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SS: The eyes have it (updated pg18 part 6 09/04) (Page 16)

SedonaScarlet Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2012 at 4:35am | IP Logged
LOL! Well she sure showed him! Way to go -he deserved it :P .
Do continue soon!Cant wait for more :D

blurey Goldie

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supb updateClap
plz cntinue d nxt part
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Part 6


Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…The minute hand reached the number twelve on the clock indicating that the clock had struck one.


"Hai Devi Maiyaa…" Khushi chanted, munching on her umpteenth jalebi.  Three hours had passed since she had attempted to fall asleep. Since then she had been intently listening to every click of the hands on the clock, unable to fall into the deep slumber she so wished for. Finally deciding that enough was enough, she had got up an hour ago to embark on one of her jalebi-making frenzies, taking care to not wake her jiji, who by the looks and sounds of it was sleeping soundly.


"That Laad Governor…"she grumbled whilst taking another bite of her jalebi. "He really thinks I will turn up at nine tomorrow on the dot. Well he has another thing coming!" She took another disgruntled mouthful-or rather truckload full- of jalebi, ramming it into her mouth with full gusto. She pondered on his transformation from gruelling brooding boss ASR to now lecherous, beyond irritating….well ASR. She huffed. "How quickly the leopard changes its spots ey?"


On cue, the phone began to ring. Khushi's eyes widened and she leaped at it like a ninja. She picked it up frantically lest the ringing wake up everybody in the house. Who the hell was calling at this hour?


Khushi braced herself, ready to give this idiot a piece of her mind, but was beaten to it.


"Hello." Came the perfunctory greeting. Khushi gasped. No…it couldn't be! Could it? But she knew that voice anywhere.


"Hello Khushi Kumari Gupta." WHAT THE-? She could hear the smile in his voice.


"What do you want?" she snapped, though kept her voice down. No way did she want an improptu visit from buaji.


Was there no respite? Anywhere where she could get away from this Laad Governor? Even for a day? Was he intent on stealing her every moment of peace?


"Excuse me? Who do you think you're speaking to?" Khushi could literally see him frown, perhaps he was already beginning to fume if she was lucky.


She placed her free hand on her hip. "Uh I think I'm speaking to a lunatic who is suffering a bout of insomnia and like a hormonal teenage boy thinks the way to remedy that is to make a prank call to a girl's house at FREAKING ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING! Grow up!"


"WHAT THE?! Khushi it's Arnav Singh Raziada you're speaking to here!"


Khushi rolled her eyes, very much satisfied with his outburst. "Who's pushing whose buttons now huh? And I know it's you already rakshaas!"


She decided to feign innocence here. He obviously assumed, being the conceited Laad Governor he is, that she had no clue just who was on the other end of the line. Of course, never in his wildest dreams did he imagine anyone could possibly speak to him like that (although she had countless times before but it probably fell on deaf ears). His mother had even probably been quaking in her boots at the thought of ever shouting at the little rakshaas. He was just that blooming portentous! Knowing him too, he probably would have no inhibitions about barging into her house at one o'clock in the morning. That was the last thing she ever wanted to happen.


"OOOHHH…..Arnavji aap! Is that you?" she said in her most sickly sweet voice.


"Yes! Why are you asking me? I just told you it's me!" She could hear him spit out the reply with gritted teeth and she smiled in response.


"Aha. Oh I'm so sorry. I thought it was some annoying, teenage prankster but it turned out to just be an adult one. Anyways you called because?"


"WHAT THE? Khushi Kumari Gupta! How dare you?!"


She flinched as the bellowing resounded through her ear- drum. Ouch! She scowled.


"What? It isn't enough for you to take my first kiss, my innocence, my freedom, my peace and not to mention my sleep? You want to take my hearing now too?!"


"What the hell? Just who is robbing whose sleep and peace of mind here? Not to mention I probably will turn deaf and suffer premature aging 20 years before I should be, all because of the monumental amount of stress you make me go through! I pulled out a bloody grey hair today!"


Huh? What? What was he on about?


"What did you just say?" Khushi's voice went even quieter if possible.


"Huh?" he was disoriented.


"What did you just say?"


There was an uncomfortable pause.






"What did you say?" She thought she should leave out that he was also probably suffering from dementia far too early. Would he blame that on her too?


He groaned. "I said you are turning me mad with stress!"


Khushi pouted. Could the man be any more despicable? "No…after that."


There was another pause but surprisingly he answered. "I said I think I'm greying." His voice became too quiet on the last word, making Khushi feel a fit of giggling begin to creep up on her. "But you know-"


"Oh sorry! I actually meant before. What did you say before that?"


"Before what?!"


"Before you said I'm turning you mad with stress yada yada yada!"


There was yet again another pause. He cleared his throat. Was he blushing?!


Unthinkingly she asked him that. "Are you blushing?"


"WHAT THE? Khushi Kumari Gupta do you seriously have a death wish?! You better start writing your will because at the rate you're going…"


Ugh! He was insufferable! She interjected, not being able to stand his droning voice any longer. She rather liked conversing on the phone she decided, it gave her a newfound confidence and at least she didn't have to see his face, which sent anger (and other things) shooting through her. Here she could say what she liked because quite frankly she was not going to see his abhorrently smug face for a LONG time, she would make sure. She had had quite enough of it over the past few days.


"I'll tell you what you said Mr Raizada. You said I am stealing your peace and sleep right? So just why exactly have you decided to call me at this time?"


"Khushi you're forgetting you're my slave. I can blooming well call you when I want!"


There he went again! She had had quite enough of this stupid slave business!


"Get this through your thick skull Mr Raizada! I.AM.NOT.YOUR.SLAVE! I am not your dog! I am not your kinky little minx! And I can quite clearly see your frustrated so I'll give you 3 options. Option 1: buy yourself a real dog! They're fluffy and jump around a lot. I'm sure it will keep you satisfied. Yes, yes I know what you're going to say…. That you can afford a human dog right? Yes but you know what-a human is not a dog! A dog is a flipping dog!"


"Khushi Kumar-"


"Bababa I'm not finished Mr Raizada! I am saying this for your own good. Right option 2: you call a masseuse to live out your sick little fantasises! Maybe you'll drop a few years while de-stressing too. You very much need it-I had the pleasure of observing your face in high definition not too long ago. And you know what I was thinking all the way through? BOTOX! You have creases and lines all over that face, it looks like someone's taken a battering ram to it!"


"WHAT THE F***_"


"Or better yet option 3. You'll like this one. Ready? Call a CALLGIRL! Do whatever you what-jump off a cliff if you have to! JUST.LEAVE.ME.ALONE!"


There was silence then, the only sound being Khushi heavy gasps as she tried to regain her breath. Her anger began to subside and the horrible realization of what she had done started to dawn on her. The albatross, in the form of Arnav Singh Raziada's weighty hands, around her neck felt an even greater burden now. Uh-oh, now she was as good as dead….


She scrunched her eyes and clutched the phone tighter in anticipation.


He took a deep breath, no doubt to calm himself. His voice was low and threatening.


"I'll overlook this blunder ONCE Khushi Kumari Gupta, and won't personally kill you with my bare hands, if you turn up like a good SLAVE at nine on my doorstep tomorrow."


What?! He had the freaking audacity to now give out death threats? This was just reaching a whole new level!


Khushi huffed. "Oh whatever! And for your information Mr Raizada the only person who can tell me what I can and can't do is my boyfriend!"


"Boyfriend?" Khushi's eye's widened. Boyfriend? Where did that come from?


"What do you mean BOYFRIEND? You have a boyfriend?! Yeah right what crap!"


He sounded incredulous and somewhat…."ugh! what? He thinks I can't have a boyfriend? I'll show him!"


"What Mr Raizada? I have tons of guys after me ok? You know that song "Jalebi bai"…yeah that one! "Ah jalebi bai! Ah jalebi bai!"


"Shut up Khushi!"


"Well that's my nickname! The nickname my SWEETO calls me by."




He didn't believe her?! He was unbelievable! "And you know what I'll happily show you his picture tomorrow! Then you'll be eating your words!"


Khushi abruptly put the phone down, gleeful. After a moment, she gasped.


Crap what had she done?!

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yaeeeh me first
it was awsuuum dear n khushi wil always be khushi...heheheh...thnx 4da pm dear...

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simply awesome

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Awesome Clap
Continue soon

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