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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 76)

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Originally posted by kaka.lg

good good...very nice update...Clap Gohem are so adorable..Embarrassed and the last surprise is soBlushing please update soon Harini

Thank you..Tongue

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Originally posted by vaasanthi

Thanks Smile
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Originally posted by munnihyderabad

harini awesome  so romantic and beautiful Hug

gopi and your Ahemji is sooo lovable Embarrassed what a trip... so Ahemji set up all these enough first surprise and another surpriseWink

so they are going back... so we have a wedding up...Wink

waiting eagerly for the next oneBig smile

Thank you so much MunniBig smile
Ahamji is smart. .Usualy unless he has Gopi in front of him LOL

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Hi All.. Thank you so much for the comments on the last update.. I really wanted to individually thank everyone, but unfortunately looks like I made too many comments of late. The system tells me that I am spamming and I cannot get rid of the message. 
I will come back to comment as soon as the system permits..  But for now please consider this THANK YOU in place of the one I cannot make individually.

Chapter 33

"Maaji, let me serve." Kokila smiled at her bahu immediately pitching in to serve breakfast. "Gopi Dikra.. You just came back" It was Hetal who voiced her concern and Kokila saw Gopi smile. "Kaki, I missed doing this. Please.. Let me serve." Kokila nodded her head to Hetal just a tiny bit to let her know that it was ok. She knew her bahu. Gopi really meant it when she said she missed the routine. "Ok Dikra." Hetal smiled and watched as Gopi and Deepika served all. Her family looked complete and that fact would be be official in a couple of weeks. 

Kokila sat down at her place on the table near her son to have her breakfast. She felt happy.
"Jiju... " Aham smiled to see Panna running towards him in her school dress and he smiled wider as he saw his mother's resigned smile as she saw Panna leave the dining table midway. 
"Princess.. Missed you too. So did your Didi. Now go back and finish your breakfast." Aham
patted Panna on her head as he walked towards his family with Jigar. They had been recieved by Jigar who informed them that the family was waiting eagerly for their arrival at home. 

Gopi had not stopped smiling from the time they boarded the aircraft. The previous night had  been special  and it seemed it was the right time to come back to the home front. "Bhai.. You are lost. I will take your bags upstairs. You come up on your own time." Aham nodded to Jigar. Gopi had already rushed forward to meet his mom and Kaki. "Jai Shree Krishna Mom, Kaki." Aham wished them. It seemed they were talking to Gopi and asking about her health. "Jai Shree Krishna Dikra. How was the trip?" "It was very good Kaki. The project  went well and we have the deal." His Kaki smiled and nodded and his mom looked proud. He turned around to see Panna gobbling down her food and he caressed her hair. "Slow down. I am not going anywhere." He said and looked at Gopi smile at him happily. Panna bobbed her head up and down.
"You are not Aham, but she is. Panna, we need to leave. It is time for school" Aham heard 
his mom say and saw Panna's pleading glance at him. "But Daadi.." "No Panna. We talked about 
this. Today is the last day of school and after that you are going to be home for the next 
two weeks. You can talk to your didi and Jiju in the evening. Good girl." Aham nodded his head at Panna as his mother talked and he saw her sadly nod. Something his mother said however did not sound right. But he dismissed the thought.
"Jiju.. I will come home first thing after school. Don't go anywhere." Aham nodded as Panna 
gave her good byes to everyone, hugged Gopi once tightly around her waist and ran to the door. He saw his mother fondly wave at the girl who had become part of their family.
"Aham Dikra, Gopi vahu.. Go and freshen up. You will be hungry. Your dad and Mota Bhai will 
be back from the caterers any minute now. We can all have breakfast after that." Aham saw 
Gopi nod and both left to freshen up in their room. It was fantastic to be back. ...FB...

"So Aham. It was a fantastic job you did." Aham looked up and smiled at his Kaka nodding his 
acknowledgement. He saw Jigar also look on happily. "Jigar ke papa.. No talk about work on 
the dining table. And leave the poor boy alone. He just came back." He heard his Baa admonish his Kaka lovingly and smiled.

"Well Bhai.. How was the trip anyway apart from work?" Aham looked up at Jigar's question. "It was very nice. We enjoyed it." Aham looked up to see Gopi turn a shade of pink. He did not fail to notice Deepika smirk happily at Gopi's embarassment and nudge her slightly. His wife was turning into a deeper shade of pink.
"Well Jigar. The trip is all over now and we need to get you to shackled to Deepika in a week. So where are we in that?" Aham tried to change the conversation. He felt that everyone around the table knew what he was doing. There was a small smile playing on their lips.

"Ahem Dikra.. Everything is going fine. But you and Gopi are back and I am relieved. What with the marriage coming up in 2 weeks, we are..." Hetal stopped mid sentence and looked at the expression on Aham's face.  "What is it Aham?" "Kaki, did you say 2 weeks? Marriage in 2 weeks?" As he questioned, Aham saw surprise and then embarrassment come over all the faces around the table except for Gopi who looked puzzled at him and the others.
"Aham Dikra.. That is .. The marriage date was fixed for the week after the engagement." His 
Kaki finished waiting for his reaction. Silence prevailed on the table, Aham guessed all waiting for his reaction Aham was stunned and before he could say anymore.. "Kaki.. Deepu ben.. That is so good." Gopi's excited voice stopped him from talking and the silence was broken. 

"Aham ji.. Do you need anything? Deepu ben said she wants me to.." Gopi stopped midway in 
her conversation as she entered the room to find Aham pacing the floor to and fro. His face 
looked agitated. "Ahamji.. What is it?", she went near him concerned. He turned towards her 
and started to say something but stopped and started pacing again.
Gopi stood waiting for Aham to articulate what was worrying him. "Two weeks. Two weeks. That is why mom said Panna was going to be home for 2 weeks.." Gopi deduced that Aham was talking about the upcoming marriage but she still failed to see what was troubling her husband.
She had noticed him becoming silent. Although he had smiled all through breakfast, she had 
seen the strain in his eyes and she knew that her Maaji also noticed it. With breakfast done, he had excused himself and had immediately left the table to their room. Her Maaji had asked her to check on him once before they started on the various tasks.

"Gopi.. Did you know before today?" Aham's question again puzzled her. "Know what Ahamji?" 
"The marriage date. Did you know?" Gopi noddeed no and saw Aham sigh. "Ahamji, are you 
angry?" Gopi questioned and he turned to her. "Yes. I mean no. What do I care if the marriage is in 2 weeks. No one wanted to let us know before today. I DONT CARE." Gopi looked 
 surprised as her husband made the statement and marched into the washroom with his towel.

"He is mad Deepu. He is really angry." Deepu nodded yes as they walked up the stairs. "Jigar, I am telling you. Take Bhabhi's help. Only she can save you." Jigar turned to look at Deepu surprised. "What? Save me? You also were in the plan not to inform them. Come on Deepu.. Don't abandon your fiance now." "Sorry Jigar. You are not my fiance yet and I cannot face him in this mood. I am gone." Jigar bend forward to catch Deepika before she ran off to her room. Just before she went in she turned to look at him and smile apologetically. Then she mouthed sorry and ran in. 
Jigar sighed. Took a deep breath and decided that he had to face Aham anyway. He prayed that 
his Bhabhi was there and marched towards his brother's room.

"Gopi, my hair brush." Gopi handed over the hair brush and looked at Aham pleadingly. But he 
ignored her pleading eyes to continue combing his hair. "My hanky and also get that file from the desk." Aham ignored the only other person standing in the room as he walked towards 
the sofa.
"But Bhai. I am telling you, I am sorry. I made a mistake." Jigar pleaded again as he watched his brother ignore his plea once more. He was there trying to get Aham listen to him for the past 10 minutes and it was not working. 
Jigar knew he was screwed when he noticed his brother sitting silently after the announcement was made. After his Bhabhi's exclamation all had turned towards her, filling up the details of how the date was fixed. Jigar had turned in his enthusiasm at his brother only to see him smile woodenly back. His brother was angry and Jigar had a good idea why. 

"Bhabhi.. Talk to him. Please Bhabhi" "But Devarji, he is not listening" "To me.. He will listen to you. Please Bhabhi. I was waiting for him to come with me. Please Bhabhi." Jigar whispered and gave the responsibility to Gopi and after one more look at his brother left the room.

"Ahamji.." "Gopi, don't even try." Aham's words stopped Gopi for a second but she walked near him and sat next to him. "Devarji needs your help." "He did not think so when they fixed the date and hid it from me. He can manage like he has done till now." "He wants your help Ahamji. Please Ahamji. He is waiting for you. You heard him explain. He wanted us to have a good time." "And he thought I was selfish enough to be on my honeymoon when his marriage is fixed." 

"No Ahamji. He thought you were selfless enough to come back immediately if you knew. That 
is why he hid it from us." Gopi silently replied and stood up. She knew she had not managed 
to convince her Ahamji. 

"Wait." Gopi stopped moving at his words. "Gopi, Go get my clothes. And tell Jigar I will be there in ten minutes." Gopi felt Aham hold her by her wrist and inform her. She looked back beamed at him and nodded. He stood up as Gopi leaned down and kissed him on his cheek once. "Thank you Ahamji." She did not wait for his reply and ran to the cupboard to get his dress ready.

"Maaji, this is for you." Kokila took the gift from Gopi and smiled. "Thanks Gopi vahu." She proceeded to open the gift and found a photo frame adorned by shells with their family photo 
in it. "It is very beautiful. You have selected well." Kokila saw GOpi beam at her words. Then her vahu proceeded to go out. Kokila stood admiring the photo and the frame.
"Maaji?" Kokila looked up surprised and suddenly found Gopi hugging her. She was surprised 
for  a second but then a soft smile broke out on her lips. 
Gopi felt her Maaji's hand on her head and felt peaceful. She had missed Kokila. "Maaji. I am so happy." 
Kokila felt her eyes cloud hearing that simple statement. It had taken so long to hear these 
words. The mother in her wanted to hold on to this moment forever. She continued running her 
hands over Gopi's head.
"I am glad Gopi vahu. Bless you. If somebody deserves to be happy, then it is you." Kokila 
choked. Even with her own daughter, she did not have the same relation as the one she had 
with her Bahu. Somehow Gopi had taken her heart and wound herself around it.
Both stood, not wanting to disturb the moment but Kokila heard footsteps. "Come on Gopi vahu. Silly girl. See, you are making me cry." Gopi looked up and moved away and watched her Maaji walk out of her own room. She however knew this time that her Maaji was happy ..

"Bhai.. Come on.. I did not want to ruin your holiday." Jigar pleaded as he walked beside Aham. He got no response. "Bhai.. Bhai please.. What do you want me to do?" Jigar came to a stop with a sigh.
Aham had not talked to him the entire way to the mall. He had of course helped make the selection. He had even paid the advance and had in detail informed the dress maker about the alterations to the sherwani. But he had not talked to Jigar even once in all this. For that matter he had not even looked at him once and acknowledged him.

Jigar saw Aham turn around and walk back to him. Jigar gave him one more glance and then started walking again with his head down. He hated that his brother was angry, especially when he wanted his help the most. Jigar hoped that Aham forgot his anger and became the brother he had come to know. The brother who made him feel special.

"Thank you." Jigar looked surprised. He wasn't sure if he heard correct. "Bhai?" He questioned tentatively. "For thinking so much about my happiness. But don't hide anything from me again. I will not be this understanding" Jigar nodded eagerly. 
"What are you waiting for then? Come on there is a lot to do.." Jigar happily nodded and chatted with his brother as they made their way to the next place on their plan.

"Jigar, really? What a plan.. Fantastic. Now Gopi and Deepika will not sleep in their own rooms because of your plan." Jigar stood sheepishly looking at Aham sarcastically appreciate him.

There is the update for the weekdays.. The next one coming up over the weekend..Big smile Comments, suggestions and feedback please. 

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***Edited ***

harini yet another beautiful and awesome update...Clap

finally home after 2 weeks- loved the whole family reunion, panna is soo cute.. doesn't want to leave her jiju...poor girl
Koki-Gopi scene was too good... could feel the tears and throat choked 

awww i loved this Ahemji acting all mad... how cute is that Gopi pacifying the sulking Ahemji,...
 gopi can get away with anything... lucky girl... she is literally ruling his heart...

and what mischief are the modi boys uptoWink poor girlsLOL
will wait for the weekend update to know this...Big smile

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very nice update harini...welldoneClapClapClap...waiting for more...

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harini well done dear...loved the update...
love ahem and jigar's relationship...
and cant wait for the wedding
update soon

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Hey Harini...liked how the family is getting together for the wedding...Smile
Like how Ahem reacted & is taking care of Panna !!! So what did Jigar do that the couples are not going to be together Wink
I know I do not have to say it & but waiting for the next part Tongue

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