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SS: The eyes have it (updated pg18 part 6 09/04) (Page 10)

day_lily Senior Member

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Posted: 12 March 2012 at 2:24am | IP Logged

I had smashing time reading this..lolLOL

Super lovely update..cant wait for the next...Smile
thanks for the pm

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pc17 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 March 2012 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Asr_BsLover

Loved all the 4 parts! Smile
ASR is awesome!
Wish my BoyFriend will be like him! Embarrassed
Man pls update fast & PM!

aw thank you! But seriously could you put up with ASR and that massive ego lol? LOL 
pc17 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 7:42pm | IP Logged

Part 5

Ok got a bit carried away with this update. I started it and then couldn't stop even though it's about two here in the morning and I really should be getting some sleep. Had to post it although I warn you I wrote it half-asleep so yeah...

Khushi hesitantly made the oh-so-familiar way to Arnav Singh Raizada's bedroom, minus the coffee cup of course. She pouted. Who did he think she was-his personal slave? "Well yeah... actually he does!" Yeah right! If he did, he had another thing coming in the form of a brightly coloured meddlesome package named Khushi, embellished with pom poms and all.


Khushi furrowed her brows in confusion, cursing herself.  This had trouble written all over. Yet why were her feet leading her to his room despite several warnings her brain was giving her? Warnings telling her to drop it and run a mile, back into the safety of the family, far FAR away from him. She knew she was walking to her own doom but her troublesome feet did not want to heed her warnings, seemingly having a mind of their own. She sighed. And of course he was never far away, he was always there waiting, for the perfect time to strike...for the perfect time to swoop her off her feet, one way or the other. Khushi grumbled. How conceited was this Laad Governor? Just because he had a few-fine A LOT-of fancy cars, watches, clothes, houses...If she didn't know better she might have even been charmed for a moment, deluded into thinking he was every girl's Prince Charming...her...wait-HOLD UP! She did know better -thank god she did and she decided it was most definitely going to stay that way. She defiantly swung the one end of her duputta that had fallen, back over her bare shoulder, signalling she had raised her standard. Khushi Kumari Gupta was not going to take crap from an egoistical anti-hero (or villain which was definitely more befitting). Money can't buy everything. "Well actually Khushi it can buy you a lot...ugh whatever! Let's get this over with."



Standing outside the double doors, her heartbeat became erratic. The door was so blooming ominous! It might as well have had a sign with skull and crossbones reading "DANGER! ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL!" Then maybe she would have taken the smart route for once and listened, ran away. Khushi fully weighing up her options stood in front of the door, contemplating seriously whether she should do a runner. In reality what could he actually do? He was just teasing her, he wouldn't actually tell everyone-he would be just as condemned as she would be if he told them. Khushi narrowed her eyes. "It's not even my fault! He forced himself on me that stupid Laad Governor!"  She chose to ignore her receptiveness in those few moments, not inclined to think too deeply into her uncharacteristic behaviour.  She blushed remembering her reactions; her skin was still tingling from his caresses. Her heart was a no go zone as far as rationality was concerned; or rather a no slow zone, the stubborn organ had been refusing to calm down for the last half an hour! "Khushi no no no! Acidity, it's damn acidity...from those onions! Yeah...That's right!"


In retrospect however, Khushi knew Arnav Singh Raizada could do a lot. She gulped. Who was she kidding? The man had zero shame! Accepting her fate, she chanted a silent prayer to devi maiyaa and knocked reluctantly on the doors to hell.



Arnav grinned. There it was, the knock indicating she had come. "Hmm of course she came. She had to!"


Although he had to admit he had had niggling doubts. He wouldn't have put it past Khushi Kumari Gupta to concoct some plan for the other to escape his grasp. Sheesh! Had he really thought that? He was sounding like a bloody stalker!


He took his sweet time in closing his laptop and making his way to open the door, enjoying the ever increasingly frustrated knocks that were becoming steadily more frequent and less hesitant. He smirked. She was fiery and he loved it!


Arnav opened the large doors before she had the chance to knock down the door on her rampage, to be met by a startled Khushi with her hand hovering in mid-air. He witnessed her eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets and he suppressed a laugh. Seriously what was with this girl? She was literally from another dimension! That's probably what fascinated him and made him want to keep teasing her and meeting her, he told himself. He had no qualms in saying that. He clearly found the girl interesting...other things...well he would rather not ponder on.


Arnav smirked, cocking an eyebrow and crossing his arms when he saw her plaster a mask of annoyance on her face. Two could play at that game.


"You brought me a steaming cup of coffee I hope?" he enquired, although he could clearly see there was no cup in sight. Just Khushi.




Khushi frowned. What the-? Was the rakshaas also losing his sight alongside his mind?


"You can clearly SEE there is NO cup in my hand. Take the hint Laad Go-" seeing his jaw clench, she backtracked on herself. "I mean Arnavji". She added a sweet smile to lessen the blow. As if that would ever work.


It seemed to have done the trick though as he simply uttered a resigned "Ok well quickly head off and make me one now".


The cheek of this man!  She crossed her arms. "You have servants in your house. Go and ask one of the Prakashes to make you a cup of coffee. Why are you asking me? I'm not your wife!" Seconds later, after the realisation of what she had said dawned on her, she blushed a deep pink. Arnav saw this and smirked. This was all the encouragement he needed.


He took a step towards her although there was obviously no room, they would have collided had she not taken a preemptive step back. He raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Khushi scrutinized it for a few seconds, growing wary of all this eyebrow-raising business... did he get them threaded?! They were way too groomed to be natural. She giggled as a mental image of THE Mr Arnav Singh Raizada sitting in the beauty parlour getting his eyebrows threaded, along with a mani-pedi to boot, struck her. Maybe he wasn't so scary after all...


"Giggling thinking about what it would be like to be my wife?"


What the-?!




"Well that's a relief because that is NEVER going to happen in a million years."


That irritating smirk again! Making a mental note to stop by Happyji's and borrow a claw hammer- or preferably any other tool that may come in handy to torture even more-she turned back to him, all riled up. He really knew how to push her buttons!


Putting on her most annoying, mocking voice, she returned the favour. "Don't worry Mr Raizada. NEVER! N-E-V-E-R! Even if you were the last man on earth, I would rather marry a dog!"


She saw him flinch at the last remark. Alright! She had bruised his ego! She could have rebounded off the walls in joy.


His eyes darkening, he leaned in so that he was in their favourite position-that being the "dangerously close" position.


"That could be arranged."


Khushi froze, in an instant devoid of thought. Those eyes again...why couldn't she read them?


"Are you no better then a dog then? Would you rather be my pet instead? That has its advantages too. I don't mind." He shrugged his shoulders and smirked again.


How dare he! Khushi's brain really did stop functioning as without a second's thought she reached out and punched the conceited man's face for the second time in the space of an hour.


Arnav Singh Raizada's eyes blazed with fury. "WHAT THE F***?! Do you have a death wish Khushi Kumari Gupta!"


Khushi gulped, the brazenness that had propelled her to punch him now wavering. "Woh-woh...It wasn't meant to be that hard!"


Before she knew it, he had grabbed her by the arms so tightly that her eyes began to water. She looked up at him helplessly but he looked ready to tear her apart, now it really was the turn of the predator to strike. She was well and truly caught in the headlights, in the midst of what was going to be a very painful crash.


"Tumari himmat kaisi hui?! That's the second time! I let it go once but not this time. You Khushi Kumari Gupta are going to pay! You understand? There's not going to be anything left when I'm done with you."


Khushi flinched, dumb struck, quivering.


He let her go roughly and resumed his usual smirk and cockiness. "Now you know very well that I can and I will tell everybody!"


"You can't! You're just as much a part of it!"


He chuckled and leaned in closer so their faces were at the same level as he bore into her menacingly. "Khushi I have no shame and nobody can lay a finger on me. Question is do you? If you do then how badly do you want to preserve it?"


Khushi grimaced but remained speechless, looking down at the ground.


"What's wrong now? Cat got your tongue? Now's your time to speak."


Arnav chuckled hoarsely when he received no reply. "I thought so. Now be a good girl and get me that cup of coffee. No sugar darling-you're sweet enough." He added with that sickening smile.



Khushi frantically stirred the coffee while she stood in the kitchen of the Raizada mansion, fuming. Where the hell had Mr Raizada learnt to smile? Wasn't he doing too much "smiling" of late? He made smiling seem like something awful and sinister. Khushi couldn't quite believe it herself but she actually wanted the moody, angry ASR back! This one was getting too much for her...


"No!...Khushi you won't lose to that rakshaas! You teach that Laad Governor a lesson to snap him down to size. He's all bark and no bite. Don't worry..." she thought, not noticing her shaking hand that was stirring the coffee.



Arnav looked up from his laptop to see Khushi enter, looking everywhere but at him, as she put the coffee cup down on the table and turned to leave. Oh yes-he had her right where he wanted her!


"Hold on."


She snapped her head back but didn't swivel her body round, clearly irritated.

"I have to leave now."


"I don't think I gave you permission to leave."


Khushi rolled her eyes. She had had it with all this stupid slave business! Why the hell was he so childish? He was enjoying this far too much.




"Are you disobeying your master now?"


Khushi sighed. Whatever-just let him say his piece and be done with it.


"No Arnav...JI" she replied through gritted teeth. Was this the result of having no friends? The result of spending all your time with plants and electronic devices? Khushi noted to add these things onto the list of "must nots" she had carefully compiled for choosing her future husband.


"Let me taste the coffee first. See if it's up to standard."


He reached for the cup and gleefully took a sip of its contents. Almost immediately he spat out whatever mouthful he had taken in. It was revolting. It was...salty?




"Kya hua? Bolti band hogayi? You said nah that you didn't want the coffee to be sweet but you never said anything about salty!" With that she stuck out her tongue at the ball of seething fury before her and gallivanted out of the room, towards the safety of the front room.


Arnav Singh Raizada raged as his body threatened to explode. What the hell was this girl made of? He had never been more insulted by anybody in his whole entire life than he had by this girl.


"KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA YOU BETTER TURN UP AT NINE AM ON THE DOT TOMORROW MORNING! GOT THAT?" he called to her retreating back, unsure of whether she had heard him in her hysteria. Her look back with a massive grin on her face was as big an indication as any other that she had.


He clenched his fists. The game was now very much on.


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Very nice update. Loved it.

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awesome part..loved it

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OMG...Khushi is awesome...salt in tea!!!!...she is too gud...she will never bow down to him!!!!...well written...eager for the next update...

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Salt seriously. Arnav is so pissed and i really like that. Thanks for the pm and continue soon.

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superb...too good...please add me to ur pm list...

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