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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 24)

navyab IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Fun times @ Modi bhavan !!!!

uamaz Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Cute update ...can't wait for the card game LOL

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MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
Amazing Update loved it 
Cant wait to read the next part~!
munnihyderabad Moderator

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
very very cute update... can't wait for the excitement over card games
Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
it was an amazing update...loved it
cant wait to see who wins in the game...
and nice to see jigar happy again...

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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
This is a wonderful FF, absolutely well written. I finally got a chance to read all the missed parts earlier at work, just commenting now.

I love how you brought Ahem to his realization of his feelings. Great, look forward to more.

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
This is one of my smaller updates and I stopped at a point where I could continue logically for the next chapter. The relationships are evolving. So her goes
A small disclaimer. I don't play cards and I do not .know why I chose that. Hence I apologize if you are disappointed on the card game.

                                                                     Chapter 17

"snap! I got that one." "No you did not.. Jigar, you cheated" "No.. Come on continue. Don't be a cry baby." "Snap." This time it was Deepika. Aham and Gopi watched Jigar and Deepika play the game in all concentration. Both were playing and were indulging in a friendly fight.
Both Deepika and Jigar faced each other on the bed with the card table between them.Gopi had started out sitting near Deepika but had let her handle the cards totally after some time. She had unconciously shifted and was now supporting herself using her hand and looking at them play.  Aham was relaxed, laying partly on his side leaning towards Gopi. It seemed that Jigar and Deepika had forgotten the other two in the room.
Not that Aham minded. He did not like snaps and had just agreed to indulge Jigar. He had seen  traces of the old Jigar returning after a long time. He looked up to see Gopi.
She was smiling at the other two with a fond look on her face. Her face was glowing everytime she saw Jigar smile or say something cheeky to Deepika. It filled with wonder as Deepika answered back in her own style. Aham found that he liked seeing the various expressions on her face. He saw her yawn and looked up at the clock. It was nearing one. He knew that the game would go on for longer. Neither Jigar nor Deepika was in a mood to give up. He slowly leaned over and touched Gopi's hand. She looked up at him with a question in her eyes. He signalled that they leave and pointed to the time.
Gopi eyed Jigar and Deepika and looked back at Aham as though questioning him on whether they should disturb the other two. Aham nodded No and kept his finger in his mouth as if to ask her to remain silent.
Then wordlessly he made his way down the bed and waited for her near the door. Gopi moved away from the bed and joined Aham at the door. Both looked back to see if the players had noticed.
Both Jigar and Deepika did not give a second glance and continued with their game. Aham smiled took Gopi's hand in his and both walked out of the room.

"Who do you think will win?" Aham questioned just to start a conversation. Both were walking with their fingers entwined. "Ji? I think devarji will win." "I think it will be Deepu." Gopi looked up and smiled. "Deepu ben will not let Jigarji lose." Gopi said with conviction and Aham looked at her surprised. "How do you know?" Aham questioned.
"I just know Ahamji. She will make sure that he wins. He will not lose today." Aham was about to question her when he decided to let it pass. He knew whatever the outcome, Jigar was now slowly becoming his self again. Aham smiled and both made their way to their room.


"Jigar.. Hmm. Jigar.." Deepika called out his name softly. Jigar had fallen asleep with the cards in his hand. The game had gone on vigorously at first and both had failed to notice Aham and Gopi leaving the room. But as time went on, their energy level decreased and both had continued for the sake of continuing neither wanting to give up. But now Jigar had fallen asleep.
Deepika silently made her way out of the room and switched the lights off. She once looked back at Jigar and smiled. He was sleeping peacefully with the cards spread out in front of him. Deepika had made sure that the total added up to his victory. "Good night." she whispered softly and went to bed.


"Do you need something?" Aham looked up from the book he was reading and smiled. He still had jet lag and was finding it difficult to sleep. But being with Gopi helped. He nodded as if to say no and waited for her to come to bed. On the first day of his return, he had been too affected and Gopi had been too worried for him to notice that they had slept on the same bed.
The second day had been a little awkward. Aham had wondered if Gopi would expect him to go back to the sofa. He had not wanted to but was worried if Gopi would mistake his intentions and consider him too fast. Finally he had decided not to complicate things and had sat on his side of the bed.
Gopi who had been looking worried till that point had released a sigh of relief when he sat down on the bed. They had slept facing each other but consciously avoiding looking into the others eye. But the situation had improved after that. Today, he was already half laid out on bed and Gopi came in to sit on the other side. Then she slowly made her way near the headboard and rested her head closing her eyes.
"Tired?" He asked. "Hmm.. I still need to finish that recipe on Kheer." she replied. Aham had encouraged Gopi to note the recipes of the special dishes she made in the laptop.  "You never know. I may need it someday." was how he explained when she had questioned his intentions. She had obediently followed. "You can finish it tomorrow. There will be plenty of time. Now sleep." He chided her playfully. He watched her as she opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile. She switched off the light on her end. Then Gopi just slid down to lay on her side looking at Aham. Her eyes shuttered close. Aham went back to his book. He read only a couple of lines before his eyes wandered back to Gopi's face. He saw her smile contentedly in her sleep. Her face was peaceful just like that day on the terrace.
Aham kept the book on the table as he thought back to that day and decided again that he was a fool. He turned back to see Gopi. She was still facing him but had put her hand out in his direction. Aham laid down and slowly reached out to touch her hand.
He placed her hand on top of his palm. Her hand looked soft and small compared to his. It fits mine perfectly mine he thought contentedly. He couldn't help but trace a line up her hand with his left. As if disturbed Gopi took her hand away bit she moved closer to Aham. Aham continued watching her and never knew when he slept.

"Good morning Jigar." Deepika came in to the breakfast table and stood near Gopi. Both Jigar and Aham had come down to breakfast together. Jigar looked embarrassed and was lost in his own world. Jigar looked up and smiled. "So I won?" He asked more like a question. "Hmm.. Yeah you did.. Tell me what is it you want me to do, Oh Master?" Deepika asked as she sat opposite to Jigar. Only Gopi noticed her smile a little as she made the statement. "hu.. I.. will let you know soon.." Jigar was flustered. He had expected a fight. But it seems Deepu was playing fair this time and going by the result.
When he got up in the morning, he could see the cards laid out on his bed. He also found a pillow under his head and the others missing. First he had decided to ask Deepika or Aham but then remembered that Aham had left the room early. "So she won." God she is going to make me pay." was his next thought.  Hence he was surprised but pleased at Deepika giving in so easily. He felt happy like a child. "Mom.. My dhokla please. And Bhabhi that fantastic chutney of yours.. I am hungry.." Jigar called out to his mom and Bhabhi. Hetal served Jigar happily. It seemed his appetite had returned.
Deepika looked on as she saw the light return to Jigar's eyes.

"Err. Gopi, I will be home by six. Not later than that.. But I will call if I am late. Did I say I will be back soon. No meetings in the afternoon. Did I say.. I will come home by six." Aham was blabbering to Gopi. She had a blush on her cheek as she kept nodding her head. Both were in their room.

"Thanks Mr. Robinson. Its is a great opportunity for both the companies. Its a pleasure." Gopi came into the room to see Aham on phone as usual. What was unusual was the excitement on his face. "Good night. We will be contacting you soon with the next course of action. Take care. Bye." Aham completed his call and turned around to see Gopi standing with his purse in her hands. "Gopi.. We got the project. We have.." Aham spun Gopi around once and hugged her tightly. "Oh I am so happy. Finally after 4 months of work.. This project will take Modi Industries to the next level. Now you wait and see nobody will be able to beat us. We've done it!!!" Aham excitedly explained and gave Gopi a big smack on her cheeks.
Gopi froze for a second. She had her hand on her cheeks and looked up at Aham, her eyes big. Slowly a red tinge started to cover her cheeks.
Once he kissed her, Aham took a step back and realized what he had just done. He looked at Gopi and his embarassment increased. He released her immediately and turned towards the bed. He picked up his bag and turned around.


"Hmm.Hmm. Aham Beta. You will come home at six. Gopi understands. Now Jigar has been waiting in the car for the past 15 minutes. If you go down, you can start. Gopi will not fly away." Kokila came into their room. "Yes Mom. I mean. I am just going. Bye." Aham hurriedly left the room without looking at Kokila in the eye. He turned around to see Gopi one more time when he reached the door. "Aham.." "I am gone mom." Aham fled.

"Gopi beta. I came to ask you to come down to breakfast." Kokila turned to Gopi and saw her bahu's blush. "Come on beta. Lets go down." she smiled as she took Gopi with her.

"So Jigar. It is decided. You will attend the party tonight and represent Modi Industries. It will be good for the deal you are working on." Chirag informed and looked around to see Aham nodding. The men were seated in the hall discussing an upcoming party. "But papa, they said with family." Jigar said. "Well let me see. I cannot come. I am going to the Mehta's for dinner with Hetal." Chirag said.
"Mota Bhai. I thought I will take Kokila to visit her mother. She called today and we felt we should visit her once." Parag chipped in. "Aham Bhai.. You and Bhabhi can come right?" Jigar asked.
"Well. I kinda planned for something else and cannot cancel it suddenly. Would you need me there?" Aham asked. Jigar looked from Aham to Gopi and smiled. "No Bhai. I will go. No problem." "Take Deepu, beta. What will she do alone at home?" "Maaji Panna?" Deepika asked. She had hoped Jigar would offer to take her himself.
"Panna is going to her Saarika's place for a couple of days. She is Savitha ben's grand daughter. She asked if they could take the girls on an outing and it sounded fun. So she is going with Saarika." Kokila replied. "Oh Ok." Deepika nodded. It looked like she was the only one left then.
"Deepu, then it is decided. We will go together to the party. Its a date.  What say?" Jigar asked. Deepika was speechless for a minute.  "Of course Deepu ben will go. I will make sure she is ready." Gopi answered for Deepika and took her with her leaving the men to discuss on other topics.

Not much. I am ready for the Rotten tomatoes now.. I will try to make the next one a little better.
And Thank you all for your comments again.

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NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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I enjoyed that!!!
Was just about to go to bed when I saw the update so had to read it!!!
Love GoHem's relationship, they are slowly moving forward - loved the hand holding!!!
Deepu and Jigar are so made for each other!! Hope everything goes well on their "date".
Hmm wonder what our Ahem has planned!!

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