the engagement, not her fiance! But I guess that will add to the misunderstandings!

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the first one...the phone conversation of Khushi and Arnav kind of ignited my hope.

I also hope La leaves for good...though I read an article which speculates that she may come back in a negative avatar Confused

I really don't want that...but with soaps, you never know!

I am in two minds about an engagement ... HOW  will Arnav break his to La one minute because he says he doesn't love her, and then get engaged to Khushi the next minute, even though he says he doesn't love her ... there will be major 'deals' involved if it happens! But looking at Khushi's new look, seems it is likely!

I think La made herself a lot of fans, so the ph might bring her back later ... but hopefully not negative, that will be too cliched!

Thanks so much for posting, Shwets! Loved reading it! Hug


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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by momma1128

I thought it was a great week and a good episode on Friday.  This is a mature love story and it felt like it in the way the relationships were dealt with.  Something big is waiting in the wings.  I am kind of biting my nails.

Awesome post.

(I think members of another forum have been planting ideas here.  SaRun are the heart of this story.  I ignore.)

Hey Anu, thanks for posting! It was a very good week in terms of story, I agree with you completely ... and finally the maturity is coming in ... the fun and games and nautanki were there to set the foundation, they've done their job ... now the main story starts.

Too many jobless members around now that some shows have wound up LOL Sa Run make this show ... no two ways about that.
DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sun2011

Superb writing as usual Dia:)

I agree with you about the most  sweetest moment Khushi-LA scene and most satisfying moment the Khushi firing Shyam scene on Dec 16:)

Regarding your comment below - I highlighted in blue certain parts of your writing.

Khushi saying goodbye to Arnav ' a farewell gift, for after tonight, he will officially belong to Lavanya in the eyes of the world, and that bitter-sweet relationship they share will be over. And she has another reason to stay away from him now ' the secret she has to hide about his brother-in-law. So she says farewell in her congratulations ' with a smile ' or tries to. And tries to ignore the pain in her heart, a pain she doesn't want to face, doesn't want to put a name to. He is not hers, he never was and now he never will be. 

 It strikes me from your words that perhaps even if ARHI get engaged it will be a deal to start with - they might fall in love and realize too and show it too - never confess - and when it comes to marraige - Khushi will refuse Arnav as she is too good to be a temptation in RM that might have the potential to break Anjali-Shyam marraige!!

Thanks, Sun! I think if Arhi do get engaged, then it will be a deal for sure ... like I said to Shweta, Arnav can't say he loves Khushi so soon, and if he broke iff with La because he doesn't love her, then how can he agree to get engaged to Khushi if he doesn't? And their confession is miles off ... because now Shyam's truth is another barrier between Khushi and Arnav ...
Can't wait to see how they go from here!

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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
Superb weekly bak bak as usual Diya !! 

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zuzana

Hi Diya...a fantastic post as always..had missed it last week.

Yes me too appalled at whats happening at IF...Arhi are destined for each other and thats it. La's break up was long due and what with Barun's amazing expressions and the Cvs are so good at emo scenes that the ASR-La break up scene came out so good that everyone is feeling for La.LOL As I wrote in the other thread La-ASR are not for each other...La doesnt even understand ASR's pain or they cannot make a couple. There dont bond on any levels..its bland... La deserves someone who can love her and ASR was def not that person.
Yep, two nice people (nice is too bland a word for Arnav actually! LOL) .. but they are just not meant for each other. Neither really understands the other ... but La scored by understanding that she is NOT the one for Arnav! And for ASR, La is just one of the people floating around in his world, his world revolves around Khushi ... La just doesn't matter enough. Which is why he probably never gave her feelings a thought till now .. when it was forcibly brought home to him what he was doing to her.

The past 2 weeks the story has progressed tremendously...the basic story has moved ..Shyam's exposure ASR-La break up which was clogged up for months is getting cleared now. The coming weeks will be a new chapter in Arhi's life.

I can't wait to see how they will take it now!

The best line of the whole week " Don't you ever, EVER do this to me again!" Embarrassed
Kushi was too messed up with her own set of problems ..he confused kushi and also La. Diya actually I liked his change to brusqueness otherwise La would have got a hint about Arhi and I really didnt want that to happen. Let these two figure it out for themselves their feelings..I don't want any bodies interference there...least of all La.
Has La already gotten a hint, though? Am sure she has ... ASR hasn't really been subtle ever since Khushi went missing ... but like you, I'm glad the break up was about the two of them alone.

Shyam the smooth talker..and he has not given any hints about his lustful nature to kushi...or she doesnt know anything about what he did to her babuji...she thinks its a mistake and fair that she gives him a chance for rectification. I loved the way kushi gave him the warning..she is on the lookout!Clap
I think the main thing is that she doesn't know how bad he has really been ... his behaviour with babuji the main thing ... if she knew that, there would have been no second chance for Shyam ... without that he could be the poor misunderstood man trapped in an unhappy marriage that he is portraying ... so give him a warning and a chance to rectify himself ... and a chance to save his marriage ... yes, fair enough. And that warning should keep him in check ... for a little while at least!

Anjali shyam soulmates..psychoticROFL..that was brilliantly put!LOL Got your point about Anjali..I too am not presently too critical about her..she is too much in love(obsession) with hubby and I have seen myself many like that. And  liked her concern for kushi.
Garima..the less said the betterAngry..buaji was much better that way..and like Payal how she wanted to come out clean with Raizada where is about to start her new life and didnt want to do it with a lie!
Garima bugged me ... NO concern for Khushi at all! Buaji and Payal were good.

Liked the arhi phone cute and Sanaya was amazing with her winks and blinksClap...Arnav was pissed that she didnt recognise his voice..ahhh! possessive!Embarrassed
Haha ... yep, his main annoyance came out ... main bol raha hun!!! Sanaya was too cute with her teasing and sharmaoing LOL

16th Dec-Goodbyes...very well put Diya!Clap

Everyone hiding their sadness and putting on a happy face..La, kushi and ASR.

Yes cannot wait for next week to see how the story moves..I am starving for Arhi moments!Embarrassed
Me too!!! Need an Arhi fix now!!! LOL For now I'm wondering ... Arhi engagement? No Arhi engagement???
Thanks for posting, Zu!

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