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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 79)

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Originally posted by munnihyderabad

***Edited ***

harini yet another beautiful and awesome update...

finally home after 2 weeks- loved the whole family reunion, panna is soo cute.. doesn't want to leave her jiju...poor girl
Koki-Gopi scene was too good... could feel the tears and throat choked 

awww i loved this Ahemji acting all mad... how cute is that Gopi pacifying the sulking Ahemji,...
 gopi can get away with anything... lucky girl... she is literally ruling his heart...

and what mischief are the modi boys upto poor girls
will wait for the weekend update to know this...

Thanks MunniEmbarrassed 
It was time to come back home. Big smile And the Koki Gopi scene was long due. Koki really loves Gopi and has stuck by her at times of good and bad.
As for what the Modi boys are planning, just wait for the next one.. Wink
Thank you for the comment Tongue

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Originally posted by luckylucky1


very nice update harini...welldoneClapClapClap...waiting for more...

Thank you so much Smile.. Will update very soon.

Originally posted by sks21

harini well done dear...loved the update...
love ahem and jigar's relationship...
and cant wait for the wedding
update soon

Thank you Big smile.. 
The wedding is to come up soon.. But maybe in a couple of updatesWink

Originally posted by navyab

Hey Harini...liked how the family is getting together for the wedding...Smile
Like how Ahem reacted & is taking care of Panna !!! So what did Jigar do that the couples are not going to be together Wink
I know I do not have to say it & but waiting for the next part Tongue

Thank you so much Navya Big smile
Aham reacts with anger to all loved ones except to Panna of course.. Wink She is really sweet. I want her back in SNS..Confused
Next part just coming up..Smile
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Originally posted by hanaGoHem

hirani fabilius u r to good cont 

Thank you Tongue I am Harini by the way.. How should I address you? 

Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

great update

Thank you so much Smile

Originally posted by swasthi

That was a superb reunion back home after 2 weeks. 

Harini the best was the reunion between Koki and Gopi. That was awesome. 

Ahem thought and thought carefully before giving in to Jigar. He was grateful to be left undisturbed for 2 weeks as it changed his entire life. He has yet to tell his mum about their remarriage but Koki could have sensed It through Gopi's reaction to her. 

Looking forward to the next update and the plan that is in the offing. Well done Harini. 

Thank you so much Swasthi Tongue That was very kind of you.

You could have guessed by now.. I love Koki and her relation with Gopi. And the scene was long due. Their re-marriage is very personal and I am still not sure how and when they will share about it to Koki. But they surely will though Koki will not be to surprised as you say Wink

Thank you so much again.Embarrassed

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Originally posted by varshu27

wonderful update harini...loved the goki moment and panna all excited...ahem angry at jigar was showed how the brothers genuinely care about each other...waiting for the weekend,,,,

Thank you so much Big smile
The Modi brothers do love each other and have different ways to show their love.. Tongue

Originally posted by NazmaJ

Excellent update Harini!!
I love reading your story and your updates are always brilliant!! Love that GoHem are so happy and everyone is behaving normally, like a proper family with little everyday issues and problems!!
Love the relationship between Jigar and Ahem so much!! Your last few lines have got me eager to read the next update!! Love sarcastic, condescending Ahem so much!!
I have to say that I really enjoy the fact that Panna is in this story and that she has meshed so well into the Modi family!! Absolutely amazing!!

Aww.. Embarrassed Thank you so much.. That are so very kind of you Embarrassed

I love Panna a lot.. The girl was precocious but is not seen in SNS Confused
And Jigar and Aham are LOL You will know in the next update..

Originally posted by tina_1234

nyc part..ahem's anger is justified 

Thank you so much.. Big smile
Of course.. Aham's anger is justified. Mr. Modi is never wrong Wink
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Originally posted by sbp1971

Harini, you know what I loved most about this update. Koki and Gopi interactions, it always brings tears to my eyes, whether I am reading about them or seeing them with my own eyes. It has been so long since we have had a loving moment between the two, I almost forget how much Koki really loves Gopi.
Sorry it took me so long to read and comment.
The update is fantastic, I loved it.
BTW What are Jihem planning?

Embarrassed Thank you so much Shilpa Smile.. 

I was hoping that one such moment is shown in SNS for quite some time now. And this is how I see Gopi and Koki's relationship in the future. They are so perfect for each other just like Aham and Gopi are perfect for each other.. 

Please don't apologize.Embarrassed Your comments whenever you write them are most appreciated. Thank you again..
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Originally posted by Dhabu89

That was beautifully written...Loved Koki/Gopi. 
Thank you fro updating this story...and I look forward to the next update.
Great jobClap

Thank youSmile
Will update very soon..Tongue

Originally posted by kamjal

Great update once again and love the brotherly affection between Jihem

Thank you Smile 
I like the brotherly relationship though it is not stressed much in SNS.. Both Jigar's and Aham's love for each other is palpable and it is very nice to have a relationsip like that..Tongue
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Hi everyone.. I am late this time around.. But here goes the next Chapter..

Chapter 34

"Gopi vahu, this is the list of people and their addresses. Aham, you two cover this list while Mota Bhabhi and Mota Bhai will be going to invite our closest relatives and friends. Mota Bhabi, this is your list. We will go to invite Maa tomorrow morning." Kokila gave off the lists and the responsibilities as Gopi and Hetal nodded.

"Jigar, you have to get the suits back today and on the way visit the painters and confirm with them about tomorrow afternoon. Deepu, did you verify all packages with the gifts? After that make sure that the furniture is all covered. We don't want paint to splash all over them." "Ji Kaki" both said in unison.
Hetal looked at her devarani with a smile and pride. Kokila had planned to the T and she made sure that everyone stuck to the plan.

"Daadi, what should I do?" Panna, the eager beaver asked. "Panna beta, you help your Daada in making the inventory list for the storeroom. Aham ke papa, you start and I will help you once I talk to Meethi about lunch." Kokila informed and walked towards the kitchen.
"At ease and all disperse..",Parag said laughing as Kokila walked out of earshot and took 
Panna with him to do his task. Deepika and Jigar laughed and went their own ways while the 
other two couple went to get ready for the day's work.

"Aham beta, come home for lunch and then start again. Don't tire yourself up." Hetal called out as Aham smiled and nodded.

"Aham. What a surprise.." Aham smiled at one of his oldest friends and shook hands only to be pulled into a hug. He happily compiled. After all he knew he  did not deserve such a great welcome but it seemed he had good luck when it came to people.
"Nilesh, this is Gopi, my wife and Gopi, Nilesh.. One of my oldest friends." "Jai shree Krishna, Bhabhi.. Come on in.. Come on in please" Aham and Gopi followed his friend into a two story house. 

"Have a seat both of you. What will you have to drink? Some tea? I know Aham, no milk, just black tea. I remember. Let me just.." Before Nilesh could finish... "Nilesh ji who is it? I heard voices" A woman of 25 walked into the room. Aham slowly looked up to see Swaathi walking slowly into the room with the help of crutches. He stood up. 
"Aham Bhai.. What a pleasant surprise. I did not know you were coming. You did not come home 
after the marriage at all. Hope you are well. Nilesh Ji you did not tell me Aham Bhai was coming.." Swaathi concluded looking at her husband. 
Aham wished her and sat down. "I myself did not know Swathi." Nilesh informed and smiled at 
his wife. Aham saw her smile back. "Let me get some snacks and tea for you all." "Swathi, 
black for Aham." She nodded and turned to be joined by Gopi.

"Swathi ben, I am Gopi. Let me help you with the snacks and let the men catch up. It seems 
they are meeting after a long time." Gopi smiled at the other girl and walked by her side. "Oh yes. Sorry Bhabhi. Swathi, this is Gopi Bhabhi, Aham's  wife." "Jai Shree Krishna."
The woman wished each other and turned to walk towards the kitchen when one of Swathi's 
crutches hit on the table disturbing the vase. Before anybody could prevent it, the vase was 
down and broken while Swaathi tried to balance herself with one crutch.

Aham and Nilesh immediately stood up to help but Gopi beat them to it. She ran to Swathi offering her support by standing beside her. Swaathi balanced herself by placing her hands 
on Gopi's shoulders and gave a half smile filled with guilty. 
"Clumsy me. Sorry Bhabhi. You are not hurt are you?" Gopi nodded no and patted Swathi's hand 
offering consolation. "It happens sometimes Swathi ben. Let us go in to the kitchen. You tell me where the broom is so that I can clean it while you make tea. I will help you then with the snacks." 
Nilesh and Aham smiled at their wives. "We will then be in the TV room Swathi. Call me if you need any help." Both nodded as the men made their way to the other room.

"Bhabhi is really very kind." Nilesh turned to Aham as they sat down in the next room. It was a small study not as big as in Modi Bhavan but was neat and organized.  "Yes, she is and so is Swathi Bhabhi." Aham replied softly. "She does not know Aham but I am sure she would not have held it against you even if she did." Nilesh said equally softly.

"Nilesh, I am.. I am sorry. I did not understand then but I do now. You were right. It does not matter in love" Aham said looking at his hand and then looked up and smiled sadly. "I did not understand then, but do now. I am sorry Nilesh." "Aham, leave that. I was never angry with you. I was touched you cared for your friend. But it seems now you really love Bhabhi, Huh?" Aham looked up and smiled, a genuine one at his friend's words and nodded.

"Yes. I do Nilesh. More than I thought was ever possible. And you were right. That is why I 
understand. Thank you Nilesh."


5 years back...

"You are mad Nilesh. How can you even think of marrying her?" Aham shouted at his friend of 
a long time who seemed to be unaffected by his anger. "Aham, I love her and why shouldn't I 
marry her?"
"Love, BS.. You are just destroying your life. Do you even know what you are talking about? 
Life and marriage is not a joke." "You are not understanding Aham. You are in love too. So I 
thought it would be easier for you to understand. Will you not do it if it was Anitha?" An  uncomfortable silence followed. 
"My life is not in question Nilesh." "But Aham, I promised Swathi. Our families already met 
and made the match. Just because something happened now, I cannot go back on the promise. 
What if it had been me in the accident?" Nilesh replied anguished. 
Nilesh and Aham were standing at Aham's office. They were talking on his decision to go ahead with his marriage to the girl he was engaged to. The girl has met with an accident and  Nilesh had decided to go ahead with his marriage inspite of knowing that Swathi, his fiance may not walk again. His mother had called Aham and had requested him to talk to Nilesh and make him see sense.. She had told him how she felt that the girl, Swathi was manipulating Nilesh. And Aham sensed that Nilesh really had made the decision already and was not going to budge.

"At least think about your mother Nilesh. What this would do to her." Nilesh looked up again  anguished. He could see that his mother did not agree with his decision. But he knew he was 
doing the right thing. 
"Aham, I know she does not agree. But she is wrong about Swathi." "Mothers can never be wrong." "She is this time around. I know she is worried for me but she has to understand 
that I fell in love with the girl she chose in the first place. She could not have been wrong in her choice. I do not think the accident changes anything." Nilesh turned around not wanting to argue any further.
Aham knew he had hit a brick wall. "So now you have decided to sacrifice your mother for a girl who you have known for what? 4 months?" Aham knew it was a low blow but he wanted to show Nilesh how wrong he was.
A small silence followed. "I am sorry you feel that way Aham. I am not sacrificing my mother for another girl. It does not have to be that way. You will not understand."  Aham saw Nilesh walk out dejected. But he turned around once before leaving the room.
"You will understand Aham, that I am right when you really fall in love." Nilesh raised his hand to stop Aham from saying anything. "No... You do not love Anitha. I know that now and I do not want to argue. But I hope you do fall in love. All the best Aham."
And then he was gone.


"So you did fall in love." Nilesh laughed silently. "What is so funny?" Aham asked pretending to be affected. "Just that not only did you manage to actually fall in love but have come to understand that you are in love too.. I thought that would never happen. Now don't look like you don't know what I am talking about. Ok.. Ok.. I will lay off. But really Aham, I am happy."
Aham smiled and nodded again. "I got lucky with Gopi." Nilesh did not miss the blush on Aham's face and he understood what was left unsaid. Nilesh knew a little of Aham's life after marriage. Jigar and he met occasionally.

"So how is everything else..", both friends then branched off to other topics.

"Deeps, Kaki said you have to store these boxes also safely under wraps." Jigar walked into Deepika who was busy trying to reach a box on top of the shelf. "Ok Jigar. Wait, this is the last box. I will be right down. "Ok. But please be careful, monkey. You will fall and break something." Deepika gave him a silent glare and continued her task. 
"Ok Jigar. If you are done with your childish teasing, help me get this down. It is heavy careful." Deepika brought the box down and Jigar reached up to hold it. He got hold of the box or thought he had.  As Deepika left her hold on the box it fell right on.. "Aww.. Aww.. No.." Jigar dropped the 
box and started to hop on one leg. Deepika got down immediately concerned. "I told you to be 
careful. Idiot. What happened. Where did you hurt yourself. Come here.. Sit Jigar." Deepika 
helped Jigar hop to the bed. She was worried and concerned. Jigar seemed to be in pain.

"Show me.. Let me see how bad it is. Please Jigar." Deepika kneeled in front of Jigar to take a look at his foot. Jigar was cursing softly. Deepika removed Jigar's hands off his foot and touched his foot to see if there was any swelling. "Does it pain a lot? There seems to be no swelling" Deepika asked worried. 
"No monkey.. I was just seeing how fast you can climb down the tree." Jigar said and got up before Deepika could do something drastic, like throwing the vase at him.
"JIGAR.. Let me show what a monkey does when it gets angry." Deepika chased Jigar around the bed trying to get hold of him.
"Wait.. You beast.. I will get you and nobody can save you.. Awww.." Deepika slipped and was about to fall when she found herself caught in Jigar's hands. "There, Now don't go hurting 
yourself. I was just kidding. I am sorry." Jigar added. Deepika held on to him not opening 
her eyes. She felt Jigar's breath first and then his lips on her cheek. 
Deepika opened her eyes slowly feeling a tingling sensation envolope her. She could not get 
any words out and she suddenly felt shy looking into Jigar's eyes.

"Jigar Jiju, Where are you? Daadi is calling you.." Jigar came out of the trance hearing Panna's voice. He straightened and helped Deepika up. He tried to overcome the feelings that had envoloped him with Deepika in his arms. This somehow had felt different from all the other times. It felt like she fit perfectly in his arms and he wanted to never let go.  More than that he had wanted to kiss her and feel that.. He had given in to the urge.

"I am coming Princess.. Deepu, You alright?" Jigar asked and found Deepu avoiding looking at 
him. He smiled and blushed leaving Deepika in a pool of hapazarded thoughts and emotions.

"So what suddenly made you think of me?" Nilesh's question made Aham realize he had forgotten the purpose of the visit. "Oh I forgot. Jigar's marriage is in a week and a half.  You have to come for sure with Swathi and your mom. Don't forget." 
Nilesh smiled widely. "Jigar is getting married. Wow.. That is fantastic." "What is fantastic Nileshji?" Swathi walked in with Gopi both carrying snacks and tea. 
"Jigar is getting married in a week and Aham is here to invite us." Nilesh replied as Swathi and Gopi served the two.
"Congratulations Bhaiyya, Bhabhi. Nileshji keeps talking about you all, all the time that I think I know everyone already. We will surely come with Maaji." Swathi replied with happiness.
"Sure Bhabhi. You should be there a couple of days in advance. Don't forget. And let Maaji know we came." Aham wished his friend and his wife. He made is way back to the car followed 
by Nilesh supporting his wife.
"Jai Shree Krishna" Gopi took her leave of them both and they left the waving couple to continue the visit to the others on the list.

"Kokila, we have covered almost everyone. Aham beta, how did you and Gopi do?" "Kaki, we were not able to meet a couple of friends but I have called them and will invite them personally a couple of days later." 
"That is good Aham. Mota Bhabhi, I have informed Maa about us coming there tomorrow. And Jigar has confirmed with the painters. All in good time. We will stay at Maa's tomorrow and 
let the painters do the job here. Aham ke papa will be here to supervise them. I have also 
asked Meethi to lay the beds out on the terrace today. All the furniture is covered. Deepu beta did a great job. Just the water jugs are needed" "Sleep on the terrace?" Aham and Jigar who were moving away stopped short and turned around.
"Yes Aham. Is there a problem? The beds are all covered with plastic sheets. And you are sensitive to dust too" "No mom.. No problem." Aham replied and looked at Gopi who was 
looking at her Maaji with a sweet expression as though she was pleased with the idea.

"Really Bhabhi? I thought Pathak was.." Aham and Jigar watched from a distance. "How long has it been?" "Two hours Bhai. Just two hours and we will have the same thing tomorrow at Naani's and then the day after and then the day after." "Fine.. Fine.. I get the idea. You had to confirm the painters for tomorrow?" "If not tomorrow Bhai, then when? At least you got to spend time with Bhabhi today. I saw Deepu just once and after that she is avoiding me." Jigar sulked. "Why? What happened?" "Nothing Bhai.." Jigar blushed and Aham let it go. 

"Gopi.. I need some water." "It is right next to you Aham.", his mom answered. "Thanks Mom." "Gopi, Can I have another sheet?", it was five minutes later and Aham again tried. "Here 
take this Aham, I have two.", it was his Kaka this time. Aham sighed. It was not working and 
Jigar was also missing after letting Aham know that he was working on a plan. 
Just then Jigar came within his line of sight and signalled Aham to come meet him. Aham saw 
Jigar excited about something. He was sure his brother had come up with a good ideas.
"Aham Bhai.. This will not fail. We will just have to convince Mom and Kakiji." "Leave that to me." Aham assured Jigar and went off to the terrace. He found the women getting ready to bed and went to sit near his mom.
"Kaki, Mom.. How nice it is right.. All of us here on the terrace. It has been a long time since we did this. Haaachu..." Aham sneezed and looked up to see his mom and the rest look at him concerned.
"Aham, what happened? Why are you sneezing suddenly?" His mom asked concerned. He could see the same concern in his Kaki's face. "Nothing Moo.. Haachu..". The women immediately went into a frenzy.
"Gopi vahu, get some hot water for Aham. I think the climate out here is not good for him. Aham you better go in. Go to the study room. The sofas there are not covered. I will send Gopi vahu with some balm and water for you." "Mom.. It does not matter. I am alright. Hachu" "No Aham beta. You go in. You will get sick and we don't want that." This time his Kaki made a point.
"But Kaki.. How can I go downstairs alone. I would not feel good leaving you all here." "It is ok Aham. We are fine here." "No Kaki. We need to take better precautions.. Remember, Jigar also gets cold easily. See he is already sniffling." Aham pointed to Jigar who walked towards the group just at the right time. 
Hetal was worried. "Kokila, we did not think about that. Do you think we should send both of them downstairs. They can sleep in the study.Or better.." "But Mota Bhabhi..." "It is ok Kokila. I think we better uncover the sheets off their rooms. We can cover them again tomorrow. We should not take any chances." Kokila agreed. She was not sure and did not want to take a chance.
"Gopi vahu, can you uncover the sheets from your and Jigar's rooms? Aham and Jigar you can 
both go to your rooms." "But mom.. What if we need something?" "You have everything in the 
room Aham." "But mom.."
"Kokila, let Gopi go with him. He may need some medicines in the night." Aham had the sense 
to blush as he saw his Kaki see through him. Kokila nodded. "Gopi vahu, you go downstairs 
too." "Ji Maaji." Gopi accepted but looked at Deepika.
"Deepika, you go down too with Gopi and sleep in your room. We do not want you getting a cold either. Go on everyone. It is late." Kokila shooed all of them downstairs. 
Aham and Jigar looked and smiled at each other. Mission 1 accomplished.

"Gopi.. The movie is pretty scary. Are you sure you want to watch it?", Aham watched as his wife's big brown eyes widened still more if it was possible. "BUt Ahamji, horr..or movie, will there be ghos..ts?" Gopi looked around once before she looked at Aham again. She was terrified of ghosts. "Yes. Gopi. Horror with a lot of ghosts.. It is actually about a girl just like you and the movie is a top grosser. Jigar finally got it but has to return it tomorrow. So we thought we could watch it tonight." Aham gave his explanation and watched as Gopi shifted uncomfortably. She was unknowingly coming closer to him as she looked around perified.
"Ahamji, you and Devarji watch. I am ok here." She said and looked at Aham and then around 
the room. "Ok. I thought so. You sure you will be ok alone here. Mom and Kaki are not around 
and you will be the only one on this floor. Will you be ok Gopi?" Aham asked increasing her 
"Ji voh, Deepika ben.." "Deepu is not frightened. She wants to watch the film." Aham fibbed. 
"Are you sure Gopi? I will stay with you if you want. What if it was something I wanted to watch. I will watch later." "No No Ahamji. You watch. I.. I will come too." "You sure?" "Ji." 
Gopi held Aham's hand tightly in hers as they both made way to the study.. It was movie time.

"Jigar, Gopi is frightened of ghosts. She will not agree." "But Bhai, Deepu is frightened of them too and she is not even looking at me. This is the only way I can make it go back to normal. Please..." 
Aham sighed and agreed. "Also think Bhai.. Bhabhi will be frightened to sit too far from you." Jigar winked and Aham hit him playfully. "Jigar.. Chup.. Go get Deepu. I will bring Gopi."

It is better this way thought Aham. Afterall, Gopi would have insisted he sleep off the cold in the room. Here she would be where he wanted her to be. Aham smiled inwardly as he made his way to the study with Gopi.

"Deepu.. Come on.. Movie night. Lets not miss the chance." "But Jigar, I want to sleep." 
Jigar was frustrated at Deepu's denial. She seemed to be too concious around him after the 
"Ok Chicken. See you in the morning." "Mr. Modi. What did you call me?" "Well, Ms. Chicken.. I called you chicken. Afraid of horror.." Jigar upped the ante. "Bye Chicken. Good night." Jigar left praying his plan worked.
"Wait, I am coming too. Nobody calls Deepika a chicken." Deepika proudly announced and 
walked head held high downstairs followed by a happy Jigar.

"Jigar, really? What a plan.. Fantastic. Now Gopi and Deepika will not sleep in their own rooms because of you." Jigar stood sheepishly looking at Aham sarcastically appreciate him.
"But Bhai.. How do I know they will desert us like this?" Jigar complained. Then both men dejectedly walked to their respective room, each eyeing the closed door of the guest room 
with longing.


"Ah.. Ahamji, Is the ghost gone?" Aham looked amused at his wife sitting almost on his lap 
with closed eyes. Everytime there was a scary sound, she closed her eyes and tried to come more closer to him as though she wanted to disappear into him somehow. "No Gopi, it is now chasing the girl into the dungeon." Aham whispered totally enjoying Gopi's fear. It was going better than planned.

On the other sofa, Jigar sat with an expression of bliss as Deepika hid her face in his shoulder and looked up at the screen from time to time. She held on to his shirt collar and he had comfortably wrapped his hand around her. She fits perfectly, he again thought grinning. 

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the screen went blank. "Intermission. Jigar, change the next cd." Aham informed as both girls jumped up and sat upright. 
"I will get something to drink. Bhabhi, will you come with me?" Deepika asked standing up. Gopi gave a slight nod and joined Deepika as both girls made their way to the kitche holding on to each other.

"Mission 2 is success again. What did I say?" Jigar said as Aham smiled. "Not bad Jigar. Not bad at all. Now  change the cd quickly. They may be back any minute"
Jigar struggled to get the cd in place. Something was stuck and he could not make it play. Aham joined Jigar to help him out and both did not notice the girls come in with some snacks 
and soda. Gopi had a steaming cup of tea for Aham.

"Ah... Finally." The men turned around to see Gopi and Deepika sitting on a sofa holding each other and watching the screen petrified. The movie was on. Jigar and Aham sat in the next sofa trying to get their attention. But both girls were too scared to even look around.
"Er.. Gopi, you can come here if you are frightened." Aham was the one to offer first. "No.. NO.. Ahamji.. You watch. I will sit with Deepu ben. She said she does not like the movie either." Aham sighed and looked at Jigar who looked back helplessly.

It went downhill from there. The men could not wait for the movie to finish. It was not very scary either and they watched as Gopi and Deepu held on to one another till the end. A huge sigh escaped from all four as the closing credits ran.

"It is very late. Let us sleep. I will leave you to your room" Jigar jumped up and offered  his hand to Deepika. She took it and then turned around to see Gopi. "Bhabhi, will you sleep in my room today, please?" She asked. Aham saw Gopi nod. "But Deepu.." Jigar was interrupted by his Bhabhi. "Devarji, I will stay in her room. Ahamji won't mind. Will you Ahamji?" Gopi looked up at her husband who stood silently.
"Ahamji? Shall I go to Deepu ben's room?" "Please Aham Bhai.." Aham nodded slightly hoping 
and wiling himself to say no. "Thanks Bhai." Deepika smiled and she made her way to her room 
with Gopi at her side.  Aham turned around to see Jigar.

Deepu's room...

"Deepika ben.. Are you really not frightened of ghosts?" Gopi looked at Deepu and asked. Deepika laughed. "No Bhabhi. I am not." "But then I thought.." "Nobody else knows. It helps 
to serve the purpose." Deepika said and saw Gopi look at her puzzled. "Leave it Bhabhi. So I saw you were frightened." "Yes Deepu ben.. I am afraid of ghosts." "But Bhabhi ghosts are not true. They are just to make people frightened." Deepika explained.

Aham sat in his room looking at the space. "Shoot, tomorrow at Naani's and then it is almost time for the engagement. Shoot.." He voiced his frustration as he stood and paced the room.
In his room Jigar looked as dejected as Aham.

 "Not even a good night and after today someone will always be with her and around her. Stupid Jigar. Why did you not think about Deepu taking Bhabhi with her.." He chided himself as he sat down at the edge of the bed.

"mmm.. Deepu ben, I understand. I will remember next time. I think I will not be frightened of ghosts anymore." Deepika smiled at her Bhabhi. "Bhabhi.. That is great. Now go back to your room." Again Gopi looked at her puzzled. "But Deepu ben.." "It is ok Bhabhi. I will be alright. Men should not always get what they want very quickly.. They will appreciate if made to wait." Deepika found Gopi's expression becoming more puzzled.

"Leave it Bhabhi. Go to your room. Bhai will be waiting." She said and laughed as Gopi blushed and left.

"Ahamji?" Gopi whispered as she entered the room and found Aham pacing up and down. She found his come to a halt immediately in front of her. "Gopi? You here? I thought.." "Ji.. Deepu ben is alright. She said I should come back to our room." "Gopi.. That is won..wonderful. Thank God. I missed you.. Really." Gopi stood stunned and blushed as Aham hugged her tightly. "Ahamji.." Gopi whispered and hugged him back.

"Good night Jigar." Jigar looked up at Deepika smiling down at him with her hands folded. "Deepu? You here? Where is Bha.." "Bhabhi went to her room." Deepika laughed. "You are really unique. Why all this drama huh?" She asked and Jigar looked  sheepish. "You were not even looking at me.." "Well, I was just embarassed and thought you would come talk." "I thought..I thought.." "hmm.. Sweet. You are too sweet. Good night Jigar. I do love you." Deepika bent down and kissed him on the cheek once. 
Jigar looked up surprised and pleased at the Deepika whose cheeks were flaming red. "Good 
night Deepu." Jigar caught her hand in his and before he could do anything, Deepu freed herself and ran to the door. "Good night Mr. Modi.."

"I am tired Gopi. Tired of being angry. But I cannot forget what she did to you and what I did because of that. Don't ask me to forgive Kinjal.. Please.. I cannot grant you this one wish." Gopi placed her hand on Aham's head as he buried his face in her lap..

A long update.. But wanted to make it long to make up for the late updateEmbarrassed
You comments and likes please... Awaiting your feedback..

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munnihyderabad Moderator

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Posted: 19 February 2012 at 3:51pm | IP Logged

Edited ***
Awe harini wonderful updateClap...just loved it,,,superb
-wow Modi brothers are rocking ...but their plan became Thumbs Downby our smart deepuWink
-even i am scared of horror movies...i am literally scared to death watching themLOL
- gohem and jidi ...both are amazing and awesome..Embarrassed
-nice to see anitha not coming back, good way to send her bye bye...
- see how my koki is all smart and efficient Wink

aww gopi trying to mend Ahem and Kinjal's relation... how nice of gopi...that is so very gopisim...she is just a lovely innocent girlEmbarrassed

eagerly wait for the next oneTongue

Edited by munnihyderabad - 19 February 2012 at 9:58pm

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