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SS: The eyes have it (updated pg18 part 6 09/04)

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The eyes have it

Ok hello again. Thank you so much to all those who read and enjoyed my last os. It really encouraged me when I read such lovely comments so a massive thank you. Thus I now feel I have mustered the courage to write another os. I don't really know what inspired me but I have been watching a lot of Pride and Prejudice lately (the BBC version, not the Keira Knightley version-6 hours of TV gold. Recommend it greatly!) and have been enjoying the brooding Darcy (swoon!) who sort of harbours these secret desires. So I kind of imagined Arnav harbouring these desires too..or not-it's confusing really Tongue Just keep reading and enjoy. Oh and imagine Lavanya is out of the picture like way before all this engagement business like in the show. This should be a complete guilt-free pleasure.Wink Don't forget to tell me what you think and hit the like button.


part 1- page 1

part 2- page 3

part 3- page 3

part 4- page 7

part 5- page 11

As always please buddy me for PMs for updates!

Preity xxx

Part 1

The Predator Strikes

She felt a pair of eyes piercing into her back. The same pair of eyes that had all evening been intently following her every movement, so much so that she was all hot and bothered. She fidgeted with her pink duputta nervously, feeling slightly suffocated. She needed to get out of here, into the fresh air.  The hustle and bustle of guests, the pounding music and the constant mind-numbing chatter were not helping the matter. What stopped her however, was the sneaky suspicion that the owner of those very eyes may make a speedy exit alongside her. No-she would have to hold her ground. This was her sister's engagement, she would not let anything-or anyone for that matter-ruin it.

Gathering all her courage, Khushi cocked her head to the side. Her breath hitched. There he was, all black-clad in his tailored suit, looking every bit as handsome as he usually did. Apart from tonight there was something different, something almost wild and beastly about him, which was absurd she thought as he was neat and smart as usual. But Khushi saw it, tonight his stare was predatory and as he saw her look at him, they grew darker. She shivered. The tension in the room was palpable. She quickly looked away, fidgeting nervously as she tried to calm herself down, not helped by the fact that she knew she was blushing as red as a tomato. She was the prey. 

Panic shook her. She breathed in deeply, exhaling too, trying desperately to hold those nerves to no avail. She tried to think of a way to excuse herself from the party. She couldn't leave so easily; amma, buaji, naniji and Anjaliji were all watching her like hawks as she sat next to Payal, trying to tell her own sister to remain calm when really she had failed to keep any semblance of composure in the past hour herself. Thanks to a certain someone, she thought grumbling to herself. Khushi rather bravely lifted her eyes up to see if he was still looking. She instantly wished she hadn't- yes he was still looking. Those eyes were honey traps, threatening to reel her in. Her heart began pounding even more ferociously; if it was possible, she was sure it would burst out of her chest any minute now. What did it all mean? Why was he looking at her so'so dangerously? She subconsciously touched her face.

Khushi was jolted out of her reverie when she felt a small, warm familiar hand on her own hand that was in her lap. She looked down only to discover it belonged to her sister. Khushi looked up into her sister's face, which carried on it an expression of concern. 

"What's wrong Khushi? Where are you lost?" Oh no, she felt an instant wave of guilt consume her. She shouldn't be making jiji worried. This was jiji's big day and she alone knew how nervous her sister was. She'd been desperately trying to calm her sister down all day, being even more extraordinarily wacky if it was possible, and now her she was making her sister worried about her on top of all things. A reassuring smile instantly shot to her lips and she shook her head. She placed her other hand on top of her jiji's.

"Kuch nahi jiji. Just thinking about how lucky my jijaji is to have such a sweet and beautiful wife like you. Look at him, he can barely contain his excitement." It was true too. They looked over at Akashji, who was positively beaming as if he'd just been told he had won the lottery. As if sensing that he was being watched, he glanced in their direction, only to blush furiously when his gaze met Payal's and then look away, smiling a coy smile. Khushi couldn't help herself, and erupted into manic giggling as she thought of the situation. Payal nudged her, muttering "sshh..seriously Khushi stop. It's not funny" to only then join in laughing with her sister as the hysteria (perhaps it was nerves) began to kick in. This continued for what seemed like ages until buaji interrupted and told them to shut it.

"Nand kisore what am I going to do with these girls? My poor nerves!" This only made Khushi erupt with laughter more but Payal pinched her, indicating that the fun was over. Khushi took deep breaths to compose herself, still giggling in between the breaths, until she finally gained composure a whole few minutes later. She had been laughing so freely she realized that her eyes were tearing up. Her hand instinctively went to wipe away the tears when it dawned on her that she had forgotten about him.  She looked up and sure enough he was still staring just as intensely as ever at her. Except now he had an amused smirk on his face, no doubt from the recent hysteria incident. She sighed, failing to regulate her heart beat, as she had come to the conclusion that there was no escaping the inevitable.

She made a feeble excuse of wanting to go to the bathroom and quickly but decidedly walked out of the house, to the poolside, out of the way of prying eyes. It was a mistake no doubt she knew, thinking of all their incidents by this very pool-especially diwali's events. However, there was no escaping the predator, she knew she had already been caught in more ways than one. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard footsteps behind, sure enough slow and deliberate, as he advanced on her. She had a sense of dj vu as she recollected that very diwali night. She closed her eyes.

"Khushi." It was a low, husky whisper. Her eyes shot open. That one word was laced with so much desire and passion and it surprised her how it had instantly evoked a sense of desire in her too. He touched her shoulder and she shut her eyes as another wave of desire shot straight through her. Surely he could hear her hammering heart pounding against her ribcage, it was almost embarrassing. If he did, he seemed little concerned with calming it down, as he laid his other hand on her free shoulder and made little work of turning her around to face him. She however, kept her eyes shut.

"Khushi," came another raspy whisper. Oh he is such a little tease!

She slowly opened her eyes, looking up at him under her thick fan of lashes with pleading eyes. "Arnav, p-please let m-me go. Please." Her own voice was husky, giving him signs that she actually wanted the exact opposite of what she said. He yanked her closer to himself so that there was barely even an inch of space between them. Khushi's eyes widened in shock. The temerity of this man!

"Say pretty please with cherries on top" he teased, breathing his warm mint-flavoured breath into her face. His lips were dangerously close to her own and she knew she would be in deep trouble if she didn't act fast. Plus he was smirking and looking awfully satisfied with himself. Oh how she just wanted to punch him and knock that smug look off his face! Khushi began struggling against him, desperate to get out of his vice grip and into the safety of the front room, where her sister needed her. Arnav was not having any of it and pulled her in even harder, causing her to coax her chin up so that she was staring into his chocolate orbs.

"I won't let you get away so easily, Khushi Kumari Gupta. I have something I need to say to you."

"Arnav please," she tried struggling again but he wouldn't ease up. "Please, let me go. Everyone is probably wondering where I am! Pl-"She stopped cold in her tracks when she looked up into his masculine face, his eyes had darkened and he looked positively on the prowl. It was time for the predator to strike. 

He inched ever nearer to her face. She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting with bated breath, in anticipation of what was to come. Her heart was speeding into overdrive'

Khushi opened her eyes in shock when she felt his grip release her and a breeze as he had taken a step back from her to allow some space between them. He had that horrid self-satisfied smirk on his face again. 

"Everyone's calling you inside for the ring-exchanging ceremony. I came out to tell you to get inside quickly. I didn't have time to listen to your incessant chatter sooo... you know," he cocked his head to one side with a raised eyebrow, scrutinizing her for a moment before he continued, that irritating smirk never leaving his face. He emphasised the next few words greatly, saying them slowly and clearly, "I hope tumhe koi farak nahi padta".

Khushi's eyes widened even further in shock. How dare he! And she'she mentally cursed herself for being so stupid. Her brain had finally managed to regain control of her mouth again when he turned on his heels and hot-footed it back to the door. At the door he turned around in his trademark ASR way, taking one last look at the pretty girl by the glittering poolside, before he stepped over the threshold into the house. Except Khushi could have sworn she saw a flicker of something in that moment. Did he really just come out to call her in?

Khushi shook her head and mentally cursed herself again. Falling into the trap was bad enough once, she would not do it again she was sure. Now was the time to worry about her jiji, celebrating this momentous occasion with her family. She walked rather heavy footedly to the door, reluctant to step over the threshold. She sighed, thinking how with the event today her life would become even more intricately woven with that man's.

She would be coming this to house even more often and no doubt he would be there. There was also no doubt there would be more "memories" by the poolside. He had let her go this time but she had definitely not seen the last of the Laad Governor. And with that she crossed the threshold into her new life. 

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"Honey Traps" and "Chocolate Orbs" yum! This was bliss! Aah! Wow! I don't care! You have got to carry on writing like this! I loved it from start to finish, I was hooked! It was intense (just like his stares) and majorly romantic! You got that smirking and teasing part just right, I could imagine ASR to be the type of person to mess with her like that! I could imagine everything happening! Extremely well written and might I add, I've seen the BBC version many times and it is indeed magical, just like your OS! Wink

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Originally posted by YPNHK_kiFANno.1

"Honey Traps" and "Chocolate Orbs" yum! This was bliss! Aah! Wow! I don't care! You have got to carry on writing like this! I loved it from start to finish, I was hooked! It was intense (just like his stares) and majorly romantic! You got that smirking and teasing part just right, I could imagine ASR to be the type of person to mess with her like that! I could imagine everything happening! Extremely well written and might I add, I've seen the BBC version many times and it is indeed magical, just like your OS! Wink

Aw thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it. And I know I think this is like the fifteenth time I'm watching Pride and Prejudice lol. I keep replaying the moments-especially Pemberley Embarrassed  oh that smouldering lake scene does funny things to me just like Arnav (*exits to have her fangirling moment*)

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hey!! this is so good Big smile
plz plz continue and make it into a SS!!
u r such a fab writer Thumbs Up keep it up!

and pm me when u update plz

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awesumm loved it!!!!

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Wow what a nice update.

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What an owesome OS.  You need to continue, please. You write so well.
Please PM me if you plan to continue, which I think you should.

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Absolutely Beautiful !!! Clap
Pretty Please Continue "with cherry on top"Wink

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