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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 30)

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Originally posted by Aish3003

Read it multiple times already. Please update soon!

Thank you Aish (Can I call you that?) Glad you liked it. I will be updating in a few hours after my dinner. Keep reading and commenting.

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Originally posted by tangam

Did I just read that you are going to update 2day...should I wait up...

Yes you heard correctly.Smile  An update coming up in another 3 hours.. Is it too late for you? I will PM once it is done.. Just have to make dinner before sitting down to update..

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Originally posted by Justlikethat1

Originally posted by tangam

Did I just read that you are going to update 2day...should I wait up...

Yes you heard correctly.Smile  An update coming up in another 3 hours.. Is it too late for you? I will PM once it is done.. Just have to make dinner before sitting down to update..
Cheers...can def wait up if it means sweet dreams...
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great chapters.just read the last few updates.great job.
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So here is the next one as promised.. Not exactly sweet... But please read on..
Chapter 20

"Are you angry?" Aham hugged Gopi from behind as she stood facing outside near the window. She was starring at something in the garden resting her head on the window. Ahem knew she was not happy."No Ahemji. I am not.. I am sorry.." "Don't apologize for my fault Gopi. You've spoilt me rotten and I am not able to rein in my anger. I am very sorry." Aham replied and hugged her tighter. Gopi turned around and Aham could see she was sad. "I hurt you again, didn't I? I am sorry Gopi." He gently held her face for a minute and then hugged her resting his chin on her head.

Ahem turned towards Gopi in the car, held her hand in his and blurted out,"Gopi.. Promise  me.. You will never ever leave me.." "Ahemji? What happened? Why are you.." Gopi was 
panicked at Ahem's reaction and words. Ahem pulled his hand immediately and closed up. Gopi knew he was hiding. The drive back was uncomfortable. Gopi tried to get Ahem talking only to see his face closing up to her every query. Gopi knew he was angry and confused. He was however silent and unresponsive.
As soon as they reached home, Ahem went up to the room and Gopi went to the kitchen. She went to the room after 10 minutes with his tea to see him prancing restlessly and eyeing his phone as though willing for it to ring. 
"Ji your tea.." Gopi extended the cup to him. Ahem looked up and Gopi saw the anger boil up to the surface. "Tea.. You went to the kitchen as soon as we came here? Are you out of your mind? You just fainted and you go to the kitchen Don't we have servants in this house? Why don't you just rest for awhile..." "But Ahemji.." Gopi could not get a word in.. Ahem was not finished. "No. stop. Stop being an idiot and make sure you think about yourself too." "What happened Ahemji?" Gopi was worried. In the past few months after the accident, she had realized that Ahem's usual outlet was through his anger. She was not frightened by his anger anymore. She was worried that he was worried about something and it had to do with her.. "Ahemji is it about the doctor's visit? What ha..." "Gopi. Just do as I say and leave me alone for sometime.." Ahem grabbed his phone and rushed out of the room leaving Gopi stunned. 

"It's just that you still do not want to share your pain with me. Ahamji, I want to be there 
not just to share your happiness but also when you are sad, disappointed or angry and in 
pain.. You treat me like a stranger when you are in pain and I.." Gopi trailed off. 
Ahem did not know what to say. He had felt himself changing and sharing his everything with Gopi of late. But today was different. How could he tell her that for a couple of hours he thought he was going to lose her forever? Now everything was alright. What if it hadn't? 
Ahem just did not want to think about his life without her anymore...
"Gopi. I am sorry. I know that I am not the most open person in the world. But I am trying. 
You know more about me Gopi than anyone else. It is just that sometimes I cannot... I don't want to see you hurt." Ahem finished. But he knew she deserved an explanation. He felt Gopi sigh.
Both stood in embrace for some time silently. "The doctor said it could be a hemorrhage.. 
From your accident.. The reason you fainted.. And I..I felt my life drain out of me Gopi.. I 
was on phone with him when you came in..He was telling me about the results" Ahem held Gopi tighter and looked far out. He shuddered thinking of those moments. "And.." "It came out negative.You are alright. But it could have turned out.." "And you hid it so that you could blame yourself again?" Gopi answered giving a watery smile and looked up. She was trying to joke about it but she knew the pain of uncertainty.. Ahem was still looking lost. 
"Ahemji. It turned out well and that is all that matters. You cannot be there to protect me 
from everything life throws out.. But I know you will be there when it matters. Now look at 
me.." Gopi shook Ahem's hand and made him look into her eyes. "I want to be there for you Gopi.. Always. I cannot lose you. You are me. If you are not there I cannot live... I want to take you away from anything that will seperate you from me...Gopi, just promise me that we will always be together. Please.." "Shh.. Shh... It is alright. I am alright and we will always be together. Even if I am not there in front of your eyes, I will be with you 
always." Gopi placed her hand on his heart.
Ahem grinned reluctantly. He bent down to kiss Gopi. He felt her sigh again as his lips met 
hers and found the tension draining from him. He was at peace and totally in love with the 
woman who was becoming the centre of his existence. He just held Gopi tighter and deepened his kiss..

"Deepu ben.. You are here.. See what I made for you.." Panna showed Deepu a sketch she had made with her friend Sarika. It was a couple of days after the outing and things were going back to normal. Panna had come back the day before. Deepika and Jigar were enjoying the new found feeling and change in their relationship and Jigar was making her feel special everyday. He had just brought her a bracelet that evening and Deepika was toying with that in her hand. It had a love charm on it.
Deepika looked at Panna and gave her a hug. She saw her standing with the Modi's between Jigar and Hetal in the picture. It was a family picture and Panna had included Deepika in it.. "Thank you so much Panna. It is beautiful. I love it.." She said with all her heart. Panna beamed.

"Panna.. Where are you? See Maaji is calling you to bed.." Gopi came in search of Panna to the terrace and saw Deepu and Panna together. She smiled. "So here you are.. See Maaji is calling you.." Gopi touched Panna on her shoulders. The little girl laughed. "Gopi ben, Daadi is going to tell me a new story today. I will go now.. Jai shree Krishna Deepu ben"  Panna ran off to her room. Gopi and Deepika watched her go.

"Deepu ben.. You are here?" "Yes Bhabhi.. I thought it was nice out here.." Both stayed  silent watching the stars with a happy smile on their faces.  
Deepu was thinking back on Jigar's words and her heart burst with happiness. She had found it impossible to meet Jigar's eyes during dinner and he seemed to feel the same.. Deepika blushed.
Gopi was having similar thoughts about Ahem. She realized that Ahem was becoming more protective around her and also passionate. Gopi blushed at the kiss they shared in their room and how Ahem held her hand during dinner and kept looking at her.. She felt the 
luckiest girl on earth.
"Bhabhi I.." "Deepu ben I am.." Both woman looked at each other and stopped. Then they 
laughed. "Bhabhi you go first.." "No.. No.. You first" Gopi insisted.
"Bhabhi, it is just I am so happy.." Deepika hugged Gopi. Gopi was surpirsed but she hugged back. "I want to share my happiness with someone.. Bhabhi,Jigar says he is falling in love with me Bhabhi. Oh.. I do not know if I can take anymore happiness.." Gopi smiled at Deepu's words. "Oh no Deepu ben.. This is just a start. You do love him, right?" Gopi asked. She just needed to be sure. Her Devar had been through a lot once before. "Bhabhi I have loved him for a long time now. I came back without any expectations. But now.. Everything is so good Bhabhi I am frightened this is a dream" Gopi saw the truth in Deepika's eyes. "It is not Deepu ben and I am really happy for you and devarji." Gopi said sincerely. She had not failed to notice Jigar's change of attitude over the past few days and was happy. She had prayed that he find his way quickly.
Deepika was touched. She had heard from Jigar how Gopi was devoted to her sister Rashi and the blow she felt when she knew the truth about her. But here was the same person, happy for her Devar and the girl he was in love with. Deepika understood why Jigar had said that Gopi was unique. She was so selfless. 
"So enough of me Bhabhi. What were you smiling about?" Deepika asked. "It was nothing Deepu ben.. I am too so very happy today.." Gopi said and saw an answering smile on Deepika. It felt very nice to share. "Deepu ben.. I am so glad you are here" Gopi excited continued and then stopped and blushed. Deepika raised her eyebrows at Gopi. " It is nothing Deepu ben.. I was just thinking of.. " "Ahem Bhai.. Hmm.. Something is definitely cooking. But Bhabhi I am so glad for you." Deepika hugged Gopi again and Gopi's eyes filled with tears. Deepika was becoming the sister Gopi had always wished. "Thank you Deepu ben.. I just feel so blessed.  About Ahemji,Maaji and everyone really. I never dreamed I could be so happy.." Gopi could not help but open up to Deepika. Deepika let Gopi talk. She instintively understood Gopi's need to share her happiness. "..And he is so caring.. He even told me that I will make a good mother.." Gopi stopped realizing what she had said and turned beet root red again. 
"Caught you Bhabhi.." She laughed. "I now know.. But Bhai is right. You will be a fantastic 
mother.." Deepika was happy for Gopi but she felt Gopi tense suddenly. "Bhabhi, are you 
frightened about something?" She asked. Gopi looked at Deepika uncertainly but could only see concern in her eyes.
"I am frightened he may find me inexperienced.. Deepu ben, What if he is disappointed?" Gopi blurted out. She had been worried for some time now and she had not had the courage to tell anybody about it. Deepika looked at Gopi and saw that she was really worried. Her first thought was to laugh and make a joke out of it. But when she saw Gopi. She understood that Gopi needed some support. Deepika seated Gopi down and she talked to Gopi about what was worrying her. She listened as Gopi stammeringly explained and understood that Gopi was more frightened about her being a disappointment to Ahem than anything else. 
"Bhabhi, Don't even think of it that way. You are a beautiful and a very lovely person and 
Bhai loves you. When you and Bhai decide it is the right time, you will yourself understand. 
I know it is frightening but remember, Bhai will never do anything to hurt you. Also you 
will never disappoint him in anything. Just love him like you always do and follow your 
instincts Bhabhi.. Trust yourself to do the right thing.." Deepu concluded and she saw Gopi 
give her a smile.. 
"Thank you Deepu ben. You are very kind." Gopi replied softly and her worried look was gone.  "Well Bhabhi, Anytime. So don't worry ok and do let me know the details.." Deepu concluded cheekily and saw Gopi turn bright red again. Both giggled  as they made their way downstairs..

"Now what is that daredevil teaching my wife?" Ahem thought as he saw Gopi and Deepu 
giggling as they made their way to the kitchen. 
"Bhai.. Can I talk to you for a second?" Ahem turned towards Jigar to see him worried and 
with an envelope in his hand.
"Yes Jigar. What is it?" "Not here Bhai. Can we go to the study?" Jigar sounded serious and Ahem was concerned. He just nodded and both silently made their way to the study.
"Jigar. What is it? You seem lost.." Ahem initiated the conversation. He was getting more 
and more concerned by the minute. Jigar was looking lost and was moody.
"The judgement is on Monday and Raashi is coming." Jigar said. His voice was so low that 
Ahem had to bend to catch his words. Ahem took in a sharp breath. He had known that this day would come sooner or later. 
The divorce had went on its course. There had been a few hiccups. Instead of a mutual consent settlement, Rashi and her mum had dragged the case to court because Jigar would not agree to the settlement they asked for. He had insisted that he would not bow down to their blackmail. Ahem agreed though it pained him to see his little brother go through so much for no fault of his.
The two women had then gone lower and created a big drama in court trying to defile the Modi family. They had accused the Modi's of torture. But unfortunately for them ,the false report they had filed with the police had done them no favor. Finally, they had done what Ahem had feared all along. They had dragged Gopi into their fight. 
Ahem remembered the day Gopi took the stand and defended the Modi's. He had been on his exile but his mom and Kaki had filled him up. His kaki said that she had never seen Gopi so determined. She had not accused her sister or Mami. But she had spiritedly denounced that she was mistreated. His mother had explained how proud she had felt about her 'Gopi dikra' that day. 
Ahem smiled and then sighed as he remembered. He knew Gopi was broken that day to actually see how low her Maami and Rashi could go. She had talked to him on phone and had cried all through.. He had not been there for her in person then but he had silently promised not to let her undergo anything like that again. Gopi never talked about her Rashi ben again after that to anyone. 
But finally all that was coming to an end. The next Monday would completely remove the  darkness from all their lives. He knew that Jigar was moving on in his life. 
Ahem had been happy to see Jigar smile and then slowly go back to his old self again with  Deepika. Jigar had even teased him with Gopi a number of times. Now,if everything went well, Jigar could completely step out of his past and embrace the future..

"Jigar, I think you should not worry about Rashi's presence. The judgement is nothing but a 
formality in writing. We all know that the ruling already and nothing is going to change that. If it had not been for that fainting 'incident' by Rashi's mom, you would have been divorced two months ago. So lets just go to the court and get it done with." Jigar looked up gratefully. The 'incident' Ahem mentioned about had made him more disgusted at Rashi and her mom. Just when the judgement was pronounced, Urmila has fake fainted and Rashi had created a ruckus, causing the judgement to be postponed to a later date. 
Although her drama had been exposed by the doctor on call, the time was past and the judge had no other option. But he had made sure that his displeasure was known and had booked a contempt of court charge on Urmila. Jigar still remembered as both Rashi and Urmila hurled curses a him and Ahem as they went out of the court. 
"I know Bhai. But it is just that something is nagging me. I feel that Rashi will try something again and all this struggle will go down the drain. I just want to let go of that phase of my life Bhai. Rashi has no hold over me now. I want to live my life again.." Jigar passionately talked as Ahem looked at him surprised. He could see that Jigar was tensed and worried. 
"Jigar, chill. I will be there with you on that day. Nothing will and can go wrong. You do 
not worry. Trust your big brother. They will not try anything this time. They know that the 
judge is onto them now." Ahem consoled as Jigar just nodded. But he did not seem convinced.
"Devarji, I will be there to support you too. Why do you worry?" Ahem and Jigar looked up 
surprised to see Deepu and Gopi at the study door with snacks and tea. Both had thought the brothers had late night call and had wanted to give them some refreshments. 
"Bhabhi.. Deeps.. When did you come?" Jigar was dazed. "When you talked about the hearing.. And Bhabhi is right.. We will both be there to support you through and through.. No Jigar. Don't say no. I want to be there for you atleast as a friend. I will not do anything that would jeopardize the case.." Deepika said determinedly and went to sit near Jigar. He gave her a small smile and entwined his hand in hers.
Gopi walked over to Ahem, placed the refreshments on the table and sat near him. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Ahem asked concerned. "Ji. I want to be there for Devarji. I will  be ok." Gopi looked up and smiled into Ahem's eyes. 

"So ok. It is decided then. I will inform Kaka and the rest of the family. I think it is prudent that the elders do not come. It will only be the four of us then.." Ahem finally said breaking the silence. 
He got up to place his hand on Jigar's shoulders reassuringly. Jigar looked up and nodded. 
"Just rest and believe it will be ok. Go on.." Ahem assured Jigar again. He saw Jigar get up 
along with Deepika and both walk together towards Jigar's room. 

"They are in love. But are just waiting for the right time to be open about it Ahemji. I think Devarji will  be very happy with Deepu ben." Ahem heard Gopi tell him as they watched Jigar and Deepika go. "It is obvious, isn't it? And I think even Kaki knows about it. Gopi, I just wish everything to be alright.." "It will be. Believe in Kanhaji.." Gopi replied with 

Love it? hate it?  I am ready.. Please be gentle.. I know it may not be expected. But Urmila and Rashi don't give up easily. Comments and Feedback please..

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Originally posted by rsk16

great chapters.just read the last few updates.great job.

Thank you so much..
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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 8:18pm | IP Logged it Harini,
Loving it and thanx , had a quick read last night and then woke up early so could read it at leisure again. Love the GoHem pace...working out a meaningful relationship...Clap

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aaa liked the part...both the couples are working on their insecurities !!!!

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