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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 41)

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I am always looking for a new update. Love your story. I really liked the ring scene in your last update. What a surprise Ahem madeEmbarrassed Please update soonWink

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Another update and I apologize for the delay. Have been a little busy lately.. But will try to get another one out by Monday.. This chapter is just sweet nothing..

Chapter 24

"Dear Ms. Deepika, You are invited for the ride of a lifetime on the fastest vehicle on the planet. Mr. Jigar Modi will be at your service to attend to your every need. Please RSVP. The tour is arranged for the day after. (BTW, would be great if you dropped by my office today afternoon)"

Deepika read the card again and again with a happy smile on her face. "Looks like Jigar finally managed to get Ahem Bhai agree to lend him the car.." She happily ran downstairs with a spring in her step. 
"Deepu beta, Can you serve your papa? I am getting his tea." Hetal was in a hurry. It was breakfast time in Modi Bhavan and all the ladies were busy. "Ji, Maaji. I am on it.." Deepika served Chirag and then Parag as he sat for breakfast. The Modi sons were missing in action.
"Chirag Bhai, I don't see Ahem or Jigar. Have they left already?" Parag questioned. "Jigar left half an hour ago Kaka... He said he had an early meeting and Ahem Bhai.." "Papaji, Ahemji is getting ready. He will be down in a few minutes." Gopi walked in and answered. Deepika noticed a blush spread over Gopi's face as she talked. She smiled to herself. 
Parag and Chirag nodded and continued their breakfast. 

"hmm hmm.. Bhabhi is something the matter?" Deepu whispered to Gopi and saw her blush a deeper shade of pink. Gopi just looked up at Deepu. "I.. I will get some juice.." Gopi ran off blushing into the kitchen. Deepika smiled and shook her head. "Beta, can you get me some more Theplas?" She heard Chirag ask her. "Ji Chirag papa. Just one minute." Deepika ran in to get the theplas.
Breakfast done both men left the table to go about their tasks. "Chirag Papa, Your medicine." Deepu ran after Chirag to give him his medicine. "Thank you beta." Deepu smiled and turned around to see Ahem come down with his bag.
"Gopi.. My breakfast." Ahem sat down at his place and turned around to see the smiling Deepu beside him. "Good Morning Bhai. Here fresh theplas and chutney. Some juice and yeah let me get your green tea." She said. Deepu was mentally counting for Ahem's next question.
"Are you Gopi? BTW where is she? GOPI.." She heard his irritated voice. Deepu laughed with mirth. "Sorry Bhai.. But you are so predictable. And for your information, Bhabhi is in the temple. Kaki's orders. I need to be there in 10 minutes.. We are getting it ready for the pooja tomorrow." Ahem nodded his head disappointed. "Quit laughing and get me my tea." He told with mock anger but he was embarrased. Deepika just laughed and went to get his tea. 

"Gopi vahu, Go to Savitha ben's house today with Mota Bhabhi. They want you to sing at their  pooja." Kokila proudly told her bahu. Savitha ben had called her to request for Gopi's presence in their pooja as she felt Gopi was the best singer in the colony. "Ok Maaji. I will get ready. When should go?" "At six Gopi bahu." "Maaji, Dinner? How will you manage?" "Deepu will be back Gopi beta and Mani will help. Don't worry." Gopi nodded thoughtfully. Kokila watched her go with a proud smile on her face.

"Maybe I should just call him at office." Gopi thought as she eyed the landline phone intently. As though she made her decision, she went near the phone and dialled Ahem's number.
"Good afternoon. Mr. Ahem Modi's office." She heard a girl reply back and was stumped. "Ji. Can I talk to Ahemji please?" She questioned. "Sorry Mam. He is in a meeting now. Can I take a message?" "Ji.. No. I. It's alright. Jai shree Krishna." Gopi replaced the phone perplexed. Her hands immediately dialled Deepika's number. 
"Deepu ben.." She said as soon as she heard Deepika on line. "Ji Bhabhi. I am getting all the things in the list. But they are saying that there is no Ghee. What should I do?" Gopi had to concentrate hard on what Deepika said. "Deepu ben, I will tell Maaji. We can get it from another shop." "Ji Bhabhi. Bye.." "Deepu ben.." Gopi hurried as she heard Deepika trying to disconnect. "Sorry. Bhabhi why did you call?" "I want to talk to Ahemji." "Hmm.." "But when I call his number, they said he was in a meeting. And I.." "Bhabhi, Bhai would have forwarded all the calls to his mobile to his secretary. He may be in a big meeting. Did you leave him a message?" Deepu heard a very soft no. She understood Gopi's dilemma.

"Bhabhi, I am going to the office to deliver lunch. I will tell him to call you. Or do you want to tell him something?" Deepika asked. Gopi wondered if she should tell Deepika. She decided yes. "Deepu ben, can you tell him I am going to Savita Aunty's pooja and will be back only after dinner? He will be worried." "Ji Bhabhi. I will.. I will also assure him that you will not fly away." Deepu told her laughing. Gopi smiled and started to complete  the tasks around the house dreaming about her husband.


Ahem was day dreaming in his office. It was so unlike him to concentrate on anything else but work but he could care less. "Just 4 more hours to go and I can leave.." Ahem had a smile on his face as he looked at the clock. His meeting just ended and he happily awaited the lunch that he knew Gopi would have packed for him.

"I want to be yours always Ahemji. I love you." She said softly and slid the ring into his finger. "I love you back." He said a happy sigh. After a few minutes in his embrace, he felt Gopi fidget. It was the milkman again.. Ahem sighed internally. He knew that Gopi had kicked on her DIL mode and would be tuning down her wife role for some time. He was loath to let her go and he felt her own hesitation to leave his side. He decided to make it easier for her. "Mani will get it today. I want you to myself." He said kissing her forehead and pulled her down with him on the bed. He silenced her protests by kissing her thoroughly and just when he thought he could explore more..
 'Knock knock..' Somebody was at their door.
"Gopi Bhabhi.. The milkman is here and says you said we will pay him today. Gopi Bhabhi?.." Mani. Ahem looked up frustrated at the door and back to his wife.
He continued to stare at her facinated. His heart swelled with pride to see the look of total pleasure on her face. He understood that his innocent wife would not be able to answer Mani. Ahem grinned again. It was truly gratifying to see the effect he had on her.

"Mani, Tell him we will do it tomorrow. Gopi is sleeping." He said in his most stern voice. He looked at the puzzled expression on Gopi's face and proceeded to shush her by continuing his kiss. He was not going to let her go easily.

"Sir I think someone called from your home. I am not sure who it was. They did not say. But she asked for you. And also Ms. Deepika called. She said your lunch was on the way. She is caught in traffic" He looked up at his secretary and nodded. As soon as she went out he grabbed his cell phone and looked at the logs. The call had been made an hour and a half back. He looked at the clock. "Two thirty. Maybe Gopi called.." He hurriedly dialled his home.

"Hello. Kokila Modi here." He heard his mom's voice. He was stunned for a minute. "Mom.. Its me." "Yes Ahem Dikra. What is the matter?" Ahem again thought what he could say. He decided to stay close to the truth. "Mom did someone call from home? I got a call when I was in the meeting.." "No Ahem. I did not call you." Ahem did not know how to proceed further. "Mom.. Maybe Kaki called or maybe Go.. I mean Dad called for something?" Ahem felt shy.

Kokila was smiling at her son's unease. Ahem had always been a shy person and she had really been surprised when during his calls from US initially he had asked for Gopi. It seems he had started again but as usual felt shy.

"I will ask Gopi. She is currently in the garden. So let me inform her about the call.. Jai Shree Krishna." Kokila finished. She could almost hear her son's sigh and desperation over the phone. "But mom.. Can you.." "Ahem . I have other work to do. By the way why don't you get her a mobile? It will save time for everyone around and you don't have to think of an excuse everytime. Think about it..Bye." Kokila laughed as she replaced the phone. 

Ahem looked at the phone stunned. He heard the dial tone and he knew his mom was finished with the call. "A cell phone.. Idiot..You need your mom to tell you that!" He banged his hand on the head. "Better late than never". Ahem called his secretary and asked her curtly to buy a mobile and activate it for him. He found his secretary lingering.
"What is it?" He barked. His secretary wanted to know which model he wanted his mobile. Ahem again was stumped. "Get a really good one. Wait.. Something that is easy to use and yeah.. that can have pictures for callers. Yup.. Something with those features." Ahem smiled as he thought of Gopi's picture his mobile. He had it for his home number. Now he could have two. And he wanted her to have his picture on hers.
His secretary nodded and then as though gathering courage in his smile asked, "Sir..The sim, can I make it a add on number to yours? If it is for someone you will talk to often, then making it an add on number is very useful." Ahem just nodded. "Ok. Get me the phone activated and send the peon in with it when it comes." Ahem saw his secretary nod and leave. He laid back in his chair and knew there was a huge grin on his face. He couldn't wait to call his wife on her phone.


Gopi looked at the clock and hurriedly got ready. It was already four and Maaji wanted her to leave at four thirty. There had been a change of plan at Savitha ben's house. She had to leave earlier than anticipated. Gopi smiled as she put on the garnet ring Ahem had given her that morning.

"Ahemji.. I have to get ready. It is very late as it is.." Gopi pouted and escaped from Ahem's grip to run to the washroom. By the time she got ready, she was very late compared to her daily routine. She hurriedly started putting on her bangles and jewellery. Ahem was standing and talking in his mobile but then smiled at her when he saw her look at him. He walked over to the dressing table and cut his call. As had become a daily pratice, he applied sindoor on her part. Her breath caught as he found his hand travel down her cheek to her neck. His face was dangeriously close to hers and she could feel his breath on her. She closed her eyes and completely lost herself when she felt a sudden draft of cold air. She opened her eyes puzzled to see her husband was 10 feet away from her. 
Gopi looked around confused to see her Maaji looking at her worriedly. "Gopi vahu.. What happened? Did you not hear me? Come down for aarti.. And you too Ahem." Gopi looked up to see Ahemji stand looking at Maaji, nodding his head with no emotions on his face. As soon as Kokila turned he looked at her and smiled cheekily. Gopi blushed.
"Gopi. You are a delight.. How I wish I had you to myself all the time.. But I need to be at office. There is this meeting I cannot miss. But promise you I will be here early today. Wait for me.." Ahem had kissed her soundly and had rushed to get ready before the aarti.
Gopi sung with total happiness. Her kanhaji had given her everything she wished for. When she gave aarti to all, her Kakiji praised her for the song and remarked that it was exemplery that day. She could see appreciation written on everyone's face. Ahemji again looked estactic when she gave him aarti and both starred at each other until. "Bhai.. Are you going to office today or should I cancel all your meetings? Maybe you want to hear Bhabhi sing all day long." Jigar had whispered. She saw Ahem give him a pat in the back and smile. 

"Gopi vahu, you look beautiful. Come on. Mota Bhabhi is waiting in the car. By the way, Ahem called whe you were in the garden. He was asking for you. But there is no time now. I will tell him when he comes back. Take care and come back safely. Go dikra. It is getting late." Gopi just nodded and looked back at the small note she had left Ahem. She hoped he would not be angry. As the car left Modi Bhavan, she saw the office boy go up the patio. 
"Gopi beta, how do.." Gopi smiled at her Kaki and listened to her.

"Bhai.. I em.. Bhai.." Jigar tried to get Ahem's attention hoping to discuss his dilemma with him. Both were at office. "Earth to Bhai.. Bhabhi what did you do to my Kadoos Bhai? Bhai.." Jigar thought to himself and tried again. Ahem blushed as he lost himself in his dream. He was thinking of how beautiful Gopi had looked the night before. He imagined her getting the phone and her reactions to the gift. She may call to give her thanks. His hand then automatically lifted his phone to look at Gopi's picture on his phone.

"Jigar, you cannot bring him back from his dreamland like this.." Jigar turned around surprised to see Deepu walk in silently. She brought out a phone and dialled.
Ahem came out of his reverie as he heard his phone ring. "Hello.. Gopi.." He started only to be interrupted.. "Not Gopi.. Deepika.. Deepika Bhai and I am right in front of you." Ahem looked up to see his brother and Deepika in front of him. Jigar was trying not ot laugh and Deepika looked at him bemused. 
Ahem was shocked but then turned red with embarrassment. "You are completly gone. Bhai..." Jigar laughed. His strict brother could not even get a word out. "Hey.. I thought it was.. By the way.."  "Ok. So why are you here and why did you bring her?" Ahem continued.
"Well Bhai. If you had been on earth you would have seen that Jigar came here on his own and I came here to take the lunch bag back." "Ok Thanks. If you are done, I have some work to do... By the way let Gopi know that I will be home on time."

"Oh yeah.. I forgot. No use of you coming on time. Gopi Bhabhi is going to Savita Ben's pooja today. She told me to tell you. She will leave at six." Deepu informed Ahem and looked at his astonished. "What? Why?" Deepu just shrugged. "I don't know Bhai. Just call home and find out. Gosh.. It's after four thirty already. I need to rush and complete the shopping. Bye."

Ahem looked blankly at her retreating form and turned to see Jigar look at Deepu lovingly. "So Jigar. What made you visit my cabin? You came here not just to tease me, did you?" Ahem addressed Jigar fondly. 
"Bhai. That is.. I thought.. I mean.." "Jigar. Blurt it out. What is it?" "Bhai. Do you think I should let all know at home that Deepu and me.. that is we are both.." "in love.. Yeah absolutely." Ahem said grining. "What? is it that obvious?" Jigar muttered. "Yes it is Jigar. At least to Gopi and now to me..and I think it is good that you give them the good news."
"But Bhai. How will I? I mean.. It will be..And so soon after the divorse" Jigar's voice faded "Jigar. It is'nt soon enough. Everybody is worried as to how you are coping. Leave this to me.. I will talk to them tonight. "No.. No Bhai.. Not tonight." "Ok so before the pooja tomorrow. Yes. That will be best." "Bhai.. Hold on.. Can you tell them 2 days after the pooja?" "Why? Don't tell me you have an auspicious date in mind." "No Bhai. It is just the I.. I want to propose to Deepu first before the others know."
Ahem looked at Jigar as though he was mad. "Why propose seperately Jigar. You can be engaged in front of everyone if we tell them today. And you want to propose to her alone?" "Yes Bhai." Jigar got a dreamy look. "It will be the most wonderful thing. A proposal needs to be perfect you know. Its every girl's dream." Jigar said seriously. 
"Ok 2 days after the Pooja then." Ahem offered. "Thank you so much Bhai.. You are the best." Jigar came around and hugged Ahem. Ahem hugged him back thoughtfully. And Bhai.. Your car. Can I borrow it for day after?" Ahem again nodded yes absently and saw Jigar give him a thumbs up and go to his cabin

"We surely need to do something Deepu.." Deepu nodded at Jigar. "Did you see how Bhai bit that poor servant's head off today evening?" Deepu laughed.

The servant had brought Ahem his tea. Ahem had just found out from Kokila that Gopi did not get the mobile. She had left earlier than planned. Deepika and Jigar found him blow off at the servant for adding extra sugar in his tea. Both walked into the room and Deepika signed for the servant to go away. He looked at her gratefully and left.

"Calm down Bhai. She will be back soon.." Deepika offered. Ahem just continued glaring at them and then buzzed off to the washroom without a word.
"God save Bhabhi tonight. Deepu we need to help them. Bhai does not seem to know the ABC of romancing Bhabhi." Jigar whispered to Deepika as both stepped out of the room. "Don't worry. We will think of something. Thanks for the ride home by the way. And here. Something for tomorrow." Deepika handed over the sherwani she got for Jigar and smiled. 
"Thanks" Deepu nodded, gave Jigar a smile and walked downstairs to prepare dinner.
Jigar looked after her and fingered the ring in his pocket. "Day after and then we are all set." He said to himself.

"She leaves before getting the mobile and she is not back yet.." Ahem looked at the file in front of him and the clock. Then at the note he had found on the night stand. 
"Dear Ahemji, I am going to Savitha ben's pooja. I will be back soon. Wait for me." It said with a smiley at the end. Ahem fingered the 'Dear Ahemji' part absently. 

It was after 10:30 in the night. Gopi was not back yet. He eyed the bag with the mobile on the nightstand and sighed. "I will just finish this file and pick her up if she is not back by then." He decided and sat down on the bed to complete his work.

Gopi tiptoed into her room at 11:30. She had been held up at the pooja and a flat tire had caused more delay. 
The lights were all on in her room and she looked at the bed and stood surprised. Ahem was sleeping surrounded by his files. Gopi moved closer to see him clutching at her note in his right hand. A lone tear escaped involuntarily as she saw the words doodled on the paper in front of Ahem. It looked like her husband had doodled her name all over the paper over and over again.
Gopi gently removed all the files without waking Ahem and went to change her night clothes. She sat on her side of the bed and starred at the sleeping Ahem. Her hand brushed his hair and she thought of the numerous days she watched him sleep with no hope of ever getting his love. She felt blessed and mentally thanked her Kanhaji.
Ahem grabbed her hand in his sleep and muttered her name. She shushed him gently and went to  sleep next to him thinking about his reaction when she would present him with the gift she bought the next morning.

Well what is Gopi's present and will Ahem be surprised? Will Jigar propose? All in the next chapter...

Your comments and feedback please... 

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Originally posted by sathya.s

I am always looking for a new update. Love your story. I really liked the ring scene in your last update. What a surprise Ahem madeEmbarrassed Please update soonWink

Thank you so much Sathya. Just made an update Big smile 
-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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wahayyy im the first one! :P

That was absolutely brilliant Harini!Tongue

I loved it,awww Gohem are adorable and awww Deepu and JigarDay Dreaming

Glad to see Kokila isn't that much of a kebab mai haddiLOL

Loved it and thanks for the pm!

Update sooonHug

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Smile Thought I had missed out...Good going Harini look forward to Monday
Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
harini that was wonderful dear...
loved the update...oh ahem is lost dreaming about gopi
i just love gohemDay Dreaming...and love how jigar and deepu teases ahem...
so what has gopi brought for ahem...
cant wait for the next update
ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved the update. Can't wait to see what Gopi bought for Ahem and her reaction to his gift also. I hope he is not too mad at her.

Also Deepu and Jigar, it will be a nice surprise.
Sandy914 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Hmmm.. Harini Loved it... Ahem lost himself in dreaming Gopi.. Waiting for Deep and Jiger's marriage..

I am really curious to know, what gopi bought for Ahem??

Please continue soonnn...

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