Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto


Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto
Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto

Preeto ff-woh saat din-Last part-completed (Page 15)

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Preeto ff-woh saat din- Last Day

"We Are Not Doing This Anymore Rajbeer...It's Over...It's All Over." At first Simran was in a state of consternation, but then she got angry, and her rage increased with every breath she exhaled. "What do you think?? I can't see???" Simran shouted through clenched teeth. "I don't feel it??"and trembling with anger, she continued, "What...what's going on between you & preeto." Her whole body oozed anger. "I didn't care what had happened in d past Rajbeer", beneath her pale, set brows, her eyes moved not from Rajbeer's downcast eyes. "But I trusted u." Her bitter tongue turned stiff in her hard jaws. "I knew that whatever decision you have taken is right. But now I'm in doubt." the veins on her face and neck congealed and glowed through her skin. "In doubt of your doubt of what is really going on in your heart." her stiff neck and rigid hands could neither move towards him to confront or towards herself to console. "Why did you do this to me Rajbeer?????"She hardly could restrain her threatening hand, and, trembling in her anger, she clung to Rajbeer's collar. "simran please...please...listen to me." Rajbeer implored but her limbs and body, all were changed to stone. "You broke my trust rajbeer"


Preeto didn't want to hear a word more. She wanted to run away from all this. Simran's sobs followed her till afar and she was at loss, not knowing where to run...from whom to whom to run... The seven years of emptiness was better than all the guilt and pain that had now taken its place in her heart...The stars and d moon shone in all there brilliance...looked down upon d girl...who once fought d world...for her family...for people in love...for her beliefs...who had finally lost d battle...against her love...against herself...there will never be forgiveness for her...ever...Seven years this same bench...she had discovered had ignited her heart...& in all these years...had burnt to brightness...every hopelessness...every dark corner of her heart...but today it was breathing its last...& d way every flame burns its brightest before dying out...d fire of her love...had destroyed everything before it swore to kill her...


"simran it's not like that what you think" Rajbeer pleaded on his case. "It's not that??? Then what is it rajbeer??" She had succeeded on the first ten minutes as she fought against the tears, but then, one of them managed to fall, making its way down her cheek and to her chin. "You can fool everyone, but not me." And with that one, came others. She soon gave in, and let them fall freely. "I have seen her...I have seen her in pain." It was precisely what had started to build up all that sadness in her, because it had made her come to a realization that, even though she didn't want it to be true, deep down inside, she knew it was true, that she was responsible. "If this is your idea of a joke or revenge...whatever you feel justified calling it...Then it's very regrettable that I ever loved someone like u." Hurt flashed in Rajbeer's eyes as he looked up in disbelief. But she didn't care anymore. Nothing mattered anymore, or at least, nothing was more important enough for her to care.


Preeto's mind was no longer able to think. The argument she had accidentally overheard haunted her. She was slipping away, and the deafening voices in her head were to blame. She closed her eyes tight, and tried to get it out of her mind, however, she could not escape. They caused an unbearable pain to resonate through her. She just wanted to remain where no one could see her, and cry. Because that was the only thing she could do. And the only thing she felt like doing anyway.

"Simran, how can u say that??? You know how I have spent all these years." Rajbeer's usual contained, restrained self now tight and fuming. "Yes, I know...I have seen your pain...I have felt your loneliness." Simran's soft voice sensed his fragility. "So, what changed your opinion?? You forgot those days??" Rajbeer's quiet anger now seething.   "I haven't rajbeer...& that's why I know." Simran pressed his hand in an effort to calm him. "All these seven years away from preeto...haven't tortured you that much you have tortured these seven days...being near to her...but still deliberately keeping her away from yourself." Rajbeer clung to his silence, unyielding and pained. "Please stop this game rajbeer...we both agreed to be a part of this to get you & preeto together...bcoz your love was unrequited... But now we feel...that the love...might be...lost...Somewhere under all d hatred & vengeance that u have accumulated in all these years." rajbeer looked up in alarm. "Actually I think half d work is already done...your anger had gone d first day u met preeto." The calm fragility  that rajbeer had been feigning started to show cracks."& all this is just your ego...stopping u from accepting that u always belonged to her...& nothing...not even you yourself can stop it from being that way." The safe confines of his silence now straining to hold against the bitter waves of truth. "Wake up rajbeer...before it's too late...I say this...bcoz I know what it feels to be in love...and also what it takes to fall in love away your heart to someone is much easier than mending a broken heart...& then finding someone to whom you can hand it over safely...Raj found me...I was lucky...don't make yourself unlucky...u might be left with your broken heart and an even more broken preeto."


"Time doesn't always heal all wounds." Preeto's eyes opened with a start at Raj's voice. Her body was wet, her heart thumped loudly in her chest and confusion reigned her mind. The deafening sound from the conversation still raw and still resonating."I am Ok." Closing her eyes, she began to bottle up the feeling and push it back into her heart, sealing it away, until it would break free again. "It is better to wake up in my dreams rather than reality." she spoke barely cognizant of Raj now sitting near her. "Seems like you were walking in the wrong direction." Preeto was stunned hear those words and a million thoughts - none good - went through her brain and wouldn't stop. Raj continued,  "You aren't scared of love but scared of life alone." Confusion, nervousness and fear just seemed to overtake her. "Did he know??" Raj eased her through her incredibly emotional and frightening thoughts. "It seems you've been playing on the safe side. Building walls around your heart to save yourself, but it's time to let it go" Preeto was speechless and stared at Raj for a while completely dumbfounded. "Just when we think that love will never find us...We've run away...we will find it right behind's just something that you can't control. So go and find him. He who always was yours just like Simran is mine."

PS: the last part will come tonight...

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Madhu beautifully written...jus loved all the lines...ClapClapClap
U Rockkk Dear...Keep up the grttt jobb...Thumbs Up

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Smile I have been reading ur FF from start and now to the end and i am in love with the FF it's simply wonderful the way u have  described preeto and rajbeer's emotions, their pain of separation, their love for eachother, and longing of being with each other, it was like i was really feeling what pain both were going through, excellent ClapClapClap.  The dream was beautiful. And mostly rajpreet's scence were absoutley brilliant StarStarStarStar
A beautiful end to a wonderful story. Thanku for providing us with such a well written brilliant,beautiful story,
will be surely looking forward to ur future FF's or OS's .Big smile

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Madhu I love your expressive and creative writing.  You are very talented and good writer. I really loved reading it.  Waiting for the last part.  This is for you.Thumbs UpClapStar

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Superb Madhu loved itThumbs UpClap
waiting for last part ...

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Preeto ff-woh saat din-Last Part

The sky was lit by the splendour of the moon. All of nature was quiet. All of creation had gone to sleep except the man who now stood drinking her in. His face clouded by the shameless wind and his head bowed by the heavy sky. Rajbeer made his way to Preeto, unseen and unheard. His ears were numb and vision was blurred. His passion spent and soul inured."Did he destroy her?" With each breath, he wished to repeal each moment of the last seven days. Each step took eternity.


That winter night was in full glory - silent and unspoken 'such a beauty without a sound. In that cold silent, glorious winter night, Preeto was warmed by Raj's words, which had brought an unbelievable sense of calm and reassurance to what was a surreal and difficult moment. Her thoughts like quicksilver slipped out of her grasp as they mentally stumbled through the life that now lay behind her. How she had longed to see his face...longed for his love...wandered around the dark alleys of her heart...searching for the shadows of his passion. The chill in the air was brisk as she breathed in the winter and inhaled the wondrous sight that stood before her. Her Lover! The wilted flowers bloomed with the exultation of her spirit.


"I had too much anger in myself...suppressed in all these years. I didn't want our relationship to restart with so much of bitterness. I needed to get it all out of me. Don't think I intended revenge Preeto. I love you too much for that. I loved you so much that I didn't want my past angst to keep coming in between us. I wanted to get over our past. I won't mind if you don't forgive me. I will spend d next seven days earning that. & if seven days won't be enough, then I am willing to spend 7 months in winning you back. But if it still doesn't work, then I won't be able to live one more day after that without you."


The moon had become a dancer at this festival of love. Behind the veils of d clouds, intoxicated with love, d moon & d stars too danced to the rhythm of their love. Amidst flowers the lovers stood in embrace. Even the King of the world was their slave on that day in that place. He needed no candles as tonight, Rajbeer found even the full moon pale beside the light of his Preeto's face. His eyes fell on her ruby lips, and the cup chase as he longed for their sweetness, sweeter than any candy or sugar. The fragrance of her hair more entrancing than any perfume. But he searched for something beyond the realms of physical world."My treasures are hidden in the ruins of your heart and my path to it has now become a sacred space.""I never stopped loving you Rajbeer...even for a were the only feeling living inside my dead heart. Without your strengthening care, I was like a bird left without care, without wings. Your heart is all I ever need to Light up the fire of love inside me and blaze all the thoughts away." "The moment you left me, I began seeking you, not realizing that the search was useless. Lovers don't meet somewhere along the way. They're in one another's souls from the beginning."& Love cancelled the ancient wrong and conquered the ancient rage.


Love has no cause; it is the astrolabe of God's secrets. Lover and Loving are inseparable and timeless. Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love. Both light and shadow are the dance of Love. As the moon played hide & seek with the clouds, silence governed the air before the low hum of a song began to seep from rajbeer's lips. The melody'she knew not. But yet it unsettled her as he slowly spun her around to drink her in as he began to sing.

"Anjaana dil mera...jab se tujhse mila...

Begaanapan bhulake...

Apna banake...tujhe... chal para" 

Preeto's breath hitched in her throat as his faint song surrounded her, held her, kissed her, and soothed her shattered heart. Thoughts of love like falling leaves swirling in the breeze, Flew in their minds and in their eyes.

"Meri jaane jaan... Meri jaane jaan"

A few more bars hummed from his mouth before he opened his mouth wide to sing the words louder. His husky sensual voice and the look of his eyes on her face took her breath away. A graceful smile filled his features before he gently leaned down to place a small kiss on her shoulder.

"Neele akaash mein...khoya badal hu mein"...

As his melodious voice flowed and twirled through the space between them, his eyes closed, and a smile graced his fine face. She was heavens gift to him. No more would he have to live his life alone. In her soul he had found his home and he was at peace within her loving arms, captivated by her charms.

"Gunju garju...aur barsu mein... Hoke tumpe fida"...

Rajbeer's hands snaked behind her and in a surprisingly sudden movement; he lifted her to place her on his feet.Preeto felt at home...wherever they was the ineffable place where Lover, Loving and Loved had become one...

"Meri jaane jaan... Meri jaane jaan" ...

They were the chosen ones who had surrendered their love to their fate. They had left behind the world of deceitful games. They were the privileged lovers who created a new world with their eyes of fiery passion.

"Taaro mein...chaand mein...

Dharti aakash mein

Gunje meri arzoo...meri justjoo"...

In the darkness of the night, illuminated by their own love, two people giddy with happiness moved closely for a few special minutes, unaware of the world, lost in their own secret abode - only them two to witness and partake in. Tonight their dreams had come alive with the beating of their young hearts.

"Meri jaane jaan... Meri jaane jaan"...

His left hand made its way to her right hand and their fingers interlocked - as had their lives. Their hands lay criss-crossed across his chest, as they swayed from side to side lost in each other's eyes and in a whirl of happiness and excitement.  


"No man will ever love I do..."...

As he spun her around, his poor knowledge of such kind of dance came to light as he slipped and they both crashed down right into the mud. He rebuked himself mentally for his silliness which had brought the premature end to their dancing spree. But before he could pick himself off her, an unmistakable sound pounded through his heart: her racing heartbeat, echoing his name in every beat. They remained silent letting their heart talk. The warmth made their heart thud against each others. His hands slowly rested on her waist like they belonged there. Her cheek rested on his chest, eyes closed.His cheeks caressed her head softly melting into her feel.They remained in each other's arms, lost, lost of time, lost of their feelings towards each other. It was the feeling of being heart, one soul...entrapped in different bodies which now seemed one... Her face was covered in her own aanchal and her hot breath across his cheek burnt his core.His right hand gently lifted up the translucent red cloth that veiled the delicate moon, no longer being able to withhold from the night of his longing, the joy of her luminous face. The moon didn't dim his eyes, but rather played jovially within them. He bent in to kiss her liquid eyes which encapsulated him with that which lay deeper in them. His senses grew faint with perfume of her tresses' and the song of her tinkling bangles.Preeto was fascinated by how his lips touched her skin. Reluctantly, she closed her eyes, to shut down some of her senses and allow her sense of touch have control. She flung in the flame of their heart's desire all the veils that shrouded her from him and with the back of her thumb, slowly traced his lips, and cupped his face within the palms of her hands, taking in his face in its entirety. As he pressed his lips against hers, the magical nectar that dwelled in the flower of her kiss revived him. Her soul, bent low with pain, blossomed like the grace of a flower that is smitten with the rain of love. Her heart had made up its mind and she wouldn't let go of him this time. From that instant, their heart beat in tandem, as though it had come to recognise that the two together made one and their worlds dissolved into the stainless endless radiance of pure deep Love. In a moment stopped in time, a love so few have ever known was reborn that night.

Being in love is never easy

Forgiving in love is never impossible

But believing in love is definitely a miracle

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waoouh :!! madhu you are incredible !!
i dont have any words to say how much this ff was amazing !! what a final i loved it !! preetos feelings was  so beautiful!!Day Dreaming
thank u very much for this !!

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Awesome yaar...mashaallaah..:)))) kya likha hai::

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