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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 85)

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Originally posted by NazmaJ

Loved it Harini!!!!

I absolutely adore your writing and love the way you tap into the emotions. More than the big moments it's the little everyday moments that really stand out. The small scenes with Panna and Baa and Naani are fabulous.

But saying that the emotions between Gopi and Ahem and the trust between them is also amazingly written. You suck me in with each of your updates and I love the feelings you create.

Kinjal seems to be changing too and it will be interesting to see how it all develops!!

Loved it and loved the teaser for the next update too!!!

Thank you so much NazmaTongue.. You do not know how much your comments mean to me.. Embarrassed
We get the big twists and turns in SNS and I do not want to repeat them.. Plus life afterall is enjoying those everyday moments and turning each opportunity into some thing we can cherish for a long time.. GoHem and the Modi's are creating those moments for the future..Smile

Originally posted by varshu27

that was absolutely fantastic harini...loved every bit of it...ahem indeed knows gopi in and out...loved the scene between gopi and ahem...i could feel ahems pain...and gopi ...what a unique soul with such a big heart...hope ahem is able to forgive kinjal in time...looking forward to the wedding...thanks for the pm...

Thank you so much VarshuSmile.. Glad you enjoyed it..Smile
Aham is a perfect husband and he suits her to the T and vice versa.. Both have a way to support each other in their lows.. Aham is learning quickly and Gopi is there to support him through and through..
And yes.. Aham will be able to forgive Kinjal.. But all in good time..Smile

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Originally posted by 5cents

Abs, wonderful update Harini!! OH! The way you weave the story with all the tiny details to the big picture abs lovely...enjoyed the length!!Clap Ahem's pain is so well expressed. Gopi is a true saathiya will surely heel him in time. Looking forward to the wedding nowBig smile. You are a brilliant writer!! 
Thx for the PM

Thank you so much TinaBig smile.. That was very kind of youTongue..
Gopi and Aham are indeed a couple made in heaven.. They will be there to support and love each other through happiness and sadness.. 
A couple of updates and shall write on the wedding though how much in detail I cannot guarantee..Wink

Originally posted by sks21

that was amazing harini...
wonderful loved it...loved the game a lot
so gohem won the game and ahem gave a nice explanation of why she likes the corn...
loved the interaction of gohem when was sad...the way u are showing their relationship is just brilliant harini...i'm loving it a lot...
cant wait for the next update...update soon

Thank you Kavya.. Tongue
Aham's need to come to term with his behavior of the past was important.. Gopi saved him by making him forget the last couple of times.. But he needed to get that out of his system.. Kinjal was just a trigger and Gopi knows that.,. Will update in a few minutes..
Thank you again..Smile

Originally posted by vibz88

Really nice harini! I loved the game wish it had more rounds and some more fun moments!!i love nani she s amazing changing her answer at last minute!so kinjal is almost forgiven! Do continue . Thanx for the pm

Thanks VibzTongue
Glad you liked it.. I would have loved to have the game in its entirety but the update as such was becoming too bigWink Naani is very unique in SNS.. She is one of those characters you cannot ignore and she can get away with anythingBig smile 
And you are most welcomeSmile
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Originally posted by sbp1971

Awe..Harini, I have no words. This was so beautiful, it made me smile like and idiot as I read it and cry along with Ahem. It is just so brilliantly portrayed their love, their comfort with each other, the bond between them, and he is still unable to forgive himself for that one act, although she has forgiven him. It is so heartwarming to see their relationship so perfect. I love, love your Ahem. Each of your updates shows their bond getting stronger and stronger. This is how it should be in the show. It needs to reach this point so that no one can separate them and they can fight any storm that comes in their way together.

Absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for a long update. I don't have enough words to compliment you on your work.Star

Embarrassed Thank you so very much Shilpa.. That is very kind of you to say so..Smile
My inspiration was from the other FF and SS's in the forum especially the ones you had penned.Embarrassed
I hope that the GoHem relationship in SNS is better and more beautiful and it seems to be on its way...Big smile
Aham here is making himself worthy of Gopi in his mind. He does not realize that he is already the answer to her prayers.. The most beautiful thing about their relationship is the way the trust between them grew.. I hope I can make Aham's character grow a bit more before the endEmbarrassed

Thank you again for the awesome commentsTongue It  makes me write more..

Originally posted by abbay

Smileawesome!!!!!Clap loved it!!!!!! Thumbs Upwaiting for the next!!!!!Embarrassed And thanks for the pm!!!!!Big smile! A big Hugfor u!!!!!!!

Thank you AbbayHug Will update very soon..Big smile

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Originally posted by Ahemji

It was JUST LIKE THAT.WinkI mean GREAT , WONDERFUL , FABULOUS , FANTASTICClap.No more words to saySmile.

Thank you so much AhemjiBig smile.. I am so glad you liked itTongue

Originally posted by navyab

Hey have woven the story so beautiful...liked how Gohem are opening to each other...
Gopi understood the pain of Ahem & put him at ease...Ahem also turned out to the person who is close to his heart to share his pain...
So will kinjle be finally forgiven by her brother...the family is getting together for one of the main how will it go ?

Thank you Navya.. Tongue 
Gopi always thought her forgiveness would make Aham get over the past.. But she just found out how much he holds bottled up within him.. This closure to one of his unkindest and cruelest acts was needed especially for Aham ..Confused
Aham is learning to be more open and who better than his wife with whom he shares  relationship that is more than just marriage. She is his confident, partner and friend all in one.. As for Kinjal,her acts are not that easy to forgive and Aham is not Gopi. He will take his time..
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Originally posted by swasthi

Harini that was an outstanding update.
I enjoyed the scene developments and the variety. It is all these little and subtle dialogues by nani, Baa and Panaa that string together the main theme of the story. Further the game was high paced and enjoyable to read.
You have brought out the emotional side of Ahem and him taking Gopi's advice was superbly portrayed. You have brought out Gopi's lead in taking care of things when he is at home.
Looking forward to the next update, perhaps the wedding and a resolve in Ahem's mind after a chat with Kinjal.

Thank you SwathiBig smile. .So glad you liked the update..

Panna is a child and her perspective and outlook is the most unbiased one.. As for Naani and Baa, they have experience to see what the others miss.. These three are the best characters through which we get to see all relationships albeit in a different angle..
Aham has realized already that he needs Gopi to support him.. And as for Gopi, she is the only one who can bring the calmness that was missing in Aham's life.. 

Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

wonderful update

Thank youTongue

Originally posted by kamjal

what a story. So Ahem still feeling guilty, serves him right fortunately he has a wife to help him through 

Thank you so much for liking the storyBig smile
Poor Aham still has not forgiven himself completely though he realizes that he cannot build the future on past mistakes alone.. But this one act of his is very hard to forgive and Aham is a fair person.. Hence his pain.. But you are right.. Gopi is right by his side to help himSmile

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Chapter 36

"Can I come in Kinjal?" Kinjal looked up from the album she was looking at and smiled at  Parag. "Please Dad.. Do come in please", Kinjal stood up and welcomed her dad.  "Are you all settled?" "Yes Dad. I was just looking at old photos." "Hmm.. I love seeing them too. Here show me.." Parag sat down near Kinjal and started looking at the pictures and turning pages. A small smile grazed his lips.

Silence followed broken by Kinjal's words. "I apologized to Bhabhi dad. She told me she forgives me. But Mom and Bhai have not forgiven me yet. I don't think they are happy seeing me here" Parag looked up to see his daughter. Her eyes were sad. "Kinjal, It is not that.." "No dad. I know. They have good reason not to." Parag looked at her downcast face and decided it was time to be a father.

"Kinjal, Dikra, Let me tell you this. If Koki or Aham don't want you here, they would have told you that straight away. Both are not people to hide what they feel. You should understand Kinjal that it is difficult for them too. Especially Aham." "But dad.. I just want to ask them their forgiveness.."
"Kinjal, you are missing the point. You may want to ask them but you have to give them time 
to trust you again. I know you miss them." Kinjal felt tears prick in her eyes. She nodded.

"Dikra, your mother has always been a perfectionist. You do not know how much she had to adjust herself when she came to this family. She has fought all life to make a place for herself.. I am one of the reasons she had to fight so hard to get to that place. But our relationship is stronger than you believe. We both know and understand each other. So listen to me carefuly.", Parag continued seriously.
"Kinjal, your mother brought you and Aham up to refelct her strength. So when you did what you did, she was not able to understand it nor was it easy for her to see that you were not the person she thought she brought up. My Koki takes pride in her values Kinjal. And you broke the very foundation." "But Papa, I know I was wrong.." Kinjal pleaded tearfully.

"That is beyond the point now Kinjal. A trust once broken takes a long time to be fixed. For almost 2 years Koki watched the recurpussions of what you did create havoc on a gentle soul, Gopi. I know you are sorry now. But think how long that child had to suffer because of those very selfish acts of yours. I am not accusing you Kinjal.", Parag said when he saw his daughter's face crumble. "I am just trying to show you why it is difficult for them. Your Gopi Bhabhi is very kind. There is no unkind bone in her body. She sees goodness in all. So it is easy for her to forgive and forget but not so for your mom and Bhai. Especially Aham. Give them time."

Kinjal nodded and remained silent. Parag's heart went out to her. He placed his hand on her head. "Dikra, your mother loves you very much. She cannot watch you being unhappy for long. 
She will give you a chance.. I promise."

"Kinjal." Both Parag and Kinjal looked up startled at Koki's voice. Koki walked in to her daughter's room like she had a mission. 
"Kinjal, I need to talk to you." Kinjal looked at her mother with a mixture of hope and apprehension. "Ji Mom?" "You want a chance to be forgiven? Is that what you really want?" "Ji Mom." "Then fine.. I have not forgiven you till now Kinjal but I still want you to be happy. If you really mean what you say, then one day I will be here before you telling you that you are indeed forgiven. But I will not let that past cloud our time together now. I just wanted to tell you that. Jai Shree Krishna." 

Koki said her piece and walked back giving her husband a knowing look. "And one more thing, you are Jigar's only sister. So I expect you to perform that role properly. Now go and hep 
your New Bhabhi get ready."

Kinjal looked surprised and then nodded while Parag looked proudly at his wife.

"Ok Panna.. Now the other one. Hold it right there. What do you think Bhabhi?" Kinjal turned to ask Gopi who stood looking at Deepu and Panna who was holding a earring to Deepu's ear.
"Kinjal ben, this looks good too." "But Bhabhi, I like the other one better. Do you think this one is better than that?" "No Kinjal ben, we will go with your choice."
"But Kinjal, this one makes my eyes look pretty.", Deepu interjected. The three did not notice Panna fidgeting behind Deepu. 

All three woman were trying to decide the accessory to go with Deepu's engagement outfit. 
"Why don't you just wear the same earring that you are wearing now?" Panna asked. She was bored standing behind Deepu and holding one earring after another for the three to choose. 
Her friend Sarika would have come and she wanted to go down to play.

All three turned at her question and again looked at Deepu's refelction in the mirror. "Actually Panna is right", from Kinjal. "No Kinjal ben, I like the almond shaped one." "But Bhabhi, what about the one with the dew drops?" It was Deepu. 

Panna released a sigh of relief when she saw her Hetal Daadi walk in. "Dikra, here I have brought you all something to eat..And Panna beta, your friend Sarika is searching for you. 
You go downstairs." Panna looked like she had said something wonderful and flew downstairs 
leaving the earrings on the dresser.

"What is this Kinjal, Gopi vahu?" Everyone turned around to see Koki striding in. "You two are not ready yet and Deepu, you.. I told you to be ready for your beautician. She is here now." All three looked guiltily at Kokila.

"Ma, we were just trying to select Deepu Bhabhi's earrings." Kinjal said in a low voice. "And how long does it take? Now Kinjal , Gopi vahu, go and get ready yourself. Deepu, go and freshen up before I bring the beautician here.". Hetal smiled at the speed at which Kinjal and Gopi left the room and she followed them shaking her head. Leave it to Kokila to get things done on time.

"Deepu, what are you waiting for? Go on.. And by the way the earrings that have the dew drop design, that will fit you best. It will make your eyes stand out.." Deepu nodded and grinned 
widely before making her way to the washroom.

"Pink one. Wear the pink." Gopi smiled and turned around to see her husband leaning on the door. As soon as he saw her turn he walked to her and hugged her from the back placing his head on her shoulders.
"Pink with cream. Beautiful. Exactly like your cheeks. Now that I have helped you sort your problem, help me by selecting something to match yours. Hmm.." Aham saw Gopi's open smile at his request, an uninhibited smile he would die for.

Gopi smiled at Aham's suggestion and words. It never failed to make her heart flutter at his loving words and actions. Her Ahamji always managed to bring her innermost happiness to the fore by just being there. 

"Hmmm.. I think the cream one with Gold design near the collar. How do you like that?" Gopi 
asked placing her hand on top of his as she enjoyed his closeness. "Sounds perfect. And what else?" "What else Ahamji?" "How about giving me a kiss to go along with it?" Gopi tried to 
turn around to see if he was serious but failed as Aham held her tight in his grasp.

"Hmummm.." Both turned to see Deepika standing at the door. Gopi immediately blushed and 
wriggled while Aham held on to her. 
"No you don't", he whispered and casually looked at Deepika. "So what brings you here? Are you not getting ready? ", he asked as Deepika raised her eyebrows at Aham's persistance on holding onto Gopi. She grinned. 
"I thought you were occupied with some Nazi torturer in your room.."Deepika gave Aham the "Really, that is all you can come up with?" look at his description of her beautician.

"Well Bhai. I have to still undergo more tortures. But I came not for me. Though I do think Bhabhi would be happy if you let her get ready. But actually I am here for your dear younger brother. He is trying to reach you. Can you go to him quickly? It seems he has some trouble with making decisions.", Deepika said and Aham rolled his eyes. Jigar and his dilemmas.
"Ok, will be there. Bye. See you." Deepika saw Gopi look at her apologitically at Aham's abrupt words of dismissal. She just nodded and laughed and returned back to her room.

"Ahamji, what are you doing? What will Deepu ben think?" Gopi questioned the minute Deepu 
left. "She will think I was just romancing my wife. Deepu will not mind." Aham replied, kissed the surprised Gopi on her cheeks and made his way to the washroom. "Sweetheart, can you just get my Kurtha ready? I have to sort Jigar out of his dilemma. Thanks.", he said to the still stunned Gopi and made his way to the washroom laughing to himself.

"Bhai what do you think? Does this blue one really look better?" Aham looked at Jigar and sighed. "Jigar, let me tell you for the last time. You are going to wear this.. Do you realize that I am almost ready to explode?" 
Jigar looked absently at his brother and nodded. "No you won't Bhai. Today is my engagement." "Even that will not stop me from manhandling you if you ask the question again." "But Bhai, what if Deepu.." Aham immediately interjected. "Deepu is wearing the same blue. I thought you guys bought things after deciding on it. Now don't ask how I know what color Deepu is wearing. I messaged Gopi and she is with Deepu now.  If you do not start getting ready now, the engagement will happen without the groom." "No it won't. Deepu will not be ready anyway."

Jigar rushed into the washroom as Aham took a step towards him. He turned around and thanked Aham once and grinned seeing Aham shake his head in disbelief.

"Bhai.. I was actually talking about Deepu." Jigar looked at Aham's dazed look and decided his brother had heard nothing. He shook Aham by his shoulders. "Bhai I am getting engaged today." "Ah. What? Oh yeah. We need to go down." Jigar nodded and both the brothers made their way down the stairs to the hall where everyone was waiting.


"Jigar, you look perfect. Now people will agree that you are Aham Modi's brother. Here you go, rings and the watch. All set?" 'Hmm.. Bhai you do have the engagement ring?" "Yes Jigar. Here see." Aham removed the box from his pocket and showed Jigar the ring box. "Gopi reminded me." Aham added for his own benefit.

"Aham beta, Is Jigar ready? It is time to exchange the rings." Both turned as they heard Hetal call from outside. Aham assured her that they would be out immediately and Hetal after once more reminding them left.

"Ok.. Lets go." Jigar followed Aham out of the door to go down to the hall. As they neared the stairs they could hear the guests chattering downstairs.  
"Bhai, How do I look?" "Just perect Jigar. Now come on." The brothers made their way down the stairs. As they walked down, a hush fell on the hall.
Both looked down at the smiling guests and then realized that the guests were looking at the 
other stairs too. 
Aham looked up at the opposite side and immediately a proud smile broke on his face. His choice had been perfect. Gopi looked like an angel in baby pink and cream sari. She was 
standing and arranging Deepu's maang tikka. Aham could not take his eyes off her. "She looks beautiful doesn't she?" Aham turned to Jigar and nodded. "The most beautiful woman in the entire world." Aham did not see Jigar's eyes widen at his brother's praise. 

Jigar grinned. "I selected that dress along with her." Jigar pronounced proudly only to see Aham looking dazed and lovingly at the other side of the stairs. "Bhai.. " "Jigar tell me , Is there anybody else who even comes close to being as simple but as beautiful as her in this room? She was made only for me. Beautiful"
Jigar looked at Aham in disbelief. "You are talking about Bhabhi..", Jigar shook his head and laughed. And then he followed his brother's lead to lovingly stare at his beloved standing on the opposite stairs.

"Jigar Bhai, Aham Bhai, come down.. It is time. Everyone is waiting." Dhawal came up to ask both the brother's down. Aham and Jigar came out of their dreams and grinned sheeepishly at each other.
"Bhai.. I was actually talking about Deepu." Jigar whispered to Aham. "and I am getting engaged today." "Ah. What? Oh yeah. We need to go down." Jigar nodded and both the brothers made their way down the stairs to the hall where everyone was waiting.

"Gopi ben, this is for you." Gopi took yet another rose from the child who smiled at her and  ran away to join her friends. She looked around again searching for Aham. A smile grazed her lips as she looked at the four pink roses in her hand each one delivered by a small kid.
She knew he was watching her and a blush spread across her cheeks as she again scanned the room for her husband.. The engagement had gone very well. Gopi could see Deepika and Jigar talking to a set of their friends. Her Maaji and Kakiji were talking to their neighbors. Baa and Naani had closeted together talking about the function with a few more of the guests.
But Aham was nowhere to be found. Gopi looked at the roses.. The first one was given exactly when the rings were exchanged.


"It is time Hetal ben. The rings please". Hetal looked at Aham and Gopi for the rings. Both of them smiled and placed the boxes on the pooja thalli. Jigar and Deepu stood adjustcent to each other smiling.
Deepika was for the first time in her life was feeling shy, embarassed, incadecently happy and scared to look up. She felt that everyone ws watching only her. She heard Gopi whisper, "Deepu ben, look up at devarji. He is calling you." Deepu immediately blushed. She slowly looked up to see Jigar grining at her and he signalled she looked beautiful.His appreciation filled her heart with more happiness than she had ever felt and pride. As she stood blushing, Deepu felt her Kakiji place a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Kokila extend the ring box to her. 

Jigar saw his mother give him the ring. He felt nervous and confident at the same time. He looked up to see his Deepu blush and nervous. Her nervousness made him want to laugh but he knew he looked almost the same.. He took the ring from the box and looked around. Jigar felt a hand on his shoulder and felt the calm descend in him as he saw the smiling faces around.  His eyes finally settled on Deepu after they saw Aham give him an understanding nod. Jigar extended his hand to her as though requesting Deepu to trust him. He saw Deepu look up and give him a small nervous smile.
Then slowly, very slowly her hand raised and he felt her place her right hand on his left and look at him hopefully. Jigar closed his hand over hers and slowly placed the ring in her finger while everyone clapped. But Jigar heard none of it. He placed his other hand on top of the entwined hand and looked at Deepu and lost himself in her eyes. Her eyes held so much love and he saw a lone tear make its ways out of her beautiful eyes and roll down her cheek.

"Jiju.." Jigar felt Panna pull his cuff and call him in a loud whisper. The spell broke and he looked down. "Leave Deepu ben's hand. You don't want the ring? " Jigar smiled and realized that Deepu and the others were eagerly waiting for her to place the ring on his finger. He let go of her hand and watched as Deepu took the ring from Kokila and slid it through his finger. 

The hall broke into an applause. Jigar grinned widely and turned to be hugged by his brother. "Congratulations." Jigar hugged his brother back. It looked like he could not stop smiling and he saw Deepu being hugged by his Kaki and then his Bhabhi. Deepu was openly crying.. But he knew it was from happiness.

Gopi could not contain her happiness as the she saw her devar slide the ring into Deepu's finger. At the same time she saw Sarika pull her pallu. She looked down and smiled at her only to be surprised by Sarika's offer of  rose. "For you. He said you are the most beautiful person in the entire world." Gopi looked at Sarika confused and before she could question her the room broke into an applause. Gopi looked up to see Deepu slide the ring and momentarily forgot the rose.

After the ceremony as everyone congratualated each other. She felt another pull and this time it was a Vineetha aunty's grandson. He held a rose and on the other hand a chocolate. Gopi kneeled to look at him face to face and he surprised her by kissing her and before Gopi could react she had the second rose in her hand and the kid had fled. Gopi smiled and blushed. She knew it was from her Ahamji and her eyes went searching for him.

The third one had also been delivered exactly the same way, this time when she was serving cool drinks for the guests. And now the fourth. Gopi smiled and made her way to where her Papaji was standing. She could not find Aham even there. She fingered the roses lovingly and 
walked around.

"Gopi vahu, Can you bring the sugar from the kitchen?" Gopi nodded and made her way to the kitchen. She had almost reached the sugar box when she felt herself enveloped in a hug from 
the very person she had been searching for a while back. 

"You searching for me?" She felt Aham's hand bring the box with the sugar down from the shelf and turned to face him. 
Aham cupped her face in his hands and enjoyed as a blush stole across his wife's face and 
her happiness became completely visible. He watched fascinated as Gopi looked at him her eyes reflecting the love he felt for her. One more minute and Aham almost sealed his lips on 
hers when.. 
"Gopi Bhabhi.. Sugar, Naani Bhabhi is calling.." Both Aham and Gopi jumped apart. Aham watched as Gopi ran with the sugar outside and her other hand clutched the roses by the stem 
 close to her heart..

"Hetal ben.. Congratulations.. Your son is now engaged again." Hetal smiled at Savitha's words but she felt uneasy. Savitha always tried to put off others. To her relief Gopi walked up with the sugar and Hetal went forward to take the tin from Gopi. She smiled again at Savitha and walked off in relief. Hetal did not realize that Savitha ben had cornered Gopi.

"So Gopi beta.. How are you? Are you happy to have a new Devarani?" Gopi smiled and nodded 
at Savitha ben. She was about to walk away when she heard another question. "So Gopi beta, don't you think that girls need to be in their Maayka until they are married?" Gopi looked puzzled at the line of questioning and stood there facing Savitha ben.

"That is right Savitha aunty. That is why I am here. At my Maayka.. Don't you know? This is where my sister like Gopi Bhabhi and mother like Kakiji live and I am lucky that it is to be my sasural too.." Deepika saw Gopi smile at her as she answered Savitha ben. Deepika proceeded to link 
her hand with Gopi's and excused them from the suddenly silent Savitha aunty.

Kokila watched Deepu handle Savitha ben and smirked. Now she felt confident that Savitha ben 
would think twice before questioning the Modi's.. 


"Jigar is ecstatic. I am so very happy for him. I cannot believe by this time tomorrow Jigar will be married." Aham tightened his hold on Gopi as they sat on the swing in the terrace enveloped within a shawl. "Hmm..I am very happy for devarji too Ahamji." 
Both fell silent as they enjoyed the swing swaying back and forth. "Gopi, when do you want 
me to.." Aham looked down to see Gopi sleeping soundly with her head comfortably placed on his chest. He smiled at her and stayed silent. 


Thank you so much for liking and commenting on the previous update.. This update is not much  on the celebrations.. But I wanted to concentrate on how the couples felt than what was actually happening.. Hope you all like this one..
Would love to hear your comments, feedback and likes.. Embarrassed 

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R E S : )


Awww that was a lovely update Harini, Kinjal and Parag's conversation was really sweet, Awww and Jipu and Gohem are very cute, Haha i agree with Ahem, Gopi looks wonderful in pink!Embarrassed Hmm i wonder what Ahem wanted to say to Gopi P.S a quick request Harini, How about instead of Deepu Jigar marries me!Embarrassed Although he would get arrested because im 17ROFL Scratch that, I think Deepu is fine and i'll be satisfied with my Tejas!Big smile Anway loved the update, Thanks for the PM and please do update soon!<333 Literally everytime i see your FF come on the forum and see the last person to reply is 'JustLikeThat1', I check it and your replying to people's comments and i get happy, Thats the first sign meaning your going to update soon!LOL Heyy look this is a real long comment now hehe :P Anyway Harini, Update sooon! : ) and thanks for the PM!Dancing

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Just once I want to be first somewhere, but to my bad luck Chika beat me.LOL >sigh<

Okay now down to the comment, what can I say, it is once again perfect. I loved the fact that you showed everyone's feelings, including how Kinjal was feeling too.

Hmm..the way he gave her the roses during the party was my favorite part, and Deepu putting Savitaben in her place was executed brilliantly.

Harini this was a fabulous treat, thank you so much, and I am looking forward to the next part and the wedding.

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