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Maham: ClapClapClap
You just managed to translate all my emotions and feelings into words - beautifully done and really well-written!
After watching that scene my thoughts were so scattered over the place, I didn't know where to feel what because so much went on in mere minutes!

@Entry+First Look: It was full on dhamaka, no doubt about that. When she screamed out his name, he looked so frustrated that he could hear her, feel her but couldn't see her. And yet when he entered, the way his arm was flexed gripping onto the stick just went on to show that he was truly using all his strength on it. And yet when he saw her, his anger momentarily dissipated as he realised she was so lost she didn't realise he had come. All he had to say was her name and you could almost feel the relief overflowing...really beautiful to watch:)

@Meri biwi: I was still reeling in from the shock of his zombified expressions in the last episode where he said all of it almost unconsciously...And yet he not only went on accept her but emphasise that he would never let anything come in between them...Wow seriously wow!
@Marrying her love: In the strangest of circumstances, that's what she ended up doing right?:) She loved once truly and wholly, and now that he's starting to fall in love with her too...For once, they've both been lucky in love, with him getting to marry the one person who could challenge him, change him, insult him yet support him, stand by him and love him wholeheartedly...Day Dreaming

Looking forward to what you've got to say about the rest, the last part was absolutely the best...sigh...
Haha I truly wonder what level of AP heaven we'll be brought to today?:)

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Originally posted by Ameres

Originally posted by vita93

OMG!! You have to explain it to other people? Good luck with that!! ROFL
Oh god! Im laughing so much right now its getting difficult to write a reply. :P
Kisiko bhi iss raaz ke bare mein kuch nahin pata!!Confused I guess it's own of those things that is meant more to symbolise something rather than actually, you know, come of use?ROFL
I don't think I've laughed over anything else in this thread as much as this silly topic...

What the...!! ROFL
I dont even want to think about itLOL
Seriously yaar, some people really...agar puchna hain, toh please, not on a public forum!! ROFL
LOL well I'm hoping at least AP have enough sense to know what'll be waaayyy too awkward if they didn't knowROFL

Oh God! If some village guy brings milk tab kya karein ge Abhayjee?! ROFL
LOLLL and if he totally has that knowing smile on his...HAHAHAHA Abhay's probably gonna die of embarassment on the spotROFL

OMG!! That would be one hilarious scene i would love to watch! ROFL
I can so imagine Phulwas reaction and Abhays confused mumbling! 
LOLL it reminded me of your shelter scene where he bent down to get the blanket and Phulwa's all scared stiff as to what he's trying to do...LOL
Really yaar all these scenes nah...I don't know whether to laugh or just hope that kuch age bhi bare!ROFL

Ohhh! I'm seriously feeling like ahhh...I WANT these scenes!! Please jaldi!! 
Or else i will die here rofling and blushing! ROFL
He really should take charge yaar, per bechara can't even give her a gift properly, yeh sab karna to door ki baat...haye I'm thinking he'll even end up going to bade Thakurayn for advice on how to patao+manao patnijee!ROFL
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She blow me away with your words! ClapClapClap

You have analyzed everything so beautifully!! I'm short of words right now. Honestly just AMAZING!! 

Sigh...i feel like saying so much about the scene but really words fail me right now. 

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Now on to the part that I must have rewatched a hundred times and I will probably be watching a hundred times more! Right after she collapses in his arms all the way to the very end, every second, every facial expression, every emotion was so flawlessly done that it can be analyzed to death and then some! But, I'll try to keep it short, a challenge for me, because I have class early morning and it's past midnight! It's been two days since college started for the spring semester, and it's already taking so much time off my Phulwa and PhAb regime *sigh*...priorities, I've got them!

Anyways back to the scene, I think I have forgotten the count of time they took each others name today. At every turn, it was the other persons name on their lips, whether it was when he was finding her, or when she needed his help, it was just that one name! And when they were finally face to face, the name was taken, to make sure that the other person was actually there! After wishing and hoping for hours that they would appear in front of each other, when the moment finally happened both of them had to make sure that this was indeed the reality! The situation was somewhat similar when the police officers had taken the goons away and there was just Jiten, Abhay and Phulwa left (Why Jiten was there, I don't understand, but I don't mind it because it really was as if he wasn't there today, and I am sure he'll come of some use tomorrow when Abhay finds out about Phulwa's snake bite), but Abhay immediately knew that something was wrong when he saw her sway, and the third time he called her name there was a great amount of concern in his voice, and when she started falling sidewards, he was shocked but managed to catch her in time, and the way he cradled her face to his chest, it was like just the thought of her being in pain was causing him physical pain. He needed to know that she was okay, she had to be okay, he finally had her in his harms, he couldn't even bear the thought that something bad was still in store for them. Hadn't they suffered enough for a lifetime in just the past 2-3 days? His soft caresses on her cheek, and the way he teared up when her tears fell on his hand, my god, they are so in sync with each other that they make my heart ache! And the way Abhay emoted that bitter sweet smile, really put into perspective the situation they were in!

And then came Phulwa's first lines to him. As for what she meant when she said that today he had given her everything that was missing in her life, there can be a couple different interpretations to that. When I first heard it, her voice was so faint that I didn't even understand what she was saying, but when I heard it again, it confused me as well! But then I realized that the snake that already bitten her by that time, so she probably thought that after everything that has happened she won't be able to make it. And then just a few minutes before she had heard Abhay refer to her as her biwi in front of the goon, and he said that with so much authority and possessiveness that it probably stunned her! This was the first time he has referred to her as his wife in front of her, first time he has accepted her and their relationship! And in that way, he basically returned the love that she feels for him. He gave her the love that she never thought she would get. For a person who has lost almost everyone she loved, to have someone willing to give up anything, even their life for her, and that person being the man she has given her heart too, must be a very overwhelming emotion.
And if she thinks that this is the last memory she gets to take with her, then he has basically given her the happiness that only he is capable of giving her. At that moment what he did to her in the past didn't matter, what mattered was that he was there in front of her, he had put everything at stake and found her. She finally had someone who would always, always come after her (I know she has Babu and the kabilay people who would do anything for her, but the feeling of having the person you love with your whole heart, care for you and claim you like that, it's like he gave her the world!)

And after hearing that, I think he was hit by such a strong wave of emotions that the only way he felt that he could convey them all is by hugging her, pulling her as close to him as was humanly possible! He needed to hold her to make sure that she was still there, that she was with him, and in that one gesture he said everything his lips couldn't! They were so highly charged on emotions that at that point words failed them, just like they have failed us after watching this episode, and the best way to communicate was through actions! The way he let all his barriers down and clutched her as if his life depended on it, was really heartbreaking. He needs her more than even she can imagine, because somewhere along the way she has become his everything! With her life being at stake, he realized just how important she was, and after saving her from death's door, it hit him just how close to reality his worst nightmare had become! He poured out all his anguish and hurt and relief in that embrace, and it was as if he never wanted to let go!
And initially Phulwa let herself melt in his arms, she needed the warmth, comfort and love he provided her, she needed that more than anything else in the world, and she wanted to just lose herself in him and forget everything she had been through, or will go through with the snake bite! But her awareness was immediately heightened as she felt the blood on his arm, and then when she realized just where the blood had left its mark, she felt like she had to pull away, just to make sure that it wasn't just her imagination! When he felt  her pull away he loosened his grip on her, but still kept his hold on her, the confusion on his face was evident, but the second the lightening in the background illuminated her forehead and he saw what had been placed on there, he immediately understood what caused her to pull back, and waited with bated breath for her reaction.
For them, the sindoor was the one ritual of their wedding that was not completed. That was the one thing she never applied, and that was not lost of Abhay. So the significance of that moment was not lost to either of them. The way she hesitantly brings her hand up and touches her maang to see her fingers come down bloody, I don't think either of them were expecting that twist of fate (I know I definitely wasn't)! At that time the only thing they could do was stare into each other's eyes and try to find their answers there! She desperately wanted to see what his reaction was, and he was waiting with a bated breath to see what she would do next! This was such a vital step in their marriage...their wedding happened without Abhay knowing about it, and he performed all those rituals thinking he was getting married to someone else! But this, this was entirely just the two of them, this in an essence was the real symbol of their marriage!

That 45 second montage when the came goes around them was absolutely beautiful, they seem to be saying so much and yet nothing at all. The emotions and tears in both of their eyes as the significance of that very moment dawned on them, so so beautiful! (Btw, as a side note, I feel really bad for Ajay's knees...he was constantly on them for like the last 6-7 moments, and with the many takes they would have to take for that scene, poor guy must have been so sore!). the end I think Phulwa's confusion won out as she lifted her hands to wipe the blood away. I don't think it was because she didn't want it to be there, but because she didn't want to make any assumptions about their marriage. Despite everything that happened, and everything Abhay said, she still doesn't know where she really stands in his life, and like we've mentioned, it's Abhay who is going to have to take all the steps to move their relationship forward because she won't be taking any chances! And boy did Abhay take that step forward...his three words not only stunned Phulwa but  killed all the PhAb fangirls as well! Rehne do, Phulwa, my god the effect these three words had and the way they changed the whole foundation of their relationship, truly a defining moment for them and a huge turning point for their relationship!
And the fact that Abhay's acceptance of their relationship and his blood filling her maang happened within minutes of each other is truly a twist I still can't grasp! Seriously, I did not see that coming, and it was done so beautifully by Sargun and Ajay that it left me completely breathless!

So major props to the CVs and Ajay and Sargun for giving us such a brilliant episode, and I know there are more of these to come! Their relationship is now at a point where it can only move forward. The love is already there, and Abhay will build her trust back slowly but surely! We're still far from a confession because I think once the emotions will wear off, they will go back to their bantering side but with a lot more romance because Abhay's whole perspective of hers has changed completely! I wasn't expecting the snake bite, so I am sure we're in for some more emotionally charged episodes, but I really hope once this is over, PhAb get some time to truly just be with each other, take it easy for a bit, they've seriously been through way too much, and we all deserve some lighthearted scenes, doesn't mean you have to cut down the romance, just loosen up on the angst!

I thought about making some theories as to where the snake bite will lead us, but I have realized that the CVs are playing a game of their own, and will always be a step further than us, so I am just going to sit back and let them deal with this! Because the way they played the reunion scene was more than brilliant, above all our expectations, and I trust them to do right by PhAb! It's really their story that is holding them afloat, so it's going to remain on the forefront!

And one last observation before I sign off for the night. I think in all the things Phulwa has been involved in, I don't think she has ever come this close to death! She was absolutely TERRIFIED, and Abhay's timely arrival was absolute perfection. By having her fight till the very end, they showed us that this was the same Phulwa, the strong fighter! But everyone needs to be saved once in a while, and just when Phulwa's strength failed her, Abhay showed up and became her strength.

Hope you guys enjoyed by endlessly long blabbering, and took something out of it! I honestly thought I wouldn't  be able to put all my thoughts in words, but once I started, I was on a roll! So yeah, it's super late, leave your thoughts, and I'll get to them tomorrow :)

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ClapClapClap Wow, just wow! You took the whole scene in its entirety and put it down in words so beautifully! As I was reading all I could do was nod happily, because it's exactly what I felt - the whole emotional turmoil, all the surprises and last of all, the fact that it was just the 2 of them today.

What really impressed me about the scene was the emotions portrayed through - they didn't say much and it wasn't an entire overdramatic running to each other kind of a hug. It seemed realistic that after this whole deal, they she just fell into his arms, exhausted yet relieved that finally he was there, after all her calling he had come in the end.
As for him, it was pure relief and happiness that made him hug her close, as though he just needed to make himself believe she was finally there in front of him.

@Snake theory: Haha Anu and I pretty much convinced ourselves this would have to lead on to a village doctor ki track with a potential shelter scene in the wayLOL Hopefully we get something like that - I wouldn't want Abhay constantly worrying about losing Phulwa with every step he takes!!

Sighh your post was just wow. I don't even feel like saying much more after that because you covered all the significant points so beautifully it's really just a love to read itSmile

So once again, hats off to your brilliant writing skills and this wonderful post you've madeClap

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Mahaaammm! Im so dead after reading it! 

And you echo my thoughts. Honestly i have written something on the same lines. 
But its turned out to be pretty meh, owing to the fact that i wrote late last night still under the epis affect and sleep doing its rounds. 

but since i have typed it already so i might as well post it. Ermm
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Yaar this time difference really sucks! :/ 
When you guys are online i cant come and jab i come you guys are gone. 

anyways heres a lil preview to what i had written. Quite boring i know...but oh well..

She sat in silence ready for the impending death to come but how could she die? Even death refused to come for her savior was there once again saving her from the clutches of death. As she heard the familiar voice call her name she mumbled that one name that she had come to depend on. In a state of shock her mind swayed between disbelief and reality. And when finally when she raised her head and their eyes met she knew she wasn't in some dream for he really stood there. Relief flooded her; he had come finally releasing her from pain. Abhay she whispered with tears flowing down. Her voice held so much pain yet a note of happiness.

His face bore the same expression. Looking deep into her eyes the world around them ceased to exist. He even seemed to forget that two killer goons were standing right there ready to take them down. For in that very moment his eyes were fixated on her.

'Whoever comes between me and Phulwa I will not spare them.'

I guess even he didn't realize the impact those words will have in the future. What will happen when he will know that his own saint father is the one standing between them? But the last few minutes answered my question.

Later as the police took the goons away his mind went back to her, in a way it never really did left her but now looking at her lastly before him a small pensive small came across his face. Calling her name softly he walked towards her. Hearing her name in his voice filled her with life and despite her injuries she immediately stood up. Their faces held only respite and happiness upon seeing each other. The pain and hurts dissolved as their presence worked as a soothing balm on all their wounds. AbhayPhulwa. Their lips kept saying each other's name like they had come to know only one. The essence of their bond highlighted once again.

As she walked down the small distance her life slowly moved away. Abhays smile immediately fell as he realized something was wrong. And just as she was about to fall to the ground once again he came forward to hold her in his arms catching her from falling down. Cradling her in his arms he continued to look at her softly asking again and again if she was fine. As her life slowly slipped away into darkness her heart couldn't stop thinking about him. She borrowed a few seconds from her life, gathered enough strength to tell him how much he meant to her and how unknowingly he had given her what she had always been deprived of; love, the sense of belonging. 

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I thought of posting it in the forum but its quite long than my usual post and i highly doubt anyone would read it except for you two so i might as well post it here...

And yeah im so spamming. I know. Kisi bahane yeh AT tu khatam ho!LOL

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