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The Week That Was (Page 4)

Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 11:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DiyaS

Was hoping you would post here - have been missing your symbolism posts!

Was busy last week at work and at home although Wednesday's episode was one I wanted to dissect badly. As I missed doing so on that day, your post gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

I missed those reactions, but honestly ... Khushi really has far bigger problems to worry about than the blow-hot-blow-cold nature of Arnav right now. She has had her trust broken - yes, she didn't want to marry Shyam, but she was resigned to her fate, and at least she trusted him as a person ... she is completely shattered and numb right now - how to deal with the repurcussions of this huge discovery. Repurcussions not only for her - that's the least of her worries, but those on her family and on Anjali. If it had been an unknown man, easy as pie - go to his unknown wife and denounce the guy straight off as a twotimer and a cheat. But Shyam belongs to the family her sister is getting married into, and to the woman who has always treated her with so much affection and love... and she knows how much Anjali and her family love and respect Shyam. Right now she is just trying to digest the enormity of the whole problem, and trying desperately to believe Shyam, so that things can come back to normal. I think she would love to believe that his apology is genuine, and that he made a one time slip, because that would make things all right so much more easily ... but she knows deep within her that it isn't. And her inner conflict is because of this. She wants to believe Shyam but she can't.

I agree with you. In fact I was shocked to read people's complaints against Khushi for not appreciating Arnav's concern and responding kindly.  I doubt she even noticed that he sounded concerned about her well-being as her mind was preoccupied with far bigger problems which you beautifully elaborated.  She was more concerned about others than herself.   The repercussions are huge and could cause irreparable damage if she makes a wrong move. At that point she thinks she is the only one who knows the truth and has to act on it, one way or other. So a phone call from Arnav which only conveyed mixed signals was the least of her botherations.

I agree, and I hope Arnav does introspect about how he has treated Khushi with as much depth as he introspected about La - or even more ... because he has done far worse with Khushi. And that apology was for Khushi ... maybe he is slowly realising that he has never really given her the space to come to him with her problems ...

I think he already knows the damage he has done to Khushi and the apology is a result of that thought process. It is his reaction on that fateful Diwali day which has led to the chain of events subsequently. How can he demand that she unburdens herself to him when he has been acting like a huge jackass?  I guess that is what was troubling him and it poured out in that apology.

 even though he never means to hurt her, but he realises now that he does, he HAS, he regrets it always, but his emotional confusion with her makes him react in ways that he later regrets. But for now, nope, I don't blame Khushi for not confiding in Arnav ... he has not really given her that confidence yet.

Yes, he has not given her that confidence to open up and I hope his regret is not a flash in the pan reaction.   

Opti, I'm really sorry to hear that ... and I can understand - I have a friend who lost an uncle in an air crash, and since then she is morbidly afraid every time her husband flies ... I myself tell my husband to sms me as soon as he lands whenever he travels and I get really angry if he doesn't ... Anjali's fear is understandable because of her life experiences ... Arnav has expressed his fear about his Di leaving him, but Anjali has not said it in so many words - she expresses it every day in her overdone religious paath pooja and her over dependance on Shyam. Both brother and sister have reacted abnormally to the traumatic loss of their parents.

Yep, both the siblings have been scarred by their pasts and it will take a lot of healing to come out of it.  We do have Khushi who is and will be the soothing balm for their pain.

Beautifully said! Clap and also her need to look for the best in people, to look past their mistakes and give them a second chance ... although her decision was determined to a large extent by Anjali's reactions, but Shyam expressed his remorse again and again and made no wrong moves, so she was giving both Shyam and Anjali's marriage another chance. And considering the number of times she has forgiven Arnav when he has behaved brutally with, this is definitely part of her character. Is it a weakness or a strength - depends on the type of person she is dealing with.

Yes, she maintained her silence also to give Shyam a second chance although it was primarily to take care of  Anjali's emotional well being. Khushi has always been a forgiving soul  but this time her forgiveness could be misused by the snake to serve his purpose.   As you said, this quality could either be her strength, when she deals with Arnav who is reformable but could also be her weakness when she's dealing with the snake who does not seem reformable, at least as of now.

True and well said again! La is probably the weakest of the three in a way - Anjali at least has the excuse of a traumatic past, what excuse does La have? She is a very poor decision maker, and shies away from unpleasantness as much as Anjali does - first in terms of NOT enforcing her own opinions on Arnav, then accepting the lukewarm relationship she had with him, even though she recognised it was unsatisfactory, and finally not wanting to face facts when they stared her in the face. It was left to Arnav to make the final break.

Some people are like La, poor decision makers.  It is basically a fault in their character formation and has nothing to do with their past experiences.  I guess it is more to do with not meeting the right people who could have made a difference while their characters were still being formed. Had it not been for Khushi's influence in her life she would have not taken this break up so gracefully.

Arnav's strength stems from his acceptance of the consequences of his actions.
I would say he is starting to accept the consequences of his actions.

Here I am referring to his strength in this particular scene.

He did that with Payal when he went out of his way to help the Payash alliance ... he took the onus of calling Khushi in the first place ... and now when realisation finally hit him as to how unfair he was being with La, he took action immediately on that. I am now waiting for the time when he will start making amends to Khushi, because the realisation that he has been unfair to her has well and truly begun. But maybe because his emotions are far more involved and entangled with Khushi, he is finding it more difficult there to make the right move - every move he makes, he backtracks two. What do you feel?

Arnav still has a long way to go and yes every step he takes forward he takes two steps back, once he senses he is changing. He seems to equate changing to being weak and hence is resisting it tooth and nail, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Yes, he found it easier to deal with Payal and La because his emotions are not as involved.  With Khushi he is far more involved than he likes to be. He hates to exhibit his vulnerability in front of her, the reason why he stopped midway in his conversation with Payal when he realised Khushi was listening to him. Try as he may, his vulnerability surfaces only when she is around for the connection between their hearts and souls is far more stronger than he realises.  The sooner he accepts it the better for the both of them but we know that that  is not happening any time soon. Just as he begins to open up and accept her in his heart this Shyam bomb is going to blow up on his face, making him hastily retreat into his shell after stinging her (well I guess he would be a cross between a scorpion and a tortoise in this case).       

But am with you - I like the way his character is evolving and the Prince is emerging slowly from the Beast.

My only hope is that once the prince fully emerges he remains a prince forever and does not turn back into a beast.  For that I am willing to wait longer for the prince's emergence. 

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savvz Senior Member

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 12:06am | IP Logged
superb recap... thanks... till now my weekend... was a humpphh... :)
all of them have come a long way since June...  
khushi.. has matured a lot.. though we glimpse a child within at times... 
La.. i was earlier confused with this character... but last week has been a revelation of sorts... denial mode was the cause.. 
and finally ASR... we should now call him Arnav and not ASR... he is already half way there... :)

and i cant get enough of that shot... 'Don't you ever EVER do this to me again... !!'.. so much intensity... 

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nb2011 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged

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--Sobi-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged
My weekly bak bak ... but before that, I haven't been to the forum for two days, and I'm really shocked  at what's happening here! Why all the negativity, people???!!! The show IS moving ... there is so much progress story-wise ... and I'm frankly appalled at the calls for a new lead ... NO WAY!!! SaRun and Arhi MAKE the show ... Barun and Sanaya are irreplaceable and the PH is smart enough to know that ... this is the only show which is consistently high on both online forums and on TRP's, TVR's, TAM's ... the works! Ignore the negative posts, people ... report them and don't reply ... they will sink to the back pages quietly, because this forum moves so fast!

Exactly what i want to say!!!

Btw lovely post!!!

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proshomi Senior Member

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 12:37am | IP Logged
Superb writing and annaylis Diya.I am a regular reader of your post and trust me I am a big fn of your writing,the way you annalytically write the entire week's episode is commendableClap

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princezsafa Senior Member

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Very well written Diya...I've been a silent reader of this forum for months and have not missed your posts :)

Your analysis is gives so much more value and weight to the characters than what I actually understood out of them

One of your best was: "stop giving mixed signals, Arnav"

Yes CANNOT wait for what happens next week!
I'm literally STARVING for some ArHi momentsss Cry

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gilgamesh Senior Member

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DiyaS

But I have to say hats off to the cv's ... they stuck to their guns - they did a whole two weeks without any wicked scheming dominating saas or even a wicked scheming vamp, without any glitzy glamourous wedding scenes, without any romantic lovey dovey eyelocks, and got the story moving ... and THAT is what has kept the trp's high! Even the drama was not OTT - neither the Shyam revelation to Khushi - in other shows it would be in front of a million people, with the camera focussing on everyone's face twenty times ... here it was very private and very intense ... one slap, some low voiced furious words ... and done! And it's the aftermath which is the shattering part ...

Similarly the Arnav La break up - very maturely handled, and again no OTT drama, no bawling sobbing spurned woman and so far she doesn't even seem to be turning vampish!

This week the show moved on story alone ... Arhi will come in due course, but we have to wait patiently, because this week the focus was NOT on Arhi. And I for one am glad the story is moving!

Last couple of weeks have been great at IPKKND...the story moved forward and, as you said Diya, part of its charm remains that the CVs project it in a "very private and very intense" manner where the aftermath has a really chilling effect (highlighted in quote above)...saying all of that , ASR's "Don't you ever, EVER  do that to me again" is going to resonate in our dreams for a very long time time to come... Day Dreaming...sigh...loved the weekly recap and depth you add to it Diya...

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Peace67 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Nice recap of the week as usual Diya.

Lots happened this week. Loved the decisive way in which Arnav sets about cancelling his engagement with La. She was heartbroken but does handle it well once she hears the truth one she knew all along.

Anjali, well we can only hope that she will show at least an iota of the strength that La showed when she finds out about Shyam. I suspect she will crumble to dust though. I understand Khushi's stance, but think it will come back to bite her.

And I am glad that the CVs did not show Arnav mesmerized with Khushi's look. It would have been unbelievable. He has just broken someone's heart, surely he cannot be expected to drool over someone else straight away. 

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