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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 57)

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Originally posted by svkworld2

Absolutely amazing!!

Loved the camaraderie between everyone and how everyone is so worried for Gopi. 

I hope we get see your Ahem on screen very sooon...

Thank you so much Embarrassed... I hope we see the lovestruck Ahem very soon too..Big smile

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harini beautiful and awesome update... thanks for the pm

koki is too good in ur ss...
so those were gopi's apprehensions about the trip

finally they are off to the trip...gr8 story...amazing scenes very well written...

can't wait to see how romantic can Ahemji get Embarrassed
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Chapter 28

 "So you not ready yet?" Ahem turned around to see Gopi looking at him puzzled. "Ahemji, I am ready. We can order breakfast." Ahem just smiled. "Gopi you need to wear something better. Choose one of your 'going-out' saris. We are going together to breakfast with Mr. Sharma. That's where my meeting is." He saw her eyes widen and panic set in.

"Shh.. No excuse. You are coming with me. Don't worry. I will be there with you all day.

What did you think? That I will leave you alone in this villa while I went about my business all day long?" Ahem laughed as he saw Gopi wear a guilty expression. He knew that was what she had expected.

"No go on.. Wear that green sari of yours. We have a client to impress." Gopi turned around as though to question Ahem and then thought the better of it as she went in to change.


 "Mrs. Modi, you are a natural. Mr. Modi, you are very lucky man." Ahem nodded and smiled. "I know sir. She is the best." Ahem silently entwined his fingers with Gopi's under the table and looked at her. He could see her surprise and happiness at the comment.

"What did I tell you? You are wonderful." Ahem whispered to Gopi and saw the glow his words brought to her face.

He was going to enjoy this trip. He was going to enjoy this trip a lot..


 "He was nice. Mr. Sharma, I mean. And so were his managers." Ahem looked at Gopi. She was having a content look and a soft smile played on her lips. Both were walking back to the villa to freshen up and enjoy the evening.

"Well, you bowled them over sweets.. And what did I say? I was sure you would make the best impression." Gopi just looked up at her husband's praise and smiled happily.


"Mr. Modi, we are very happy to have you and your wife here. Its a pleasure." Mr. Sharma walked towards Ahem. Gopi was standing right beside him and Ahem knew Gopi was giving a plastered smile to the group standing in front of them. Mr. Sharma had come to the meeting with 4 of his managers, 3 men and a woman in suits.

"Jai Shree Krishna.." Gopi wished the old man who had come to the pooja and smiled at the men and woman standing beside and behind him.

"Good morning Sir. It's a pleasure being here.  And everybody, this is my wife, my better half, Gopi Modi." Ahem introduced Gopi and silently pulled her towards him giving her the assurance he knew she needed.

"Ah.. Yes. This is the pretty young lady. She is amazing, you guys." Ahem mentally thanked the old man. He was making his job easier. "Come on.. Lets go to the table. We can talk as we have our breakfast."

Ahem hooked his hand with Gopi's and both walked towards the table. "So mr.Modi, Do you have some initial thoughts?" Mr. Sharma questioned him as soon as they had ordered breakfast. Gopi had made him proud by telling the waiter that she would have the same thing as he did. He knew that she was worried about that and she had quickly thought a way out.

The discussion went on and Gopi listened to it carefully. Although they were talking on some business terms, Gopi understood the crux of the conversation. She could gauge by the reactions that her husband was impressing his clients and she felt proud.

 "So Mrs. Modi, what are your initial impressions?" Gopi froze as one of the managers turned around and asked her the question. "Ji.. I find this place very beautiful. It is my first visit to a beach. So I am really happy to be here." Ahem felt Gopi's confidence rise as she talked and Ahem drew small cirlces on her palm to calm her down.

 "I think the first thing that struck me, after the beach of course.." All the others laughed. "Well the first thing that I liked was that this place is more like home.. I guess the ambience and the traditional setting, they all reminded me of home and I loved it." Gopi's simple statement was met with silence.

Frightened, Gopi looked at Ahem to see how he was reacting. All she saw was surprise and pride. She started relaxing. "I told you she was unique." She heard Mr. Sharma tell his managers. She heard Ahem chime in and tell them that his company would expand on the idea. All nodded pleased.

"Mrs. Modi, you are a natural. Mr. Modi, you are very lucky man. Your wife is both beautiful and smart." Ahem nodded and smiled at the woman in front of him. "I know. She is the best." Ahem silently entwined his fingers with Gopi's under the table and looked at her. He could see her surprise and happiness at the comment. "What did I tell you? You are wonderful." Ahem whispered to Gopi and saw the glow his words brought to her face.

 "It is very nice meeting you beta. We will be meeting often the next two weeks. Let me take my leave now. Jai Shree Krishna." Gopi smiled and wished back. She saw the others do the same and felt a new respect reflect in their eyes as they looked at her. Her heart swelled.


 "Hmm.. Businesswoman Gopi. Should I be watching out?" He heard her husband and turned to answer back. Gopi stopped when she saw the look of admiration on his face. "That was well done. I don't know how you manage it Gopi. You are a marvel." Ahem intoned and hugged her to him as they walked back to their villa.


"So can we go to the beach now?" Ahem looked at the child like enthusiasm on Gopi's face. "Hmm.. Did you have some tea?" "I did.. I did.." Ahem wanted to laugh. Gopi was so excited and he was getting excited seeing her like that.

"Alright. So go change. What are you waiting for?" Gopi looked at him and her dress and looked back at him puzzled. "I am ready Ahemji." "No. You are not. Go change to the salwar you just stored in the closet."


 "Ahemji.. NO.. Please.. AHEMJI..." Gopi's shriek filled the air and there was a splash. Gopi tried to get up and wade out of the water when another wave hit her..

"Now.. You do not have to worry about your legs getting wet. You are wet all over." Ahem teased Gopi as he went forward to catch her hand.

                                                 ...Just half an hour ago...

She was wearing a salwar suit and her shawl was tied around her hips. It had taken Ahem a lot of convincing to make her change to the salwar. She had agreed only when he had threatened that he would not take her to the beach otherwise.

Ahem loved her when she came out. He had not seen her wear a chudidar before. She looked pretty, cute and very young with her hair in a ponytail. Deepika had selected a dress in his favorite green and Gopi looked ready to eat.

"Ji.. Now can we go?" Gopi brought Ahem out of his day dreams and he grinned at her.. "Yes Madam. Your wish is my command." Ahem got hold of Gopi's hands and both walked towards the beach. Ahem found Gopi's excitement increase exponentially as they neared the waters. She was clenching and unclenching his hand. Just as they crossed the fence of their villa, Gopi broke free and ran towards the water as he watched her. Then she turned around and smiled.

Ahem just nodded for her to go ahead as he followed at a leisurely pace.

For the next few minutes Ahem watched Gopi run near the water and run back just as the wave crashed in.. It was amusing and he was enjoying his wife's child like antics. But as the minutes went on, he realized that Gopi was never going to go in the water.

 "Go on Gopi.. Stand there." He brought her near the place where the wave would hit them. Just as the wave came in Gopi twisted around and ran back.. Ahem looked at her amused. "Gopiji come here.." Gopi nodded no and she went a couple of steps back with her eyes enlarged.." NO Ahemji.. I am ok. And see, this is a new dress and I don't want it to get wet." Ahem looked at her in disbelief.

"You don't want to stand in the wave. Gopi,come here. This is fun.." He said and watched her run away from him as he started towards her.. Only to find that his wife could be a slippery fish if needed. After what felt like the third time..

"Gopi, what is the use of wearing a salwar if you are to going to enjoy the water in the beach?" Ahem asked exasperated. Gopi just giggled at him.. Shaking his head Ahem walked back towards the sea only to turn back..

 It all happened in a matter of seconds. One second her husband was walking away from her then the next she was off her feet securely held in his arms. To top that she saw him walk towards the water and she had a very good idea as to what he was going to do.

                                                            ...FB Ends...

 "Ahemji.. NO.. Please.. AHEMJI..." Gopi's shriek filled the air. Gopi tried to get up and wade out of the water when another wave hit her.. "Now.. There.. You do not have to worry about your legs getting wet. You are wet all over." Ahem teased Gopi as he went forward to catch her hand.

 "Please Ahemji.." She was struggling to see over all the water now. She was getting frightened when she felt a strong arm catch hold of her. "There got you.. Now it is alright." Ahem held Gopi and helped her stand up as another wave hit them.. Gopi held on to him tightly..

Then just as the wave was residing Ahem felt Gopi hit his arm. He looked down suprised to see Gopi slap him across his arms once more.. "Gopi.. You are hitting me.." He said surprised. "Ji.. I am scared.." Ahem could not help but laugh at her expression.

Just then they were hit by another wave and this time Gopi fell right on top on him as they crashed down.. 

Both struggled to get up together. After a lot of struggle which involved falling down, getting up and a lot of giggling from Gopi they were able to move to the shore a little away from the waves.

Ahem looked at Gopi with a smile and saw her pout at him.. "Chee.. That is the saltiest water I have ever tasted.. And now my new salwar is ruined.." "Good.. Now you will not give an excuse for not going back into the water." Ahem retorted and Gopi look at him. She saw Ahem lean over and brush her hair away from her face. Her wet hair framed her cute face. He wanted to feel her against him again.

"Can we go in?" Gopi asked softly after a couple of minutes. She had enjoyed the feeling of the waves hitting her and she loved the feel of standing in the water with Ahem right beside her, holding her tightly.

"I thought you would never ask" Ahem got up and help his hand to his wife. He had always loved the sea now there was one more reason to love it further..


 "That is just a week after the engagement!" Hetal exclaimed and looked arond to see the surprise on all the faces. She was at the temple with Kokila, Jigar and Deepu to finalize the date of the marriage.

"Ji.. This is the most auspicious day of the year and there is no other date after that for the next two months. So I suggest the marriage take place on this date." "But panditji how will.." Hetal looked down at her hand. Kokila was holding it to get her attention. "Mota Bhabhi, we will manage.. Thank you panditji. We will be coming back soon to finalize everything."

Kokila walked down the steps with her Jethani and she knew that Hetal was anxious already. It seemed the dates had sent Jigar and Deepika to silence.

"But Kokila... Just a week.. We have all the ceremonies.. How can we.." "Mota Bhabhi, we will manage. Why do you worry. And it is such an auspicious date. Everything will be alright. Now let us give the good news to Mota Bhai and Baa." Hetal visibly calmed after Kokila's speech and both walked towards the car calling Chirag on his phone.

 Deepika and Jigar walked silently lost in thoughts towards the car. The date had been asurprise to them as much as to the elders. It was slowly sinking in. "Jigar, a week after our engagement. That is just.." "A month from now.. Deeps.. Imagine.." Jigar saw Deepika look up at his face and then look down shyly. He was himself feeling shy and embarrassed. He just did not know how to react. 

"Deeps.. Er.. Congrats.." Jigar said and saw confusion on Deepika's face. "I mean, congrats for the date.." He explained and found her nodding her head.  "Jigar, Deepika, come on.. We need to go home. Baa is waiting." Kokila called them and both went forward hurriedly.


 "Hmm.. That is good?" Gopi looked at Ahem enjoy the hot cocoa. "Ahemji, I thought you wanted to sleep." Gopi smiled as she saw him sip the cocoa slowly from the saucer.. Just like she had shown him. Ahem just shrugged and looked on. His wife was drying her still slightly wet hair but other than that she was ready to call it a day. She looked fresh, simple and beautiful and today her face also reflected a carefree happiness.

 "The beach was not bad was it?" Ahem asked knowing fully well the answer he was going to get. The cocoa tasted delicious, his wife's way of having it was more fun than he would ever agree and now she was coming right towards him. "Bad? Bad Ahemji? It was so very.." Gopi walked towards him in her eagerness, explaining how much she had enjoyed.

 It had been a very good day Ahem thought as he saw his wife talk, both business-vice as well as personally. They had both enjoyed the beach especially the waves. Once she had got used to it, Gopi had been most eager to spend her time standing in the waves. She still held on to him tightly but had overcome her initial fear.

Then they had played splashing each other with water. Actually he had started it and she had continued. Ahem slightly smirked. Gopi had fast become the person he had wanted her to be at least with him, somebody who overcame her inhibitions, away from the constant burden of being a daughter-in-law and enjoying life. He knew her childhood and guessed that she did not get to enjoy things every child had the right to. So he wanted her to enjoy, now that she had the chance, with him at her side.

 He found that he enjoyed all this as much as she did, partly because Gopi brought out the child in him. He could be free with her. She never judged him. He could be himself with her. Just Ahem.

 After playing in the water and chasing each other through the sands, they had both come back shivering and he had immediately sent her off to take a hot shower. Meanwhile he had used the other washroom to clean himself up. When he came out, he had found her pouting looking at her hair.

"What is it Gopiji?" He had gone near her and she had explained how she could not get the sand out of her hair however much she tried. He had immediately offered to wash her hair, cheekily at first. He had been certain she would reject the offer. But his wife had read through him realizing that he was teasing her and had immediately agreed unlike the first time when she had to be ordered to obey.

He, not the one to miss the opportunity had started his 'services' as he called it and this time it had been more than just a hair wash. 

Ahem again smirked as he saw the bucket and tub outside on the patio. He had not done a good job with the hair unlike the other day but unlike the other day Gopi had been more than just pleased..

"Ji,. Why are you smiling?" Gopi came near Ahem and stood close to him. "Nothing. Just nothing. So your hair is dry?" Ahem touched the strands close to his face and found that they were almost dry. "Ji." he heard Gopi reply a little shyly. He just pulled her down on top of him on the sofa and held her lovingly. He swept the strands out of her face.

"You liked it today?" He asked and got a nod in return. "Good. Now lets go sleep. We have another long day tomorrow." He kissed her once and let her go, following her to the bed. 

It had indeed been a wonderful day.


"I am glad that you told Kaki not to inform Bhabhi about the dates." Deepika told Jigar and saw him gice her a smile. She looked down and ran a hand over his hair lovingly. They were both again on the terrace and Jigar was lying on his on his back on the bench. He had his head rested on her lap and they were both talking about the marriage date.

"I thought that was best. You know Bhabhi. She will immediately want to come back and their chance to stay alone together would be ruined. Plus she seems to be having a very good time." "Hmm.. I know right. She was so excited on the call today. I am glad." Deepika answered back. Both again lapsed into silence and Deepika continued to run her fingers through his hair. Jigar kept her other hand locked in his.

"Just one month and you will be officially my wife. Deeps can you even begin to imagine.." Deepika smiled at the wonder and happiness in Jigar's voice. She just nodded no. "It is slowly sinking in.. But you know what, we will both be so busy the next 3 weeks that it will all sink in pretty fast." Jigar laughed. "Of course.. Kaki is already on my case. She told Maa that I need to go shopping with her on Thursday to order my Sherwani and suit.." "And Kaki told me that we all have to start shopping tomorrow, I think it is for lehengas.." Deepika also laughed. It was going to be hectic but she was loving it already.

"Mrs. Modi is in the garden sir. She said she wanted to see the flowers." Ahem nodded at the ursher as he made his way to the garden. Ahem walked around the corner and stood stumped...

The first day of the trip... Jigar and Deepika's marriage date is set.. Gopi and Ahem have started having fun..
How do you like it? Please let me know your comments, views and suggestions please Big smile

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Harini I just loved this update so much. Gopi and Ahem enjoying their time alone is just so heartwarming.
Only one day of vacation and more to come looking forward to it.

Jigar and Dipeeka wedding date is set and it is so sweet of them to not inform Gopi and Ahem so they don't rush back home.

Can't wait for the next part. Clap

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absolutely wonderful update harini...loved how gopis confidence is growing in leaps and bounds...both ahem and gopi are able to be themselves with each other...its beautiful...loved their fun and frolic in the beach...was nice to see gopi overcome her shyness and impress ahems happy for jigar and deepu...looking forward to the next update...thanks for the pm...

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Harini, *super like* 

Lovely update:) I like this strong & sweet Gopi ...wonderful how both of them are enjoying their vacation. Deepu & Jigar's wedding fixed ...the story is flowing very well.
Keep up the good work will wait for the next part...

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beautiful harinin!!!

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Amazing update Harini. I really like the way you always mix the flash back scenes with the current scenes and that makes me more curious to know what happened in the flash back mode. And our naive and simple Gopi helped Ahem to win the contract and made him proud of her in front of his clients. The story is getting more and more interesting to read, esp their beach scenes. Looking forward to more of Gohem trip scenes in the next updates. Thanks for the pm dear.

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