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Preeto ff-woh saat din-Last part-completed (Page 11)

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firstly sorry for reading part 7 so late
Loved Part 7 and Part 8 Madhu dear...Ur Amazinggg...ClapClap
Part 8 is added to my fav list the bestt loved readingg it...Clap
very well written lines jus superb fantastic mindblowinggg..haaye meri Rajpreet are sooo romantic and cuteee...Heart

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Originally posted by ankitaluv

Good and missing RB Wink... Is there a continuation for this Day 5 ?
Dying to read next part...

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tooo good Madhu ... I am out of words ...its getting better with every part ... loved it  ... par ab in dono ko milao gi kab aur kaise  ... seems interesting  ...  aag to dono taraf hai ...aaur CV's ki tarha tumne bhi SKA ko loop mein rakha hai LOL woh kahin bhi fit ho jati hai ...  but really a very gud part and as usual waiting for the next weekend  ... thats whn u generally upload the nxt part

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Too good Madhu...Har jagah suspense hi Suspense hai Wink

Dying to read next part

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Originally posted by Vistaa

Madhu, (hope you don't mind me calling you by this nameSmile)
Just came across your ff and am having trouble picking up my jaw that hit the floorBig smile...this is AWESOME!!! This
Your eyes...look tired...u need 2 look better for d happy occasion... Maybe I can help?" Preeto stood up, but rb continued... "& we can talk about our deal too."..."deal??"...Rb was now looking at d jewellery spread on d dressing table. "Yes! Our deal of forgiveness. Wasn't dat u were preparing 2 ask from me?" Preeto was confused but became even more, when rb moved closer with her long dangling earrings... "You forgive me for liking you too much"....their tinkling sounding more like a fire alarm...about to go off any minute.. "and I'll forgive you for not liking me enough"..... his finger tips tracing along her earlobes... "You forgive me for missing you so much"....he hissed in her ears... "and I'll forgive you for being so cold"... d earring pierced itself & so did his words... "You forgive me for the loud racing of my heart".... he moved to d other side and drew away her hairs dat were shrouding her ears... "and I'll forgive you for not hearing it"...his once soft voice was laced with a cold indifference..."You forgive me for playing your games".... Disbelief etched itself on preeto's face... "and I'll forgive you for toying with my emotions"...he now closed in on her with his arms reaching around her neck... "You forgive me for loving you so much".....d hair on her back stood still as rajbeer caressed aside her long thick tresses... "And I'll forgive you for not noticing"....he leaned in close to her and with a soft click, clasped d necklace..."You forgive me for wanting to be with you"..... he swung her teeka between their eyes and in another swift movement the cold metal touched her forehead skin... "And I'll forgive you for avoiding me".... shivers spread through her entire body... "You forgive me for not being able to let go".... He held her shoulders with unusual strength... "And I'll forgive you for never having latched on".... and made her sit... "You forgive me for having hopes and dreams".... He knelt beside her holding up her wrist... "And I'll forgive you for crushing them".... d bangles jingled against each oder as he slipped them on..."Does it hurt?" preeto wasn't at all sure, wat he meant ... "FORGIVENESS"...she understood soon... "HEALS"....& d last bangle grazed a scratch... "aaouchh..."...."This time it hurt, right?".... Preeto's soul sunk into a deep pit of rb got up... "So, do we have a deal?"
is Masterful!!! Such a splendid play of words and have woven this scene beautifully...the descriptive words and dialogues flow seamlessly in and out to paint a fabulous picture. ClapClapWish there was an emo for standing ovation, because that is what I am giving you.
Hope you won't keep us waiting for too long for Days 6 and 7 and also praying that the last day includes a satisfyingly extended session of RajPreet re-unionBig smile
 me madhu problems at all...LOL

dat was a huge praise paragraph...& i can only thank u n number of times...form d bottom of my heart...hope u like d rest of d parts 2...

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Preeto ff-woh saat din..Part 9 - Day 6

"Life is a treasure box. Mornings are gifts" thought Preeto as Amritsar woke up to a lovely winter morning. The glistening dew had softened the ferocity of the frosty winter night. But people in the Dhillon house seemed oblivious to this sudden foggy morning. With a wedding next day, nobody had the time to pay heed to the whisperings of nature. But Preeto couldn't take her eyes off the sight through the glass pane of her bedroom window. Everything looked frozen... static...unable to move...just like her life had been...for seven long years. A few scattered people across the gloomy streets moved without a single word and with every friendly hand tucked inside.  The same way she had lived so many years of her life, hiding her heart. Her thoughts deep-rooted in her heart, just like dark and high pine-trees, had long been subduing the lights of bliss. But today her eyes, blind to the love in itself, yearned to see the beauty of a tender leaf, a blooming flower, a giggling child and...the look of everlasting love. Her ears, deaf to her own heartbeat, longed to pick up the whisper of the leaves in the trees, the dewdrops falling off the twigs, the ringing laughter and ...hear the words "I love you"...again. She breathes...a low and ceaseless sigh...& pushes the window open. The rising warm yellow sun had melted the previous night's chill and left a water trough at the window sill. As preeto ushered in the blushing day, it sprayed her back pleasantly.  She arched her neck sideways in a fake attempt to shield herself and made two little birds fly off following each other on their winter-morning-flight. They broke the stillness of her sweet placid face by a thin line of smile...spreading like a ray of hope. She craned her neck to marvel at a drop waiting at the precipice of a yellowing leaf. The frost on it reflected miniscule rainbows and the sun smiled back at her as it cracked the many coloured enamel layer on the vegetation. The warmth shone through the blanket of mist that had shrouded her icy heart, melting it. And she let it Shatter and break.

"biji! kya kaam he bataiye?" "Are simran beta. aap kya karoge?" "kaam. aur aapka hath batane ke liye mera dost bhi aaya hain." "Hi! I am Raj. Naam to suna hi hoga?" "Ji nahi. Maine to Rahul suna he" & preeto broke into a loud laughter, along with simmi & biji. Raj, who had just extended his hand towards preeto, stood with his forehead furrowed above his thick, dark eyebrows in mock insult. He was about six feet tall, in his mid-twenties, and in one glance could be described as "always happy-go-lucky and grinning." 

With a wide grin raj turned towards simmi, "Jab tum hasti ho to aisa lagta hai..." "kaisa lagta he?" simmi asked innocently. "Aisa lagta he ki insaan bhi kabhi Bandar tha." Simmi's soft eyes flared up in anger but before she could hurl her words back, Raj continued, "Yeh baat sunke gussa karti ho tab lagta hain...Insan ab bhi Bandar hai" Preeto lost restraint on simmi, as she sprinted behind Raj. Raj's extraordinarily handsome face turned towards a new source of laughter. Preeto was bending down holding her sides, which were aching with laughter. The muscles around his mouth formed a smile as he made his way to her. "Sharp mind"....preeto's laughter subdued... "pyara sa chehra"....leaving just a trace of smile... "mithi awaaj"...the smile vanished... "masoom aankhe"... her eyes started wandering uncomfortably... "khushmijaz"....she had barely decided to interrupt... "ye to hui meri baat...Ab ap batao...kuch apni baat?" Preeto stared at his finely drawn, sensitive face that somehow managed to be reckless and thoughtful at the same time, and together they broke forth into a merry laughter. A golden shine of joy spread over Preeto's cheeks and eyes, as biji wiped the bright tears from her own eyes.


"Ye sabzi paani kyu nahi chor raha?"....Preeto fumed on the vegetable she was supposedly cooking, but which simply refused to yield to her attempts of past 20 minutes. "dekh ab bahut ho gya" "kya?" preeto gazed back amazed at the vessel for a second before recovering, "Raj ji ye bahut galat samay he...arre ye kya kar rahe he?? sabzi abhi paki nahi he." she said, harangued worse than ever as Raj dipped his finger to taste the product of her futile work. She looked on in 70% desperation and 30% hope. "Arz kiya he..." She couldn't help clench her teeth in frustration. "Dekhiye Raj ji aapki shayari mujhe paka sakti sabzi ko nahi..." But Raj was one sticky fellow. "Are irshad to boliye... boliye na..." Preeto took a deep sigh to calm herself. What can be worse than this? "Irshad... pakaiye...I mean farmaiye..." "Wo ankh hi kya jisme nami na ho...Wo chand hi kya jisme chamak na ho" Deciding that there was nothing she could really do at this point...neither with the dish nor with d shayar...she went and flopped down in a nearby chair... "Wo dil hi kya jisme pyar na ho,"....Raj moved down on his knees near her... "aur woh sabzi hi kya jisme namak na ho." "There's something in her smile" thought Raj as preeto hurried to make amends. "There's something about the sheer happiness in that smile that makes whoever's watching immediately feel welcome...or better, and very often...want to make them smile again... Preferably a lot." and he smiled back at preeto as she stirred on. The key element was missing...the did add a lot.

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Preeto ff-woh saat din..Part 10

Preeto walked aimlessly down the halls of the Ahluwallia House, taking in every minute detail. Like always, detailed moldings and applied ornaments adorned the walls while delicate chandeliers hung above, throwing off a warm glow. Unseen, a piano played a soft melody, reminding her of another ball dance, as she imagined this place in another time. It was almost magical how well all the little details fit together to create a beautiful atmosphere.  Her contentment...the soft lighting across the hallway...and most of all the music...

She almost expected that around one of the corners she would happen upon a dancing couple... mingling and flirting...women wearing frivolous dresses that swished with their every movement...while their male counterparts escorting them around in handsome suits. All this while, the invisible piano and its pianist played on.


As Preeto turned the last corner, she reached at the foyer of a huge room with a magnificent chandelier overhead. A series of ornate wooden bookshelves lined most of the walls from ceiling to floor, each section of shelves set apart by one of a trio of exceptionally tall curtained windows which welcomed sunlight into every corner of the room. Two delicate crystal chandeliers hung dormant above, sparkling in the glow of mid-afternoon. Underneath the chandelier, on a glazed wooden bench, Raj's fingers seamlessly ran on the striped keys. As he leaned back, she saw simran beckoning her. Even before Preeto reached them, Raj's passion rich voice floated across to her...

Bikhri bikhri si zulfein hain kyun...Khoyi khoyi si aankhein hain kyun...

"This only for you...because it has never been enough for be the one who holds be the one you are close to...I want to be so much more...The love that your living for...The air you breathe...I want to be everything that touches you, everything..."....As Raj's thoughts fought their way amidst his song...

.... Preeto forced herself to appear calm and steady, gazing straight forward and forced a soft smile, as she seated herself on a large Victorian-style chair...

Gham ka yeh pal guzar jaayega ...Phir koi humsafar Aayega...

The song...spoke his mind... "I want to be the rain that falls on you & Washes away your pain... The sun that shines on you & Warms your world each day of your life... the sky that holds the stars for you, so that you never lose your way.."

As Preeto secretly wondered how long she would be able to keep up her cheerful countenance, simran's voice joined in...

Beete pal bhool ja ...Woh pal nahin hain kahin...

Simran thought back the time when her feelings had been so strong...& all consuming...and how she had struggled with herself to push it back... "I knew what it meant...and I knew what it wanted... But I couldn't bring myself to give in to the truth...that I could never have it..."

Preeto swallowed hard and cleared her steadily clouding mind, a tick in her left eye blinked twice, as if struggling to show emotion in her otherwise temperate face.

Laayenge pal naye...Ek Zindagi phir haseen...

"You came to me when I needed I sat alone in the many dark nights &... you came along to fill in a ray of the first little star that shines every night"...Simran smiled at her thoughts...

The slight stirring of Simran from near her pulled Preeto from her reverie and back to the present. Silently, she let out a breath that she had no clue she was holding. "I should stop thinking so much or I'll drive myself over the edge." Briefly, Preeto closed her eyes and sucked in a large breath. In and out, the air entered and exits her lungs in a desperate attempt to bring her erratically beating heart to a normal pace. She had never realized how hard it would be to banish his feeling from her body. Slowly, she forced her eyes to open again giving her the light that she so yearned for. A flood of light flooded her senses as it burst out from the huge door left open by Rajbeer as he had made his way into the room...& right in front of her.

 Yeh Bheegi Palkein utha ...Yeh soch ke muskura...

As rajbeer wiped away the single drop of sadness from her face caressing her cheeks with his thumb...his mind kept rewinding... "You were the best thing that happened to me. I had given up hope on life...and you came into my life to remind me that there's still good in this world. I had put up walls, but you stubbornly tore down each with your love. You saw things about me that I never saw, and you allowed me to look in the mirror, and love the person smiling back."

Rajbeer's voice floated on the wind, dancing across her skin. She felt her heart lift, her soul reawakening as it always did. It was magical. Air surged into her lungs and quickly out again, as Preeto continued to push those feelings further and further into the recesses of her heart. "After all of these years, I should be better at locking away this feeling. But every so often, I become weak, and like a flood bursting through a dam, the feeling consumes me to the point of immobility."


Laayega phir samay...koi zamaana aisa yahan...

"Life is horribly unjust" Rajbeer thought... "I will do as I had promised you. I will shine for the entire world to see. I will never again conceal my true self. I will wear the scar on my heart as a badge of pride, because it tells a story, one of beautiful experiences. God was loving enough to bless me with you and he continued to help me in your absence. But now it's time's time for you..."

As Rajbeer and his voice...slowly stepped away from her, Preeto was in a trance. Her eyes were open, but she was unseeing. She felt the steely edge of the lyrics... the dark shadows as well as the sweet moments. Trance was too small a word for what the song was doing to her. It Broke a bittersweet spell on her...the spell that was now lost in the arms of destiny...


Phir chalegi hawa manchali ...Phir se mehkegi koi kali...

While Raj's fingers played on the keys, his voice tugged heartstrings... "I will give you all the love that I're my heart and my soul...don't give my love away...because Nothing in the world that you can do will make me go..."

Preeto continued to shift nervously, apparently unable to find comfort in the seat, which would seem warm and inviting to most people.

 But in the next moment, she found herself lost in the beautiful sound drifting through her mind... the husky, harsh, sweet voice of simran and raj's thundering, entwining voice together with the enslaving melodies... made her shudder with anticipation...creating such an outstanding mood of love, lust and want...that her heart wanted to dance and burn the inside of her chest, all at the same time.

Phir koi humsafar aayega ...Dil koi geet phir gaayegaa...

Raj and Simran's thoughts were running in the same rein... "All this time I felt so lost...lost and needed help...Incomplete...out of reach...alone all by myself. It all becomes so clear...when I see your face...And it's only when you're near...I feel my heart filling with hope me to believe this time...I've been torn apart...desperately trying to find a way back to my heart, so I can love me love again."

Rajbeer and preeto were trapped in a similar state of mind too... "I'm so tired of holding tired of waiting...I need to feel something real... without it breaking. And I know you will understand..."


Raj walked towards Preeto as he continued...

Raat lambi sahi... phir bhi yeh ik raat hai....

Raj & Rajbeer...both fought the same emotions...their yearning...and they knew not what to do. "This feeling'... I know this feeling so very well and yet... at the same is even more foreign to me than ever before."


Simran stepped in near Preeto before she could step away...

Subah ho jaayegi...sau baaton ki baat hai...

"Try to forgive me now please...try to forget at least...let a new sunshine morning brighten up our eyes &...take us in its warmness...& carry us homeward... carry us onward"....Preeto and Simran had similar thoughts...

The dark, entrancing burn of Rajbeer's  voice resonated with the remorseful melodies of the song as it said of the truly poetic brutal truth of being in love and it's torments.

Phir jaagegi yeh fiza...Phir dil ka ik raasta...

With his seductive and wanting voice, he leaned towards Preeto, sliding his fingers behind her ears and staring at her curiously as though hoping to uncover her secrets...

His touch left her heart haunted and she moved nearer...enchanted... as if floating on air or swimming in the lightest water...but immediately cursed herself as Rajbeer moved aside.....And she faced Raj...

Rajbeer's low haunting voice continued to sing...

Le jaayega waheen tujhe...Tere hai manzil jahan...

Preeto's eyes watered as she stood there for several years... a feeling of distance and awkwardness growing in her... She wanted to cry...and maybe she did, but had no conscious awareness of it. Eventually, she couldn't stand it anymore and wanted to go back.


But Rajbeer caught her gaze again... his voice was the perfect blend for the song. Preeto could hear the longing and desperation in it...

Sach to yeh hai ki hona hai yuun...Toh in aakhon mein aansoon hai kyun

Preeto looked upon his kind face, outlined by his dark hair, and felt her heart flutter softly in her chest. She stretched her hand across to him and reached to a lone tear sticking at one corner...The contact...made her face grow hot as it flushed with a bright red blush. Time stopped to watch their moment... Preeto and Rajbeer were the only ones alive... in the thickest of the crowd. Time was nonexistent...yet when the piano faded could not have gone any faster. Slowly, hesitantly, she dropped her arms.


Raj's voice broke her reflections

Gham na kar tu jo murjha gaye...

A heavy sigh escaped Preeto's body...her mind was racing...Unconsciously, her hand covered her heart as she began to feel a faint burning sensation build in her heart. Her fingers began to curl as if they were attempting to grab her heart through her chest. She turned, closing her eyes, and tried to fight it back into a recess within her. But it blazed fiercely within her. Orange and red fingers licked at her fragile heart.

Phool khil jaayenge phir naye...

Simran's heart blossomed with the song... "I don't have to word myself...I know you will understand...I don't have to repeat myself...I know you are listening...I don't have to worry anymore...because you are there..."


Suddenly, a clock struck, proclaiming the time. Strangely, it sounded like the beeping of an alarm clock that was very far away. A soft disappointment that always comes when a dream ends too soon, spread on the face of all the four as each was brought back from their reverie.

Please let me know how it d like button (if it works!!) /comment/criticize/suggest...

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Hey Madhu...Firstly thankuuu for bringinggg KW as Raj im crazyyy fan of KW jus love him a lottt...Heart
Loved Part 9 and Part 10...Awsomeee lines and veryy well written dear...ClapClapClap
In Part 10 my fav: As rajbeer wiped away the single drop of sadness from her face caressing her cheeks with his thumb...his mind kept rewinding... "You were the best thing that happened to me. I had given up hope on life...and you came into my life to remind me that there's still good in this world. I had put up walls, but you stubbornly tore down each with your love. You saw things about me that I never saw, and you allowed me to look in the mirror, and love the person smiling back."

Waiting for next part...Big smile

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