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SS: The eyes have it (updated pg18 part 6 09/04) (Page 6)

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Originally posted by YPNHK_kiFANno.1

OMG! More peeps need to read this! It's amazing stuff! I love the way you write, truly! The humour, the language, everything! Read part 2 and 3 in one go! Uff! Arnav is such a tease at times! LOL

p.s., that lake scene! ugh! Blushing

aw thank you so much Smile You're comments are a joy to read!

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great part loved it pls continue

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interesting SS :)))

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Part 4

Hello! Here is the next installment. Apologies if the POVs get a little confusing but I hope you like reading the update nonetheless. 

Be Bound to Me

He taunted, "Now you have to pay the price...congratulations Khushi Kumari Gupta you have now become Arnav Singh Raizada's slave!"


Khushi stood flabbergasted for a few moments. "What the-? Let me go!" She tried to struggle again to no avail.


"Slaves shouldn't disobey their masters," he leaned in closer so that their lips were barely centimetres apart, "especially Arnav Singh Raizada's slaves."


Khushi's eyes widened. "Who is whose slave? Aap Arnav Singh Raizada hogey aapke ghar meh!" She pouted defiantly.


Khushi gasped involuntarily as he leaned in even closer. She didn't think it possible for there to be room for him to lean in anymore but apparently he had made room. She squeezed her eyes shut, as she felt the blood rush to her head at his proximity. He chuckled, it was a low and deep chuckle and it caused her heart to speed into overdrive again.


"I think you've already used that remark before and I think we've already established that this is my house baby".


Khushi's eyes shot open. "Baby"!  Who the hell was he calling "baby"?! Who did he think he was-  some Mills and Boon hero? Well if he did, he had another thing coming Khushi huffed to herself. To make things worse, that smirk was still glued to his Grecian face. Khushi's eyes narrowed. What-was his face made of wax? Would she physically have to melt off that irritating smirk and alongside that ego the size of India?


She felt him inhale her scent and Khushi could have sworn her heart stopped beating for a few moments. Although the red tomato that was her face was an indication of the blood still being pumped around her body. She had to tap her chest to double-check though and this action did not go unnoticed by Arnav, who by this time had pulled back slightly so that they were far apart enough for her to see all his features in high definition but close enough to feel his warm breath caressing her face. His features- so chiselled- were even more greatly defined in the moonlight. The sheen was highlighting his face in exactly the right places and she gulped when she met those drowning pools one would call eyes. "Khushi what the hell are you thinking girl?" She desperately inhaled deeply, feeling a grave sense of satisfaction when he winced momentarily as her breath hit his face. She thanked devi maiyaa quickly for the onions she had decided to scuff down alongside her dinner not too long ago.


Taking advantage of the opportunity and his loosened grip on her arms, she mustered all her strength to free herself and push him hard in the chest, the force of which sent him stumbling backwards. That knocked the smug look right off his face! Khushi beamed as she looked on at a startled, to say the least, Arnav Singh Raizada.

She snapped her fingers and raised an eyebrow. Whose turn was it to be smug now?


"Kyon? I told you didn't I-that time in Nainital- that I'm strong. I can eat a kilo of jalebis like that. Samjhe aap?" She used this moment to point her finger at the man before her, without thinking, and flinched when she saw his mouth twitch. Uh oh! Khushi shut her eyes and shrivelled slightly, bracing herself for round two.



Arnav smiled to himself looking at the adorable creature in front of him. Her hair was gently swaying in the summer breeze and her cheeks were a delicious shade of pink. Her trembling lips were all the more glossy in the moonlight. He loved the effect he had on her. He licked his lips in remembrance of the kiss they had just shared, thanking his lucky stars; he now had her right where he wanted her. She couldn't seem to understand how her pretence of haughtiness only seemed to spur him on further, to see how far she would go. He could still feel the burning sensation left behind from where her hands had come into contact with his chest and it was making him crazy with want...


Closing the distance between them, he reached out a hand to trace the length of her face, running it down her forehead and then ever so painfully slowly over her lips. She let out a slight moan and he felt a sense of elation pour over him.  He tipped his head at an angle and placed a delicate kiss on her jaw. She squirmed, squeezing her eyes shut even tighter as she grasped onto his shoulder for support. Arnav felt the blood rush to all regions of his body and he let out a low, guttural chuckle. Her pink duputta by this time had disappeared, probably to the floor somewhere, so that he had a full view of her collarbone as he darted his eyes down. Not for once removing his lips off her skin, he dragged his lips down to the place where his eyes had just so hungrily been roaming.




He snickered. "See being my slave has its advantages too!"


He pulled back with immense difficulty but he figured he wanted to take his time with this, milk it for all its worth. He had set the trap and now he would reap the rewards. "And what rewards they will be", he thought fondly as he rubbed the side of his mouth with his fingers. Lifting his eyes, he started slightly as he met her blazing orbs. She looked a seductress through and through, her hair in disarray and her face blushing head from fury...and passion. Khushi looked ready to tear him limb from limb and Arnav may just enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching her try. "Ooh feisty I like it Khushi Kumari-!"


Before Arnav could complete his thought, he felt a stabbing pain in his face and felt himself being hauled backwards with the sheer force of the impact right into the... Splash! Arnav opened his eyes and his body shivered with the biting cold now intensified by his drenched clothes. His whole body tensed. If it were not for his body acclimatising itself to this habitual level of fury in all his years of living then his heart might just have given way to hypertension. "How dare she! She blooming punched me! And I actually fell backwards!"


Shaking with anger, he looked up at a smug looking Khushi Kumari Gupta. "How dare y-"


"How very dare you Mr Raizada?!" Khushi interrupted. Arnav's jaw clenched, "this brat-"


"I am nobody's slave you understand! Don't think you can touch me however you like so easily got it?" Khushi brought her hands to rest on her hips. "So you can go and kiss my chappal Mr Raizada!"


"What the-?" With that she stormed inside, not before stumbling over the table on the way. A seething but speechless Mr Raizada glared at her retreating back, as the water around him could almost be seen bubbling by any on-looking spectator. It was plain to see that the girl was now in deep trouble...



Khushi frantically stepped back into the crowd in the front room, the early confidence now wavering, giving away to worry. She was shaking like a leaf. She anxiously looked over her shoulder and gave out a sigh of relief when she didn't spot him. Oh man! She would be dead meat if he found her...


"Khushi chill! That Laad Governor can't do anything here in this crowd. Just stay behind jiji the whole evening and before you know it'll be time to go home," she muttered unconvincingly.


"Hai re Nand kishore! Lo dekho ya kaari hai Sanka Devi! Khushi what are you muttering to yourself? Where have you been?"  


Khushi turned round to come face-to-face with her buaji's disapproving face. 


"Woh bas Buaji hum poolside ke paas the."


She wasn't lying. Khushi heard buaji tut and she rolled her eyes. She had to admit though that however dramatic she may be, Khushi would take buaji's scolding any day over that Laad Governor's. Once buaji had uttered a few more disapproving remarks and then decided she needed to turn her attention back to the proceedings, Khushi's eyes darted once again in the direction of the French doors leading out to the poolside but he wasn't anywhere in sight. Her eyes narrowed -where was he? She was jolted out of her daze by Anjali's hand on her shoulder.


"Khushiji are you alright? Where did you go? And the taal..."


Khushi gasped. She had forgotten the taal! In fact she couldn't for the life of her even begin to remember at what point she dropped it. All she could think of was a certain sequence of events that had led to her being pinned up against the wall by the poolside...with his lips  all over her...Blushing furiously, Khushi shook her head and cursed him with all her might. "That Laad Governor it's all his fault!"


Khushi cleared her throat and reluctantly turned towards Anjali, unsure of how to explain herself now. Should she say she couldn't find the taal? about that she'd tripped, hit her head and couldn't remember what happened? Was that a bit more plausible? She grunted. "Khushi you can be such an idiot sometimes!"


"Woh hum Anjaliji-"


"She was with me di." That voice was unmistakable. Khushi swivelled round on her heels to, sure enough, see Arnav Singh Raizada sporting a wicked smile. He looked gorgeous-his wet hair fell sexily over his forehead and it made Khushi's heart soar. She realised the absurdity in her thinking however and cursed herself for her weakness, compelling her heart to calm down.


"Here the taal", he handed the taal over to his sister, not for once averting his heated gaze off the stunned girl in front him. It didn't go amiss by Khushi that he chose to lean around her to hand over the object. "What? Couldn't he have just stepped round me?"


She felt the blood rush to her face once more. So... she had left it by the poolside huh? Khushi breathed a momentary sigh of relief before she witnessed the glint in his eyes and her face fell. Khushi gulped, she knew that look well. Arnav Singh Raizada was a bull in a china shop. She quickly mumbled a silent prayer, only devi maiya could help her now...


"Thanks chotey but what have you guys been doing? Having a water fight?" his sister enquired curiously, a knowing smile on her face as her eyes raked over her brother's dishevelled state.


"Having fun." Khushi's eyes snapped in his direction so harshly that it was a wonder her head hadn't detached from her body. He still had that devilish smirk. Khushi's eyes narrowed as she imagined her hands wound round that long neck of his...oh how she would make him beg for mercy...


Anjali's interest had obviously been piqued at this remark. "Acha...tell me too."


Khushi panicked, her thoughts regarding the rakhaas becoming ever more blasphemous. She didn't want Anjaliji getting the wrong idea! "No that Anjaliji bas hum-"


"We had a smashing time didn't we Khushi?" His eyes presented a challenge and looking into those pools, she resented him. He was trapping her once again! She glared at him with all her might, willing lasers to shoot out of her eyes- in fact willing for anything to make him disintegrate right this second...



His smirk only widened seeing the fear in her eyes, fear she was trying to conceal. "That's right! Plead come on-nobody insults Arnav Singh Raizada and gets away with it!" As if on cue, he witnessed the fire extinguish in her eyes giving way to worry.


"I'll tell you about it di-"


He saw Khushi glare at him. "You wouldn't dare!"


"Oh hell yeah I would! Just wait and watch Khushi Kumari Gupta."


There it was, what he wanted-her eyes begging him not too, her lips trembling. Oh how he loved having the upper hand! He was very much in control again...


"I'll tell you about it later di, right now they need you." He pointed to the scene behind his sister, where the family were gathering around the couple. Anjali turned around to see indeed she was very much needed.


"Oh yes! Alright then later!" With another smile, she joined the rest of the family. Khushi watched Anjali's retreating back as she allowed herself to breathe a sigh of relief. That was close...


"It was fun wasn't it?" Khushi rolled her eyes. She was increasingly become less opposed to homicide with each passing second in this man's company. She turned on her heels only to find him right up in her personal space. Alarm bells starting ringing. Too close! Khushi blushed and took a step backwards, catching another smile from him. Hmph! Who did he think he was? She crossed her arms, reconstructing the boundary he seemed to have forgotten-or just didn't give a toss about...


"No it wasn't! And what are you playing at?!"


Arnav mirrored her actions by also folding his arms. He was enjoying this far too much, even by his own standards. But he couldn't help himself when it came to Khushi Kumari Gupta. "Ready to be my slave?"


"Hell no!"


"Then...ready for me to tell our lovely tale to the whole room?"


Khushi gulped. He wouldn't would he? He was kidding right? Teasing her...she laughed nervously, only to elicit a "what-the-hell" look from him. She cleared her throat and tried desperately to hold her ground.


"You wouldn't?!" she challenged, although rather unconvincingly.


He cocked an eyebrow, accepting her challenge and indicating he was about to raise the stakes. "Oh baby you know I would."


Khushi's mouth fell open as she gawked at the man in front of her. Stepping forward to close the gap between them, he leant down so his lips were level with her ear. The pesky irregular heartbeat returned.


"Five minutes. My room." She kissed her earlobe and revelled in the little squeal that escaped her lips. This was doing wonders for his pride!


Brushing past her, he turned to see her already looking at him, stunned, disgusted but still blushing. "And don't forget that cup of coffee..." he added with a wink. 

Please do comment-I can't stress enough. It doesn't take very long. Be it praise or criticism, it's all very much welcomed. Thank you. 

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WOW! intense, but got to say arnav is so annoying and smug, lololol

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Originally posted by Zeee

WOW! intense, but got to say arnav is so annoying and smug, lololol

LOL I know what you mean! I was cringing while writing some of the stuff for him. He is beyond annoying. I mean if a guy were to try that on me I would slap him silly. ROFL
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Originally posted by -Chinnu-

loved it!
it was just perfect =] 

Aw thank you dear! Coming from you that means a lot I love your writing! Thumbs Up

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