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FF: It wasn't just love -Chapter 45-The End(03/28) (Page 16)

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Originally posted by varshu27

hey wonderful update...the last was not confusing for me...i thought ahem is going to bring deepika back with him...but well ...lets wait and see...gopi and jigar...i dont know...seems gopi and ahem love each other...waiting for ur next part...

You guessed it right.. Wink Aham has a responsibility as a big brother now!!

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sweet update..there can be no 2 gopi bahus..that's very very true!!!

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great update.waiting to see ahem's realization 
Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Update for today.. A short one I apologize.. But I went out to see Christmas lights.. Will make up for this tomorrow.  Again thanks for the comments and feedback. You have all been fantabulous.
Chapter 11

"The review you sent was good and by the way why do you think that the protoganist was that 
good? According tO me, he seemed to have lost his mind." Aham teased Gopi. They were having 
one of their weekly calls. "Well ji.. He had his reasons to behave the way he did. So I would never blame him for it." Gopi defended her favorite character. She had found herself  getting attached to the hero of her story. She did not realize but the character was very similar to Aham and she had immediately taken to him. Aham had not realized it either. Aham laughed. "Ok Ok.. Lets not get into an argument Gopi. It is getting very difficult to win any argument against you." Aham teased again. "Ahamji.. Come on.." Gopi blushed at the veiled compliment. "You know Gopi, I have a lot to tell you. Remember I told you about that stupid party I had to go to.. The one Anitha had arranged.." "Hmm.." Gopi listened to Aham talk about how dreary the party was while a part of her mind thought back to the first time she heard Aham tell her he met Anitha again..

... FB ...
Gopi walked into Jigar's room to give him some milk. "Devarji.. Milk.." "Ji Bhabhi.." Jigar  turned to the phone and listened for a second. "Why? do you want to hurt her again Bhai?.." She heard Jigarji and realized that Ahamji was on line. He seemed to want to talk to her.  She knew that Aham had wanted to talk to her everytime he called home after that day. Her Maaji was too angry. So she had curtly replied that her Gopi vahu did not wish to talk to anybody and had forbidden her to talk to him. But she could not see both mother and son in a fight. She wanted Aham to stop asking Maaji about her. Her Maaji did not need reminders of  the other night.

"Please Devarji. Let me talk to Ahamji." Gopi pleaded. Jigar as usual could not say no to his bhabhi. "Please don't hurt her again Bhai." He told his brother and gave her the phone. Gopi slowly took the phone and saw Jigarji leave the room. "Gopi. Talk to me.. Are you there.." Ahamji was talking on the phone. "Yes Ahamji. I.." "Gopi. See I did not realize mom had put me on speaker. I never meant to hurt you that day. Really. I was angry about something else and when mom and the others started teasing, something gave away. It was stupid and what I said was uncalled for. I did not mean it. Please Gopi. I really do not know what else to say. I seem to be asking you forgiveness all the time. I have made so many mistakes and am still hurting you." "Ahamji. Please. I understand. Don't worry about it. But  please don't ask to Maaji about me again. It will be better that way." "Are you still angry  Gopi? I am really sorry." "Ahamji. I am not angry with you." "Then why don't you want to talk with me."  Gopi was suprised. "Ahamji. I thought you did not want to talk to me. So I figured.." " Did I tell you that? Why do you think that? I know you are finding it hard to trust me. But Gopi, I was telling you the truth when I said I wanted to be your friend. I 
would like us to remain friends Gopi. And I surely want us to continue being in touch with you.. That  is if you do not mind.." Aham added at the end as though he was reluctant to let her have a choice. Gopi did not know what to say. "ok." was all she could get out.
Their conversation started warily. Both seemed to be unsure of how to proceed. Gopi felt awkward and also realized Aham felt the same way. But slowly they became comfortable. Soon Aham started to help her with her studies and the camaraderie they had in the months before he left for his project returned. Gopi started to be less inhibited and shared her day to day experiences with him. On one such call Aham started telling her about a dinner he went to with Anitha. When Gopi first heard her name, her heart sunk. "He has rediscovered his love." She thought and was waiting for Aham to give her the blow.

"Gopi.. Anitha is here. I saw her a couple of days after I came here. She goes to a university her and has rented an apartment nearby. I went out with her one night." "Ji." Gopi could not get another word out. She was paralyzed. Her worst fear was coming true. Her husband was going to tell her he had found his true love. "I wanted to apologize to her. I wronged her. We fell into a conversation. It was awkward at first but now I am happy. I know.." "Do you love her still?" Gopi blurted out. Silence. Then.. "My mind has confirmed what my heart knew already Gopi. I do not love her and I am sure now that I never did before." Gopi felt herself releasing her breath. She had not realized that she was this tensed. A warm feeling started in her heart. "I do not know what  love is Gopi and I did not know it then either. I am afraid Gopi.. that I never may" Aham finished in a defeated tone.
"Ahamji.. I.." "You know , the first day I met Anitha I thought she was overly confident. But she impressed me with her knowledge on the project we were bidding for. We went out with 
a group of associates for lunch and that evening she gave me her number. I was first surprised. I think also a little annoyed but the other executives thought that she was way forward in her thinking. I should have known then or maybe I did know.. She was way too forward for our family. But she was different from all the other women I knew.. Gopi, After that we went out a lot of times. Our relationship lasted for around 7 months. Sometime into our relation, I remember her talking about taking our relation forward. I kept postponing it till the day my mom told me she had decided on my wife." Aham was telling her about his past. It seemed that he wanted somebody to listen to all that he had bottled up.
"I did not say no Gopi. I reasoned I did not want to disappoint my mother. Do you know in some corner of my heart I was actually relieved when my mom chose someone else?"  Aham would have heard Gopi's sharp intake of her breath. "I know Gopi that it was wrong. I never realized how much wrong until I saw Anitha breakdown during our engagement. I saw her cry and felt like the 
lowest being on earth. But it was too late then. Later she met me and asked me to go with 
her. And leave mom and the family. She just confirmed my fears Gopi. That she was never the 
right choice." Aham continued, "But still what I did hurt her and I felt very guilty because of that. On the day I found out about your illetracy.. I.." Aham had stopped and Gopi remembered back to the day she was slapped. "There is no forgiveness for what I did.. And this is not my excuse but I know I threw my love for Anitha at your face. But I wanted to hurt and make you suffer for the way I was hurting. It had nothing to do with my love for Anitha.  I remembered Anitha's words and I felt hurt and angry to be cheated... I wronged another person, you this time and I hurt you. I cannot make it uo to you for that. But when I saw Anitha, I wanted to apologize. She has moved on. And I am happy for her." Aham concluded.. Neither Gopi nor Aham were able to talk further than that. The call ended suddenly when Jigar came in. Gopi said a quick goodbye and again asked Aham not to blame himself. She however knew that he was suffering from guilt. But she did not know how to soothe him.
On retrospect, Gopi realized that maybe she did help Aham that day. She may have been the first person Aham shared his buried past with. She felt happy he trusted her and there was a new 
sense of security in her heart. She realized that Aham trusted her too. It felt good. 

".. Stupid,idiots. They call themselves as students of business admisnistration but you should have heard their ideas on business expansion Gopi. I would have given them a class that they would never forget." Aham was still talking about the way he hated the parties and the bunch of Anitha's friends who had come there. Gopi smiled. "I know Ahamji. You would have. I know" She said. "You think so? Thanks.. In all this crap I forgot, Thank you so much for your idea. If the idiots at the party had half as much as common sense as you do, they would be at a better place now. Anyway, your idea worked like a charm and the employees are very happy. You know, they came up with the best ever creative presentation till date. You are a wonder!!" Gopi blushed. "It was nothing Ahamji." "How is it nothing? You did something really big. As a token of my appreciation, I have sent you a gift." Aham said formally. "You will get it in a couple of days. Let me know how you like it. I hope you do." He concluded. "Is it the book you were talking about? Tell me Ahamji. I want to know. I hate suprises." Gopi went on childishly. Aham laughed. "No Gopi. Not this time. I will not give up the secret. No.. Don't dare to send me a picture with that pout of yours in the email. I will not melt this time. 
And listen.. I met Jigar's hellcat friend Deepu" "Oh..Who is he? Is he devarji's friend." "It is not a 'he'.. It is a 'she' Gopi. Deepika and Jigar were best friends in college. I remember during our holidays when these two used to create a storm at home. The noise... Iwould have locked my door but would still hear them.. God..They always ended up getting punished by Mom. But both never minded. I even think they wanted to be punished. Really wierd."
"She would be just like Jigarji then." "Oh yeah.. Two happy bunnies they were. She has changed though. But not much. Oh Gopi.. I just wish Jigar is able to move on and start living again.." Aham finished.. Don't worry Ahamji. He will be alright. You now take care. Bye. And remember its Jigarji's birthday soon" 
Gopi completed her call and looked up. Jigar was coming in. "What did Bhai say Bhabhi that 
made you smile at the end? Was he teasing you?" Jigar asked. "No devarji. He was just.." Gopi looked up, "nothing.. just nothing.." Something stopped her from telling him about Deepika.
After what her Raashi ben had done, Gopi felt that her devar was broken. But she had admired 
his resilience to face things head on. And had helped and supported him like a sister. He 
had been there for her at all the times. So she wanted to help him in his hour of need. She had taken Aham's help to order, coax and cajole him to travel to places and visit different people
As she watched Jigar go, Gopi felt that Aham was right. "Devarji needs to start living again. I need to talk to Maaji and inquire about Deepika." Gopi thought as she started on her routine for the night.. She also needed to plan her Devarji's surprise..


There.. Comments and feedback please. 

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Aww wow,that was such a superb,sweet and cute updates,i loved it a lotBig smile Yay Ahem realises he never loved Anita yay but come on Ahem,realise you like or maybe even love Gopi..please i can't bear to see Gopi heart-broken again..a very sweet update,please update again soon Heart

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Oh thank god for Deepu!!! So she'll be the one for Jigar!!!!

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very nyc thr conversations 
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Originally posted by NazmaJ

Oh thank god for Deepu!!! So she'll be the one for Jigar!!!!

Yup..Wink Had to make sure that the pieces were laid out after yesterday's confusing end LOL. I would have hated if Jigar died by Aham's hand because Gopi came between the brothersBig smile

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