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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 73)

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Originally posted by tina_1234

nyc part..i hope gopi is fyn

Tina.. Thank you.Tongue
Gopi is fine.. I promise..

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Originally posted by uamaz

Beautiful update. Smile Thanks for the PM.

Thank you Uamaz.. Smile.. You are most welcome.
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Fabulous update Harini. Loved the Gohem scenes, especially the remarriage. I love your Ahem and how he freely shows his feelings and is so much in love with Gopi. This is how it should be in SNS and I hope we get to see somethig soo.
Loved the whole update. Thanks so much, sorry it took me so long to read and comment.

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Originally posted by sbp1971

Fabulous update Harini. Loved the Gohem scenes, especially the remarriage. I love your Ahem and how he freely shows his feelings and is so much in love with Gopi. This is how it should be in SNS and I hope we get to see somethig soo.
Loved the whole update. Thanks so much, sorry it took me so long to read and comment.

Shilpa, Thank you so much Tongue.. Please do not apologize. I knew you were busy.. And thank you again for taking time to read the update and comment Embarrassed
Fingers crossed for the love to happen in SNS. It has taken so long and it needs to be worthwhile.. **Huge sigh***  Here is for our optimism and hopes coming true soon..Thumbs Up

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That was a brilliant and emotional update! Taking the pheras and vows by understanding the meaning completely will strengthen any marriage. Thanks for the pm.

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This weekend Update... Big smile  
Chapter 32

 "Gopi, just do not turn around and keep going.. Slowly. That's it.. That's it.." Ahem let go off his hands slowly as Gopi continued cycling.. "There now you are cycling on your own" "Ahemji, I am going on my own.. I ...AWWW.." Ahem looked on paralyzed as he saw Gopi fall down.

 Ahem looked worried but that lasted for just one minute.. He saw his wife slowly struggle and extract her leg from the cycle. Ahem ran to her side. "Gopi, idiot. Why did you not turn?" He scolded her fondly.
 "Ahemji, you told me not to turn..And now you are scolding me.." Gopi complained as she dusted herself off. The fall had not been bad. Ahemji had showed her one scar on his knee that he said he got when he first taught himself to ride the bicycle. It was scary. This fall had given her only small scratches.
 Ahem picked the cycle up and put the stand on as he saw Gopi dust the sand off her. He then saw red.. "You are hurt" Gopi suddenly found her hands captured between Ahem's and he was looking at the scratches on her palm. "It is nothing Ahemji. Just a small scratch." "Come on.. Lets get it cleaned up." Ahem supported Gopi as they went into the villa through the patio door. 

"Ahemji, really I'am alright. See and I rode the cycle without support." Ahem smiled at her and nodded. "Yes sweetheart. Lets just clean these scratches up and we will go and try again. And this time turn.." He concluded sternly. He realized that he was shaken a bit by seeing her hurt and needed sometime to compose himself. And there was the surprise to be planned also. He needed to make some calls and confirm. Ahem thoughtfully nodded his head at Gopi's questions as his mind ticked off the items he had to do before taking Gopi out that day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"Yes Bhai.. Everything is ready. Yup. Take care and all the best Bhai" Jigar talked into the phone and turned around. Deepika was grinning ear to ear. "All set?". she asked and Jigar nodded. "Bhai will surely dazzle Bhabhi  today. Bhai cannot go wrong today." He explained as they traveled back home. They had been to see a few close friends to invite them to their engagement and marriage. "It was nice today, wasn't it? And Anshu and Krithika are married.. Can you imagine? I thought they were never serious." Jigar smiled at Deepika and nodded. "Life is stranger than fiction. But nobody seemed that surprised by us.." He said and saw Deepika nod. "Yeah. I guess they thought we had something going even at college. I am just glad that everything worked out in the end. And I am glad we are almost there." Deepika rested her head on Jigar's shoulders as Jigar drove on. "Hey, Deeps, Tired?", he questioned. Deepika just nodded and closed her eyes as Jigar rested his head once on hers and continued driving. It had been a long but refreshing day.. To top it, his brother and Bhabhi would be back home the next day.. Jigar smiled.

 "Ahemji.. Hi... See I can ride with one hand.. Oops.. No.. I am alright.." Ahem smiled and signaled Gopi to be careful as he watched her unrestricted laughter fill the courtyard. "This is so much fun Ahemji.." Gopi came near Ahem and turned and rang the bell for added effect. Ahem had to laugh. His wife was sometimes such a child. Gopi came near Ahem and then applied her brakes just as she reached near the platform. "Didn't I ride well Ahemji?" Her expectant face told him how much she enjoyed learning to ride the cycle. "Hmm.. You were awesome. Now come on in. We need to have lunch and then start. It is the last day here and remember, we need to go to the temple." Gopi nodded happily. "Just one more round . Please Ahemji", she pleaded and Ahem did not have a heart to say no. "Ok.. Just one." He saw her nod excitedly as she started off again.

"Oh Shoot.. Don't stall.. Start.. Start.." Gopi heard Ahem's frustrated tone and looked at him worried. They were going towards the temple and on the way, the car had stopped. Ahem was trying to get it back to life. Ahem tried the ignition once more and heard the engine die slowly. He cursed mentally and then sighed. He turned sideways and smiled at his wife all dressed up in green and saw her worried face. "The engine.. I think something is wrong and it is not the lack of water. But don't worry. I will check with the resort and arrange for another car." He said with more confidence than he felt. The manager had informed him that they would be closing soon. He saw 
Gopi nod and climbed down to make the call.

 Gopi watched as Ahem paced the length of the car. It seemed he was not getting through and as the minutes passed by she could see his frustration build up. She got down slowly and saw Ahem cut the call again and curse at the same time. "Ahemji, is no one available?". she asked and saw him look at her and nod no. "It is fine Gopi, let me call Jigar and he will do something." Gopi went forward quickly and took the phone away. "No.. No Ahemji.. Don't call Jigarji. Deepu ben said they were going out to their friends place today and he will worry." Ahem looked at Gopi and nodded. Then he looked thoughtful. "Ahemji, can I say something?", Gopi continued as Ahem nodded. "Why do not we just walk to the temple from here? It is a fifteen minute walk and then maybe we can get a ride back to the villa from there." Ahem looked at Gopi and was about to tell her no. Maybe he would be able to get a mechanic from near the temple. Gopi smiled as Ahem nodded.

"What do you mean there is no mechanic today?" Gopi heard Ahem ask as she walked towards him .They were standing outside a small shop near the temple. It looked at an auto shop except there was no mechanic. "Sir, today is Sunday. We are not usually open..So.." "Just forget it.." Gopi heard Ahem's frustration. "Ahemji, we are at the temple. So why worry?" She asked and saw her husband nodding his head negatively. "Gopi, you don't understand.. Without the car how will we go to the ho.." Ahem stopped himself just in time. Gopi looked puzzled. "I mean how will we go back?" Ahem completed. Gopi smiled. "We can take the bus back to the villa. Really. I asked. And they said the bus will be here at 6. It is already 4'o clock.. So it is just the next 2 hours.." She saw Ahem again turn around disappointed. But they had no other option. Both Ahem and Gopi walked up the temple steps to pray together.

Gopi smiled as she looked at Ahem frowning. His face looked like thunder. She nuzzled close to him and rested her head on his shoulder. "Ahemji, it is ok." Ahem's face cleared a little but he looked upset still. "I am not worried." He said and Gopi had to grin. "Ahemji, I can see you are upset. But what can you do if it rained suddenly? Don't worry. Look at the bright side.. The resort is sending a car." Ahem nodded forlornly. "I just thought that.. Today being our last day, we could sort of go somewhere and.." Ahem went quiet without completing his words. "So what Ahemji? I really liked it today. We came out and spent so much time alone talking and laughing. Really. TAnd the place looks so nice in the rain. It looks green and fresh."

 Ahem looked around. They had taken shelter in the shelter at the park near the temple. By the time they had finished their prayers, a small drizzle had started. Ahem had tried to call the resort and this time, the guys had responded and had assured that they would send a car. Soon the drizzle had turned into a thunder storm and they had taken shelter at the park. "Yes, It looks calm and nice. But still, I wanted.." Gopi heard the disappointment in Ahem's voice.

 "You know Ahemji, this is the most romantic day of my life, really it is.. I am so happy today." Ahem looked at Gopi surprised. "You don't believe me? Really. I loved it today and will never forget this day, ever. I would have not been this happy if we had done anything else. Here, being alone with you, spending time with you doing things I never had a chance to do is more romantic than anything else. Riding a bicycle, flying this kite and eating hot corn when walking on the beach, I love doing these with you more than anything else. I love that you listen to me even if I talk the most boring things on earth. I love that you explain about things I do not understand. I love that you get angry at me when I am stupid and I love that you also understand my stupidity." Ahem listened to Gopi's longest monologue. He was surprised, pleased, proud.. A myriad of emotions passed through him. He was humbled by her simplicity and love. His wife deserved the best always.
Gopi saw Ahem break into a smile. The first genuine one after their car stalled. "And here in this serene calm place, I love that I can rest my head on you and hold our arms entwined. I love the rain and more so today because I am watching it fall with you Ahemji. You have made my happiness complete and what else can be romantic than that?" 
Ahem looked at Gopi and rested his head on hers. "When did you become so smart Gopi?" He asked softly.. Teasingly. He felt rather than see Gopi's blush and grinned. "Thank you." Ahem said as Gopi nuzzled closer to him as he hugged her to him with his left hand

. ...FB...

 "Bhai.. Remember. The hotel said you need to be there at 5:00 PM. They will cancel all arrangements otherwise. 5 PM Bhai. And all the best. Dazzle Bhabhi with your romantic dinner." Gopi listened speechless as she heard Jigar complete his tirade and before she could identify herself her Devar had cut the call. Gopi turned to see Ahem talking with the auto parts shop guy. He was saying something about needing a car and he sounded urgent and desperate. Things slowly clicked in her mind. Her husband had planned to surprise her and the temple was an excuse. Gopi smiled silently but she saw Ahem's face fall. She immediately felt sorry for him. Her Ahemji was trying so much to give her happiness and he seemed disappointed at not being able to give her a surprise. From what she heard, she could guess that he had planned for something at a hotel and she also knew that her husband would have made all preparations and planned it to the T. One mechanical problem and his plans had gone astray. She felt a catch in her throat as she thought of the trouble he was going through for her. She did not want to see him sad. She did not care for flowers and gifts as long as her Ahemji was with her. Gopi decided then and there that she would make it better for him..Some how she would.

"Gopi.. Go in carefully. It is wet. I will inform Mr.Sharma about leaving by the early flight tomorrow. It is already 8. I will be there in a minute." Gopi nodded as she made her way slowly to the villa. She was wet from the rain but so was Ahem. Gopi mentally thought of the things she had to get ready. Her Ahemji would catch a cold otherwise.

Gopi walked in to switch on the light in their bedroom and stood stunned.. All she could see at first were tiny spots of light. Then as Gopi looked closer she realized that the room was lit.. Lit with candles and... Gopi let a gasp as she saw roses everywhere. The room was decorated with roses and candles. She slowly stepped forward disbelieving what she saw. Then she heard him. 
Her Ahemji. She felt him hug her from behind and whisper into her ears, "Surprise!!!! You like it?" Gopi was speechless. She had never expected it. Her Ahemji and his surprise. This was the surprise. His surprise and it was perfect. Ahem saw Gopi nod but remain speechless. He could hear her thoughts. He realized she was processing what she saw to what she heard.

 Ahem laughed silently. It had all gone as per plan and now he saw his wife dazzled. "But Ahemji.." Gopi turned and felt his finger on her lips. "Shh.. No questions. Now come here." Ahem walked Gopi to the bed and sat her down. He then proceeded to kneel down in front of her and took her hands in his. 

"Gopi.. There was this young bride who thought she would thank her husband for his help one day by lovingly decorating his room in almost the same way as this room today. That day, her husband gave her a wound deeper than the one he applied balm for on the previous day. He was ignorant then and in his anger did not think about the pain he was inflicting. But that Ahem was blind to see what was in front of his eyes. He came to realize his errors and the same bride he wronged rescued him from his guilt to make him the man he is today." Ahem paused and looked at Gopi.
" Gopi, I made numerous mistakes over the course of our marriage but for everyone of them, not only did you just forgave me but you also absolved me of any guilt." Ahem took her hands and looked directly into Gopi's eyes and continued. "You are my strength and happiness Gopi. You make me complete. I told you once that I see my future in you. I want to promise you today that we will live that future hand in hand no matter what we have to face. You supported me in every step and I promise today that I will be there at every step for you and with you Gopi. I love you." 

Gopi watched as tears blurred her vision hearing Ahem's words. Her tears made way down her cheeks and she never noticed it.  She watched as Ahem stood up and dug into his pockets to retrieve a jewel box.

 "Gopi, even before I knew it was love, I bought this. I do not know why I did it. But this bangle set reminded me of you and I had to get it. I have kept it with me till now. You are the reason I bought it and today I gift you the set with the promise that we will be bound together forever" 
Ahem looked at Gopi extend her hands out to get the bangle from him. He just took her hand in his and slipped the bangle into her hand. He repeated the action for the next one. 

Gopi could not stop crying. Ahem gently held her to him and then cupped her face as he slowly wiped the tears off her cheeks. "Don't cry, sweetheart.. Jigar said surprises dazzle women. It seems you are an exceptiojn. They make you cry", he joked to lighten her mood. Gopi just hugged him tighter.

 "I am.. hic..not crying Ahemji.. Hic.. I am just hic.. very happy.. hic..." Ahem smiled as he heard Gopi explain. "So then why the tears?", he continued teasing enjoying the feel of his wife in his arms. "I don't know." Gopi replied. Then after a minute she looked up at Ahem puzzled. "Ahemji, I thought the surprise.." "Was at the hotel?", Ahem finished and grinned widely. "It was a decoy Gopi. How could I make all this arrangement with you around. So we planned to take you away from the resort for a few hours." "Then Devarji's call?" "The call, the car stalling and the resort calls were all, well.. a small setup." Ahem looked at Gopi's surprised face and planted a kiss on her forehead. "But the rain wasn't ok?" He concluded and by that time had artfully navigated her to the edge of the bed. Gopi felt herself fallng on the bed and Ahem on top of her.
 "So now for the real surprise..." 

Thus completes their honeymoon trip.. So now we are going back to the mad mad world from the next chapter.. How do you like it so far? Comments, suggestions and likes please..

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Me first!!
Wow such a cute chapter. It took me back to my childhood.i always used to fall down cycling!! Really cute and i liked the hot corn as well!!

Am glad there was less of jigar!!! Am sure there will be more romance when they go back home!

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