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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 9)

Nihira-fan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
awesome SS!!!looking forward to read more!

aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
great update
finally everything is clear
Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
I thought I would wait for the weekend to make my next post. But what the heck. I completed a chapter yesterday night. So posting it now.. 
I am really thankful for all your comments and feedback. Although I am not able to reply  individually on your comments, please consider this as my way of thanking you all for your interest and support. So to Chapter 6..

                                                                           Chapter 6
Kokila supervised as the servants set the tea cups on the table in the terrace. She was waitng for Mota Bhabhi and her Gopi vau to come so that they could start their 'tea break'. 'Tea Break', that was what Gopi vahu had called it a month back when she had suggested the idea. Kokila remembered  how she was suprised that her usually placid bahu had come up with a suggestion that day. Changes in her bahu had not gone unnoticed by Kokila. It seemed her vahu was slowly coming out of her shell. She seemed to be more confident when talking now and also seemed voice herself better. She had changed from a frightened little girl to a confident person in a matter of 3 months. The change had been gradual. "Maybe its because I have mellowed down a bit and she feels it easier to talk with me now." she thought and felt happy.
She then thought back to the request her son had made on the fateful day of Rashi's and Kinjal's exposure.

"Kinjal. Please just STOP." Kokila had thundered after Aham had carried Gopi upstairs to their room. She had seen how her vahu had kept her head dowm and had not met her eyes or that of her son during Kinjal's outburst...
"Chi. I am ashamed that you were born out of my womb Kinjal." she had continued. "So sly and cunning. Is that what I taught you?" "But ma.." "I said shut up.. Now listen once and for all Kinjal and listen carefully. All that has happened in your life is because of your fault. No one else's. You disgraced us with Umang. Or did you forget it? Do you not realize that even after what you did with Elesh we still loved you enough to talk to Umang? Your Bhai went to him and came back because Umang told him that he had done this to disgrace us. He had no intention of marrying you. It was not Gopi's fault that he refused. He would have refused you one way or another. Keep that in mind. And..." She had continued as Kinjal looked at her.. "First learn to look at what you have done before you point your fingers at others for your misery. God was kind enough to give you a husband who is hard working and truthful and you still have problems with him. Till today I thought you were just selfish. But today I know that I have given birth to a monster. Get out of my sight Kinjal. You are no better than Rashi and I do not want to see you here again." Kokila had choked the last few words as her heart had broken seeing the daughter she gave birth stooping so low. With those words she had turned away from her daughter to tend to her vahu.. no her other daughter who needed her more.
She had seen her vahu sobbing in Aham's arms when she reached their room and had seen Aham holding her and talking to her as if she was a child. She had known then that her vahu had been in good hands.
That night had been difficult for all. Sometime after everybody had dispersed downstairs she had seen her husband walk into their room. At that time Kokila's mind been replaying everything over and over and she had been disgusted that her daughter had turned out this way.

 "We can only teach them the right path Kokila. It is up to them to follow it." Parag ji had told her. Kokila had looked at him in surprise. "I know you are doubting the way you brought them up. And blaming yourself for Kinjal's mistakes but you were not wrong in your upbringing Koki. If Kinjal had even a percent of your goodness she would be a better person." her husband had continued. Kokila had been proud of being Parag's wife that day . She had understood that whatever happened between them, the bond that held them together was unbreakable. "I talked to Dhawal ji Koki. He is ready to give Kinjal another chance. I think your choice of a Son in law is flawless. We will support him to the best of our ability. And as you always say Koki, leave the rest to Kanaji. Don't take this too hard on yourself. Our Gopi vahu needs you now." He had continued. For once Kokila had been glad for his words. She had understood then that her Paragji may not have been the best in terms of business but inately nobody could match his goodness or kindness. Their relation had turned for the better from that day.

Kokila smiled to herself as she absently twirled the bracelet in her hand. Paragji had gifted that to her 3 days back on her birthday. He had got it from the money he had saved over the years working on his poems. She had felt proud.
Kokila's thoughts continued in less happier direction.
Although Parag ji's words had soothed her, Kokila had been unable to sleep that night. It was then she heard someone walk towards the terrace. It had been Aham. "Aham. What are you doing out here? Is Gopi vahu ok?" She had asked her son. "She is sleeping mom. She was crying and fell asleep crying." Aham had said tiredly. It looked like her son had aged in a matter of few hours. She had stood along with him looking at the stars and their thoughts had been all over the place. Kokila had been sure that Aham was suffering for the part he played in Gopi's misery. She had placed a hand over her son's shoulder to offer him her support, when he had spoken up. "Mom she has suffered so much. So much mom. I had no idea." Aham had continued without looking at her. But Kokila had known that he had been on a verge of breaking down. "I added to that mom. I am her biggest offender. I let her down so badly and she never said a word. Not once. I do not know if..." He had been unable to go on.. Silence had surrounded them in the darkness and she had felt the air grow heavier. She had understood that for her son the guilt was unbearable, the guilt of making an innocent person suffer, irrespective of the reason. After what felt like eons, she had seen her son turn towards her. "Please mom. Take care of Gopi. She needs a mother so much. She needs you mom. Now more than ever. Promise me that you will always be a mother to her first. Promise me that you will always think of her first even before you think of me. Please mom. Promise me." He had pleaded. Not just his words but Kokila had seen his eyes plead to her desperately.
 "She was always my daughter Aham. And I will make sure that she understands and gets to enjoy what she has missed till now. I promise." Kokila had said. Her son seemed to visibly assured after that. Both had gone back to their rooms that night each having made a promise to themselves.

The days that followed had not been easy. But everyone had contributed to make Gopi feel loved and cherished. If Aham had taken care of her after her operation, after this he had taken care of her like she was made of glass. Her son and DIL had seemed to come closer and closer everyday. That is why it had made no sense to Kokila when her son had refused to acknowledge his love for his wife.. "Why had Aham been so stubborn?" Kokila's brows creased as she thought.

"A penny for your thoughts Kokila.." Mota Bhabhi was smiling as she walked to the terrace.


Not a long update.. But seems like a logical place again Smile I am sorry for having no Gohem scenes in this chapter but will try making up for it the forthcoming ones. 
As usual comments and feedback please!!

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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 6:44pm | IP Logged
I just caught up with all parts of your FF. It is written beautifully. You have given us everyone's POV, and I am with Koki, it just doesn't make sense, but I am sure there is a good reason for Ahem's denial. Thumbs Up
Hope you update soon again.
varshu27 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
wonderful update...i like how u show the whole family dynamics...looks like koki and parag r in a good place...update soon...
Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
Another update.. I know I know.. I said it would not be till another weekend. But words kind of flowed and I could not stop. Happy reading!!!

                                                                         Chapter 7

"A penny for your thoughts Kokila.." Hetal smiled as she walked to the terrace. "It was nothing Mota Bhabhi. I was just thinking of..." "Aham. and Gopi." Hetal had continued smiling at Kokila. "Ji. How did you know?" "You have a frown and you seem to be confused Kokila. I have seen this expression on your face a hundred times everyday. And I know only Aham can bring that on particular mix on your face." Hetal laughed. Her devarani was soo easy to read sometimes. "Kokila. Why do you worry so much? Don't." She continued. "How can I not Mota Bhabhi. When that stubborn son of mine will not see what is staring at his face. I don't know why..". "He is your son" Hetal thought amused. She was suprised that Kokila did not  realize that Aham's stubborn attitude was exactly like his mother's. "Kokila we have talked through this multiple times, haven't we? Give Aham some time. You need to let go Kokila. He can make his own decisions now." Hetal reasoned. "Not when it involves Gopi Vahu Bhabhi. He has made not one correct decision."
Kokila continued fretfully. Hetal smiled again. "No Kokila. You are giving him less credit than he deserves. If it had not been for Aham, Gopi will not be in the place she is today." "Yes. If it had not been for him, she would be at his side right now as a wife loved and cherished like she deserves to be. Not here just as my vahu. and what is this explanation of his 'I do not love her. She is my friend nonsense.' I tell you Mota Bhabhi, I have given him too much leeway. But I cannot do anything else. Gopi vahu will not let me.." Kokila went on venting her feelings. "Kokila Gopi is right. You should not pressure him to do something against his wish. You of all people should know.. Sorry Kokila" Hetal said as Kokila's face drooped. "But I am not telling you this to
make you guilty. I just want you to see that this time, it needs to be Aham's own decison. Only his." Hetal saw Kokila nod her head thoughtfully and she knew she had hit the mark.

Hetal started pouring out tea for herself and Kokila as they waited for Gopi to come join them. The thought of Gopi always made Hetal feel happy. "Every mother would feel blessed if they had a daughter like Gopi." She had told Chirag after she had heard Gopi console Kokila in spite of the pain she herself was feeling. Yes Aham had hurt everyone that day. He had however hurt 
Gopi most. But Hetal could not bring herself to blame Aham, the boy she had considered as her own son. Because she had seen Gopi's pain reflecting in his eyes that day.. She did not know the reason for the way he acted but she felt that somewhere Aham had been and still was lost without direction. His denial seemed to be a loosely built defense, his outburst seemed to be out of distress.

"Lets complete the pooja that was left undone vahu." Baa had suggested 3 weeks the 'incident' with Raashi. It had felt correct. The dust had settled and it seemed nothing else could go wrong in their house. Hetal inspite of her pain on seeing Jigar's life in shambles had been happy that atleast one of her son's life was making a turn for the better. She was also  been over the moon for Gopi, her daughter. That child deserved all the happiness in the world. She was so precious.

She had seen Aham take care of Gopi with all his heart. It had actually suprised her that it had been Aham of all people who had made Gopi and Jigar smile first after that  incident.3 days after the fateful night, Aham had come home with ice creams for everyone. None had been in a mood for an ice cream but nobody had the strength to deny Aham."Jigar, here you go; your favourite, chocolate flavoured." Aham had coxed Jigar to take an ice cream. "Bhai..No.. Ok Bhai.." Jigar had been resigned when Aham had pushed the ice cream in front of his face. "You have this." Aham had awkwardly given another of the same flavored ones to Gopi. "Guys.. Do you both know that ice creams melt if kept at room temperature?" Aham had continued when he saw that neither Gopi nor Jigar were eating.. 'Plop' a huge chunk of the ice cream Aham had been holding had fallen to the floor. "We know Bhai. It seems your ice cream did too.." Jigar had suprised
everyone with his retort. Then Jigar's face had broken into a smile and the sad atmosphere in the room had changed. "It was not my mistake. It was Gopi's. She took a long time to take hers." Aham had complained sternly. "Ji.. Woh.." Gopi had started when she had seen Aham's naughty smile. Gopi had smiled back shyly.

After that the house had come back to normalcy quickly. Hetal had seen Aham become a perfect big brother and husband. He had taken Jigar under his wing and had made sure Jigar did not have time to feel sorry for himself in Aham Style. He had made sure that he had involved Jigar in important office work and had stuck with him, guiding and helping him at all turns. A camaderie had formed between the brothers. What had surprised Hetal was how Aham had involved Gopi in their small group. He had let Gopi handle Jigar when he had become emotional and had seeked her advice on how to talk with Jigar on a number of occasions. Gopi, hessitant at first had
slowly grown used to the idea. She had supported Aham wholeheartedly and the sweet child had looked after her devar with utmost care. She had teased and fought with Jigar like a younger sister and Aham had helped her in all this silently. Hetal had seen visible changes in Gopi's outlook due to Aham's tactics. Gopi had overcome her sense of guilt to be strong for Jigar and had flourished. She had become stronger and had started opening up to Aham. Hetal had been proud of Aham. Her son had been so sensible.Jigar, Gopi and Aham had teamed up to become the pillars of support for the elder ones in the house in a short span of 3 weeks.

"Aham, ask Gopi to come downstairs if she is ready." On the day of the pooja, Hetal remembered telling Aham. He had nodded and had run upstairs with a smile on his face. A smile that was to vanish in the next few hours."Aham, Gopi vahu seems to have forgotten to apply sindoor on her maang. Do it for her please" She had heard Kokila prompt Aham when everyone had assembled. Aham had silently moved forward but had then stopped when midway through the action of
applying sindoor. "I cannot do it. I am sorry Gopi" He had croaked leaving everyone stunned. "I cannot lie again to you Gopi. I do not have the right to do this. I do not love you." He had continued. The silence after his speech had been deafening. "AHAM. What do you mean, you do not love her? After all that has happened.. How could you?" Kokila had been unable to continue.. She had been devastated. "Mom. I do not love her. She is my friend. She is very special. But our relation is nothing more than that mom. Please try to.." Aham had started when Gopi had given a cry of pain and had run upstairs. Nobody had missed the look of defeat on her face. Kokila had looked angrily at Aham. But even before she could say or do anything Aham had run after Gopi.

Everybody had been angry at Aham to notice. But Hetal remembered very clearly. Her son had looked almost broken when he saw his wife run upstairs. She had seen his eyes reflect Gopi's pain. She had not known why but she had known one thing without doubt. Aham loved Gopi. Inspite of his denial, his public outburst, she could not shake that belief. She had never been sure of anything else in her life as she had been sure that day. Aham loved Gopi. He loved her with all his heart.


Hetal is sure Aham loves Gopi. Is she right? I really do not know.
If she is what is Aham hiding? Or for that matter why is he in hiding? And the biggest question is does Gopi love Aham still. Well the last one was just for fun. Of course Gopi loves Aham. I cannot think of another answer to that particular question.
However to know the answers for the first ones keep tuned to the next update..

Big smile I could not help it.. I am surprised that I have still not been able to come to the present at this point. The past seems to be pulling me towards it. But rest assured, there will be a time when I am able to tie the loose ends in the present. Patience for a few more updates. And then I will be done..

Thanks for comments and feedback!!

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-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
That was a fantastic and emotional update as usual!
This SS is beggining to grow on me Wink
Please update soon! Tongue
Poor Gohem and Jigar,its making me so upset loooking at their states.
I feel sorry for Gopi,what else does the poor thing have to go through?Ouch
Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
that was brillaint...loved the update..
seriously poor gopi...and hetal is very confident about about ahem being in love with gopi that's nice...
continue soon

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